[From Brown's Directory, 1894]


Bell Esther, Ballagale
Bell Richard, joiner, Ballafesson
Bridson Henry, farmer, Kentraugh
Bridson Robert, farmer, Kentraugh

Carine John, fisherman, Ballaquaney
Carroll Miss Jane, Shore Hotel
Cary George Drinkwater Clucas, Calf Island
Clague Charles, farmer, Surby Moar
Clague James, farmer, Rowiny
Clague John, farmer, $card
Clague Thomas, fisherman, Ballaquaney
Collister Edward, farmer, Coryalley
Collister Henry, mason, Mount Pleasant
Collister Thomas, Lunacy Rate and School Rate Collector, Secretary to the Rushen Water Works, Mount Pleasant
Coole James, farmer, Bradda
Coole James, jun. tenant farmer Bradda
Coote Frederick, farmer, Badda'
Corkill Thomas, fisherman, Bradda
Corkish John,farmer, Surbymear
Corrin John. fisherman, Croit-e-Caley
Coadn Thomas, farmer, Cronkmoar
Corrin William, farmer, Cronkmoar
Corrin William, farmer, Scollaby
Corrin William, farmer, Linguage
Corrin William, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain Jane, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain Jane, farmer Cronk-e-Dhooney
Costain John, farmer, Ballahanney
Costain Henry, blacksmith, Ballaqueeney
Costain Richard, blacksmith, Ballaqueeney
Crebbin Thomas, farmer, Ballaglonney
Cubbon Mrs, farmer, Croit-e-Caley
Cubbon Stephen, farmer, Linguage
Cubbon Thomas, farmer, Linguage

Eastwood Thomas, painter and decorator, Ballaqueoney

Fargher Richard, farmer, Ballakilpatrick

Gale Henry, farmer, Lingague
Gale Henry, tenant farmer, Strandhall
Gale Henry, jun. fisherman, Ballavear
Gale Henry, sen., farmer, Ballavear
Gale, John, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Gale John, joiner. Ballaqueeney
Gale William, farmer, Cronkadooney
Gale John, tenant farmer, Ballabowe
Gale William, joiner, Ballavear
Gawne Miss M. H., Ballagawne
Gawne Thomas, farmer, Ballafesson
Gawne William, farmer, Glendown
Gorry John, farmer, Yons- quarter
Gorry John, junr., farmer, ~yons-quarter
Gory John, farmer, Ballahowe
Griffin Thomas, farmer, Ballvear

Hudgeon Edward, tenant farmer, Ballagale


Karran John, farmer, Creigneish
Karran Thomas, farmer, Craigneish
Karran John, farmer, Droghedfayle
Kegg Edward, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhoopey
Kegg John, farmer, Ballakillowey
Keggan Thomas, farmer, Glenchass
Keggan William, farmer, Corvalley
Kelly Henry, farmer, Ballaqueeney
Kelly John, farmer., Ballaqueeney
Kenna John, farmer, Scard
Kermode Henry, jun., farmer, Bradda
Kermode John, farmer, Ballagale
Kermode Nicholas, farmer, Glenchass
Kinley Arm, farmer, Fistard
Kinley John, farmer, Bradda
Kinley John Thomas, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Kitto Frank, Ballavear
Kneale Eleanor, jun., farmer, Croit-e-Caley
Kneale Thomas The Rev., Vicar of Rushen, the Vicarage
Kneen Thomas, tenant farmer, Ballacorkish
Kneen William, farmer, Croit-e-Caley
Kneen William, farmer, Ballacraggan

Lace Daniel, Athol Lodge, Fistard
Lace Thomas, Mount Gawne
Lowey James, farmer, Scard
Lowey John, tenant farmer, Linguage
Lowey William, farmer, Linguage
Lowey William, tenant farmer, Shenvalley


Maddrell Henry, farmer Glenchass
Maddrell James, farmer, Corvalley
Maddrell John, farmer, Bradda
Maddrell Joseph, farmer, Ballabane
Moore Henry, farmer, Ballagawne
Moore Robert, joiner, Ballafesson
Moore Thomas, gentleman, Ballafesson
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballagawne

Nelson Thomas, farmer, The Howe
Nixon Charles, farmer, Ballahane
Nixon William, farmer, Fistard

Preston Christopher, farmer, Ballacurry
Preston William Richard, labourer, Kentraugh

Qualtrough Edward, farmer, Ballafesson
Qualtrough William, miller, Kentraugh
Quilliam John, Head Master Rushen Parochial Boys' Schools, Schoolhouse

Sansbury John, farmer., Ballachrink
Swinnerton Charles, The Studio


Taylor John, farmer, Ballaqueeney
Taylor Thomas, farmer, Ballakilley
Taylor William, farmer and joiner, Ballaqueeney
Taubman John, farmer, Craigneish
Towers George, licensed victualler, Level Inn, the Level
Turnbull Edward, farmer, Ballafayle
Turnbull Thomas, farmer, Cronk-e-Dhooney
Turnbull William, farmer, Croit-e-Caley


Watterson John, farmer, Droghedfayle
Watterson William, farmer, Corvalley
Watterson William, Surby-moar
Woodworth Edward, Ballakillowey


Albert Hotel and Boarding House, Thos Qualtrough, proprietor, Athol-street

Bell John, fisherman, High street
Bell John, the Brows, Promenade
Black James, principal light keeper, Light House Buildings
Brown Mrs Frances, Sea Beach, Promenade

Cain John, Port St. Mary
Cain John, labourer, Mount Pleasant
Cain William, sailor, the Quay
Carine Mrs, Athol-street
Carine John, fisherman, New Quay
Carine John, fisherman, Church-road
Carine Thomas, joiner, Lime-street
Carine Thomas, boat builder and shipwright
Carine William, Four Roads (West-view)
Carroll Miss, Shore Hotel, Kentraugh
Clague Thomas, butcher, Athol-street
Clarke William, sailor, Mount Pleasant
Clews Robert, seaman, the Quay
Clifford John, sailmaker, Athol-street
Clucas John, sailmaker, High-street
Clugson Mrs Margaret, Mount Pleasant
Clugson William, mariner, High-street
Coffey Robert, ropemaker, Lime-street
Collister Miss Elizabeth, Refreshment Rooms, Athol-street
Collister William Edwa:rd, joiner and builder, Mount Pleasant
Collister John, shopkeeper, Church-road
Coll ister John, family baker corn and flour dealer, Athol-street
Collister Thomas, rate collector, Mount Pleasant
Collister Thomas Harvey, New Quay
Collister Thomas, fisherman, Lime-street
Convery Edward, labourer, High-street
Cooil Richard, baker, Athol-street
Cool Mrs Catherine, Mount Pleasant
Coole Mrs, Station-road
Coole Thomas, ironmonger, Quay-street
Corlett William, Abbeyfield House, Promenade
Corrin John, fisherman, Mount Pleasant
Corrin William, car proprietor, High-street
Corris Miss, Osborne House, Promenade
Costain Mrs Jane, High-street
Costain Philip, mason, Lime-street
Costain Thomas, fisherman, Lime-street
Cowin Miss Susan M., Lime-street
Cowin Hugh, ropemaker, Lime-street
Cowley Mrs Elizabeth, Athol-street
Cowley Edward, mariner, High-street
Cowley Hugh, the Shore
Cowley John, fisherman, Lime-street
Crebbin James, bootmaker, the Quay
Crebbin James, bootmaker, High-street
Cregeen Henry, fisherman, Athol-street
Crellin George R. H., manager of Dumbbell's Banking Co., Athol-street
Crennell Thomas, grocer, High-street
Cubbon Miss Eleanor, dining-rooms, Athol-street
Cubbon Miss Jane, High-street
Cubbon Edward, ship and general smith, the Quay
Cubbon Edward, blacksmith, Athol-street
Cubbon James, mariner, Lime-street
Cubbon Richard, Athol House, Promenade
Cubbon William, mariner, Athol-street
Curphey Charles, labourer, New Quay

Doran Hugh, mariner, High-street
Doran Thomas, postman High-street
Dumbell's Banking Company; Mr. George R. H. Crellin, manager

Elliott Miss Emily, dressmaker, High-street
Elliott Captain Edward, mariner, Mount Pleasant

Fawcett Captain, Promenade
Fishermen's Supply Association, net manufacturers, grocers, bakers, and provision dealers; Wm. Carine, manager, Athol-street


Gale Mrs, Lime-street
Gale William, tailor, High-street
Gawne Mrs, Mount Pleasant
Gawne Alfred, ironmonger, plumber and gasfitter, Station-road
Gawne Henry, ropemaker, Athol-street
Gawne William, grocer and general dealer, High-street
Gawne William, grocer, Station-road
Gell John James, general draper, Church-road, and at Douglas
Gelling Robert, joiner and timber merchant Athol-street
Gelling Robert, builder and timber merchant, Lime~street


Halsall Thomas, mariner, New-quay
Hodgkinson George, gentleman, Station-road
Hodgson Mrs Jane, Lime-street
Hodgson John, fisherman, Lime-street
Hodgson Joseph, coal merchant, Lime-street
Hudson Henry, carpenter, Athol-street
Hudson Joseph, coal merchant, the Quay

Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited, John Joseph Sansbury, manager

Jones Rev. Benjamin, curate-in-charge
Jones Edwin B. L., County Court judge, Ballamona


Kaighan Samuel, joiner, Albert House, Station-road
Kaye William, fisherman, Lime-street
Keig Mrs Mar~aret, Mount-pleasant
Keig Joseph, ropemaker, Lime-street
Keig Richard, coal merchant, Four-roads
Kelly James, fisherman, New Quay
Kelly Paul, fisherman, New Quay
Kelly Samuel, Mount-pleasant
Kelly William, fisherman, Newland House
Kermode --' chemist, and at Castletown
Kermode William, assistant harbour master, Lime-~street
Kinley Thomas, mariner, Lime-street
Kissack Joseph Ashton, Rocklands, Station-road
Kneale James, Mount-pleasant .
Kneen Mrs Isabella, Mona Cottage, Station-road
Kneen Thomas, joiner, Mount-pleasant
Kneen Thomas, fisherman, Lime-street
Kneen William, farmer, Ballacraggan
Kneen William, retired farmer, Kimberley House, Promenade

Lace Daniel, grocer and provision dealer, Athol-street
Lester Mrs Arm, grocer and provision dealer, Station-road
Lewthwaite William, Promenade
Lowey William, labourer, Four Roads


Maddrell Robert, stationer, tobacconist, and fancy goods, Station-road
Mcdonald Miss Julia, Promenade
McIntosh Robert, light keeper, Lighthouse Buildings
McMechan Miss, Promenade
McMichan Miss, Mount-pleasant
Mellowes Mrs Arm, New Quay
Merritt William James, Dunmona
Milne Mr. light-keeper
Miller Thomas A., boat builder and shipwright
Moore Miss Eleanor, Athol-street
Moore August, fisherman, New Quay
Moore James, mason, Church-road
Moore James, grocer and ship carpenter, Athol-street
Moore n, builder, Athol-street
Moore John, mason, Mount-pleasant
Moore Samuel, rope maker, Lime-street
Moore William, rope maker, Lime-street
Mylchreest Mrs Jane, Lime-street

Pimblott Albert, watchmaker and jeweller, optician and engraver. Athol. street Pollard Matthew, postmaster, Church-road Prew Mrs Margaret, Clifton House, Station-road Primrose William, Church-road

Qualtrough Mrs Eliza, Lime-street
Qualtrough Mrs Mary, Church-road
Qualtrough Edward, Athol-street
Qualtrough Edward, grocer and net manufacturer, Athol-street
Qualtrough Evan, Liverpool House, Promenade
Qualtrough John James, bootmaker, Athol-street
Qualtrough John James, Promenade
Qualtrough Joseph, boat builder, grocer, and ships' chandler, New-quay
Qualtrough Joseph, private, Church-road
Qualtrough Joseph, boat and ship builder, Athol-street
Qualtrough Thomas, family butcher, Athol-street
Qualtrough Thomas, harbour master, Athol-street
Qualtrough Thomas, harbour master, Church-road
Qualtrough Thomas, Promenade
Qualtrough William E., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, opposite the harbour
Qualtrough William, carpenter, Athol-street
Quayle Henry, mariner, Four Roads
Quillin William, joiner, New-quay

Roberts George, plumber &c., Athol-street
Rose James, physician, surgeon, oculist, and aurist, and at Finch-road, Douglas

Sansbury John Joseph, manager Isle of Man Banking Company Athol-street
Sayle William, labourer, Mount Pleasant
Shim John, millinery and smallwares, Athol-street
Shimmin John William, Rosemount, Promenade
Shimmin John, Avonmore House, Promenade
Shiminin R. E., draper
Shimmin Thomas, policeman, Church-road
Skillicorn William, baker and confectioner, agent for The Isle of Man Times High-street
Squires Cornelius, head master of Port St. Mary Board School, School House, Station-road
Stevenson Thomas, Mount Pleasant
Strickland Frank, Promenade


Thompson John, lightkeeper, Light House Buildings
Turnbull Mrs Esther j., lodging-house, Old Quay


Walker James, engineer, Church-road
Watterson Mrs Ann, Athol-street
Watterson Mrs Catherine, Mount Pleasant
Watterson Mrs Margaret, grocer, Lime-street
Watterson James, car proprietor, Athol-street
Watterson Henry, carter, Lime-street
Watterson John, agent for the Kent Fire Insurance Company, Rail Station
Watterson John Cubbon, sailmaker, Lime-street
Watterson Samuel, grocer, baker, and confectioner, Athol-street
Watterson Thomas, fisherman, Mount Pleasant
Watterson William Henry, tailor and clothier, Athol-street
Watterson Thomas, manager, Church-road
Whidbourne Mrs Honor Eliza, The Cliff Family Hotel
Wood James, The Shore
Woods Thomas, mariner, High-street
Woodworth Mrs Margaret, High-street



Allan Edward, schoolmaster, Glen View
Anderson Catherine, schoolmistress

Barkell Richard. Station-road
Bridson John, Ballafurt

Cain John, family bootmaker, Falcon-hill
Cannell Samuel, master painter, The Mona
Carine Richard, fisherman, Spaldrick
Carine William, fisherman, Shore-road
Caugherty Mrs, Mount Pleasant House
Challinor Mrs, Bradda House
Christian Joseph, fisherman, Shore-road
Christian William, fisherman, the Shore
Clague Henry, Eastfield Villa
Clague James, farmer and fruiterer, and car proprietor, the Promenade
Clague John, baker, the Promenade and Bay View Hotel
Clague John, family baker and grocer, Shore-road
Clague Thomas, Belle Vue Hotel, Parade
Clague Thomas, butcher, Falcon Buildings
Clarke Mrs, Bank-hill
Clarke William, Rock Cottage
Coffee Samuel, labourer, Falcon-road
Collister Eleanor, Sea-view House
Collister William, fish merchant and boat owner, Shore View, Shore-road
Comish Charles, Falcon Buildings
Comish Joshua, fisherman, Station-road
Coole Henry, harbour master
Coole Henry, jun., assistant harbour master
Coole Mrs Isabella, Springfield House
Corris William, Truggan
Costain Edward, farmer, Darrag
Costain Edward, joiner, Falcon-road
Costain James, mason, the Shore
Costain John, mason, Glen-view
Cowley William, railway porter, the Shore
Craine Thomas, station master, Port Erin
Crebbin William, fisherman, Shore-road
Crebbin Edward, Spaldrick-view
Crebbin John, Spaldrick-view
Crebbin John, fisherman, Truggan
Cregeen Mrs Catherine, the Shore
Cregeen Henry, boat owner, boarding establishment, Wellfield House, 2 Glen-view
Cregeen Henry, jun., Glen-view
Cregeen James,. --fisherman, Ballafurt-road
Cregeen John, mariner, Shore-road
Cregeen Robert, fisherman, Clifton House, Shore-road
Cregeen Thomas, fisherman, Shore-road
Cregeen Thomas, Sea Mount House, the Parade
Cregeen William, Truggan
Cubbon Miss Elizabeth, fruiterer and greengrocer, Station-road

Davies Misses, Ballahane Cottage
Duke Richard, police-constable, Station-road


Elliott William Captain, master mariner, Ballafurt-road

Gale Andrew, Spaldrick
Gale Thomas, Ballafurt
Gale Thomas, Rowany Cottage
Gawne Mrs Catherine, Busby House, The Parade
Gibb Mrs, Glenview
Gill James M., Stuart House, The Parade
Gill Mrs, Eldon House
Gill Wesley, grocer
Goggs Leslie, draper, &c., and at Castletown
Gold William, Station Hotel, Railway Station
Gorry Robert, grocer, Shore-road


Harrison Mrs Ann, Truggan
Harrison Henry, Truggan
Harrison James, Ballafurt-road
Harrison Richard, joiner, the Shore
Harrison Richard, labourer, the Shore
Harrison Robert, baker, The Bridge
Harrison Mrs Thomas, Darrag Cottage
Harrison William, Ballafurt-road
Hedge John, Optic House, The Parade
Hembrey Mrs, Rock Cottage
Hudgeon Louis, joiner and builder, Shore-road
Hudgeon William, fisherman, Seaforth House


Jennison Charles, gentleman, The Hut


Karone John, fisherman
Kelly Albert, railway guard, Rowany
Kelly Elizabeth, Truggan
Kermode James, Mona Castle
Keggin Mrs Margaret Falcon Hill
Keggin Ann. Bank House
Keig John, coal merchant Sea View House
Kelly William, car proprietor, Shore House
Kennaugh Charles, grocer, Station-road


Lewis Allen, fisherman, Ballafurt-road
Lindsay Emma, Shore-road

Maddrell John, Truggan
McArd John, builder, The Rest
McArd Joseph, builder, Windsor House
McCombe Mrs Matilda, Falcon-road
McGain, Thomas, Glen View
McMonnies Miss E., Shore-road,-d
McMullin John, Ballafurt-road
Maddrill Edward, Tynwald House, Parade
Maddrell Thomas E., Seacombe House
Manx Bank, Limited; open on Tuesdays and Fridays
Moore Mrs Margaret, Nottage House, Parade
Moore John. Truggan
Moore Thomas, Rock House, Truggan
Moore William, fisherman, Falcon Hill
Murphy Patrick, engine driver, Station-road
Murphy Mrs P., Athol Temperance Hotel, opposite the Railway Station
Mylrea James, Bay View

Nelson Thomas, Peveril Boarding House

Qualtrough Thomas, butcher, and at Port St. Mary
Quilliam Thomas, postman, tea and refreshment rooms, the Shore
Quirk Robert, tailor, Glen View

Rogers James, painter, decorator, and contractor, Shore-road
Ross James, fisherman, the Shore

Shimmin Mrs Sarah, Dandy-hill
Shimmin Henry, platelayer, Dandy-hill
Stephen Mrs S., Myrtle House
Styche Andrew, fishermen, Ballafurt-road


Taylor Captain Edward, The Hermitage
Taylor Thomas, Balmoral House, Parade
Taylor William Edward, stationer, general draper, and tobacconist, the Bazaar
Trustrum George Lucas, The Falcon's Nest, and Eagle and Child, family hotels
Turnbull Mrs W., Sea View Cottage, Glen View
Turnbull Edward, grocer
Turnbull William, grocer and spirit dealer, the Post Office, Shore road


Watt Philip, fisherman, the Shod
Watterson Mrs Ann, the Shore
Watterson Harry fisherman, Shore-road
Watterson Henry, Rose Cottage
Watterson Jane, Truggan
Watterson James, Truggan
Watterson James, carpenter
Watterson John, Lower Rowany
Watterson Samuel, fisherman, Ballafurt
Watterson William, fisherman, Shore-road
Williams Charles, sailor, Lismore House, Parade
Wood Thomas, joiner, Ballafurt-road
Woods Mrs Margaret, Bank-hill
Woodward Joseph, fisherman, Shore-road


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