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1 -Entrance Scholarships to Secondary Schools.

THE Island is generously supplied with Entrance Scholarships to Secondary Schools. Each year, Free places to the extent of 25 per cent. of the total admissions for the previous year, are awarded to boys and girls attending Public Elementary Schools. These are allotted in due proportion to the several parishes, so that there is no reason why any boy of suitable ability should not have a good chance of success, in whatever part of the

Island he might live. During the school year 1925-6, this involved the award of 48 Free Places, 35 of which were tenable at Douglas Secondary School, and 13 at Ramsey Grammar School.

In addition to these statutory Free Places, there is a good supply of Entrance Scholarships provided by the Educational Endowments of many districts in the Island. These are awarded on the same basis as the previous scholarships, and, except in a few cases, cover the cost of School Fees and travelling expenses. These Scholarships are, naturally, restricted to the particular areas to which the endowments apply. During the past year 20 Endowment Scholarships were awarded and were distributed as follows :-

Peel & Western Area Funds


Ramsey Funds


Douglas Funds


Maughold Funds


Castletown Funds


Lezayre Funds


Rushen Funds


Ballaugh Funds


No Entrance Scholarships can be awarded to boys whose parents are eligible for the payment of Income Tax The age limit for admission is at present in a state of transition In the present year the maximum age is 12½ years on July 31st, but in 1927 this will be reduced to 12 years, in order to conform with the general trend of Secondary Education, i.e., to secure admission to the Secondary School about the age of 11 years.

The examination for these Scholarships is held in June at the four centres, Douglas, Ramsey, Peel and Port St. Mary. Full particulars may be obtained at any time from the Head Teachers of the Elementary Schools.

2. University Scholarships.

The present supply of University Scholarships is somewhat meagre. One Scholarship of the Annual value of £100 for four years is awarded each year by the Isle of Man Education Authority, in addition to an Exhibition of the value of £50 a year for four years, for intending teachers.

The only other University Scholarships restricted to Manx children are those recently founded by the Henry Bloom Noble Trustees. These are of the value of £100 a year for four years, and tenable at the University of Liverpool. One or two of these are usually offered each year.

Manx children have also the privilege of ,competing against English boys and girls for the Scholarships awarded for open competition by the several British Universities, and on the whole they have been very successful.

This is a case, however, where one has to look mainly to private benefactors, and up to the present no one, apart. from the Henry Bloom Noble Trustees, has taken it into his heart to establish such an endowment.


For pupils of Secondary Schools who wish to become teachers, Bursarships may be granted under the following conditions :-

(a) Pupils must be 16 years of age on July 31st of the year in which application is made.

(b) They must have studied at least three years in a recognised Secondary School.

(c) The Head Master of the Secondary School attended must certify that they are suitable candi-dates for the teaching profession.

These Bursarships give free tuition for one year, with maintenance grants of £20 in the case of boys and £15 for girls. Twelve such Bursar ships were awarded last year. Bursarships may be renewed for a second year in the case of pupils taking an Advanced Course in the Secondary School.

4. Other Grants.

It is in the power of the Education Authority to make other grants, after individual consideration, to youths who wished to proceed to Agricultural Colleges or other approved Educational Institutions in Great Britain. Such grants have been made during the past year to two students attending Agricultural Colleges, while four students at the Manx Residential and Day Technical College for Women receive grants from Endowment Funds.

In necessitous and deserving cases the Education Authority may grant maintenance allowances to boys and girls in attendance at the Insular Secondary Schools.

With the above comprehensive Educational Ladder there is every opportunity for students of exceptional ability to proceed through all grades of schools to the University, whatever may be the financial circumstances of the parents. At the least, there is a reasonable opportunity for all boys ;and girls in the Island, if they are of suitable ability, to receive an education that will fit them to take their places as leaders in the world of industry and commerce, or as worthy members of the learned professions.


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