[from Manx Carols, 1891]


My chaarjyn deyr, dy vod ve en,
Fys cooie cre'n oyr t'ain jiu,
Lesh gerjaghey ard gloyr y choyrt
Gys Jee, ren shin y chroo.

Myr share dy voddyras verym reue,
Ny staydyn maynrey glen,
V'ec Adam ayns Garey Pargys,
As kys myr chail e shen.

As haink eh dy ve treih as lhome,
Gyn cooney cheu erbee,
Eh hene, as luightt fo pooar y Jouyll,
As baase, O. s'trimshagh ve.

Erreish da Jee yn soihll y chroo,
As dagh nhee myr va ayn,
Dyn fer ayn dy ghoaill solley jeh,
Agh gloyr fer chroo ny goan.

" Lhig dooin," dooyrt Eh, " dooinney y chroo,
Ayns nyn co-chaslys hene,
Lhig da ve Chiarn harrish dagh feill
Bee jeant jeh ooir as joan."

Garey eisht ren Jee y yannoo,
She shiar jeh Eden ve,
Ayns shen hug, E yn dooinney stiagh
Dy reayl ayns cummey eh.

Raad va dagh villey dy vess mie,
Sy vean myrgeddin va,
Billey yn tushtey mie as sie,
As marrish billey'n vea.

Jeh dagh billey ta kied ayds goaill,
She shoh va sarey Yee,
Agh billey'n tushtey mie as sie
Nagh blass er oyr erbee.

Son yn laa nee oo blastyn er
Ayns shickerys yiow baase,
Bee oo tilgit magh ass foayr dty Yee
Dyn jerkal arragh grayse.

Ny lomarcan va Adam foast,
As laccal cooney ve,
Agh cadley trome hug jee ny raad
Er saase nagh dod e chea.

Veih e lhiattie gow e asney,
As dooney seose yn eill,
As ren eh ben da'n dooinney jeh,
As hug eh ee ny whaail.

"Ben oo," dooyrt Adam, " shoh dty ennym,
As moir da cloan y theihll,
Son jeh y craue ayms ta dty stoo,
Myrgeddin jeh my eill."

Nish rooisht as dyn coamrey erbee,
Va'n dooinney as y ven,
Son trooid magh oney v'ad ny neesht
Dyn nearey erbee jeh shen.

Eisht fud dagh cretoor ren e chroo,
Va'n ard-nieu foalsey fer,
Lesh miolaghey dy volley'n ven
Dy breinnagh gow e er.

"Dug jee din sarey," dooyrt e roo,
" Nagh jean shiu goaill as gee,
Jeh dagh mess ta sy garey gaase,
O, insh jee dooys cre'd te."

"Jeh dagh mess fod mayd gee," dooyrt ee,
"Agh shen ny t'ayns y vean,
Er pian ny maaish cha nhegin dooin goail,
She shen yn sarey ain."

" Cha v'ou shiu baase," dooyrt yn ardnieu,
" Son s'mie ta fys ec Jee,
Dy bee shiu creeney myr te-hene,
Cha leah as nee shiu gee."

Eisht yeeagh yn ven, as honnick ee,
Yn billey aalin glass,
Yn mess feer vie son beaghey daue,
As miolaghey da'n blass.

Agh marish shen dy row e mie
Dy yannoo creeney j'ee
As lesh yn aigney moyrnagh shoh
S'treih ren ee goaill as gee.

As hug ee da yn dooinney neesht,
Va miolit dy goaill ayrn,
Credjal yn ardnieu foalsey shen
Ny s'leah ny da nyn Jiarn.

Scoan sluggit ve tru cronnee ad,
Nyn seaghyn myr yiall jee,
Hug ad tastey dy row ad rooisht,
As nearey mooar daue ve.

Hug orroo whaaley duillagyn,
Dy choodaghey ad hene,
Dy ollaghey nyn nearey mooar,
Son chronnee ad nyn verne.

As cheayll ad eisht coraa yn Chiarn,
Ayns fynneraght y laa,
Hug er y dooinney as y ven,
Ad hene y ollaghey.

" Cre vel oo, Adam ?" dooyrt y Chiarn.
" O, ta mee rooisht," dooyrt eh;
" Tra cheayll moe oo sy garey sthie,
Lesh nearey ren mee chea."

" Quoi dinsh dhyt, Adam, dy row rooisht ;
Ny vel oo nish er n'ee,
Jeh'n villey hug me sarev dhyt
Nagh jinnagh oo jeh gee?"

"Yn ven shen hug uss dou," dooyrt eh,
" Ren hoshiaght goaill as gee,
As heeyn ee magh e taue eisht hyms,
As gow mish ayrn maree."

" She shoh," dooyrt Jee eisht rish y ven,
" Cre t'ou er n'yannoo nish?"
" Yn ardnieu foalsey haink," dooyrt ee,
As ren eh moylley mish."

" Eisht rish yn ardnieu," dooyrt y Chiarn,
Er-yn-oyr dy ren oo shoh;
Cursit vys oo erskyn dagh baagh,
As cretoor dy vel bio,

"Marish shoh er dty volg nee oo snaue,
Dty veaghey veers y joan,
Shoh shegin ve dty chronney sy theihll
Son choud as vees oo ayn.

" Eddyr yn ven, as nss neem coyrt,
Noidys as msrish shen,
Nee eshin neesht dty chione y vroo,
As nee uss broo e vcyn."

" Agh eishtagh," dooyrt E rish y ven,
" Neem's bishaghey dy mooar,
Dty hrimshey syns gymmrkey cloan,
Lesh shoh'cha bee oo seyr.

"Bee dty yeearree gys dty heshey,
As nee eh harryd reill,
Shegin dhyt ve ayns biallys da,
As vees shin myr un eill."

Rish Adam eishtagh, dooyrt y Chiarn,
As dooyrt E kyndagh rish
" Dy dug oo geill da raa dty ven,
As goaill as gee yn mess;

"Ayns ollish as ayns tooillel mooar
Nee oo dty arran gee,
As shoh shegin ve dty chron sy theihll
Ooilley laghan dty vea.

" Son ass y joan hie oo er ghoaill,
As gys y joan nee oo goll,
Shoh vees eiyrtys da sluight y theihll
Myr yiall mee son dty oill."

As ass yn garey dimman Eh
Chelleeragh Adam magh,
Dy obbragh yn thalloo ve coyrt;
As shen dy doccaragh.

Agh myghin Yee t'erskyn imraa,
Ga jimme cairys er,
Cha dod e surranse da goll mow,
Agh dooyrt e cur-my-ner.

Lhig cairys nish as mish meeteil,
As lhig dooin coardit ve,
Lhig firrinys as shee coardail,
As nee mayd sauchey jeh.

As coard ad eisht dy yeeaghyn magh
Son dooinney oney glen,
Nagh hoill rieau veg jeh jymmoose Yee,
Er son e pheccah hene.

Dy goddyn shoh ve doccaragh,
Agh hass magh Prince y Chee,
As yiall E surranse son dooinney
As coardail e rish Jee.

Nee-yms dooyrt eh goaill orrym's feill,
Dy ghooinney trooid magh glen,
Nee-yms surranse ny ta cair da,
As bee-yms rass y ven.

Nee'm kione yn ardnieu noidagh vroo,
Nagh vod ec tra erbee,
Toyrtmow y hsyrn er dooinney reesht,
Ta kionnit ec Mac Yee.

Shoh cooilleen eh syns earish cooie,
Myr chiarit liorish Jee,
As gow eh feill jell Moidin glen
Myr jiu neesht rug e j'ee;

Nod fer erbee ta clashtyn shoh,
Dyn croymmey sheese e chione,
Dy imlee goaill rish myghin Jee
Lesh moylley er y hon.-Amen.

Dear friends, that you of this blest day
May proper knowledge take,
And that with bliss your praise may give
To God who did us make.

Let me some way before you set
The happy pure estate
In Paradise that Adam had,
And how 'twas confiscate.

How base and wretched he became;
On either side no aid ;
All his 'neath Satan's pow'r and death,
How wretched was he made.

After the Lord the spacious world
And all therein did make,
Without a man to share its joys,
The great Creator spake

" Let us in our own likeness now
A man create," said He;
" And o'er all flesh let him be lord,
Of aarth and dust he'll be."

A Garden east of Eden then
Did God at once create;
He there did place the man within,
To form and keep it straight.

There ev'ry tree good fruit did yield;.
And in the midst did stand,
The tree of knowledge, good, and ill-
The tree of life so grand.

" Of every tree tbou can'st partake";
Thus ran the order meet.
" The tree of knowledge, good, and ill,
Of that dare not to eat.

"For in the day thou eatest it,
Thou of a truth shalt die;
Without a hope of grace thoult be
Cast from God's favour high."

Lone nothstanding Adam was,
And wanting help was he;
But God calm sleep did send his way,
By means he could not flee.

He from his side did take a rib,
And then He join'd the place;
And He a woman of it made,
And sent her him to face.

Thy name is woman," Adam said,
" Of all thou mother art ;
For of my bone and of my flesh
Thy substance forms a part."

The man and woman naked were-
No clothes did shield their frame
For wholly innocent they were,
Without a sense of shame.

Amongst the creatures He did make
There was the serpent sly.
He with temptation Eve beguil'd
Deception he did try.

" Did God give you command," he said,
" You must not take and eat
Of fruit that in the garden grows?
Where is it, I entreat ? "

" We can eat fruit," said she, " save that
Which in the midst does stand
On pain of death we must not take;
That is our one command."

You will not die," the serpent said,
" For God does know for sure,
That as Himself you wise will be
Whene'er you it procure."

The woman looked, and then she saw
The tree was comely green;
The fruit was very good for food,
And tempting thus as seen.

And seeing that it too was good,
The woman wise to make,
She in her pride of mind did eat.
How sad that she did take?

And to the man she gave as well;
He, tempted, took his share;
Believing in the serpent false,
Ere God, who made the pair.

'Twas hardly swallow'd when they saw
Their trouble, as God said.
That they were naked they observ'd,
And shame within them bred,

Which made them figleaves for themselves,
For aprons, sew with speed,
In order to conceal their shame ;
For they observ'd their need.

And in the cool part of the day
God's voice they bnth did hear,
Which caus'd the woman and the man
Themselves to hide from fear.

" Where art thou, Adam ? " said the Lord.
" I'm naked," he replied;
" When in the Garden Thee I heard,
With shame I drew aside."

" Who told thee, Adam, thou wast bare?
Or bast thou even now
Been eating that forbidden fruit,
Forgetful of my vow ? "

" The woman thou did'st give me took,"
At first he did declare,
"And then she stretch'd her hand to me,
And I with her took share."

" What, now, is this that thou hast done? "
God to the woman said.
" The wily serpent came,'.' said she,
" And thus he me misled."

Then to the serpent said the Lord:
"Because thou this bast done, _
Of living creatures curs'd thou'lt be
Above them ev'ry one.

And on thy belly shalt thou walk;
For food thee dust I give.
This is thy portion in the world,
So long as thou shalt live.

"I'll cause the woman e'en to thee
Great enmity to feel.
Her seed shall also bruise thy head,
And thou shalt bruise his heel."

And then He to the woman said:
"I greatly will increase
Thy labour in thy bringing forth;
From this thou'lt know no peace.

"Thy yearning will be to thy mate,
And he shall rule o'er thee ;
Thou must be in obedience,
And ye one flesh shall be."

To Adam then the Lord did turn,
And thus to him He spake
" Because thy wife's speech thou did'st heed,
And so the fruit did'st take,

By sweat and toiling, long and great,
Thou shalt thy bread obtain.
This here must bo thy doom until
Thou turn'st to dust again.

" For out of dnst thou bast been made,
And to the dust thou'lt go;
This doom will be for all, as I
Before thy fault did show."

And out of that fair Garden He
Did Adam drive at length.
To till the ground he then was sent,
And that by dint of strength.

God's mercy is unspeakable,
Though justice done must be.
He did not let him be destroy'd.
" Behold! behold ! " said He,

" Let justice and myself combine
In harmony to get;
Let truth and peace agree as well,
And We will save him yet."

They then agreed to look well for
A guileless man and pure,
Who ne'er deserved the wrath of God,
For his own sin for sure.

To find this man was very hard.
The Prince of Peace the while
Did promise then to die for man,
And God to reconcile.

" I'll take on me the flesh of man,
Which shall be clean indeed,
I'll suffer what is due, and too
Be of the woman's seed.

"I'll bruise the filthy serpent's head,
That he may ne'er, by fraud,
Destruction bring on man again,
Bought by the Son of God."

This He fulfilled in proper time,
As God before did say;
And taking flesh of virgin pure,
Was born as on this day.

Can any one who bears this now
His head in proudness raise.
Nay, humbly own God's mercy great,
And for it give Him praise.


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