[from Manx Carols, 1891]



Ooilley shiuish, chaarjyn as vraaraghyn,
Wooishyn's din cur-my-ner,
As smooinaght er yn stayd s'jerree,
Cha vel nyn traa agh giare.

Lhig dooin ve aarloo son yn oor,
Tra vees mayd er nyu eam,
Dy der yn Chiarn eh cooney hooin,
Son ta shin mooar ayns feme.

Eisht lhig dooin beaghey ayns graih as shee,
Lurg aigney Yee ny grayse,
Fegooish leih peccah cur-my-ner
Te trimshey pian as baase.

Tra hig yn foldyr dy goll dy vuinn,
Dy hagglym stiagh sy' toalt,
She roish my jig yn geurey hooin
Toig shiu cre ta mee loayrt.

She'n arroo glen hig stiagh ayns shen,
Agh jeeagh cre hig yn coau,
My chaarjyn deyr, cur shiu my-uer,
Nagh dayrn shiu gys toyrtmow.

Bee yn coau shoh sheebit lesh yn geay,
Cha vow eh fem erbee,
Te neeshtagh kiarit cour yn aile
Ta reih lostey as stroie.

Eisht bee shiu shickyr ayns yn Chiarn,
As jeeagh nagh jig shin mow,
As jean shiu chea veih dagh peccah
Ta leedeil gys toyrtmow.

Ta'n Chiarn er gra mysh yn billey
T'ayns mean yn garey gaase,
As dagh bangane ta springal jeh
Cha bee ad edelyr faase.

Cha bee ad faase ayns nhee erbee,
Cha bee ad geoaun ayns stoyr,
Cha bee ad laccal nhee erbee,
As inshym's diu cre'n oyr.

She'n oyr dy vel fraue oc sy' villey,
Nagh jean dy bragh goll mow,
Cha jean y dnillag tuittym creen,
Ny sheebit goll rish coau.

Son dooyrt, yn Chiarn : "She mish yn raad,
As tar shin hym's ayns shoh,
Son ta mee fondagh dy hauail
Dy chooilley annym bio."

Agh adsyn ta ercoi wannalagh,
As treishteil orroo hene,
Cha vel ad geam sen grayse yn Chiarn,
Ny gra ta mish ayns feme.

Agh ta mee ginsh diu reesht, as rcesht,
Dy vel yn feme ain mooar.
Dy chooilley saase, dy cosney grayse,
Dooin ooilley beg dy-liooar.

Eisht lhig dooin tuittyrn injil sheese
Kiongoyrt rish Jee ny grayse,
Yn Eayn gloyroil haink sti agh sy'theihll
Dy kionnaght shin veih baase.

Ta shen dy gra, veih'n basse s'jerree,
Ta enmyssit sharroo,
My yearree eh lurg caghlaa bea
Nagh vaik mayd baase ny smoo.

Eisht neo cloan vannee Yee ny grayse
Soilshean goll rish yn grian,
Son coontey t'ain jeh'n meechrauee
Trimshey, angaish, as pian.

My yearree eh, my chaarjyn deyr,
Shin dy haghney eh,
Yn torchagh trome tayn's niurin heese.
Jeh Trmshey as anvea.

Hiarn Yeesey, cur dy cooney hooin,
Son ta shin mooar ayns feme,
As wooishal er dagh annym boght,
Dy cosney dys bea veayn.

O, Yeesey graihagh, tar uss hooin,
As marin jean uss reill,
As freayl shin nish veih dagh peccah
Choud as vces mayd sy' theihil.

Gys gloyr yn Chiarn ayns obbyr vie,
Lhig dooin yn laa vaarail,
Ayrs nee erbee er poynt nyn vaaish
Nagh bee ahiu ayns fardail.

Agh obbyr shin yn giootyn eu,
Ta livreit diu ayns shee,
Smooinnee shiu dy nee stiurtyn shiu
Rhei rheym er ymmyrchee.

Jeeagh nagh gow shiu rouyr track ny keesh,
Ass argid, ny ass airh,
Ny feeagh, ny laagh, ny faill erbee,
Dy chassey yn vriwnys cair.

Lhig dagh fer gymmyrkey errey e vraar,
Myr hee ad eh ayns feme,
S'mooar hur yn Chiarn er nyn son ain
Myr cluinys shiu nish hene.

Son haink Ree Flaunyssagh'sy theihll,
As kionnee eh shin feer deyr,
Lesh ollish foalley, as osnaghyn,
Lesh accan trome as geyre.

Toig joe dy row Eh fo angaaish,
Lesh peccaghyn yn theihll,
Tra deie Eh magh " My Yee, my Yee,
Cre'n fa nee oo mee hreigeil?"

" Varvanee treih, O, caid nee shiu,
Nish jeh my hurranse craid ;
Caid eirytys shiu yn cassan cam,
Er shaghryn veih yn raad?"

Lhig dagh unuane er eh hon hene,
Eisht roie yn race dy chionn,
As gra lesh osnoy veih yn chree,
" V'ou surranse er my hon."

Son ren Eh.trostey er nyn son,
Daeed laa as whilleen oie,
Ny lurg shen ooilley hooar Eh basse
Treih er Cronk Calvary.

Shen raad hrein ad Eh laue as cass,
Eh kione lesh drineyn geyre,
Cha row shoh ooilley lhieu dy-liooar
Eisht vrod ad Eh lesh shleiy,

O, quoi, O, quoi'n tree nagh yinnagh craa,
Dy eashtagh rish cha treih ;
Dy row fuill Mac Yee roie dy chionn,
Goll dys eh cassyn roie ?

Dy voddagh yn raa shoh ve mie,
Dooyrt Eh " Roo ta meo paa !"
She vinegar, seiyjid lush gall,
Thooar eh ta'n Scriptyr gra. '

Yn cloan ren shirveish eh 'sy theihll,
Vees marish bio dy bragh ;
Son she yn basse yn kerragh sloo
Da'n cloan veeviallagh.

Eisht bie eshyn gys Niurin sheese,
As dirree Eh yn trass laa ;
T'eh nish ny hoie ec laue yeah Yee ;
O, cur shin moylley da.

Ta Chreest ny hoie ayns gloyr yn Ayr,
O, trog shiu nyn goraa,
Gra moylley as booise gys Yeesey Chreest
Veih'n tre shoh magh dy braa.

My yearree eh, my chaarjyn deyr,
Shin dy ve bio ayns Niau ;
Lhig da dagh dooinney, lesh tree glen,
Gra - Myr shen eisht dy row,

Ta'n Scriptyr mennick soilshagh dooin
Yn raaidyn gys basse as bea;
My chaarjyn, s'mooinnee shin er shoh,
As lhiassee shiu nyn mea.

As jean shiu eisht nyn draa vaarail,
Cordail rish goo yn Chiarn,
Bee bannaght Yee eishtagh mariu
Choud as vees shiu er mayrn.

Ta'n Chiarn er stoyral seose nyn gour,
Ocsyn nee shirveish eh;
Yn vaynrys vooar tayns flaunys heose
Cha voddym's fockley eh.

Nish, gloyr as booise, as moylley neesht,
Gys Yeesey Chreest ny Chiarn,
Gys Yn Trinaid Vannee gloyroil,
Yn ynrican Jee co-beayn. -Amen.

All you, my friends and brethren,
I wish you might perceive,
And think upon your final state,
And our time's short reprieve.

Let us be ready for the hour
When we called home shall be,
And may the Lord his help afford,
For great in need are we.

Then let us live in love and peace,
According as God saith ;
For sin unpardoned, we should note,
Is sorrow, pain, and death.

As when the mower comes to reap,
And gather into barns.
Before the winter comes to wield
His sceptre o'er the farms.

The grain, made clean, will garnered be;
But, mark the chaff's exception.
My friends most dear, take timely care;
Draw not too near destruction.

This chaff shall by the wind be driven,
No rest will it enjoy,
For 'tis intended for the fire-
To burn, and to destroy.

Then be ye steadfast in the Lord,
And see you do not fail,
But shun and flee from every sin
That leads in ruin's trail.

The Lord hath said about the tree,
Which midst the garden grows,
That each live branch that springs of it
No weakness ever knows,

They'll not be weak in anything,
They'll not be scarce in store,
They will not be in want for aught,
I'll tell you why therefore.

The reason is - their root is in
The tree that won't decay;
Whose leaf will never fade, nor be
Like chaff, that's driven away.

"For I'm the way," the Lord hath said, "
Then come and be made whole,
For I sufficient am to save
Each precious living soul."

But they who still stiff-necked are,
And trust themselves to lead,
They do not seek the grace of God,
Nor say they are in need.

But this I say, and now repeat,
Great is our poverty,
For every means which grace obtains,
All small enough will be,

Then let us fall more lowly down,
Before the God of Grace,
Whose glorious Lamb came to our world,
To free from death our race.

That is to say - from the last death,
Which is named the bitter;
I pray that after this life's change
We see no death that's greater.

Then will God's blessed sons of grace
Shine forth like to the sun,
But to sorrow, anguish, grief, and pain,
The wicked shall have come.

'Tis my desire, beloved friends,
We may such fate eschew,
Those heavy torments down in hell,
Where sin shall reap its due.

Lord Jesus, grant thy help to us,
For much w e need the same,
And pray that each poor soul at last
Eternal life may gain.

O, loving Jesus, come to us,
And with us reign and rule,
And keep us awway without sin
While on this world's footstool.

And with good works to God's glory
Let all here spend the day,
Keeping in view that naught we do
Shall pass in vain away.

But see you do those gifts employ,
Delivered you in store;
Remember you but stewards are-
To share them with the poor-

Do not extort in tax, or fee,
In silver, or in gold,
Nor bribe, nor wage, nor' recompense,.
Just judgment to blindfold;

Let each his brother's burden bear,
Whate'er his need may be;
The Lord hath suffered much for us,
As you will hear presently.

For Heaven's great King came to this world,
And bought us very dear,
With heavy sighs and bloody sweat,
And many a bitter tear.

Think how He under anguish was
For the world's sin and sake,
When He cried out, " My God, my God,
Why dost thou me forsake?"

" How long will ye, O, wretched wights,
Now at my suff'rings mock ;
How long pursue the crooked path,
Astray from the right track?"

Let each one, therefore, for himself,
Hasten to run this race,
And say in sighs, deep from the heart,-
He suffered in my place.

He also fasted in our stead
For forty days and nights ;
After all this-a wretched death
On Calvary's rugged heights.

There nailed they Him, both band and foot,
His head with thorns did tear ;
All this, to them, was not enough-
They pierced him with a spear.

O. who, O, whose heart would not quake,
To hear such misery told -
That fast the blood of God's dear Son
Down to His feet did run ?

That this saying might be made good,
He saith to them, "I thirst!"
They gave Him vinegar, mixed with gall,
Thus the Scripture drew the pall.

All those who served him in this world,
With him alive shall be;
But death is the least punishment
The disobedient see.

Then down to Hadës He did go,
And rose on the third day;
He sitteth now at God's right hand-
O, give Him praise awway.

Christ, in the Father's glory sits,
O, lift your voices high ;
Give praise and thanks to Jesus Christ
From this time forth for aye.

My ardent wish is, my dear friends,
We all may live in Heaven ;
Then let each man, with heart made pure,
Say-Thus it may be given.

The Scriptures oft disclose to us
The roads to death and life;
Reflect, my friends, and now attend,
And your own lives amend.

Then, here do ye so spend your time,
Acccording to God's word,
And ye shall have, long as ye live,
The blessing of the Lord.

The Lord hath stored on the account
Of those who will serve Him,
A bliss so great in Heaven above,
I can't describe herein.

Now, praise and thanks, and glory be
To Jesus Christ the Lord,
To the glorious Blessed Trinity,
And co-eternal God.-Amen.

Translated and versified by Robert Christian, of Cleveland, U.S.A. (A.W. Moore's Collection.)


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