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Extract from the Will of Mrs. Elizabeth Heywood, A. D. 1752.

" I leave the sum of ten pounds British, whereof the Vicar and Wardens for the time being are to be trustees, and who are to lay the same out at interest for the perpetual use of the poor. And my will is that common beggars are to be excluded from any benefit of this my bequest, and that poor old and infirm people are to have the sole benefit thereof."

£10 0 0


Margaret Kewley

0 l0 0

Bishop Wilson's Donation

10 0 0

Poor's Box .

0 3 4


Bishop Wilson's Legacy .Mx.

4 0 0


The Rev. Edward Moore and Mary his Wife

12 0 0


Thomas Cain . . Mx.

4 0 0


Mary Gelling .

1 1 0

By a Person unknown

1 0 0


Thomas Cannell

0 10 0

Poor's Box

1 6 0

Mrs. Gelling

1 1 0

Poor's Box

0 15 6

Hugh Cannell

1 0 0

Alice Cain

1 0 0


John Cannell, to be paid on the death of his Wife

7 0 0


John Cain

20 0 0


William Quayle

3 0 0


Poor's Box

0 13 4


John Cannell

10 0 0


Ann Cannell, Ballacarnane .Mx.

6 0 0

The foregoing bequests and donations, with other donations or accumulation of interest, which cannot now be accounted for, amounting in the whole to £95. 1s. 1d. Brit. are placed at interest, as follows:

Promissory Note from Thomas Cannell, dated 7 January, 1797: interest 5 per sent. per an.

1 10 10

Bond and Mortgage from William Corlett, on his lands in Orrisdale, dated 16 September7 1826: interest 6 per gent.

24 0 0

Promissory Note from John Cain, Sen. and John Cain, Jun., dated 12 March, 1827: interests per cent

5 0 0

Promissory Note from Ann Cannell and William Woods, dated 29 June 1819: interest 6 per cent

43 14 3

Promissory Note from John Kelly and William Cain, Bark, dated 19 July, 1827: interest 6 per cent

7 0 0

Promissory Note from Phinloe Corlett and Patrick Cannell, dated a8 July, 1827: interest 6 per cent

9 0 0

In the hands of the Vicar and Wardens

5 0 0


£95 5 1

Yearly Income arising to the Poor

£5 12 11½


Valuation thereof in the year 1821.

Tithes, one third

£73 4 6

Small ditto

9 10 lli

* Glebe

18 0 0

100 15 51

- Deduct Lord's rent of Glebe.... 0 6 0

£100 9 5i

The Rev. Joseph Brow, Episcopal Regr., Vicar.


He receives from the Impropriate Fund

£5 10 0

And from Lady Elizbeth Hastings' Charity

2 13 7


£8 3 7

Scholars about 35. '

Bishop Hildesley, in the year 1764, purchased a plot of ground in the village, on which he built a Dwelling-house for the schoolmaster, and a School-house for the mistress, and gave the sum of 1:30, the interest of which he directed should be applied in repairing the Schoolhouse.

This sum of 1:30 is now in the hands of John Crow and John Corkan, who have passed their promissory note to the Vicar and Wardens for the same, dated 5 July, 1826, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent.

The School-house is repaired by Parochial cess, and the interest of the said £30 is brought into the general assessment account.

School-mistress, CHRISTIAN CANNELL. 24 Scholars.

* Bishop Wilson, at the desire and expense of his son, Dr. Thomas Wilson, purchased this Glebe from Captain Thomas Heywood; and by deed, dated 4 Oct. 1743, granted the same to the Rev. Edward Moore, Vicar of the Parish, and his successors for ever, " who are to read prayers and to catechize the youth of the Parish every Lord's-day, according to the directions of the Canon and Rubrick always provided and upon condition that the Rev. Edward Moore, the present Vicar, or that the succeeding Vicar or Vicars, shall, within three years after the date hereof, erect and build a Vicarage blouse upon some convenient part of the said Glebe, the said house to be at least as large as the new Vicarage House lately erected by the Rev. Mr. Cosnahan upon the new Glebe of Kk Braddan, and to be built upon the terms mentioned in the act made for the encouragement of building Vicarage Houses; and this under penalty of six pounds yearly to the poor of Ballaugh and Jurby tin so builded." " And for the certain payment of the said annual Lord's rent, the fine, and other dues payable to the Lord of the Isle ant of the premises, it is provided that the Vicar of the said Parish of Kk Michael for the time being shall be the nominal tenant for the lands before mentioned, who is also to be entered into the Court Rolls, and to be responsible to pay the yearly rents, with all other boons' suits, and services to the Lord."


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