[From The Mormons by Gunnison, 1852]




Joseph Smith announces a visit from the angel Moroni, at Palmyra, New York.


Golden plates, eight inches by four, connected by rings and engraved with Egyptian letters, given to Joseph by the angel for translation.


Book of Mormon published —Church organised and settled at Kirtland, Ohio.


New Jerusalem selected in Jackson County, Missouri —and named Zion —Corner stone of a Temple laid.


A mob at Zion drive the Mormons to Clay County —Kirtland named Shinahar, and store-houses, temple, and tithes arranged —Mercantile house formed.


Mormons driven from Clay to Coldwell, Missouri —Found Far West — Bank of :Kirtland established.


Bank fails —Danite Society organised —Third persecution in Missouri, and the Mormons driven to Illinois.


Nauvoo City laid off on the Mississippi — State of Illinois grant extraordinary privileges —Hostile feelings from citizens and dissenters appear.


Temple begun at Nauvoo —Charge of " Spiritual wives " denied — Polygamy granted—Troubles with civil courts.


Joseph the prophet and his brother Hyrum, repair to Carthage on charge of treason —Are shot in jail by an infuriated mob —Brigham Young chosen Seer —Violence offered to Nauvoo people — Burnings at Green Plains.


Property sacrificed at Nauvoo — Mormons emigrate to the Missouri Bottom—Cultivate land twenty miles above Plate junction — Battalion of 520 men recruited for the Mexican War —Women do field-work — Great sickness in camp —Caves dug for winter shelter.


Great mortality and suffering—Indians molest the Mormons — 8th April: Seer and advance guard of 143 men depart for the mountains— Seeds and implements transported —21st July: Advance at Salt Lake Valley, and 24th Presidency arrive—Ground consecrated for a city— Invalid company of the Mexican battalion arrive, and 4000 persons come in October.


January: Fort completed, of 7788 feet contour—Thirteen miles of fence, enclosing 6000 acres, made—June: Crickets cut down the plants, which are renewed four times in some cases — People starving, dig roots and eat old hides—Five mills put in operation—Seer returns with emigrants—Settlements extended—Temple at Nauvoo burnt.


Utah Valley occupied—Large crops raised—Constitution for a territorial government made—Withdrawn, and one for a State sent to Congress—Survey of the valley by Captain Stansbury and Mr. Gunnison, made by order of United States—Tuilla and San Pete valleys colonised—Missionaries sent to France, Denmark, Sweden, and Europe generally.


University of Deseret incorporated—Schools opened—Cities laid off in Ogden, San Pete, and Timpanagos districts; and little Salt Lake Valley colonized—Iron mines worked—State-house finished—Governor dissolves the State provisional government, and the Territory of Utah recognised—Brigham Young appointed governor by the President—Tithing store-houses built, and adobes made for private dwellings—General prosperity.


Census taken—United States judges arrive—Become dissatisfied and withdraw - Legislature protests—Sixteen mills in operation— Polygamy openly discussed—Latter-Day Saints ordered to remove from the frontier to Utah the coming year. 


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