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Temperance Teaching in Schools.

IN the Education Act of 1920 it is enacted that,

" The Authority shall arrange that temperance teaching shall be given in all the schools at least once a quarter, on the lines of the syllabus issued by the Board of Education."

The latest issue of the Syllabus referred to in the Act, " The Hygiene of Food and Drink," is an admirable summary of the present-day know ledge of the evil effects of the misuse and abuse of food and alcohol. Its four sections comprise :-

l. The Uses of Food and Drink.

2. Alcohol and its Effects on Body and Mind.

3. The Misuse and Abuse of Food and its Results.

4. The Misuse and Abuse of Alcohol. The notes and subsections amplify the above, and form a really valuable and helpful course of instruction.

The one idea that dominates the teaching of Temperance in schools is the vital importance of self-discipline. Good habits, the practice of simple laws of health, and the avoidance of any form of excess are essential for the preservation of health and well-being and these principles are carefully laid down in the scheme of instruction.

The case for Temperance teaching of this nature is beyond dispute, and the Education Authority have been active in its encouragement. The lessons are given once a month, and are calculated to have a lasting effect for good on the future generation of citizens.


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