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Douglas School of Art.

Douglas School of Art Class

THE Douglas School of Art was first opened in temporary premises on the Loch Promenade in November, 1880, and owed its inception mainly to the active interest of the Lieutenant Governor, Lord Loch, and Lady Loch. The Committee of Management had in view the erection of a building to include a School of Science and Art, a Library and Museum, and plans were prepared for that purpose, but after careful consideration that hope had to be abandoned. The main room of the present School of Art was built in 1883-4 on a site presented by Mr. Philip Christian, and was extended to its present form in 1889. In 1910 the School was transferred by Act of Tynwald from the Committee of Management to the Higher Education Board of the Eastern District, and passed automatically into the charge of the Isle of Man Education Authority with the Education Act of 1920. Previous to y 1910 the School was generously supported by private subscripions, and much praise is due to those who gave their time and substance in its early days for the encouragement of the Arts and Crafts

The objects of the School are : To meet the requirements of those engaged in various trades and professions, to promote the growth of Industrial Art, to supply a course of training for those adopting Art as a profession, for Teachers, for those taking up Art as an accomplishment, and generally to foster public taste in the Arts and Crafts.

To this end, Day and Evening Classes are held at the School of Art, continuing from September to June, for those who have left the ordinary schools and wish to pursue courses of study in the many branches of the Art. Most of the instruction is individual, and courses may be designed to meet nearly all requirements. Compared with Schools of Art in industrial districts the Douglas School labours under a considerable disadvantage owing to the small number of local industries with which the work may be correlated, but courses may be 'arranged to meet the needs of those engaged in Painting and Decorating, Printing and Lithography, Carving and Modelling, Elementary School Teaching. Encouragement is also given to students who wish to execute Practical Work in Embroidery, Metal Work, Jewellery, Carving,. Leaded Glass, Hand Block Printing, Lettering and Illuminating, Stencilling, Etching, etc. For those who wish to study Art as an accomplishment, the instruction comprises the many: branches of Drawing, Painting, Modelling, Design and Architecture..

Tuition fees are small, thus making it possible for all to participate in the advantages the School offers to those with artistic tastes.


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