[from Manx Carols]


My chaarjyn cur jee tastey vie
Tra ehilinnys shiu my ghoan,
Assmooinee joe dy dowin shin hene
Li-en stayd ti’eh to shiu ayn.

Peecaghyn Sodom vader mooar,
As an! ayns shihley Yee;
Lesh asic :ts brimstone noose veihi nian
Ron eshyn ad y stroie.

Agh scoan my ta shin feast or scuirr
Rish peecah dy row ayns shea.
Nagh vol peccah cha eajee nish
Jeant aynsyn theihhl tra t’ayn?

Ta paai-t ta cur risk meshtallys,
Rish gweeaghyn as loo,
Paart cur rish myngyraght as gheid,
As paart cur saynt as troo.

Ta paart ta cur rish maarderys,
As shooyl ayns road yn ciii,
Paart elley cur ny anmeenyn gioal
Dy chosney cooid y theihll.

Ta paint goaihl boggey ayns fioutys,
Ayns eeamucyltyn as breagyn,
Paart aught jean myghin er y voght
Tea tad ayns feme as egin.

Agh toig joe crc ta’n Ostyl gra,
As kys te ginsh dy plain,
Dy bee yn leagh 00 shoh sy lake \
T0CS lostoy dy bragh beayn.

As icy In paart ta lesh trauslaase
Cur paart eiiey fo chosh,
Nagll vol toiggal am cre’n kione haink
Er Dives as Lazarus?

Paart shirrey cosney as vondeish
Liorish keeayl loo as volley.
Ta’n Briw ta cair gra ‘ ‘ Verym’s mow
Keeayl ooilloo’n vooinjyr chreeney."

Tan creeghya foalsey erkyn towse.
Qnoi cc ta fys or shea ?
Ta’n Chiarn graysoil gra ta lye ayms
Er cree dagh dooinney as ben.

My chaarjyn cur joe tastey vie,
As toig jee shoh shin hone;
Cha row aile Sodom innit ayn
Dys aili to dy bragh beayn.

As bee eloan Sodom goit my reili
Ec laa yn irree reesht,
Ny s’leah fly vees yn sleih t’ayns shoh
Nagh vol car geil da Chreest.

Dy beagh yn sushtal shoh preachi~
Ayns Sodom as Gomorrah
Veagh ad or chyndaa gys yn Chiara
Lesh trimshey mooar as an’ys.

Tm big yn fouyr dy goll dy vuinn,
Toig joe crc t’aym’s dy loayrt :
Bee’n grine pyshoonagh goll sy n’aile,
Been churnaght goll s~’ toalt.

Ta shin er ye choyrt mow shin hene.
Tan Chiarri graysoil dy grit
‘C Agh coonyms lhieu ayns earish feme
My nec shin hynis cliyndaa. "

Nub nagh myr ren sloili Nineveh
Chyndaa cc coyrie phadeyr,
Lhig doom chyndaa oc coyrlogh Chreest,
Quoi chionnee shin cha leyr.

Bee boggey job yn mac stroiltagh
Tm nec oh cheet boom the,
Tm ver oh drogh.yannoo ergool,
As shooyl ayns raadyn mu’.

My nec niayd gys yn Chiaru cliyndaa
Loch credjne as treishtoil,
Ta carrey dooie am or nyn j~u
Nagh joan dy bragh faillel.

As mannagh jean mayd arrys goaill
Er son nyu beccaghyn
Cha loayr Eli fockle as nyn liel~ ;
Jir Eh—" Nagh nhioiie da shin "

My friends, give good heed
When you hear my voice,
And think seriously within yourselves
What a pitiful state you are in.

Sodorn’s sins were great
And mighty in the sight of God.
With fire and brimstone down from heaven
He destroyed them.

But, we are scarcely free
From the sin that was there.
Is not sin just as vile now
Existing in this world below ?

Some are occupied with drunkenness,
Others with cursing and swearing,
Some with picking and stealing,
And some with envying and covetousness.

Some committing adultery,
And walking in the way of the flesh ;
Some are pawning their souls
To gain worldly goods.

Some take delight in scandal,
In tale-bearing and lies;
Some w’ihl have no mercy on the poor
When they are in need and poverty.

But. understand what ihe Apostle says,
And how plainly he tells it,
That their seward will be lie the lake
That burns for ever and ever.

And as to those that with oppression
Put others under their feet
Don’t we know what end omsmo
Your Dives and Lazarus ?

Some seeking gain and profit
By wit amid craftiness.
The righteous Judge says, " I will destroy
All the cs’isdonc of the wise."

Their false hearts are above measure.
Who knoweth that ?
The gracious Lord say He knoweth
The heart of each man and woman.

My friends, take good heed
And understand this yourselves.
The fire of Sodom would not be felt
In comparison with the everlasting fire.

And the children of Sodom will be chosen
At the resurrection day
Before the people who are here,
Who do not give heed to Christ.

If this gospel had been preached
In Sodom and Gomorrah
They would have turned to the Lord
With great sorrow and repentance.

When the harvest will be reaped,
Understand what I have to say:
The poisoned grain will go into the fire,
Arid the wheat will j iu the barn.

lWe have destroyed ourselves,
Saith the gracious Lord,
" But I will help you in time of need
If you will turn to Me."

Now, as the people of Nineveh
Turned at the Prophet’s advice,
I~et us repent, by Christ’s advice
Who bought iii at such a price.

There will be joy at the prodigal son,
Wheii lie returns home,
When he puts his evil deeds away
And walks in good paths.

If we will turn to the Lord
With faithfulness and hope
We have a good friend on our behalf
Who will never fail.

If we will not repent
Of our sins
He will not speak a wor~l on our behalf;
He will say—’ I do not know you

(written in the year 1725.)


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