[from Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley]


From the Rev. PHILIP MOORE.

My Lord, Douglas, Jan. 21, 1764.

When I can hear, at any hand, that your lordship is well, I am not so solicitous about hearing immediately from yourself; as well knowing you have other matters, of much greater consequence, to engage your time and attention.

That your politeness, pardon me, may possibly be extended too far in followng the instruction of one of the best-bred men that ever was, by your condescention to men of low estate.

I heard of your lordship’s achievements at Jurby before, from some that attended there who were no less alarmed than agreeably surprized at your performance. I shall not wonder if the next news I hear will be, that you have read a chapter from the Gospels, or Acts, to some neighbouring congregation, in T’chengey ny Marey ; from which the transition will not be very arduous, if you should pronounce a short discourse of your own, translated by your secretary into Manks. I judge, from the progress your lordship has already made, what you are further capable of doing ; the ardour of your mind having done more than half the work, and more, a great deal, than ever was expected* .

I thank your lordship for the Manks Testament, and shall do my endeavour to answer your expectation ; though, from what I can yet discover, there will not be occasion for many emendations : but I may be mistaken, as I do not pretend to a profundity of skill in our language, being only a plain Manks-man. My brethren, some of them, could persuade me to think otherwise,—at non sum credulus illis: . They know not my imperfections half so well as I do myself. I feel them ; they don’t.

I am glad, and so is more than me, that your lordship did not adventure to Lezayre, : as was intended ; and whatver dissuaded you from that expedition have our particular thanks. It was that very count, to save you, more than anything else, that I was so anxious and uneasy about Mr. Corlett’s return from England. Glad he is come, to relieve guard, and thus make the service easier in the northern quarters.

I am, my lord, your lordship’s dutiful servant,


* See " Memoir of the Church of Mann." App. p. 199.



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