[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Allen Thomas, H.K., J.P. Belle Vue, Folieu
Allison Andrew, Ballacraggan


Ballastowell Company-Frank Johnson, secretary
Batty J. A., retired ironmonger
Bellite Company-Mr Cowin, agent, Maughold
Black William, farmer, Lewaigue
Black William, farmer, Folieu and Lewaigue
Boyde William, joiner and builder, Bowring-road
Brew John and William, farmers, Folieu
Brew John Wm., farmer, Folieu
Brew Mrs Catherine, Ballure-road
Brew William, land owner, Baldroma-road and Ballajorah
Brew John and William. farmers, Cloagban
Brew John and William, farmers, Ballaterson
Bridson William, farmer, Ballafayle Moor


Callow Mrs Ellen, and son, farmers, Cardleveg
Callow James, tailor, Maghera Kew
Callow James, farmer, Ballsakeg Moor
Callow Edward, Balldroma
Callow Thomas, joiner, Ballaterson
Clague John, farmer, Ballagilley
Clague John, farmer, Dreenscarry
Christian the Misses Arm Jane and Dora, Baldroma
Christian Howard, Ballajorah
Christian John, farmer and butcher, Intack, 16 and ic)
Christian Mrs Jane, farmer, Ballaterson
Christian Mrs Maria, Lewaigue
Christian William,. seaman, Templars-terrace
Christian William Edward, farmer., Ballaterson
Collins Andrew, plumber, Templar-,terrace
Comaish John, farmer, Ballagorry Veg
Corkill Edward, farmer, Ballachrink
Corkill Mrs John, farmer, BallasIoe
Corkill Mrs John, farmer, Ard
Corkill Mrs John, farmer, Corony
Corkill John, farmer, Ballagilley
Corkill James, farmer, Intack, 14
Corkill John Robert, farmer, Ballajorah
Corkill Robert, farmer, Magherakew
Corkill Edward, smith, Dreenscarry
Corkill John, farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett Edward, farmer, Thallow mitchell
Corlett John James, licensed victualler, Dhoon Glen Hotel, and owner of Slieau Lewaigue Hotel
Corlett John, farmer, Ballagorry Veg
Corlet John, Captain of North Laxey Mines, and occupier of Barrule
Corlett Thomas, farmer, Dreenscarry
Corrin Richard, builder, Ballastowell
Cowin William, fisherman, Port-e-Volan
Crellin James, Vicarage, Glebe
Crellin James, Baldroma
Crossley Frederick, Balldroma
Crossley John and William, the Village
Cubbon Edward, Intack, 8, 63, and 67
Cubbon Edward, farmer, Dreenscarry
McCubbon William, farmer, Thallow-queen
Corteen Thomas, farmer, Ballagorry Veg
Corteen Thomas, farmer, Ballacorteen
Corteen William, farmer and mason, Ballacorteen

Ellison Robert, f farmer, Cornah

Faragher John, farmer, Ballakilley
Faragher Robert, farmer, Ballacorte

Garland Ann, shopkeeper, Ballagorry-veg
Gelling James, Intack 78, Rhoon
Gelling John James, miller, Cornah Mill
Glen Mona Hotel, Glen Mona; Fred. Leadbeater, proprietor
Goulden Miss Mary, Folieu
Graves William, seaman, Templars-terrace
Griffiths Charles, guard, Templars-terrace

Hampton William, farmer, Ballasaig
Harrison Mrs, Templars- terrace
Harvey Miss, Port Lewaigue
Haslam William, farmer and Captain of the Parish, Ballaglass
Holland Miss, Glandwr
Howarth Edward, head master, Maughold School

Joughin Robert, farmer,Rhaneb and Ard


Karran Mrs, landowner, Folieu
Kelly Mrs John, farmer, Coroney
Kelly Robert, farmer, Intack 37, Maughold
Kelly Robert, farmer, Dhoon
Kelly Thomas', weaver and shopkeeper, Ballachrink
Kelly William, farmer, Ballasholague
Kermeen and Killips, farmers, Ballaskegbeg
Kermeen Mrs Arm, farmer, Ballagilley
Kermeen Robert, farmer, Ballagilley
Kermeen William, farmer, Crowcreen
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Dreenscarry
Kermode William, bootmaker, Staffland
Kermode Robert, farmer, Staffland
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Intack 14 and 19, Maughold
Kerruish Edward, farmer, and Commons Trustee, Cardlevoar
Kerruish The Misses, Maughold Village
Kerruish Mrs Jane, landowner, Folieu
Kerruish John Robert, gentleman, Ballastowell
Kerruish John, landowner, Balldroma
Kerruish John, farmer, Booil-e-Velt
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Ballafayle
Kerruish Robert, farmer, Magherbreck
Kerruish Mrs Sarah, farmer, Ballasloe
Kerruish Thomas, farmer, Ballastowell
Kerruish William, farmer, Balldroma
Kerruish William James, farmer, Ballalin
Kerruish William James, farmer, Thallow Mitchell and Dhoon
Kewin Charles, farmer and butcher, Clonague
Kewley John, farmer, Dhoon
Killey Mrs James, farmer, Ballachrink
Killip Mrs John, farmer, Crowcreen
Kinnish Evan, farmer, Crowcreen
Kinrade Mrs William, farmer, Ballachrink
Kissack John, farmer, Rhenab
Kissack Margaret, farmer, Rhenab
Kneale Hugh, farmer, Ballure
Kneale Thomas Myn-y-don
Kneen William, farmer, Ballig


Leadbeater Frederick, licensed victualler, Glen Mona Hotel
Looney Evan, farmer, Ballagilley
Looney John Joseph, farmer, Ballafayle
Looney Robert, farmer, Ballagilley
Looney William. farmer, Ballaskegbeg
Logan Thomas, mason,. Ballajora
Lowey Daniel, farmer, Dreenscarry
Lowey Francis, farmer, Ballajorah
Lucas William, farmer, Lewaigue


Maughold School Committee-- Robert Kerruish, Secretary, School House
McCormick James, mason, Templars'-terrace
McCormick James, farmer, Ballagorry-veg
Merrick Henry, Lewaigue Cottage
Midwood Miss, Lewaigue
Moore John, Magherakew
Moore Isabella, farmer, Mla~ar~a, Ballarag, and Ballacraggan
Moore John Robert, farmer, Ard
Moore William F., gentleman, Park View Island
Morris George, licensed victualler, Slieau Lewaigue Hotel
Murray John Thomas, farmer, Crowcreen
Murray Mylchreest, commercial traveller, Folieu
Mylecraine Robert, Cardle-voar


North Laxey Mine-Spittall and Mosley, owners

Pearson Samuel, gentleman, Rhenny
Port Lewaigue Company-George Kay, secretary

Quayle Edward, farmer, Staffland
Quayle John, farmer, East Ballaterson
Quayle Robert, farmer, Ballalin
Quayle Mrs Thomas, farmer, Crowville
Quayle James, bootmaker, Ballagorry-veg
Quilleish James, farmer, Dhoon
Quilleish Mrs, farmer, Dhoon Glen
Quilleish William, farmer, Dhoon

Radcliffe Enoch, gardener, Folieu
Radcliffe John, blacksmith, Ballasloe
Ramsey Waterworks Company, Ballure
Richardson Herbert, Port-e-Volan
Rolston Rev. R. W. G., Chaplain of Dhoon


Scarffe Mr, schoolmaster, the Dhoon
Shimmin Mrs Jane, Templars-terrace
Skillicorn Caesar, mason and farmer, Dreenscarry
Skillicorn Margaret, farmer, Dhoon


Thompson William, mason, Port Lewaigue
Tregalis John. retired farmer, Craignamult


Watterson Robert, miller, Coroney Mill
Woods Richard, mason, Glen View


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