[From Crosby Records, 1887]


Ancient wayside cross at the Harkirke,Crosby
Ancient wayside cross at the Harkirke


The names of those Catholicke Recusants as have been buried in the buriall place wthin the Harkircke since ye inclosure thereof:-

1. 7 Apr.,1611. ffirst of all, Win Mathewson, an ould manof ye Morehowses wthin litle Crosbie, dyed a Catholicke, the sixt daye of Aprill, anno Dei,1611, and was buried in ye Harkircke ye day following, being Sonday, and ye 7 day of Aprill aforesaid, being first denyed buriall at Sephton Churche by the parson thereof.
2. 10 Apr.,1611. Secondly, Ellen Blundell, the wyffe of Thomas Blundell of ye Carrhowses in Inceblundell, was buried in the Harkircke uppon the 10 day of Aprill, being Wednesday, anno1611, being first denyed buriall at Sephton asaforesaid.
3. 9 May,1611. Thirdly, Margerie Rigat, ye wyffe of Wm Rigat of muche Crosbie, was buried, &c., the 9 of May, 1611, being first denyed, &c.
4. 6 ffebr.,1612. Edwarde Tyrer of muche Crosbie was buried, &c., ye 6 of ffebruarie, 1612, being denyed, &c.
5. 6 Sept.,1612. Ric. Holland, second sonne of Richard Holland, of ye Halle of Sutton in ye pishe of Prescott, was buried, &c., uppon Sonday nighte the 6 of September, 1612.
6. 2 Oct.,1612. Grace Marrowe, wyffe of John Cadicke, of muche Crosbie, was buried, &c., being denyed,&c.
7. 28 Nov.,1612. Richarde Ryding of ye Morehowses wthin litle Crosbie was buried, &c., being denyed,&c.
8. 30 Nov.,1612. Margerie, widowe of the sayde RichardeRyding, was buried, &c., being likewyse denyed, &c,-
9 Decem.,1612. Richarde Tarleton, second sonne of Edwarde Tarleton of ffazakerley, gent., was buried in ye Harkircke uppo Saturday night,being ye - of December, 1612.-
10. 16 May,1613. Wm Tarleton of litle Crosbie, husbandman,a Catholicke wishing his wyfe to burie him after his deathe in ye said buriall place, was accordingly there buried ye 16 May, 1613.
11. 23 Apr.,1613. Jane Barone, ye widowe of Wm Thomason,of ye Carrhowses in Ince blundell, was buried,&c., the Parson refusing to lett her bee buriedat Sephton Church.
12. 31 Aug.,1613. John Synett or - an Irishman borne inWexforde, master of a barke, was excomunicated by the B. of Chester for being a Catholicke recusant, and so dying at his house in Liverpoole was denyed to be buried at Liverpoole Churche or Chappell, and therefore was brought and buried in this sayd buriall place of ye Harkircke in ye afternoone of the last day of August, 1613.-
13. 3 Octob.,1613. Raphe Croft of litle Crosbie, dying a Catholicke Recusant, and being denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
14. 11 Nov.,1613. Anne Lawrence, daughter of ye wyffe of Humphrey Lunt of Ince blüdell, dying a Catholicke, and therefore denied, &c., wasburied, &c.
15. 24 Dec.,1613. John Saterthwait, P., was buried in ye Harkircke on Christenmas eave at or about 8o'clocke in the eveninge, 1613.
16. 28 Feb.,1614. Elizabethe, ye widowe of Rich. Smith of Ince blundell, dyed a Catholicke, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c., 28 day of ffebruarie, 1613, stilo novo.
17. 10 Mar.,1614.. Charite Melling, an ould woman and daughter of Rich. Melling of Melling, being kept wth Richarde Maghull of Ayntree, dyed there a Catholicke, and being denyed buriall bothe at Melling Chappell and at Sephton Churche,was buried in ye Harkirke ye 20 of Marche,about 10 of ye Clocke at night, 1614.
18. 1 Jul.,1614. Jane Snopson, widow, and syster of Mar-garet Barker of Darbie, widowe, dying aCatholicke, was buried, &c.
19,20. ,2 Dec.,1614 Margerie Davison, a servant maide at ye Grange, dyed there a Catholicke, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c.Margarett, ye wyffe of Henrie Blundell of Ince blundell (whoe dwelt at ye Grange) dyed a Catholicke, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
21. 3 Jan.,1615. Catherine, ye widowe of Tho. Patrike als Gorton, of litle Crosbie, dying a Catholicke,was therefore, &c., and was buried, &c., stilonovo.
22. 20 May,1615. Anne, ye wyffe of George Webster of Livpoole (tenant to Mr. Crosse) deyed a Catholicke, and being denyed buriall at ye Chappellof Livpoole by ye Curate there, by ye Maior,and by Mr. More, was buried, &c.-
23. 27 Octo.,1615 Margaret, ye wyffe of Thomas Newhouse of Thornton, being denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
24. 27 Apr.,1616. Ellen Melling, daughter of John Melling of Incebl., dyed a Catholicke, and was buried,&c.
25. 17 Sept.,1616. Thomas Blundell of the Carresyde in Inceblundell, dyeing a Catholicke, was buried, &c.
26. 13 octo.,1616. Anne Blüdell, sister to Thomas Blundell of the Morehowses, and wyffe to Thomas Holmeof Dounholland, dying a Catholicke, was buried in ye Harkircke wth her litle infant byher, &c.
27. 13 Oct.,1616. Margaret, ye widowe of Raphe Crosse, dying a Catholicke, was denyed buriall at Sephton by the minister there in absence of ye Parson,and was buried, &c.
28. 11 Dec.,1616. Emline, ye wyffe of John Glover, being denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
29. 16 Dec.,1616. Wm Moneley of Holmore greene, Smith,being denied, &c., was buried, &c.
30. 4 Feby.,1617. John Cadicke of muche Crosbie being denyed, &c., was buried, &c, stilo novo.-
31. 9 octo.,1617. Ellen, ye wyffe of Richarde Johnson, denyed,&c., was buried, &c.
This next above was the wyffe of Richard Johnson of the Lunt.
32. 10 octob.1617. John Marrow of litle Crosbie, being denyed buriall at Sephton by ye minister in absenceof yo Parson, was buried, &c.
33. 23 Jan.,1618. Wra Nicholasson als Davit of litle Crosbie denyed, &c., was buried, &c., stilo novo.
34. 28 Jan.,1618. Ellen, ye wyffe of Richard Johnson of ye Morehowses, being denyed, &c., was buried,&c.
35. 3 Mar.,1618. Henrie Blundell of late dwelling in ye Morehowses, and about ye age of 100 yeares, dying a Catholicke, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
36. 27 Aug.,1618. Ellen, ye wyffe of John Longroe, denyed,&c., was buried, &c.
37. 29 Jan.,1619. Catherine, ye widowe of John Rigate, neare ye Chappell of much Crosbie, was buried, &c.,stilo novo, being denyed buriall as aforesaid.
38. 18 Sept.,1619. Humphrey Wetherbie of the Lunt was buried, &c., being first denyed, &c.
39. 11 Feb.,1619. Elizabeth, late widowe of Rodte Blundell,Saler, was buried, &c., being first denyed, &c.
40. 27 Febr.,1620. John Birtwisell, P., dyed ye 26 day of Februarie, and was buried in ye Harkircke the night following about 2 of the Clocke, anno1620, stilo novo, priest.
41. 6 May,1620. Edwarde Suthworth of ye more lain, being denyed buriall in much Crosbie, was buried,&c.
42. 28 Sep.,1620. Ales Rigate, ye wyffe of John Rothwell,was buried, &c., being first denyed, &c.
43. 1 Nov.,1620. Anne, the widowe of Richard Worrall, was buried, &c., being not suffered by ye Parson to bee buried at ye Churche first.
44. 4 Sep.,1620. Margaret Sumner was buried, &c., first denyed buriall by the Parson at Sephton-
45. 9 Janu.,1621. Robert Rothwell was buried, &c., stilo novo,being denyed as aforesaid.
46. 8 Marc.,1621. John Davie, an infant of James Davie, was buried, &c.
47. 21 Apr.,1621' An other yong infant, the daughter of MrWake, was buried, &c.
48-54. 22 May,1621. Ann, the widowe of Bryan Ley, was buried,&c., being refused at the Churche first by yeParson. In this space were buried 2 Infantsof Thomas Blundell of ye Morehowses, 1 of Thomas Holmes of Doüholland, 2 of Richarde Bryanson's of ye Morehowse, 1 of Richarde Marrowe's of litle Crosbie, viz. 6, wch maketh the number of all before to bee
55. 28 Mar.,1622. Ellen, ye widowe of Richarde Blundell of ye Morehowses, was buried, &c., being denyed,
56. &c., sinch wch tyme there hath been buried an Infant of James Davies.
57. 31 July,1622. John Worthington, P., was buried the last day of July, 1622.
58. 15 Nov.,1622. James Ryse of ye morehowses, denyed, &c.,was buried, &c.
59. 16 Febr.,1623. James Whitmore (younger Sonne of JohnWhitmore of Thursington in Worrall, Esq., a
60. 16 Mar.,1623. Thurstaston, in Wirral. great and zelous Catholicke and Confessour,&c.) dyed at ye Edge uppon ye 15 day of ffebruarie, being denyed, &c., was buried, &c.Elizabeth, ye wyffe of Oswald Hill of Inceblundell, was buried, &c., being first denyed,&c.
61. 2 June,1623. Agnes, the widowe of Richarde Ryse of litle Crosbie, was buried, &c., denyed buriall first.
62. 12 June,1623. Alice Harison, als Johns daughter, ye widowe of Hughe Johnson, was buried the 12 of June, being the feast of Corpus Christi, 1623,but first denyed, &c.
63- 14 Jun.,1623. Elizabeth, wyffe of Raphe Starkey, was buried, &c., denyed buriall first, &c.
64. 22 Octo.,1623. Ales, ye widowe of Win Nicholasson als Davie, was buried, &c., denyed, &c.
65. 1 Jany.,1624. Jane Lunt, widowe of Edward Lunt of muche Crosbie, denied buriall for dying aCatholicke, was buried, &c., stilo novo.
66. 28 Janu.,1624. Anne Worrall, wyffe of John Thompson of ye morehowses, was buried, &c., first denyed,&c.
67. 4 Febr.,1624. Ales Bootle, wyffe of Wm Cooke of Orrell,was buried, &c., refused at y Chur.
68. 5 Febr.,1624' Anne Atherton, wyffe of James Dawbie,was buried, &c., not suffered to be buried atye Churche because shee dyed a Catholicke.
69. 19 Febr.,1624. John Laiton, P., dyed ye 18th day of ffebruarie about 8 o'clock at night, and was buried ye 19 day of ffebruarie about 9 of the Clocke at night, Priest. Hee was Brother to Father Port. (This remark has been added by the Cavalier.)
70. i9 Mar.,1624. Robte Blundell, borne at ye Carre-syde, and of a long time blind, dyed in Liverpoole, and being denied buriall there, &c.
71. 1 July,1624. Margaret Valentyne, daughter of Richard Valentyne als Phillipot of Bickerstaffe, was,according to her desyre, buried, &c.
72. 15 Octob.,1624. Thomas Arnolde, borne in litle Crosbie,pyper, was buried, &c, denyed at ye Churche,&c.
73. 2 feb.,1625. Ales Newhouse, late wyffe of James Tarleton of Holmore greene, was buried, &c., stilonovo, denyed, &c.-
74. 10 May,1625. Elizabeth, widowe of James Rise of the morehowses, was buried, &c., first was refused,&c.
75. 22 May,1625. Elizabeth, widowe of John Lurting of mucheCrosbie, was buried, &c., denyed, &c., at ye Churche.
76. 26 Nove.,1625. James Arnold, an Inocent sonne of W. Arnold of little Crosbie, was buried, &c.. denyed, &c
77. 14 Marc.,1624. Anne, the wyffe of John Nicholassone of muche Crosbie, was buried, &c., stilo novo,but first denyed, &c.
78. 9 Apr 1626. Ellen, daughter of John Rise of litle Crosbie,and wyffe to Richarde Shepparde of muche Crosbie, was buried, &c., first being refused,&c.
79. 17 May,1626. Elizabethe, wydowe of Edward Suthworthe,was buried, &c., but for dying a Catholicke shee was denyed buriall at the Churche bythe Parson there, as all others were.
80. 27 May,1626. William Raban, P., dyed the 26 day ofMay, and was buried ye 27 daye of May at night.
81. 19 Octob.,1626. Marie Newhouse ye widowe of Will- Roger-son, was buried, &c., denyed first.
82.83. In this space was buried twoe children of Richard Blundell of the Carr syde.
84. 6 May,1627. Elizabeth, late wydowe of Richarde Ballarde of Ince, dying a Catholicke Recusant,and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
85. 29 June,1627. Bridget, the late wiffe of Thomas Griffithof muche Crosbie, deceased, dyed a Catholicke Recusant, and therefore denyed, &c.,was buried, &c.
86. 29 Decern.1627. John Nicholasson of muche Crosbie, coming from muche Crosbie towne towards his owne hoesse the 27 day of December in the nighte,and being somewhat overseene wth drinke (as it was thought) was drowned in a pitte, but because he lived a Catholicke, the Parson of Sephton would not suffer him, &c., but hee was buried, &c.
87. 8 Janu.,1628. Oswalde Hogg, dying a Catholicke Recusant, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried,&c., stilo novo Romano.
88. 9 Janu.,1628. John Burghe dyed a Catholicke, and was therefore denyed, &c., and was buried, &c.,stilo novo.
89. 18 Januar.1628. Thomas Newhouse of Thornton dyed a Catholicke, and therefore was denyed, &c.,and was buried, &c., stilo Romano.
90. 3 Mare1628. James Dawbie of ye Morehowses dying a Catholicke, and therefore denyed, &c., was buried, &c., stilo Romano.
91. 28 Maii,1628. John Reignolde of the Northend, dying a Catholicke Recusant, and therefore, &c., was buried, &c.
92. 7 July,1628. Peter Stocke of little Crosby, yeoman,dying a Catholique Recusant, and therefore,&c., was buried, &c.
93. 18 August,1628. Margarett, the widowe of Oswalde Hogge,died a Catholicke, and was therefore, &c., and was buried, &c.
94. 4 Octo.,1628. Jane Mellinge, widowe, dyed the 4th daie of Octob., and was buried the 5th daie of October about 9 of ye clocke at night, 1628.
95. 17 Octo.,1628. Ann, the wyffe of Wm Worrall of Litherland, being denyed, &c., was buried, &c.
96. 3 Dec. Cecilie, the wyffe of Peter Rydinge of the morehowses, dyed a Catholique, and therefore, &c., was buried, &c.
97. Agnes, the wyffe of Robte Rydinge of Sephton towne, dying a Catholique, was denyed, &c., and was buried in the buriall placein the Harkircke the three and twentieth of Januarie, 1629, after the Romane Accompt-
98. Catherine Rydinge, the daughter of Peter Rydinge of the Morehowses, dying a Catholique, was denyed, &c., and was buried in the buriall place in the Harkircke the seconde daie of ffeb., 1629.-
99. Jane Cropp, servant to Wm Abram ofThornton, dying a Catholique, &c., and was buried the 8th daie of ffeb., 1629.
100. Elizabeth, daughter to Master Richard Holland of Sutton, and wyffe of Robte Bootle of Hoolínore in Thornton, being denyed, &c:, was buried, &c., the 17th daie of ffebruarie, about three of the clocke in the morninge, in the year 1629, after the Roman Accompt.
101. Wm Tarleton of Orrell, husbandman, dying a Catholique recusant, was buried, &c., the 7th daie of March, at night, stilo romano.
102. George Rydinge, the sonne of Peter Rydinge of the Morehowses, dying a Catholique,and therefore, &c., was buried in the Harkircke the -9th daie of March, 1629. Stylo Romano.
103. Margerie, the widowe of John Marrowe oflitle Crosbie, dyed a Catholique, &c., and was buried in the Harkircke the 16th daie ofMarch, 1629. Stylo Romano.
104. Ellen, the widowe of Raphe Willmson of Ince Blundell, dyed a Catholique, &c., and was buried in the Harkircke the 5th daie of Maie, 1629. Stylo Romano.
105. John Mellings, P., was buried in the Harkirke the 26th of Aprill in the evening, 1633.(There is added by the Cavalier's hand, " He was comonly called Maxfield.")
106. Richard Home, P., was buried in the Harkircke the 19th day of Sept., about 10 of the Clocke at night. Anno Dom. 1634. (Added by the Cavalier, "He was called Smith.")
107. Richard Robteson, P., dyed the 29th of October, and was buried in the Harkircke the night following about 2 of the Clocke after midnight. Anno D'ni 1634
108. Raph Melling, Priest, was buried in ye Harkirk Maye ye 2d, 166o. He dyed about midnight betwixt the last of April and ye first of Maye.
109. Thomas Fazakerley, Priest, son of Mr. Rob Fazakerley of Spellow House, dyed at Croxteth, March 22d, 1664-5, and was buried in ye Harkirk, March 24.-
110. Alexander Barker, Priest, dyed Octob. 11 in Little Crosby, and was buried in ye Harkirk Octob. 12th, 1665. He went by ye name of Parre.
111. John Beesley, Priest, dyed March 30, 1674,and was buried in ye Harkirk on ye 31of March, 1674. He was commonly called Mollins.
112. John Birtwistle, Priest, dyed January ye 26,1680, at Croxteth, and was buried in ye Harkirk, January the 27 early in yo morning.
113. Mr. Thomas Martin, born at Goran near Kilkenny in Ireland, died at Croxteth (having been Chaplain to ye Lord Molyneux), and was buryed at the Harkirk on ye 11th of June,1691.
114. Mr. Tho. Eccleston, borne in Great Singleton, in ye Field in Lancashire, was a Clergie Priest; spent more yn 40 years in assisting poore Christiäs in ye parishes of Halsall and Aughton, and was buried in ye Harkirk, Ano1700.-
115. Mr. Richard Barton
116. Tho. Blundell, y 3d son of William Blundell,Esq., deceased, dyed at Litham, Mr. Clifton's house, on Wednesday ye 27 May, 1702. His body was carried to Crosby, and buried in ye Harkirk on ye 29. He was a learned man,aged 55. Religious and of good life. He entered ye Society of Jesus anno 1666. This is written by ye hand of W, B. his brothr.
117. Mr. Edw. Moleneux, bourn at Alt-Grang,was unfortunately killed by a faule off his horse, Aprill ye 28th, 1704, being in ye 65ch year of his age; he was a Clergy Priest of Doua, and had for 38 years been a painfull Missioner in Formby, Crosby, and many otherplaces, having under his charg at his death more than eight hundred penitents, besids Children, that depended upon him. He was buryed ye 29th of Apr. A.D. 1704, in ye Harkirk about tenn of ye Clock at Night.
118 Mr. Rich. Foster was born in Sutton; came from Prage to be a Missioner in these Parts,chiefly at Formby ; he lived at ye Newhouse in ye Car houses in Ince, and dyed ye 9th of May, An 1707, and was buried ye day following in ye Harkirk next to Mr. Ed. M.
119. Mrs. Frances Blundell, doughter to Nicholas Bl. and Great Aunt to me Nicho. Blundell,dyed in ye 81 year of her age, Dec. ye 2d,1711, and was Buried ye day following in ye Harkirk ; she was never married; she dyed at Ormskirk ; she had lived at Crosby ye Greatest part of her Life.
120 Mr. Henry Tasburgh, a Priest, of ye Society of Jesus, dyed at ye New Hous, January ye 27th, 1717-8, and was buried ye day Followingnext to Mr. Foster in ye Harkirk.
121. Mr. George Lovell, a Priest, of ye Societyof Jesus, a virtuous good Man and a verygreat Mathematission, was a Missiör in Lancashire, and lived most of his Time with Bartholemew Walmesley of Dungen Hall, Esq.,both at Dungen Hall, and attended him in his Travells, but being become a perfect Child,and having entirely lost his Memory, he was kept for some time at ye New Hous in the Carhouses in Ince, where he dyed Decem. ye12, 1720, and was Buryed upon ye 14 in the Harkirk next to Mr. Tasbur. on this nearerside of him.-
122. Mr. Robert Aldred was born at London;he was a Priest of the Society of Jesus; hecame to live with me August ye 6th, A.D. 1707,and continued with me for som years, then lived as my Priest at Edward Howerds in Little Crosby till the West lain Hous wa sbuilt for him, where he dyed Febr. ye 23 a,A.D. 1727-8, and was buried in the Harkirk on ye 25; he was a Laborious good Missionor,a Fasatious plesant man, and very well beloved by Protestants as well as Catholicks ;he lyes next to Mr. Lovell on this nearer side of him.-
123. Mr. William Pinington, a Priest, of the Society of Jesus, was Buried in the Harkirk next to Mr. Aldred on this Nearer Side ofhim; he was Born at Salford by Manchester within a year or two after the Restoration; he was a Vertuous Humble man, and whilst his health Permitted a zealous Missioner ; he lived seven years with Marchall Tallard when Prisoner at Nothingham (he being a French Generall) ; he Laboured under Great Distempers wth exemplary Patience after a long illness, being a sort of a Coajutor to Mr.Carpenter of Liverpool; he dyed there the 8th of June, 1736.
124. Mary Harrison dyed Octo. 24, 1736, and wasburi'd in the Harkirk next to Mrs. FrancesBlundell on ye further side ye 26. She wasborn in Cleton near Preston; was never mari'd;liv'd housekeeper to Mr. Clifton at Westlanehouse in Little Crosby (where she dy'd) nea rsix years. Her death was much lamented by all the neighbours and the whole Congregation.
125. Grace Tootell, wife to Hugh Tootell of Brindle, came to the Hall of Crosby to se herson Hugh, who was Butler there, and sick.She fell Ill and Dyed; was Buryed in theHarkirk next to Mrs. Frances Blundell, Aprillthe 6th, 1737, on this Nearer side of her.
125. Mr. Frans Williams, a priest of the S.J.,died at Ince Blundell the of 173,and was burd the of 173 , in the Harkirk the next to Mr. Pinington on this side.
126. (Servt to Mr. Molin- who is Priestat Moorhall) dyed at Great Crosby, and buriedin the Harkirk the next to Mrs. Fras Blundell on the further side.
127. Jane Rostron, servant to Mr. Clifton at theWestlane house; she dyed at sd house the 21of Aug., 174o, and was buryd next to the forgoing.-
128. Jane Formby, servt to Mr. Clifton of Newho., dyed the 1745, and buryd in theHarkk next to
129. Mr. William Clifton, P. of the S.J., dyed the 18 of August, 1749, abt 5 in ye morningat Newhouse in Ince Blundell ; was bury'd inthe Harkk the 19th between 8 and 9 in the morning; he lys on the further side of Mr.Aldred, I think, in same grave were Mr. Lovell was buryed.
130. Mr. James Clifton, Pr. of the S.J., who liv'd abt 20 years at Westlane hö in Little Crosby,and nephew to the forgoing, dyed at sd house abt 3 o'clock on Thurday morn. 27th Septr,1750, and was buryed the next day in Harkk next to his sd Uncle on the further side. He was a very laborious good Missioner, and much regretted by the neighbrs, to whom he was very usefull in regard to their Souls and bodily infirmities.
131. Mr. Peter Williams, P. of S.J., dyed the 26 Novem.,.-1753, at Ince Blundell, and was buryed in the Harkirk the 27 Novemr in the Evening on the nearer side of Mr. Frans Williams.

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