[from Memoirs of Bishop Hildesley]

IX: Short Account of Rev Philip Moore



Hatton-Garden, Dec. 17, 1772. P~My dear Sir,

Your account of the death of our late excellent friend found me at a time, when my spirits were but low, and unequal to the weight of a fresh pressure. Great is your loss, and mine ; but that of the publick still greater, before whom his light shined to the glory of God, and the edification of all who beheld it. The Society received the melancholy news with great concern, and charged me with their sincere condolences to yourself, and the rest of the clergy of Mann, on this mournful event. The things you have suggested to them, and for which they thank you, respecting the impression, they have agreed to take into consideration at the first General Meeting after the holidays. Great is their confidence, great are their expectations from you and Mr. Sewell, that through your joint counsels and endeavours, with the Divine Blessing accompanying them, the great and good work, which the late pious bishop of Mann began, will by you be perfected.

I am,

Dear Sir,

Your very affectionate, faithful, and devoted humble servant,



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