[From IoM and the Great War, 1922]




This being the first meeting of Tynwald since a state of war has arisen between the British Empire and the Allied Nations and the Empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary, the Court requests His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governo;r to convey to His Most Gracious Majesty the King an assurance of the unbounded loyalty and devotion of the Manx people to His Majesty’s person and throne.

Profoundly convinced of the righteousness of Britain’s cause and of the absolute necessity for prosecuting the war to a successful issue, as well in the interests of civilization and international freedom as of the British Empire, the Court declares its anxiety to do all in its power, and is convinced that the Manx people will readily make any necessa;ry sacrifice in aid of the national cause.

The Court rejoices in the fact that numbers of Manxmen are serving in His Majesty’s Navy and Army, and particularly desires to record its satisfaction that the patriotism of so many young Manxmen has led them to offer themselves f~or these Services in the present grave crisis in the history of the Empire.

‘The Court further considers it a duty, as well as a privilege, to join with other partsof the Empire in bearing such shazre of the financia! burden as may be in its power, and hereby empowers His Excellency to offer to His Majesty’s Gov&nment the sum of £10,000 as a contribution from the Manx people to the expenses of the war.



I have the honour, by direction of the Secretary of State, to say that he has laid before the King the resolution which the Tynwald Court passed unanimously on the. 18th ultimo, at its first meeting after the outbreak of war between this country and the German and AustroHungarian Empires, and to request you to inform the Court that His Majesty received with great pleasure its assurance of the loyalty and devotion of the Manx people, and of its readiness to do all in its power in aid of the national cause, and that His Majesty thanks the Island very warmly for the generous contribution which it has spontaneously made towards the expenses of the war.


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