The Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society enters upon the fiftieth year of its activities heralded by a visit from the Cambrian Archaeological Association, with which a joint meeting was held from the 3rd to the 6th September last. Once before, in 1865, the Association had visited the Island. Their inspection of certain monuments and remains aroused our people to an interest in and appreciation of local antiquities. The Report of their proceedings as republished in Vol. XV of the Manx Society kept alive that interest and stimulated further local effort and closer study, as well as the desire to preserve what still remained ; and, as that Report was a source of information and an incentive to many of us in the past, so we feel that many of our members to-day will like to have in handy form this summary Report of the meeting of 1929. In it they may refresh their memories of what was seen and said of the antiquities now visited, while those who were unable to be present may be glad to have such a record, suggesting as it does further lines of inquiry and more intense study.

We confidently commend the following pages to the consideration of our members and urge them to help in the further study of our Manx Antiquities.




November, 1929.


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