[From Lamplugh, Geology of IoM, 1903]


THIS Memoir, which, with the exception of the petrographical descriptions, has been wholly written by Mr. Lamplugh, embodies the results of his survey of the Island, which was commenced in 1892 and completed in 1897. The petrographical descriptions have been prepared by Professor W. W. Watts, who commenced the work during his tenure of office on the Geological Survey, but completed it after his retirement from the staff. Our thanks are due to Professor Watts for having so generously undertaken to complete this work under these conditions The map was issued in 1898 in two editions, one with and the other without the drifts.

The work of the Survey in this, as in other districts, has been greatly facilitated by the labours of previous observers, and especially by those of the Rev. J. G. Cumming, whose long continued and admirable researches are frequently referred to in the following pages. An outline of the geological literature relating to the Island is given in the second chapter.

As no previous account of the mines, beyond brief descriptions of the two largest mines in the Island, has been published, it was thought desirable to enter somewhat fully into the history and details of the mining industry. Through the courtesy of the Commissioners for Woods and Forests, it became possible, from documents in their possession, and especially from the manuscript reports of the late Sir W. W. Smyth, to give an authentic account of the numerous old workings, now abandoned and inaccessible, respecting which it is generally difficult to obtain any trustworthy information in the Island. It is hoped that this part of the volume will be found serviceable to persons connected with the mining industry and to students of the subject.

Our thanks are due to Dr. Wheelton Hind for great assistance in the paleontology of the Carboniferous rocks; to the Rev. S. N. Harrison, of Ramsey, for the loan and gift of specimens from his fine collection of glacial shells, and for other friendly services; to Mr. A. W. Moore, LEA., Speaker of the House of Keys, and author of "A History of the Isle of Man," for notes on the ancient mines; to Mr. P. M. C. Kermode, of Ramsey, for much local information and ready help at all times; to Mr. H. Bolton, for permission to reproduce his description of the fossils of the Manx Slates; to the managers of the mines, throughout the Island, for their courteous assistance in obtaining information underground and for access to the relining plans, and especially to Captain J. Kitto, Captain W. H. Kitto, and Captain W. H. Rowe for particulars regarding old workings; to Messrs. Craine Bros., of Liverpool, and to Mr. J. Todd, the engineer-in-charge, for full information in respect to the deep borings in the north of the Island and-gift of specimens; to Sir Archibald Gleikie, to the Council of the Geological Society of London, and to Professor W. A. Herdman for permission to reproduce illustrations.

The Memoir is a record of the state of our knowledge of the geology of the Isle of Man, based on the work of previous observers and on that of the Survey. The chapters printed in large type give a consecutive account of the leading features of the geology of the Island, while the chapters or portions in smaller type contain the details, which are principally of local interest. This method has given rise to a certain amount of repetition; but it is hoped that the Memoir will have been thus rendered more convenient both to the general student and to the local worker.




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