[from Manx Carols, 1891]


My chaarjyn deyr, dy moghey jiu
Ta shin er choyrt meeiteil,
Dy chummal seose ayns cooiuaghtyn
Yn lag, rug Creest sy theihll.

Dy chummal seose yn cliaghtey mie,
Va ec ny Nooghyn roin,
Sampleyr dy grafih daag ad nyn-yei,
As vouesyn haink eh hooin.

Nagh flaunysagh yn shilley ve
Ayns dorraghys syn oie,
Yn chiamble shoh va cha gerjoil,
Car moylley as gloyr-da Jee.

Yn oltagh bea share shynney lesh
Shee, giastallys, as graih,
Jeeagh kys ren oo oo-hene y reir,
Eisht er-dyn Ullick chaie.

Vel oo er choyrt mygeayrt dty vlein
Lesh ymmyrkey gyn loght?
Vel oo er hoilchinys veih Creest
Bannaght slayntoil ny moght?

Vel oo er reayl dty henghey glen
Gyn goltooan er dty vraar?
Ny smooinnee shoh er son dty phrayll
Dy nee oo yn dooinney share.

S'mie ta fys ayd's she magh as stiagh
Te cooid yn theihll shoh noain,
Agh dt'ennym mie nee tannaghtyn
Tra t'ou ny lhie sy joan.

My t'ou er choyrt aggair da'n voght
Ta ree ny moght er loo,
Dy ren oo eisht coyrt oghsan da'n
Fer ren yn seihll y chroo.

As padjeryn y clean gyn ayr
Hig seose gys eddin Yee,
Ny jeirnyn ta er y ven-treoghe
Dy geyre nee gaccan dt'oi.

O, bare nagh daink oo gys y teihll
My ta dt'ennym mie ersooyl,
Son foddey as gerrit cronnit vees
Dy chooilley raad t'ou shooyl.

Agh nish my nee dty ebree goaill rish,
Nagh nhynney lhiat tranlaase,
Eisht rish ny bannaghtyn graysoil
Hig ort veih Jee ny grayse.

Choud as to'u shooyl ayns raadyn mie
T'ou bannit mooie as sthie,
As raad t'ou shooyl sy vagheragh
Ta bannaght Yee dty yei.

Smooinee er shoh, as ceau ersooyl
Ooilley kiarail y teihll,
Goaill toshiaght as eoyrt jerrey neesht,
Fer kionnee ooilley'n seihll.-Amen

My friends, we have together met
So early here this morn,
To keep in our remembrance still
The day that Christ was born.

To keep up, too, the practice good,
Saints had before the same
Love's bright example left behind;
To us from them it came.

How blissful xyas the view, though night
Its darkness spread abroad,
This, the glad news, the giving praise
And glory unto God.

The welcome that He loves best, is
Peace, charity, and love ;
Then, since the Christmas last has gone;
Yourself your conduct prove.

Have you pass'd through your year without
Committing sin for sure?
Have you deserv'd at all from Christ
Sound blessings of the poor ?

From slandering your brother, too,
Have you your tongue kept clean?
Don't think for all thy prayers that thou
The best of men hast been.

Thou knowest well'tis out and in
Move worldly goods all must,
But thy good name continuo shall
When thou shalt lie in dust.

If thou hast wrong'd the poor, his King
Most solemnly shall state
That thou didst give rebuke to Him
Who did the world create.

The prayers of children fatherless
God's presence will attain;
The tears that from the widow fall
Against thee will complain.

Well hadst thou not come in the world, . .
If thy good name is dead,
For far and near will be observ'd
Each road that thou shalt tread.

Now, if thy heart admits that thou
Didst not oppression know,
Then gracious blessings on thee will
The God of Grace bestow.

Long as thou walkest in good ways
Thou out and in art blest,
On roadways walking, in the fields,
God's blessings on thee rest:

Then muse on this, and let the cares
Of earth away be hurl'd;
Beginning, ending, too, with Him
Who ransom'd all the world.-Amen.

Written in year1725. Translated by Capt. R. E. Christian; versified by the Rev S. Gasking


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