[from Island Minstrelsy, 1839]


" Oh ! what can sanctify the joys of home
Like one fond glance from off life's troubled foam ! "

MY Island home! my Island home!
The lone — the loved — the fair — the free;
Pale emerald set in pearly foam,
One Island heart beats high for thee ;
Amid the whirlwinds and the storms,
" Whate'er my fate, where'er I roam,"
The thought of thee my bosom warms,
My Island home! my Island home !

My Island home ! this bounding breast
Swells with the patriot's truest glow;
Oh ! if there be one tranquil rest,
One home of refuge here below,
Thou art that rest, thou lonely star !
For thee the wanderers cease to roam ;
To thee the warriors turn from far,

My Island home ! my Island home !
Oh Mona! — daughter of the flood!
Oh Mona, Mona ! — graih my cree
The faithful heart-the pure-the good,
The brave — the wise — beat high for thee !
Genius of Mona! hear thy child
In thy fair temple's glorious dome
Breathing her spirit to thy wild,
Sweet Island home ! sweet Island home!

[graih my cree - love of my heart]


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