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Monday, Feb. 13, 1764, 12 o’Clock.

Dear Sir,

The vicar of German being just got hither, so far on his way home from Lezayre, although he seems to be in great haste, I will attempt to say something by him, in answer to yours ; having no likelihood of conveyance to you, before Saturday, any other way. ‘

You do me but justice, in supposing my concern for your indisposition. Allow me, however, not to despair of your and the weather’s amendment being such, as to admit of your coming over to us.

These dreadful storms, so quick upon each other, give us but too much cause for fears. Oh, the Manks treasures to be lost ! Deus prohibeat ! But if they be, ‘twill be but what we have in some measure deserved, by our indifference about them.

I was yesterday to perform at Ballaugh, to prevent Sunday-travelling by a Judge of the court ; and if I had not, he could not have gone yesterday. It is well I was boxed up in my return ; for so high a storrn of wind with rain I never saw.

I thank you for reminding me to submit to foul weather : That I have, I suppose, for calling it "Manks weather."*

Your query, about an expected call to baptize, requires some from me, before I can answer it. How come Popish parents to desre baptism from a Heretick, in their supposition ? and, why a private baptism, if the child be in health ? Should they bring it to chapel, with sponsors, you will there ask the usual question ; and should answers be doubtful, you know the form is appointed to be hypothetical ; viz. " If thou hast not been already, &c."

As the German bearer’s wings are on the flutter, so, you will say, has been my pen. I wish you can make out half the contents.

Your Friend,


* see Page 469


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