[from Manx Carols, 1891]


(Scrutit aynss yn vlein 1760.)

Nagh vod mayd jiu goayl nyn arrane,
As ve gennal ayns nyn gree;
Son corrym rish yn laa t'ayn ]in
Haink gerjagh hoyn vei Jee.

Thousaneyn blein myr raggyr Chreest
Ren Abraham bannee
Boishal dy accan ve yn laa,
As ve gennal ayns y cree.

She jeh ren David bannee, neesht,
Y voggey mooar y yoayl ;
As ren eh lesh cree beayl as laue,
Dy gerrid cur seose kiaullee.

Ren ainlyn niau, corrym rish jeu,
Dy gennal goayl arrane;
Tra va nyn jaghdyragh jeant,
Ta'n arrane oc foast ermarne.

Sho yn arrane ren ad y ghoayl
" Dy bragh ard ghloyr da Jee,
Aidney mie y hoilshaghey da sheelnaue,
As er y thalloo shee."

Ny boghilyn chail ad bingys niaiu,
Chial ad ny ainlyn, neesht,
Gra " ayns Balley Yavid ruggyr jeu,
Nyn jiarn Saualtagh Chreest."

She sho yn coontey hug ad jeh,
Myr oddagh ad dy mie
"Yow shu Eh ayns sooillaghyn,
As ayns manjure ny lhie."

Chelleeragh hie ny boghillyn,
Cha darke ad er y laa ;
As here ad Eh ayns boggey mooar,
Myr ren ny ainlyn graa.

Sy voghery cheddin ren shoialshane
Ard rolague glen vei Jee ;
Ren eh shoilshane ayns shar y theihll.
Sho eh honnick nyn Ree

Three deinney creeney v'ayns y checar
Ren geyl churt da'n rolague
Cheeleeragh yow ad nyn yurnaa
As honnick ad yn raad.

Tra haink ad gys Jerusalem
Ren ad dy imneagh brah
My chioan ny elkyn varad ;
As sho myr ren ad graa

" Cre vel Ee ta ruggyt nyn Ree:"
Va still ayns nyn emraa-
" Yn rolague honnick shin as haink shin
Dy churt nyn ammys daa."

Tra here ad Ee ayns Bethlehemn,
Hut ad changort rish sheese,
Heb ad da owrallyn as nyn gooid
Lesh amys as lesh booise.

Heb ad myrrh daa myr ve ny gooinney,
As air marish myr ve nyn Ree ;
Heb ad frankincense as ourall millish,
Dy beagh E ve myr nyn Yee.

Ghou ooilley dinney ereeney yn theihll
Ard gerjagh ayns y laa
Eayn Bashtee hene ayns brin y voir,
Yn graie hoilshee eh daa!

Gow Zacharias as y ven,
Boggey mooar ec Chreest nyn Jiarn ;
As nagh ren shan Simeon, neesht,
Dy gennal ghoayl arrane.

Thra ren ny ainlyn boggey ghoayl,
As rolagueyn yn ayr,
Ec cheet nyn Jiarn nagh lishagh shin
Boggey ghoayl neesht myr cairt,

Yn embagh bannee ta ayn nish
Hig dausyn hig ny yei,
Dy chur seaghyn dy mie er y beggan loght
Ayns gerjagh shee as ghraie.-AMEN.


(Written in the year 1760.)

Cannot we this day sing a hymn,
And be cheerful in our hearts;
For just as on this very day
Came comfort to us from God?

Thousands of years before Christ was her,
Did blessed Abraham
Long to see the day,
And was cheerful in his heart.

In him did blessed David, too,
Experience great joy ;
And did with voice and hand
Him praise right lustily.

Heavenly angels, just as on this day,
Cheerfully sang a hymn
When their message was given;
And the hymn doth still survive.

This is the hymn that they sang
" Great glory be to God for ever!
Goodwill to all mankind-
And on the earth peace."

The shepherds heard heavenly music
They heard the angels, too,
Saying, "In David's town is born this day,
Our Saviour Christ the Lord!"

This is the account they gave of it,
As they could well do: -
You will find him in swaddling clothes,
And in a manger lying."

Straightway the shepherds went-
They did not wait for day;
And they found Him with great joy,
As the angels said.

In the same morning shone
High in the heavens a bright star from God,
It shone on the east side of the world.
This is what our King saw.

Three wise men in the eastern land
Gave heed unto this star;
Straightway they tools their journey,
And saw their way before them.

When they arrived at Jerusalem
They were anxiously asked
On what business they came;
And thus they replied

" Where is He that is born our King :."
This was what they still repeated-
" The star we saw, and we come
To give obedience to Him."

When they found Him in Bethlehem,
They fell down before Him
They gave Him offerings from their goods,
With reverence and with praise.

They gave Him myrrh, as though He were a man,
And gold and myrrh, as if a King;
They gave Him a sweet offering of frankincense
As if He were a God.

Consider all the wise men of the world
What great comfort they had on that day:
And John Baptist's self in his mother's womb,
What love He enlightened them with

Consider the great joy of Zacharias and his wife
At the coming of Christ their Lord;
And old Simeon, too;
Cheerfully sang a hymn.

When the angels were joyful,
And the stars of the sky,
At the coming of their Lord, should not we
Be joyful too, as is but right?

The blessed season we are now enjoying
Will come to those who follow us,
And repent fervently of their sins,
In happiness and love.-AMEN.


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