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Extract from a Deed of Bond and Mortgage from the Rev. John Nelson to the Lord Bishop, Archdeacon, and two Vicars General.

" Whereas the Miss Stevensons, of Ashley Park, in the county of Surry, did leave and bequeath unto the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, the Archdeacon, and the two Vicars General of the said Diocese, the sum of five hundred pounds stock vested in the Old South Sea Annuities for certain charitable purposes, viz.

That the interest of the said sum should annually be distributed among the poor widows of Clergymen in the said Diocese, at the discretion of the said Trustees: And whereas-the sum of fifty pounds sterling was afterwards added tat the said sum of five hundred pounds pounds being savings out f the profits of an edition of Bishop Wilson's works: and whereas the Right Rev George, by Divine permission now Lord Bishop of Sodor and Mann, the Rev. Daniel Mylrea, Archdeacon, the Rev. Thomas Cubbon, and the Rev. Thomas Stephen, Vicars Genl., deeming it wise and expedient to have the said bequests vested in land securities by purchase or mortgage in the Isle of Man, did by power of attorney, by them duly executed, authorise and appoint Mr. Joseph Christian, of the Strand, to sell out the said South Sea Stock, and remit the produce of it to the Rev. John Nelson, their agent and secretary in the said trust, which stock was accordingly sold, and the produce of it, amounting to three hundred and twelve pounds, and thirteen shillings Brit, remitted to the said John Nelson, on the 6th day of May, last" (1818.)

This bond and mortgage is grated by the said Rev. John Nelson, on certain lands, part of the estate of Ballakilley, in the Parish of Maughold, containing forty-five acres, for securing the said sum of three hundred and twelve pounds, thirteen shillings Brit. with interest thereout, at the rate of six per cent. per an. dated 21 Decr. 1818, and recorded in the Rolls' Office,

To this sum is to be added the amount of a Decree obtained in the Court of Chancery against John Lucas, Esq., surviving exor. of the Will of the Rev, Evan Christian, dated 7 Feby. 1824, for eleven pounds, ten shillings, and three pence, being a part of the dividend of the said stock remitted to the said Evan Christian, a short time before his death, with interest from the 19 of June, 1808, until paid.

Appropriation of interest, see page 49.



£500 Stock in South Sea Annuities.



Bishop Archdeacon and Vicars Genl., Trustees.

£20 added, profits of an edition of Bp. Wilson's Works.



Stock sold, produce £312 13.0d.


Mortage for the said £312 13s 0d.



£11 10 3d. with interest to be added when recovered




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