" Amongst these (possessions) we have thought fit to specify the following by their proper titles:-the place called Holme Sodor or Pile, in which the aforesaid Cathedral it situate, and the church of S. Patrick of the Isle, with all several properties, liberties and appurtenaneies rightfully belonging to the churches aforesaid; and the third part of all the tithes from all the churches established in the aforesaid island of Eubonia or Mannia, and from Bothe, Atran, Eya, Ile, Iurye, Scarpey, Elath, Co[lonsay], Muley, Chorhye (?), Cole, Ege, Skey, Carrey, R[ ], and from Howas (? Lewis), from the islands of Alne (?), from Swostersey and of the Bishop's h(--), and also the lands in the aforesaid island, to wit both the Holmetowen (Peel), from Glenfaba, from Fotysdeyn, from Ballymore, from Brottby, from the staff of S. Patricius, from Knockcroker, from Ballicure, from Ballibrushe, from Jourbye, from Ballicaime, from Ramsey, also the lands adjacent to the Church of Holy Trinity in Lea[yre], of S. Mary of Ballalaughe, of S. Maughaldus, and of S. Michael; and the lands of S. Bradarnus and of Kyrkbye, of Kyrkemarona, of Colusshill, and the land of St. Columba called Herbery (Arbory)."


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