[From Education Week,1926]


VISITORS to the Exhibitions and those who have read the many entertaining articles contained in this Handbook will have observed that no mention is made of the work of any individual child, teacher or school. The omission is intentional, the desire being to focus attention on the work itself rather than on the individual responsible for its execution

It will be apparent to all that a considerable amount of labour has been expended on the production of this little book and our thanks are due to all who have so willingly and efficiently assisted in its preparation or contributed in any way to its success.

It is believed that Education Week will prove a source of inspiration and an incentive to children, teachers, parents and all those more intimately associated with the education of the youth of this Island, that its effects will be far-reaching and fruitful of much good and that it will result in wider sympathies and a closer and more sympathetic co-operation amongst the many who have the welfare of our children at heart.


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