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SIR Thomas Stanley, the only son of Sir John abovesaid, by Mrs. Harrington, was Comptroller of the Household to King Henry VI. who appointed him Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, as his grandfather had been. He married to his Lady, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Robert Goushell, and by her had issue three sons : Thomas, John and James, all of whom in their order, after acquainting the reader that he was by the same King created Lord Stanley, and from him sprung the EARLS of DERBY, his posterity and successors.

Thomas his eldest son, succeeded him in the honour and Lordship of Stanley; and was by King Henry VII. created EARL of DERBY, the further history of whole life, and memorable actions, we have fully related in the first part of this book.

John Stanley, second son of the said Lord Stanley, married Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of Thomas Wever, Esq, and had issue by her, a son stiled Thomas Stanley, of Wever, Esq. and James his third son, was Archdeacon of Chester.

Thomas Stanley of Wever, and son of John Stanley aforesaid, married a daughter of Thomas Leversedge, of Wheelock, Esq and by her had a son named Thomas Stanley of Wever.

Thomas Stanley, the son of the above Thomas, by Mrs. Leversedge, married one of the daughters of Thomas Davenport, Esq. and by her had three sons, Thomas, John and Ralph.

Thomas the eldest son, in 1508, married Ursula, sister to Sir Hugh Cholmondeley, and by her had a son named Ralph.

John, his brother, married a daughter of __ Ward, Esq.

And Ralph, the third brother, married a daughter of __ Holland, of Holland, in the county of Lancaster, Esq,

Ralph Stanley, of Wever, by Mrs. Cholmondeley, married Margaret, the daughter of John Masterson, of Namptwich, Esq. and by her had issue, two sons, Thomas, and Ralph, and one daughter named Mary.

Thomas Stanley, eldest son of Ralph, four years old in 1580, and died in 1605, aged twenty-nine years. He married Elizabeth, the daughter of __ Warburton, Esq. and by her had issue, one son named Thomas.

Thomas, the son of the last Thomas and grandson of Ralph, stiled Thomas Stanley, of Alderley, Esq. 1637, married Elizabeth, the daughter of James Pitts, of Kere, Esq. of the county of Wighorn, alias Worester, but what issue he had by her, I am not informed, but take this to be the pedigree and genealogy of the Stanleys, of Park, in, or near Alderley.

The Geanealogy and Posterity

Second son of Sir William Stanley, of Hooton,

By Ann, the daughter of Sir James Harrington

THIS gentleman was the next collateral branch to that of Dalegarth, in the county of Cumberland, of the honourable and spreading family of Hooton, in Wirral : he married to his wife, Elizabeth, the daughter and heir of James Scarsbrick, of Moorhall, Esq. in the parish of Aughton, by Margaret his wise, the only daughter and heir of Thomas Atherton, of Bickerstaff, and by her had issue four sons and two daughters ; viz. Thomas, James, Robert, Edward, Bridget and Mary, his daughters, of all which in their order.

But first give me leave to acquaint my readers, that the said Peter Stanley, the father, was an eminent royalist, and joined his interest and force with that of his noble relation, James, EARL of DERBY, and shared with him greatly in the fury and violence of those unhappy times, being imprisoned, and his estate sequestered, to the great impoverishment and loss of himself and family; and although he escaped with life, was greatly reduced to the time of the happy restoration : as by the following address of his six children, to those disposers of other mens fortunes at their pleaure, viz.

Wigan in the County of Lancaster.

By the Commissioners for Sequestration, February 14, 1650.

' UPON the petition of Thomas, James, Robert, Edward, Bridget and Mary Stanley, sons and daughters of Mr. Peter Stanley, desiring a fifth part of their father's estate towards their maintenance, and that may be set forth in specie or particulars : it therefore ordered, that the agents for sequestration, where the petitioners father's estate lieth, shall allow unto the petitioners . one full fifth part of their said father's estate, together with the arrears thereof due, since December 24, 1649, deducting a due proportion for all lays and taxations, and observin g the instructions concerning fifth parts.

P. Holt, G. Pigot,

Intra, Edward Wall."

The fifth part of the said Peter's estate being obtained by his children as aforesaid, Peter their father died, and was buried in his own chapel, at Ormskirk, July 24, 1652, and was succeeded by Edward his son, who in his father's life-time, married the only daughter and heir of __ Houghton, of Goosnargh, Esq. and by her had issue several sons and daughters, the eldest whereof was Peter Stanley.

The said Peter Stanley, married a daughter of __ Wolsall, of Wolsall, Esq.. and by her had three sons, Edward, Thomas and William, but how his younger sons were disposed of in the world I cannot discover, nor who his daughters married.

But find that Edward, his eldest son, married the only daughter and heir of __ Gerrard, Esq of Aughton, by whom he had two sons, William and James; William, his eldest son, died young, and was buried in his father's chapel at Ormskirk.

And was succeeded by James, his second son, who .had issue a son, named Edward, but by whom I cannot discover; also two daughters, Ann and Elizabeth; and-the said James the father died in the year 1653 and was buried in his own chapel the first of January that year at Ormskirk.

Ann, his eldest daughter, married Richard Wolsall, Esq. but by him had no issue, and died in the year 1730, aged eighty years and upwards: and Elizabeth, her younger died unmarried; and whether Edward their brother ever married, or to whom, I am not informed of for since the taking away the court of wards, in the time of King Charles II all history of families and their predecessor; and lineal successors are laid aside in the herald's offices, where they were wont to be preserved, and nothing is now more to be sound or met with but what the parish registers contain, of the birth or death of such a person at such a time, &c.


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