[from Manx Carols]



Tan imbagh vannee reesht er roshty boom,
Lhisagh shin ooilley feeayll ayns cooinaghtyn,
Tra haink Roe Flaunys noose veih coortyn
Dy chionnaghey da saualtys sheelnaue,

Lesh croeaghyn booisal lossey neesht lesh graih.
Lhisagh shin smooinagh or yn aigney mio,
Ron Jee y hoilshagh doom ard peccee hreih
Tra hur Eh Chroest voish Niau, E er Yac C

Nagh treih yn stayd va shinyn ayn ny lhie,
LIen gleeasagh Joe lesh chymmey vooar dy graih,
Dy choyrt e Vac hene neose’voish niau nyu guail,
Dy voddagh shisi ny hrooid v’er ny hauail.

M.v chaarjyn, ere’n aght ta shin er vaarail
Yn vlein ta ceauit ta Joe er nyn spaarail?
Er spaarail shin dy voddagh shin trooid grayse
~V~o slane jèant aarloo or soon oor y vaase.

Yn oyr ta Joe er spaarail shin ayns shoh,
Dy vod mayd ye ayns Creest crooit ass-y-noa,
Pardoon ye am son slane nyn beceaghyn,
Nyu anmeenyn ye nieet ayns fuill yn Eayn.

Vol arrys firrinagh goit ayns nyu gree,
Yn arrys shen nec leoideil shin dys JeeP
Vol pardoon am son slane nyu beccaghyn,
Nyn garmadyn ayns fuill yn Eayn jeant glen P

Vel yn caghlaa shon obbrit ayns nyn gree
Liorish tan aigney kinjagh soit er Joe P
Shoe Yee myr strooan d’ushtey bio roie boom,
Garmad jeh ynrickys yn Eayn am mooin.

Eogooish cree glen bee’n obbyr am fardail,
As jee cha jean eh shin dy bragh hauail,
Neuglennid erbee cha joan goll stiagh ayns
Nee’n peccah am prowal oyr nyn doyrt-mow.

Ta’n Scriptyr gra, my nee may11 eh y lhaih, " Myr ta’n billey tuittym, shen myr teh ihie;’ Ch~ vol grayse Yee arrys ny foast pardoon, Ch3bbit da droghyantee ta nish sy joan.

Cha vol goo Yee dauesyn er ny breacheil, T’ad jeight seose ayns pryssoon fegooish
Peccah dy gannidys hug ad dys toyrtmow, Trooid eashtyn beayn cha jig ad stiagh ayns

My chaarjyn graihagh, ooilley, aeg as shenn,
0, Ihig doom nish treigeil nyn beccaghyu,
Chyndaa dys Jee lesh arrys ayns nyn gree,
Dy vod mayd ye goit stiagh fud flaunyssee.

0, lhig doom smooinagh er Eayn graihagh Yee Gheayrt Eh nih deyr son am er Calvary, Chebbal pardoon lesh iaueyn boom sheeynt
0, lhig doom goaill yn gioot ta ymmyrchagh.

To lane dy graih, dy hymmey, as erreeish,
Cha naillish nane dy goll dys niurin sheesh,
Te booiagh pardooney shin as glenney’n cree,
Jannoo shin aarloo dy hassoo fenish -Joe.

My yiow mayd baase dyn Creest, my chaarjyn deyr,
Cre s’erree doom traa bee mayd Creest syn aer,
Yn Saualtagh ta cha graysoil doom jiu, Ayns yn laa shen cha loayr eh er nyu jon.

Ny niaughyn vees fillit myr duillag hoar, Yn laa hig Creest voish niau reesht ayns Eh
Ny oaieghyu foshey ny merriu seose girree Ooihley sheelnaue ny hassoo fenish Jee.

Er stoyl ny Briwnys nee Roe ny Nooghyn soie,
Meechrauee’n theihhl vees chaglit roish e oaie,
Nec eshyn jeeaghyn lesh shihley cha geyre
Droghyantee eisht nee tosbiaght shilley jeir.

Dys oreggyn aileagh nee droghyantee geam,
As sleityn hoshtee—’ 0, coodee shiu shinnyn
Voish eddyn Mac Yee hug hesh Saualtys hiooin,
As voish jymmoose ailagh, as corree yn Eayn."

Agh ayns fardail nee ny droghyantee prayl, ~y creggyn aileagh cha der dauesyn geihl, Bee sleityn loshtee tilgit bun-ry-skyn, Jha jean ad coodee ad voish cerree’n Eayn.

~esh goan aglagh ace ny Briw fockley magh:
Reue shin ersooyl voish m’ennish son dy bragh;
Iree smoo oddym’s v’er yannoo son peccee, ~agh hur mee baase, as gheayrt mee fuill my
chree P

~oddee ad gra—" My vees shin eebyrt magIc Toish fenish Jee, as flaunys son dy bragh, Yur boayl fea doom raad yiow yn annym a ash, ha ta shin toilliu niurin, pian as baase."

roe yn Briw gra—" Cha jinyms geastagh riu, on bleayntyn hiauyr heb mee saualtys diu, ‘e ro-anmagh hur mee cheb din sv traa

" Mannagh bee dooinney or ny ruggey reesht,
Cha jig oh stiagh ayns reeriaght niau, " dooyrt
Yn cree cheusthie jeant casherick lesh grayse
Beign dan caghlaa ye obbrit roish nyn maaish.

0, shimmey t’ayn nagh vel cur geill da shoh,
Dyn toiggal tad caid toe neesht dy ye bio,
Myr tan grian goll t’ad roie syn awin jeh traa,
As siyragh neesht tad roie dys torchagh braa.

Shiuish ooilley ta goll er-shaghryn, Voish leighghyn Yee, as brishey ghyn, ‘i,~. flh,,.,, (,1, ~ ~ mqvl g~~~i11~.’c, .~

Pooraghyn seihitagh currit sheese,
Son Jee e hene nee ghoaill yn reill,
Lesh mooads E phooar as reiltys neesht,
Dy vriwnys kynneeyn y theihll.
Pooaraghyn Niau vys er fly craa,
~1n seihil shoh wass vys bunryskyn,
Yn ooir ver seose ny merriu va
Rish bleintyn hanyr er cadley am.
Ayns coan yn vriwnys erroo mooar,
‘:~~ hassoo ayns kionfenish Yee;
Ooilley fly va rieau er yn oooir,
Dy clashtyn nyn mriwnys s’jerree.
My Yee ! cre’n shilley yindyssagh :
Ny smoo fly yn geinnagh er yn traie,
Ayrn jeu lesh trimshey neareydagh,
As paart lesh boggey as lesh graih.
Dagh annym glen, dymthyrk e crosh,
V’echey feanish jeh fuill Mac lee,
Lesh coamrey giall nee shassoo roish
Yn Stoyl.Reeoil lesh gerjagh cree.
0, s’maynrey ad ta ghoaill myr reih, .
Dy hurranse seaghyn ayns y theihll,
Dy eiyrt or Creest nyn Mainshtyr mie,
Ayns gloyr as maynrys braa dy reill.
Ayns briwr~ys ad nee’n Chiarn dy feer,
Lesh glare gerjoil loayrys e rco,
" Tar jee cloan vannee jeh my Ayr,
Gow shiu’n reeriaght ta kiarit diu."
Gys coortyn giall ayns sollys niau
Nee ad goll lesh moylley as booise,
Gys eashyn beayn nyu traa dy cheau,
Cur gloyr as ooashley geeck nyn geesh,
Nyn obbyr slane ayns coortyn niau
Marish Ard-ainlyn ghoaill arrane,
" Dasyn hug graih doom choont shin fecu,
Dy row ard gloyr, da dagh unnane ;
" Creenagh, as reill, as niart, as phooar,
Dy row hoods. Chiarn, son ton jeh feeu,
Bercliys, a~ ooashley ta dy cair.’ ‘
Shoh yn obbyr toe ayns coortyn niau.
_i_n Eayn burr banse or Calvary,
Lesh jymmoose tromc nec fockley magh
Ayns briwnys er fly ineecrauee,
" Scugli shiu, cloan cussit, son dy bragh,
‘C Gys aile as brimstone scugh jee reue,
Gys trim~hey as pian el SOfi dy bragh,
Trooid eashyn beayn nyn draa dy ceau,
0, Hiarn, cur toiggal dooinyn nish,
As veih nyn beccagh jean shin nhee,
As traa nec oo ayns dy gloyr cheet noose,
Eisht jean cooinaghtyn orrin, Yee.
Gys Jee yn Ayr dy row clagh gloyr,
Gys Joe yn Mac ren kionnagh shin,
As neesht gys Jee yn Spyrrid Noo,

Again the season blessed is here
O let us keep its memory dear,
For at this time of old, Heaven’s King
Came down on earth glad news to bring.

Our heart afire with love and praise,
Let us to God our thoughts now raise,
For that He sent his only Son
To save mankind by sin undone.

Ah ! wretched man, what state was his,
When God in Heaven, from courts of bliss,
By love and great compassion moved
Sent down the Son he dearly loved.

My friends, how have we spent this year,
Which God in love hath spared us here,
That we our souls, by love and prayer,
For death and heaven might now prepare ?

The hour, in love, God hath delayed,
That we in Christ might be new made,
That all our sins might pardoned be,
And we in Jesus blood washed free.

Ah ~ have we true repentance, friends,
The penitence that Godward tends P
Have we for sin full pardon won,
Cleansed by the blood of God’s dear Son P

And are our hearts so changed, that we
Rest in the Lord continually— God’s peace, our joy through all life’s stress;
Our garments, still Christ’s righteousness P

All works are vain, with hearts not clean,
Nor shall we ‘midst the saved be seen;
Naught that defiles may enter in— Take heed lest ye be lost through sin.


~ Except a man be born again." He cannot with his Saviour reign:
The heart within, by grace and faith, Must hallowed be—and that ore death.

But, 0, how few—how few pay heed!
The term of life to each decreed
Men know net. Down Time’s stream they go,
And madly rush on endless woe.

All ye who err, and wilful stray, Haste to amend—-nor dare delay;
_g,.c. 1nii~ must. he your answer made;
As falls the tree, so must it lie,"

Thus speaks God’s Word. Too late to cry
For mercy when life’s light has flown— Nor grace nor pardon then are shown.

Mocking they lived ; their day is past
Hopeless they lie in prison fast,
In misery bound, undone by sin;
Nor ever can tLey Heaven win.

Oh ! friends, with sorrow deep and true,
Let us forsake our sins, and sue
For pardon, that through God’s dear love
We join the shining ones above.


‘C Behold the Lamb of God !" Our guilt, His precious blood on Calvary spilt, Alone can cleanse. With love untold His outstretched arms sinners enfold.

Pitiful He, and full of love,
He makes men meet to dwell above;
He willeth not that one should die.
But gracious marks each contrite sigh.

If without Christ we die, my friends, How sad our plight when He descends ‘Mid clouds from Heaven. Too late at last To cry ; the day of grace is past.

When He comes down in glorious might,
The heavens shall shrivel at the sight;
Before God’s throne the trump shall call
Earth’s countless dead, both great and small.

The King of Saints, as Judge, is set,
All wicked are before Him met;
Trembling, they weep, nor dare to raise
Their eyes to His soul-piercing gaze.


;‘ Cover ye us," then shall they cry,
- Ye molten rocks, ye mountains high, ~‘rom the Lamb’s wrath. He to us brought ialvation ; but we deemed it nought."

vainly from wrath they seek to fly; [he molten rocks heed not their cry; ~ainly they plead the hills aflame; lonfused are hurled, nor heed their shame.

Ihese awful words the Judge shall say:
. Ye sinners hence depart for aye

Yhat more could I have done to save— ~or you I bore the cross and grave P

Yet grant us rest !‘ thus they implore
If from God’s presence evermore
Ve be shut out, yet rest bestow;
‘hough death we merit—pains and woe."

Too late to plead !" the Judge will say; To endless woe ye must away

The powers of earth will be put down
For God himself will undertake,
With all the greatness of His power, might
To judge the kindreds of the earth.
The powers of Heav’n will shaken be,
This world below turned upside down,
The earth will then give up its dead,
Who slept for many years therein.
Great numbers, in the judgment vale,
Will stand in presence of their God,
All who were ever on the earth,
To hear their last judgment pronounced.
My God ! what a wonderful sight,
More than the sand on the sea shore;
Some sorrowful and sore ashamed,
And some loving and joyous stand.
Then each pure soul, who bore the cross,
Who has a witness of Christ’s blood,
In garments white will stand before
The heavenly throne, with joyful heart.
Happy are those who made their choice
To suffer trouble in the world,
To follow Christ, their good Master;
They now shall reign in joy for aye.
Truly in judging them, the Lord,
With joyful voice, will kindly say,
" Come, ye blest children of my sire,
Take ye the kingdom made for you."
To the white courts in heav’n’s brightness
They then will go with thanks and praise,
For all eternity to live.
Paying due rev’rence to their God.
Their whole work in the heav’nly courts
Is with Archangels, to sing hymns,
‘ ‘ To Him, our God, who lovd us,
To Him be glory above all;
~‘ Wisdom, dominion, strength, and power,
Be to Thee, Lord, for thou of it
Art worthy. for rev’rence is thine. ~‘
This is their work in Heav’ns Courts.
The Lamb, who died on Calvary,
With ~trn vengeanle will then pronounce
Iii judgment on ungodly men,
‘ ~ Depart, ye cursid children, now;
‘ ~ To fire and brimstone go away,
To pain and grief for evermore;
To stay there through eternal time; Dy cock nyn keeshyn sodjey magh ~‘ ‘ To pay your never-ending due."
Lord, give iis understanding now,
And all our sins pray wash away
And when Thou shalt in glory come,
Then, 0, Good Lord, remember us.
To God the Father glory be,
To God the Son, who purchased us,
And to the Holy Ghost, also,
Glory for evermore—Amen.

(Translated by Captaim R. E. Christian and Mr A. W. Moore—A. W. Moore’ Collection.)


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