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Manx Residential and Day Technical College for Women.

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THE above College was established by the Council of Education in October, 1922, as the result of an endowment given for the purpose by the Trustees of the late Henry Bloom Noble.

The primary object of the Noble Trustees was to assist in a practical way the business of catering for visitors, the staple industry of the Island. It was realised also that most valuable facilities might be provided for the training of women of all classes who, either in business or in private life, have the responsibilities of household work.

The Council of Education purchased and equipped suitable premises in Finch Road, Douglas. It is now possible to accommodate nine resident students, in addition to resident teaching staff. This year the Council of Education have felt justified in meeting an increasing demand for more classroom accommodation, and an extension has been built close at hand, with necessary workrooms, for teaching practical subjects under more convenient conditions.

Practical instruction is given in all branches of Housecraft. A full course of Household Management is open for those who are able to attend for the whole day, for three terms of three months each, commencing in October and concluding in June. It is specially suitable for students from 17 to 25 years, and is intended to equip them for the management of the home, or to take positions as matrons or manageresses in institutions. It is a valuable preparatory training to the many careers open to women, if taken as a post-school course.

A practical training is given in household cookery, laundrywork, housewifery with household accounts, hygiene with first aid and home nursing, needlework, dressmaking and upholstery. All students completing the course are entitled to qualify for a Certificate given on the result of examinations set and supervised by an examiner from the mainland. Examiners in the past have assured the Council that the standard of work is equal to that of the similar Housewives' Certificate Courses as held by the principal Domestic Subjects' Colleges on the mainland. It is to be understood, however, that no training is given or will be given in the future, by the College as at present endowed, for students requiring Domestic Subjects Teachers' Diplomas.

For those unable to avail themselves of the full-time course, practical classes are held weekly in cookery, laundrywork, upholstery, needlework and art needlework, dressmaking and tailoring, and millinery from October to March. Cookery demonstrations are given twice weekly for those with practical knowledge and interested in the possibilities of the subject. These are open to the public at a small charge, and each demonstration is complete in itself.

The Council of Education are extremely anxious that the College should, as far as possible, meet the demands of the whole Island, and demonstrations are given in selected districts during April, May, June, and September. New classes will be opened from time to time as any particular branch of homecraft is required.

The Council of Education invite the co-operation of all bodies and persons interested in household work, and will gladly welcome any suggestions for widening the usefulness of the College.

Prospectuses for fees and further information can be obtained at the College, 9, Mona Terrace, Finch Road, Douglas.


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