[From Brown's Directory, 1894]




Cannell George, Stanley-terrace
Clague John, 4 Marine Parade
Dodd David, Michael-street


Hodgson James, Athol-street
Kelly John, Derby-road
LaMothe Albert Edward, Crown-street
Laughton Alfred N., Ballaquane


Halsall Thomas, the Quay
Kermode William, Derby-road


Dumbell’s Banking Co.—Edward T. Christian, Castle-street
Isle of Man Banking Co., Limited— Walter J. Cannell, manager, Athol street
Manx Bank, Limited—John Corris, local manager—Michael-street

Bill Poster.

Thompson William, 17 Market-street

Brick Manufacturers.

Glanfaba Brick Works—Wm. A. W. Christian, manager


Blair John, 10 Michael-street
Catherall Thomas, Athol-place
Fayle John, 15 Market-street
Fayle John Thomas, 15 Market-street
Preston John, Market-place
Vick Robert, Market-place
Dodd Cottier, 2 Michael-street
Kinrade John, 60 Patrick-street
Kelly Thomas, 44 Michael-street
Moughton William, 7 Tynwald-road

Builders’ Merchants.

Corris John C., Douglas-street
Graves Henry Thomas, Mill-road


Bailey Alfred, 11 Castle-street
Cashin Thomas, 16 Douglas-street
Cowley Ann, 20 Michael-street
Delaney George, 6 Michael-street
Daigleish Samuel, Athol-place
Hannah John, 11 Douglas-street
Wood Joseph, 6 Patrick-street

Cabinetmaker & Upholsterer.

Kermode George, 14 Market-street

Car Proprietors.

Gelling John Joseph, 3 Douglas-street
Halsall Thomas, the Quay
Meyrick John, 21 Victoria-terrace
Teare Thomas, 19 Michael-street


Cowley William, 10 Athol-place
Lambert Edmund, 4 Michael-street
Lawrence Thomas, 7 Douglas-street


Christian Edward Ewan, Athol-place
Looney William H., 2 Michael-street
Watterson Thomas, 50 Michael-street


Buchanan Robert, 16 Michael-street
Joughin John, Michael-street
Kelly Thomas, Athol-place
Kinvig E. A., Douglas-street


Brown Arthur, 4 and 6 Market-street
Cain Robert Charles, 38 Michael-street
Callisier William, 9 Patrick-street
Christian Edward E., Athol House
Cottier & Cubbon, 6 Douglas-street
Halsall Thomas, Christian-street
Looney W. Henry, 2 Michael-street
Cubbon Robert, 2 Douglas-street

Engineers and Millwrights.

Knox Wm. Mill-road
Moore Philip, the Quay

Fishermen’s Clothing Manufacturers.

Leece Wm. E., Michael-street
Shimmin Robert D., 3 and 5 Strand street

Fishing Net Manufacturers.

Corrin Bros., Factory-lane
Joughin John, Stanley-road
Moore T. C. S., Gib-lane

Glass and China Dealers.

Bawden Ellen, 1 Christian-street
Boyde Willliam, Stanley-road
Caine Daniel, Market-street
Dawson John, Douglas-street
Hall James, 2 Strand-street

Grocers and Bakers.

Buchanan Robert, Michael-street
Cain Arthur, 4 Castle-street
Cain Henry, Factory-lane
Callin John, Stanley-road
Callister Ann, 6 Shore-road
Clague Frederick, 21 Michael-street
Clague Thomas, 37 Michael-street
Clucas Margaret, 38 Glanfaba-road
Cowell James, 12 Market-street
Cottier John, 14 St. German’s-place
Comaish Thomas, 35 Douglas-street
Dale Samuel, Castle-street and Crown street
Gawne Thomas, Christian-street
Gell Elizabeth, 6 Athol-place
Gell Francis, 17 Bridge-street
Harrison Robert, 9 Michael-street
Joughin John, Michael-street
Kaye William Thomas, 27 Shore-road
Kelly & Son, Athol-place
Kelly William T., 12 Douglas-street
Kelly William, 30 Douglas-street
Kermode Henry, 8 Douglas-street
Kneen Elizabeth, Beach-street
Moore William, 5 Shore-road
Morrison Charles, 32 Market-street
Shimmin William, 23 Michael-street
Thompson Godfrey, 18 Castle-street
Teare Thomas, 19 Michael-street

Hairdressers & Tobacconists.

Cannell James, 3 Douglas-street
Watterson William, 41 Michael-street


Killip Robert, Douglas-street
Leece William E., 25 Market-street


Corris J. C., Athol-street
Dawson John, 14 Douglas-street
Dawson William, 3 Patrick-street
Kelly William, 29 Michael-street
Kermode Thomas C., 7 Michael-street

Joiners and Builders.

Anderson Edward, Albany-road
Anderson Daniel, Marine Parade
Cowell W., Christian-street
Cringle Wm. & Son, 56 Patrick-street
Craine and Radcliffe, Orry-lane
Harrison John, Tynwald-street
Kay William, 6 Athol-street
Kelly Ambrose, Stanley-road and Christian-street
Kinvig Richard, 36 St. German’s-place
Ratcliffe Thomas, the Sound

Licensed Victuallers.

Boyne Edward George, Creg Malin
Cain Caesar John, Castle-street
Caley James, Railway Station
Kay Cornelius, Peveril Hotel
Kelly Mrs W., Castle Hotel
Marsden William F., Marine Hotel
Miller Mrs Sarah Ann, Royal Hotel
Taylor Ann Ellen, 12 Castle-street
Teare John, Oddfellows’ Arms
Wood John, Fenella Hotel

Mineral Water Manufacturers.

Irving Joseph, St. Peter’s-lane
Marsden John, St. Peter’s Lane


Peel City Guardian—Stanley Bawden, publisher
Peel Chronicle—William. K Palmer, publisher

Painters and Decorators.

Butterworth James, 20 Market-street
Fayle Thomas, 18 Douglas-street
Gelling James, Market-street
Goodwin George, Factory-lane
Kinrade & Sayle, 3 Market-place


Bawden Stanley, 17 Michael-street
Palmer William K., 14 Michael-street

Rope and Twine Merchants.

Graves Henry T., Mill-road
Teare & Son, the Quay

Rope & Twine Manufacturer

Graves Henry T., Mill-road


Cooil Richard, 1 Athol-place

Sail Makers.

Graves Henry T., Station-place
Shimmin R. D., 3 & 5 Strand-street

Ship and Boat Builders.

Graves Henry T., Mill-road
Watson Thomas, Mill-road

Ship and General Smiths.

Cannell John, the Quay
Radcliffe William, the Quay
Watterson James, jun., Mill-road

Ship Chandlers.

Graves Henry T., Mill-road
Teare Henry, the Quay


Bawden Stanley, Michael-street
Kelly Margaret A., 27 Castle-street
Palmer Wm. Knowles, 14 Michael-st


Gell Henry, Stanley-terrace
McQuarrie John A., Athol-street


Cleator John W., Station-road
Cubbon James, 52 Michael-street
Kelly Thomas, 12 Michael-street
Kelly William, Michael-street
Quaye Manassah, 12 Michael-street
Walsh George, 17 Castle-street
Watterson Thomas, 20 Michael-street


Clucas Joseph, 5 Michael-street
Kee Daniel, 35 Michael-street

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Gell Elizabeth, 6 Athol-place
Gell Francis, 17 Bridge-street .
Harrison Robert, Michael-street
Kaye William Thomas, 27 Shore-road
Morrison Charles, 32 Market-street
Morrison Mrs Louisa, Market-street


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