[from Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley]



Dear Sir, Jan. 31 , 1764. I am obliged to Mr. Black for his readiness to admit me into partnership, with respect to news-trade. I have only to say, that I am content, and heartily approve of the town proprietors’ having the first perusal. But, if the papers are lent about to sundry other hands, when is poor Sodor to be supplied ? He is very willing, however, to take his chance for that, and to admit of your taking the charge of transmitting them. The incessant trouble, indeed, that you will have in it, is my chief obstacle ; which is answered, by your having had as much heretofore.

What you are pleased to call " small matters," perhaps are great ones in my estimation. Remember (at least I do) that I am an alien in a strange land ; and, confequently, every favour or civility shewn me, I see with the magnifying end of the perspective. I am not of that sort., who think they have a right to every thing that is done for them.

Is not this quite Manks- weather ? the glass below much rain, from fair, in less than twenty-.four hours ! An arch friend of mine, in England, used to say of such, that " it was better than no weather ;" and so let us be thankful, says




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