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" In the year 1730, the Rev. Dr. Wilson proposed to his father, the Bishop, to establish a fund for the support of Clergymen's Widows and Children in the Isle of Man, which was the more necessary, as, from the smallness of the Livings, few were able to make a living for their families. To this the Bishop readily agreed, and by the assistance of Mrs. Crow, Mrs. Leving, the late Bishop's Widow, Lady Elizabeth Hastings, and others, a sum of money was raised and placed in the English Funds, the interest of which, amounting to £12 a year, was appropriated to that purpose. Some years after, the benevolent proposer of this institution, assisted by some of his friends, considerably enlarged it, by purchasing of the late Duke of Atholl, the thirds of the living of Kk. Michael, which he made over to Trustees for the use of that charity for ever."

A statement of the Fund in the year 1780 is to be found in Bishop Wilson's Works, page 80.

By Indenture of Sale, dated the 4th April, 1774, and made between John, Duke of Atholl, of the one part, and the Rev. Thomas Wilson, D. D., Prebendary Michael, recorded in the of Westminster, of the other part, the said Duke of Atholl, for the consideration of nine hundred pounds Manks, and in consideration of the said Thomas Wilson taking upon himself the payment of 20s. a year proxy money, and the future repairs of the Chancel of Kk Michael, the said Duke of Atholl granted and sold unto him, the said Thomas Wilson, the Impropriations and Tithes within the said Parish of Michael.

By Deed or Instrument, dated the 6th June, 1774 the said Dr. Thomas Wilson made over to the Revd. the Archdeacon, the two Vicars General, and the Revd the Rectors of Bride and Ballaugh for the time being; in the the aforesaid Tithes, for the use of the Widows, Orphans, and Children of the Clergy of the Diocese of Mann, under the orders and regulations therein mentioned, that is to say, that the said Trustees do annually Trust. meet at the Court House, in Kirk Michael, and appoint some fit person to let the said Tithes and collect the profits thereof, making such person such reasonable allowance for his trouble as they in their consciences may think proper. That the sum of 20s. be allowed for the entertainment of the Trustees so meeting annually.

That the Chancel of Kk Michael be kept in repair, and also "my much honoured father's monument in the church yard of the said Parish."

That there be always in bank ten pounds to defend the rights of the Trust.

That the Widow of every Clergyman being in Priests Orders, and a native of the Isle of Man, and employed in the service of the Church there, shall yearly receive ten pounds Manks during her widowhood and residence in the Island, commencing from Easter next after the death of her husband, provided three-fourths of the said Tithes amount to so much, otherwise to receive in equal shares three-fourths of the said profits: and if the number of the said Widows should be so far reduced as that three-fourths of the said profits should amount to more than £10 Mx. to each Widow, then the overplays is to be added to the remaining fourth part, and the same with the overplus shall be annually disposed of in sending the Children and Orphans of the Clergy to School, or putting them to some honest trade, or by relieving the pressing necessities of the said Widows.

That the Widows enticed to the said Charity shall demean themselves as the Widows of the Ministers of Christ, be of sober conversation, and not noted for pride or extravagance.

That an annual account of the Receipts and Disbursements be laid before the Convocation of the Clergy, out of whom a Committee be appointed to audit and sign the accounts, a copy whereof to be transmitted to the Grantor during his life, and afterwards as he should by his Will direct.

Ten shillings a year to be allowed to a Clerk, to insert the said accounts in a book to be provided for that purpose.

That the Trustees be at liberty to make such ByeLaws for the better management of this fund as they at their annual meeting shall find necessary, provided the same be not contradictory to any of the rules and orders herein contained, " or such as hereafter may be appointed by me, the said Revd. Dr. Thomas Wilson."

Additional Rules and Orders to be observed by the said Trustees of the Fund established for the benefit of the Clergymen's Widows and Children in the Isle of Man.

" That the present Bishop of Sodor and Mann be requested to accept of being head of the Trust, by what description or title his Lordship shall think most honourable to his own dignity and the good of the Trust.

" That the Revd. Evan Christian, Vicar of Kk Patrick, be appointed Trustee or Secretary during life.

" That there shall be a Commemoration Sermon preached annually at Kk Michael Church,the Sunday after the distribution of the said Charity, and that by rotation, as the Lord Bishop shall direct; and that one guinea shall be paid to the Preacher; and that at the same time shall be publicly read the Orders and Regulations of the said Charity and the Distribution of it.

" That the Widow or Widows of Clergymen for the future, who have for their respective lives ten pounds Brit. per an. shall not be entitled to any share arising from this fund, unless they should be afflicted with any long and painful illness, and then at the discretion of the major part of the Trustees at their annual meeting, and that each Widow shall if required make oath of the premises before she receive her respective dividend, as distressed Widows only are meant to be relieved by this Charity.

" That an attested copy be fairly written on parchment, of the Duke of Atholl's Conveyance of a third of the Tithes of Kk Michael to Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Wilson's Assignment of it, and the Orders and Directions how it shall be disposed of,-That the said parchment be framed and hung up in the Chancel of Kk Michael, as the Bishop shall direct.

" lastly, That whatever money shall be sent to the Trustees of this Charity shall be laid out on land security in the Isle of Man, and the annual interest be appropriated for the further support and education of the Children of the Clergy of the Isle of Man, as the major part of the Trustres shall direct, over and above what is before directed in the Deed of Trust.

" Given under my hand and seal, this 10th day of October, 1780,

Alfred House,
Bath, Somersetshire.


" Witnesses,

Extract from the Life of Bishop Wilson.









Sale from John Duke of Atholl to Dr. Wilson of the Impropriate Tithes of Kk Michael, recored in the Seneschal's Office




Conveyance in Trust of' the Tithe to Archdeacon Vicars Genl. and Rectors Of Bride and Ballaugh,1774, also recordedin the Seneschal's Office.


Regulations to govern the Trust

To this Fund is to be added the principal money of £49 0. 0. Mx., being a surplusage of the yeady interest arising out of the original fund appropriated for these purposes, in the hands of Bishop Wilson, and which appears to have been laid out in Mortgage on the lauds of Cronk e Chree, in the Parish of Andreas, by Deed from Will. Radcliffe to the Revd. William M,lrea, Archdeacon, the Revd. James Wilks and John Moore, Vicars General, the Revd. Philip Moore, Rector of Kk Bride, aI'd the said Revd. James Wilks, Rector of Ballaugh, bearing date the .24 Marcb, 1775, beans interest at the rate of six per cent. per an.

And to this fund is also to be added the amount of a decree of the Court of Chancery in the matter of the Archdeacon and others against John Clucas, Esqr., surviving executor of the Will of the said Evan Christian, dated the 6 June, 1823, for the principal money of £30. 0. 0. Manks, and £20. 0. 0. Brit. making together £53. 6. 8. Manks, with interest from the 19 June, 1808, until paid:-

The said £30 being part of the said savings made by Bishop Wilson, and which had been in the hands of John Quirk, of Andreas, and the said £20 being part of the profits of Bishop Wilson's works, remitted to the said Evan Christian.

Money to be added to this fund if recovered.






Further sum to be added to the fund when recovered

A Copy of the last account of this Fund, audited and balanced before William Roper, Esq. and the Rev. Thomas Cubbon, Vicars General, in May, 1826.- James McCrone, Esq. Agent.





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