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Extract from the Will of Nicholas Thompson, A. D. 1720.

"To the poor of Ballaugh Parish six pounds, to be laid out for their use by the Rector and Wardens for the time being, and the yearly interest of the same to be kept and reserved by them until such time as an accident by fire, or a poor man lose a cow, or some such calamity happen in the Parish, then the said interest to be applied by them to the use of such sufferers."

£6 0 0

From the Will of Mr. Thomas Corlett, A. D. 1729.

I leave the sum of five pounds, to be added to the six pounds the late Mr. Nicholas Thompson left to the poor of Ballaugh, to be laid out to interest by the Rector and Wardens for the time being, and the interest to be disposed of for the same uses and in the same manner as the said Mr. Thompson's legacy was settled."

5 0 0

From the Will of Mary Corlett, A. D. 1737.

To the poor of Lezayre and this Parish I leave and bequeath the sum of ten pounds, equally to be enjoyed after the death of my husband, which said sum, being my part of a mortgage in Close-e-Volley, is by the respective Ministers and Wardens of each Parish to be laid out, and the interest applied to the benefit of the poor for ever. "

5 0 0


Bishop Wilson's bequest to the Poor

4 0 0

Mrs. Catherine Corlett's bequest

1 0 0

Extract from the Will of Thomas Corlett, Mariner, who died in Jamaica, 1757.

" I give to the Churchwardens of the Parish of Ballaugh, in the Isle of Man, in His Britanick Majesty's dominions, and their successor", the sum of three, hundred pounds sterling, to be by them put out at interest, and the money arising therefrom to be annually distributed among the poor of the said Parish of Ballaugh for ever, as the said Churchwardens or their successors shall think proper."

350 0 0

Mrs. Catherine Corlett, alias Parr, her bequest to the Poor

1 0 0

John Killip's bequest

2 0 0

Deposited by John Kewley, of Granada, in the hands of his father, for the use of Margaret Cain, and, after her death, for the Poor

6 0 0

Thomas Corlett's bequest

1 0 0

Extract from the Will of John Corlett, A. D. 1775.

" I leave and bequeath to the poor of the Parish of Lezayre my part of a small Intack in said Parish, called the Cabbagh, with the sum of three pounds as legacy."

" I leave an the rest of my estate, of what nature soever, to the poor of the Parish of Ballaugh."

22 9 4


John Clark's bequest

0 10 0


Nicholas Mylrea's bequest

1 4 6

A Parishioner

0 5 6

Mrs. Catherine Crain's bequest

10 0 0


£415 9 4

The Rector and Wardens of Ballaugh purchased a parcel of land in the Parish of Lazayre, called Close Kabbagh, from Wm. and Thos. Kewin, for the consideration money of £140 Mx, part of the before mentioned legacies, as appears by deed dated 18 Nov., 1782: and the Wardens purchased another parcel of land situated in the said Parish, from John Corlett, (Rory) for the consideration money of £264.10s. 0d. Manks, as appears by Deed dated 3 January, 1787.

The said lands are now let for the annual rent of £23 12 0

Extract from the Will of William Teare, 1799.

" I leave my Curragh, in the Parish of Ballaugh, towards the use and profit of the poor of the South part of Ballaugh as legacy for ever,

Annual rent

0 6 0

Annual Income arising for the poor Brit.

£23 18 0

The Rev. Hugh Stowell, Rector, has two thirds of the Tithes, and the Lord Bishop the other third of the Tithes, of this Parish.


Extract from the Will of the Rev. Dr. Wm. Walker, Rector, A. D. 1729.

"I bequeath, towards erecting a School-house, on the piece of ground lately purchased, and given by me to the Parish of Ballaugh, the sum of four pounds."

From the Will of John Caine, A. D. 1817.

" I leave and bequeath thirty pounds British, in trust to the Minister and Church Wardens for the time being, to be by them laid out upon interest, and the interest, profits, and issues thereof, to be by them laid out and expended in educating the poorest children in the Parish of Ballaugh." This sum of thirty pounds is secured on certain lands, part of the Dollagh Mooar, in the said Parish, as appears by bond and mortgage from William Corlett, to the Rector and Wardens, dated 22d January, 1823. Interest 6 per cent.

The Parochial Schoolmaster receives from the lmpropriate Fund

£5 10 0

Royal Bounty

2 11 0

£8 1 0

And the profits of the Glebe, about four acres, given by Dr. Walker, for the use of the Schoolmaster, by Deed dated 29 April, 1721. From 60 to 70 scholars generally attend this School.


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