[from Manx Carols


Roish my huit Adam rieau ayns peccah,
Nagh mooar y vaynrys va eshyn ayn.
Er olkys cha row ainjys echey,
Cha row drogh smooinaght ayns e chione ;
Son glen va'n chree
Ayns shilley Yee ;
Veih dagh meereiltys troo as moayrn.
Va annymn kiune,
Seyr veih pyshoon
Te nish er vhilley ooilley y cloan.

Hug y Chiarn eshyn stiagh sy garey,
Raad va palehey kinjagh gaase ;
Veih nhoe cha row e er ny harey,
Agh veih yn vess shen va ayn baase.
Eishe dagh cretoor
Va fo e phooar;
Viallys daasyn myr nyn ree,
Marish dagh feill
Ve eshyn reill ;
Choud's as veh hene biallys gys Jee.

Hug y Chiarn Jee da reih dy hassoo
Ayns y stayd veih shoh er son dy braa,
As dy goaill soylley niau as thalloo,
Myr va'd nyn eiraght kiarit da.
Agh ren e reih
Dy vrfshey'n leigh,
As eisht dy hurranse gali yn vaaish
Eh liene, as rass
Eh hilgey ass
Foayr Yee e vyghin as e grayse,

Agh s'leah va eshyn er ny chorlaghey
Dy goaill myr reih yn ayrn my smessey ;
As rouyr geill hug e gys e violeyder,
Ren e y aigney caiyr y chassey,
Myr slien syns moyrn,
Noi sarey yn Chiarn,
Chair e dy beagh e myr veagh Jee,
Er mie as sie,
Tra yoghe e schlei ;
As reu e yn mess baasoil y ee

Cha leah as ren e yn sarey vrishey,
Oyr trimshey t'ain dy smooinaght er !
Aless ! cre'n dorrin ren er lheeney,
Myr ta heologhe nish cur my-ner.
Trimshey kiarail,
Seaghyn tooilleil,
Ayns corp as aigney guinn as pian.
Er olkys nish
Hooar eshyn fys,
As lheen o er myr errey trome.

Hie e er eebyrt magh as y garey,
Dyn dy bragh reesht ayn dy chyndaa ;
Veih ooilley'n vaynrys ve er ny gaarey,
As nhee cha jeanagh myghin daa.
Correy trome Yee
Smoo vrishey cree
Va baggyrt er lesh baase as pian ;
As dy scapail
Ny dy hauail
Cha row ry-gheddin foast unnane.

Dy smooinaght er yn stayd va callit,
As er ere hurr e er y hon;
Dy smooinaght er ere'n naght ve mollit
Jeh eiraght liene as eiraght e chloan
Ve oyr dy llooar
Sen trimshey mooar,
Dy jeanagh mooads dy hrlmshey mie ;
Dy jeanagh jeir,
Ny keaney geyre,
Yn eiraght bannit y chosney thie.

Shoh myr ren peccah goll ayns dooinney,
As fraue dowin gow e ayns e chree;
As skeayl eh magh er fey.ny-cruinney,
Myr shinney ve smeo gow e bree.
Yn thalloo glass
Va gymmrkey mess
Jeh liene gyn keeaght ny greie erbee,
Nish drine as dress
T'eh eursit lesh,
Kindagh rish peccah ny cummaltee.

Cairys Yee va shirrey liassaghey ;
E vyghin va pleadeil sen foayr ;
Gyerid yn leigh va geam sen kerraghey ;
Yn feil ren sheelnaue ve feer vooar.
Sen cretoor bio
Dy hasseo fo,
As fo beign veh fegooish pardoon.
Argid ny alrh
Ny olaghyn deyr
Cha vrealagh ad as y pryssoon.

Nish Jee Ooilley-niartal, Chiarn dy Vyghin,
Yn bundagh chreenagh as dagh sleih,
Jeagh er slieelnaue sy stayd dy heaghin.
Trooid nyn meerioose v'er duittym veih.
Hooar E magh saase
Dy chastey baase
Nagh jinnagh e harrish doo reill,
Trooid conaant noa
Dy beagh ad bio,
My yinnagh ad agh e y reall.

Veh er dy ricau yn Mae va echey,
E yalloo liene e glioo as peoar ,
Yn ynrican chreeney fegooish peccah,
Corrym rish liene ayns ooishley as gloyr.
Gow E syns Isne
Ard chooish sheeluaue,
As ooilley yn streeu y choyrt gys kione ;
As E my raane
Dy geaill Er-hene
Ooilley ny aunaghyn va ayn.

Yinnagh E algney Y Ayr choleeney ;
Baggyrt yn leigh Y choyrt gys fea.
Dooit sheelnaue ooilley chooilleney
Dy n'oshlagh E reesht daue giat y vea.
Myr veh ny Yee,
Da cha row nhee
Erskyn Y pliooar dy choyrt gys kione.
Trooid keayn dy gliraih
Nagh ren reau traih
Haink Chroest Mao Yee nyn cooney hoin.

Nish reu ny ainlyn banney croymey,
As lhig ad neose hoin Ree ny Ghloyr ;
Nyn ghoogys gow E er sen coamrey.
Da Clireest Mac Yee veh injillid vooaur.
Nagh mooar y kin
Hug eshyn dooin,
Dy daag E oeashley flaunysagh,
Ny cherubim
As seraphim,-
As haink E hoin sen Saualtagh.

Ny gow E ayns lane ren E cooilleeney ;
Ny yiall E hug E noesht gys kione.
Aigney y Ayroy ren eshyn lhieeney ;
Chartee E dagh leigh chartys v'ayn.
As shoh va joant
Reesht er cona:ant
Ta er-skyn erroo share ny loigh,
Hooar nyn ched ayrey
Veih sy garoy,
As yow E y vaynrys ooilley veih.

As er conaant ren Jee shoh ooilley,
My gowys mayd arrys syns nyn groe
Shon messin sooyr dy chooilley villey
Ta shin noi leighyn Yee er 'noe ;
Peccah hregeil,
Bea noa leeideil,
As jannoo mie da dagh unnane ;
Er-skyn dagh nee
Graih choyrt da Joe,
As da nyn naboo myr dooin hene.

Eishtlhig dooin dy imlee guee gys Jee,
Trooid Yeesey Chreest yeagh my.-hin dooin,
Lesh creeaghyn glen my gowys mayd padjer,
Treshteil dy joan E goastagh roin,
Nyn slane treishteil
As nyn garail
Y hilgoy ersyn myr nyn Ayr.
Cosney ny coayl
Nyn grosh E goaill,
As goiyrt er Chroest ayns yn raad cair.

O, nish nagh maynry ta eloan gheiney
- Dy vel ny niaughyn coardit roo ;
Veih raadyn Adam er nyn seyrey,
Ass nyn gurrymnyn jeant ny sloo.
As eek mayd reesht
Lesh cooney Chreest,
Quing aashagh as erroy eddrym,
Shaghey ve eroyen
Lesh errey trome
Y leigh v'eeAdam er y ghreym.

Nish gloyr, as moylley, booise, as bannaght,
Gys Joe yn Ayr ren shin y chroo ;
Gys Yoesey Chreest ren shin y chionnaght ;
Myr-geddin gys Jee yn Spyrryd-noo.
Dy joan dagh eash
Still chebball seose
Nyn moylley huggey er son dy braa
As dagh eretoor
Gys roar y phooar
Ard voylley feeu y hebbel da.--AMEN

Before ever Adam fell in sin
What a state of happiness be was in.
He was not acquainted with evil;
Not an evil thought in his head.
His heart was clean
In the sight of God;
There was no unruliness, envy, and pride.
His soul was calm
And free from poison.
He has now injured all his offspring.

The Lord put: him.in the garden,
Where everything grew in abundance.
Nothing was forbidden to him,
But the one tree-whose fruit was Death.
Then each creature
Was under his power;
He might be their king
All flesh
Was under his rule,
While he himself was obedient to God.

The Lord God gave him the choice
Of remaining in this good state for ever,
And of having the pleasures both of heaven and earth
As the inheritance prepared for him;
But he preferred
To break the law,
And then to suffer the sting of death.
For himself and his seed
To be cast out of
God's favour and grace.

And soon he was advised
To choose the worse part;
And too much heed he gave the tempter,
Which so confused his right mind,
That in his pride [mand,
He rebelled against the Lord's com-
And thought to be as God himself,
To judge of good and bad
When he obtained the knowledge;
And so he ate of the pleasant fruit.

As soon as he broke the command-
How pitiful it is to think of it! -
Alas ! what a disease he inherited,
As his descendants now behold.
Pitiful care,
Trouble ; some toil
In body and mind, aching and pain.
With evil now
He became acquainted,
And it weighed on him like a heavy burden.

He was then driven out of the garden,
Never again to return there.
From all the happiness he was cut off,
And none would have mercy on him.
God's heavy anger,
Utterly heart breaking,
Threatened him with pain and death;
And a way to escape,
Or to be saved,
Not one was there yet to be found.

To think upon the state that he had lost,
Aud upon what he had suffered;
To think upon how he had been deprived
Of his own heritage and his children's,
Was reason enough
For great sorrow,
If greatness of sorrow would do good-
If a tear would avail,
Or bitter crying,
To regain the blessed inheritance.

This is how sin went into the man,
And took deep root in his heart,
And it spread out on all mankind;
The older it got the stronger it grew.
The green earth
Yielded fruit
Of itself without a plough or any implement,
Now, with thorn and briar
It is cursed,
Because of the sin of its inheritance.

God's justice sought our punishment,
While His mercy pleaded in our favour.
The severity of the law called for revene;
The sins of mankind were very great.'
For living creatures
To endure,
All must be without pardon.
Silver or gold,
Or precious stones,
Would not keep them out of prison.

Now Almighty God, Lord of Mercy,
Source of all wisdom, and all people,
Look on mankind in their state of trouble
Through their negligence they have fallen.
He found a method
To destroy death,
That he could not rule over them,
Through a new covenant,
That they might live,
If they would but keep it.

His Son was eternal-
InHis own likeness, speech, and power-
The only wise, aud without sin;
Equal to Himself in honour aud glory.
He took in hand
Mankind's great cause,
And put all the strife to au end ;
And as bail,
Took upon himself
All the commands.

He would fulfil His Father's will.
The threatening of the law He put to rest.
Mankind's wickedness all atoned.
He would open again the gate of life.
As He was God
There was nothing
Above Him to restrain Him.
Through a sea of love
That did not ebb
Christ the Son of God helped us.

Now the blessed angels bowed down,
And let down to us the King of Glory.
Our nature he tools on for clothing.
To Christ, God's Son, it was great humility.
What great kindness
He had for us,
That He left his heavenly worship-
The cherubim
And seraphim-
And came to us as a Saviour.

What He took in hand He fulfilled ;
What He promised He brought to an end;
The will of His Father He performed;
Law and justice were laid down.
And this was done
Again by a covenant
Which is far better than the law
Which our first father got
From Him in the garden,
When He took all his happiness from him.

By a covenant God did all this.
If we will repent in our hearts
For the sour fruit of every tree
Which we have eaten against God's laws
Forsaking sin,
Leading a new life,
And doing good to every one;
Above all things
Giving love to God,
And to our neighbour as to ourselves.

Then let us humbly pray to God
Through Christ who showed us mercy.
If we pray with clean hearts,
Trusting that He will hear us,
Our whole trust
And our care,
Casting upon Him as our Father,
Through gain or loss
Christ will take our side,
And conduct us in the right road.

O, how happy now are the sons of men
That the heavens are agreed with them.
Redeemed from the ways of Adam,
And our charge made less,
We will pay it back again
With the help of Christ.
Easy is our yoke and light is that burden.
We have escaped being bent down
Under the heavy load
Of the law which Adam had on his shoulders.

Now, glory, praise, thanks, and blessing,
To God the Father who created us;
To Jesus Christ who redeemed us;
Also to God the Holy Spirit.
Each age will
Still offer up
Our praises to Him for ever;
And each creature
To the best of his power
Will give Him high praise.AMEN.


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