[from Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley]


To the SAME.

Whitehaven, Octl. 28, 1767.

I have now been a whole fortnight here, waiting for a favorable wind to waft me over to the Manks shore ; nothing of which has offered, or ait present is likely to offer. The packet set off 8 or 10 days since, got into Harrington, and there lies. No vessels, amongst many ready to sail, have ventured out of harbour ; but all live in. hope of a change for the better. My chief employ here, is to receive visitors, for I have been very little out ; and to answer letters of congratulation, directed to the Isle, which I intercept.

I find you, amongst others, have found out application for the additional emolument with which the newspapers have honoured me. Computations of all preferment are always exaggerated in publick estimation. If it please God to spare my life a couple of years, I may possibly have something to do good with. But (as in my episcopate) the income has been often considered and estimated, while little or no computation is made of the out-going. Sherburn will let mean a higher sphere than I should choose to appear in, in that wealthy county ; and although ‘twill not be required that I should be long or often there, yet it will be a new life, and productive of new measures.

My greatest pleasure from this acquisition, I assure you, arises from the evidence I have, of the satisfaction which all my friends shew upon the occasion. What says my friend Mrs. Moore ? I hope She is pleased ; for I know the is my well-wisher, and my well-doer. I with I: could have her sentirnents viva voce.

Poor Hetty's patience is I fear, almost exhausted. I am hourly anxious to have you by the hand : till which time, I am content to subscribe, yours




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