[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Bishop Louisa, owner of Glenroi
Brew William, tenant farmer, Ballacannell
Brew William Albert, tenant farmer, Ballaglass
Bridson Eleanor and Isabella, owners of part of Rhaa
Bridson Eleanor and Isabella, owners of the New Mill, Ballacowle


Cain James, owner of Moaneyquill
Cain Thomas, owner of part of Ballacannell
Caine John J,, farmer, Brundle
Caine John H., farmer, Baldrine
Caley James, landowner, Ballaragh
Callow Hannah, landowner, of Laggan
Callow William, farmer, Croitroie
Clague James, farmer, Ballacregga
Clague Thomas, farmer, Ballavarane~

Clague Thomas, owner, Balla~r~ggan
Clague Jacob, farmer, Ballacowell
Clucas Thomas, farmer, Ballaragh.
Cannell John Thomas, landowner, Ballacowin
Cannell William, farmer, Ballaskerrow
Cojeen John, farmer, Ballig
Corkill Edward, farmer, Shonast
Corlett Edward, farmer, Ballagrawe
Corlett John, owner of Ballabeg
Corlett Thomas, and others, landowners, Ballamenagh-beg
Corlett William, tenant of Colby
Corlett John, farmer, Balldhoon
Cottier R. and W., tenant farmers, Baldroma
Cowin Ann, owner of Ballaglass
Cowin Edward, farmer, Ballacojean
Cowin John James, farmer, Ballaquine
Cowin Joseph, farmer, Ballacowin
Cowin William, farmer, Ballamanagh
Cowley Edward, farmer, Ballacollister
Cowley John, farmer, owner of part of Ballacoar
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Balljean
Cowley William, tenant farmer, Ballabeg
Cowley William, farmer, Balljean
Craine Robert, farmer, Ballig
Craine Henry, farmer, Ballagare


Dickson Jane, owner of Ballagare
Duggan James, farmer, Ballacollister
Duggan William, farmer, Shonast

Faragher Isabella, owner of Baldrine
Faragher Thomas Edward, farmer, Grawe
Faragher William, farmer, Grawe
Faragher William, farmer, Cronkechule
Fayle John, farmer, Balldhoon
Fayle Edward, farmer, Gretch-Voar

Gell William, landowner, Ballagaivne
Gelling William, farmer, Ballig
Gelling Edward, owner of part of Balladhow
Gresty John, licensed victualler, Liverpool Arms (Halfway House), road
Grice Eleanor, owner of Ballagare

Hampton Robert William, farmer, Poolvilley
Harns Samuel, owner of Skinscoe
Hodgeon Thomas, landowner, Ballawill
Horsley Hudson, owner of part of Ballacannel
Hudgeon Robert, tenant farmer, Glenroi

Irwin Ann, landowner, Ardwellaugh

Joughin William, farmer, Ballaglass


Kaneen Thomas, farmer, Clyclough
Kelly Daniel, property owher, Laxey
Kelly James. farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly John, farmer Ballacoar
Kelly John, farmer, Balldromma
Kelly John, owner, Big Wheel House
Kelly Richard, owner of part of Balladhoo
Kelly Robert, tenant farmer, Skinscoe
Kelly Robert, farmer, Crunkethle
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Barroose
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Rhaa
Kelly John farmer, Ballacosney
Kelly Robert, farmer, Ballamilgin
Kermode Eleanor and George Henry, farmers, owners of Croft-c-Callow
Kermode James, mason, Ballacannell
Kermode John, farmer, Ballacannell
Kermode John, farmer, Quillscroft
Kermode Joseph, owner of Ballaglass
Kermode Thomas, farmer, Grawe
Kennode Thomas, farmer, Ballacoin
Kerruish John, ownes of Croit-na-howe
Kewley Catherine, farmer, Balldhoon
Kewley James, farmer, Ballaragh
Kewley James, farmer, Gretchveg
Kewley John, farmer, Ballaragh
Kewley John, owner of House and Rhee
Kewley Robert, farmer, Ballacowle
Kewley Robert and James, farmers, Grawe
Kewley Margaret, landowner, Balldhoon
Kewley Thomas, farmer, Gretchveg
Kewley Robert, farmer, Glendrink
Killip James, tenant farmer
Killip James, owner of part of Ballacannell
Killip John, farmer, Ballacollister
Kinnish William, owner of Ballamoor
Kinnish Louisa and John, landowners, Balldhoon
Kinrade James, farmer, Larghan
Kneale Ann, landowner, Ballalheaney
Kneale William, tenant farmer, Ballachosney
Kneale Thomas, jun., blacksmith, Ballagawne

Lewin Thomas. jun., blacksmith, Ballagawne


Maddock Henry, farmer and landowner, Balladhoo
McKneale Thomas, farmer, Gretchvane
Maddrell Robert, farmer, Ballaquark
Milbum John, owner of Ballachosney
Moore John, tenant farmer, Ballabeg
Moore Thomas, farmer, Ballakilley
Moore William, farmer, Ballachrink
Morrison Thomas, owner of part of Gretchmoor
Mylchreest Matthias, farmer, Blybane
Mylchreest Thomas, farmer, Ballamenagh
Mylrea William, owner of part of Ballakilley
Mylroi Thomas joseph, farmer, Ballachosney
Mylroi Henry, farmer, Close Moar
Mylroi (widow), landowner, part of Ballachosney

Noble Henry B., owner of Brondell, &c.

Pitcairn Mary jane, owner of Grawe

Quayle James, farmer, Ardwillaugh
Quayle Margaret, owner of Ballacojean
Quayle W., grocer, and owner of Ballamilgyn
Quilleish John, farmer, Ballaquark
Quilleish Thomas, farmer, Temperance Hotel, Dhoon
Quilleish William, farmer, Ballaragh ,
Quine John (sen. and jun.), farmers, and owners of Conerenny
Quine Thomas, landowner, Ballacoan
Quirk Robert, owner of part of Gretcbmoor

Rowe William Henry, mine agent, Baldrine

Simpson Charles, owner of Balldromrna-beg
Skillicorn J, farmer, Ballagare
Skillicorn James, farmer, Clarum
Spedding joseph, owner of part of Colby
Stephenson William, Victoria Cottage
Stowell M. H., tenant farmer, Ballalheaney
Stowell Hugh, landowner, Baldrine


Talbot Rev. Theophilus, owner of Rhaa
Taylor William, landowner, Mylrea's Croft, Baljean
Teare John, landowner, part of Gretchvoar


White John, tenant farmer, Baldromma
Wilkinson Rev. J., Vicar of Lonan, the Vicarage
Williamson James, farmer, Gretchmoor


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