[From Brown's Directory, 1894]


Alder Samuel, farmer, The Grange
Anderson Mrs Sarah, the Village
Archer Wm., labourer, Abbey Lands


Barwell J., car proprietor, Injeghan
Bell J, Oceana Cottage
Bridson Thomas, farmer, Ballaskilley
Broadbent George, draper, St. Catherines
Burgess Mrs Frances, 2 Woodside-terrace


Cain Charles, joiner, the Village
Cain John, farmer, Ballig
Cain John Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Caley Thomas Edward, family baker, the Village
Callow Mrs, Hawthorne Villa
Callow Philip, Elm Cottage, the Village
Cashen John, farmer, Gob ne Gye
Cannan Mrs, Sea View, the Village
Cannell John, captain, Christian-terrace
Cannell John, gardener, the Village
Cannell Robert, farmer, Ballacreetch
Christian Mrs Jemima, the Village
Christian William, labourer, the Village
Clague Mrs Catherine, the Village
Clague John, the Village
Clarke James, the Village
Clieland John, farmer, Injaighin
Clucas George, tailor, Church-road
Collins Frederick, licensed victualler, Prince of Wales
Collister Edward, labourer,-the Village
Collister William, labourer, the Village
Collister William, schoolmaster, Church-road
Corrin Daniel, labourer, the Village
Corrin George, seaman, Christian-terrace
Corrin James, baker and dairyman, the Village
Corrin William, family baker, the Village
Corkill Edward, farmer, Begoed
Corlett Mrs Mary, the Village
Corlett Mrs Captain, Sunnyside-terrace
Corlett John, faimer, Ballamenagh
Corrowin Mrs Annie, the Village
Cowell Alexalnder, farmer, Bemahague
Cowin Miss Sarah, lodging-house, the Village
Cowin John Caesar, fancy bread and biscuit baker, the Village
Cowin John, farmer, Ballachrink
Cowin Joseph, farmer, Sulby
Cowin Thomas, ship steward, 2 Clifton-terrace
Cowin Thomas, farmer, Hillberry
Cowin William, farmer, Clypse
Cowley Mrs Isabella, retired, the Village
Cowley John J. C., joiner and builder, Governors-road
Cowley John, retired.joiner, the Village
Cowley Joseph, retired, the Village
Cowley Radcliffe, farmer, Babaloe-beg
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Baljeane
Craine James R., builder, Sunnyside-terrace
Craine William, fireman, the Village
Creer Miss Betsy, Church-road, the Village
Creer John, farmer, Clypse-beg
Cretney Joseph, farmer, Langahan
Cubbon Miss Emily, retired, Greenfield


Darling Captain James, licensed victualler, Manx Arms, the Village
Dean John, farmer, Ballachrink
Dickinson Wm. Frederick, Ashfield


Faragher Thomas, butcher, the Village
Faragher William, policeman, Church-road
Faragher William, blacksmiith, the Village
Fayle Robert, farmer, Ballakaighin
Fenton H. B., retired, Sunnyside-terrace
Fox Charles, Norwood, Burnt-mill Hill
Fox Charles, jun., Norwood, secretary to The Palace


Gale -, mason, Begoade
Gale Robert, farmer, Ballakilmartin
Gordon Henry, gentleman, Bay View
Gorry Thomas, farmer, Begoad


Hales'-, labourer
Haley Miss Louisa, retired, Christian-terrace
Hamerton S. D. C., Glen Bower
Harrison Robert, labourer, the Village
Hogg John, farmer, Honey Hill
Hope John, farmer, Cragnabaa
Horne George H., farmer, Ballacottier
Howland James, labourer, the Village
Hudgeon Evan, labourer, the Village
Hull William, gentleman, the Village

Irvine Mr, Glenrosa

Jones Gilbert M., farmer, Slegaby

Kaighin Charles, blacksmith, 3, Woodside-terrace
Kaighin Charles E., blacksmith, the Village
Kaighin John, farmer, Birch-hill
Kay Mrs, Bridge House
Keeley Mrs, the Village
Keep Mr, Lincoln Lodge
Kelly Jane, the Village
Kelly James, farmer, Babaloe-moar
Kelly John, labourer, the Village
Kelly John, retired farmer, Beach Cottage, the Village
Kelly John, labourer, the Village
Kelly Robert, builder, the Village
Kelly Robt., farmer, Lark Hill
Kelly Ross, labourer, the Village
Kermeen Mrs Isabella, shopkeeper, the Village
Kermode Rev S. A. P., vicar of Onchan, the Vicarage
Kerslake William, builder's foreman, Russel's House
Kerruish James, farmer, Ballig
Killip Richard, farmer, Ballakaighin
Kissack Mrs Mary, the Village
Kissack James, farmer, Ballagawne
Kneale Thomas, gardener, the Village
Kneen Thomas, H.K., advocate, Glencrutchery


Laidlow Robert, retired, 1 Clifton-terrace
Leece Mr, school master, Village
Leece John, blacksmith, Abbey Lands
Lewin John, gardener, Church-road
Lewin Robert, farmer, Ballerghy
Lewin Thomas Richard, clerk, Church-road
Lewin William, grocer, Post-office, the Village


McNay J., 3, Clifton-terrace
Mackenzie Mr, Woodside-terrace
Maddrell Edward, labourer, Cronk-ne-Mona
Maddrell James, master mariner, Sunnyside-terrace
Moore Robert, plasterer, the Village
Moore Isaac, tailor, the Village
Moore Joseph, farmer, Enemona
Moor Mr, agent, Village
Moor -, labourer

Oates John James, Cronkberry
Okell Percy, Woodland Towers

Pa-pe Miss Isabella, Sunnyside-terrace
Poland George, Wellington Nursery
Popplewell George, labourer, the Village

Quay John and William, farmers,,Strenaby
Quayle Miss Catherine, the Village
Quayle Mrs, the Village
Quayle Edwin, shopkeeper, the Village
Qugon William,. farmer, Kerrowdhoo
Quilliam Miss Jane, the Village
Quilliam Thomas A., farmer, Ballacain
Quine Captain Michael H., retired master mariner, Forrest Cottage
Quine Mrs Ellnn, the village
Quine John, farmer, Cornrenny
Quine John, farmer, Ballig
Quine John James, cardriver, the Village


Radcliffe George. seaman, the Village
Ridgeway Sir Joseph West, Lieut.-Governor, Government House
Rowcroft Mr, Mona Cottage, Sunnyside
Rylance H. S. senr., Sunnyside Cottage
Rylance Henry Tudor, junr., licensed victualler, Nursery Hotel


Sayle Benjamin, gardener, the Village
Simpson Charles, farmer. Ballakaighin
Shimmin John, Ballacreetch
Skillicorn Mrs Ann, Sunnyside-terrace
Skillicorn John, gardener, Christian-terrace
Skillicorn Robert, builder, the Village
Spittall James, Onchan Nurseries and Birch Hill
Soar Madame Wandby, professor of music, Haydn House, Sun terrace
Soar J. W., architect, Haydn House, Sunnyside-terrace
Stopford Mrs Ellen, Tremissary Lodge
Stott Robert, Strathallan Park


Taggart John, farmer, Howstrake
Taylor Mrs Isabella, Primrose Bank
Taylbr Mrs, the Village
Thompson Miss, Sunnyside-terrace
Todd J, retired cabinet maker
Trussell Mr, labourer, Hilbury Cottage


Wade William, farmer, Glendhoo
Wallace Thomas, gardener, the Village
Walton Mrs Margaret, the Village
Watterson Walter, baker, the Village
Watson Mrs, Sunnyside-terrace
Woods George, labourer, the Village
Woods Richard Ambrose, farmer, Glentille


Young James, labourer, the Village
Young Wm., labourer, the Village


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