[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Armstrong George, shopkeeper, New-road
Armstrong George, lead washer, Minorca

Backiley Thomas, Lerghey Grawe
Baiklys Thomas, smith, South Cape
Bateman Mrs, Minorca
Bateman William, miner, Old Laxey Bridge
Beck James, manager of the Equitable Co-operative Society, Minorca,
Boyde John, carman, Laxey Glen
Boyce Thomas, miner, South Cape
Bradbury Dr. Joseph, New-road
Brew M., New-road
Brew William, miner, King Orry
Brew William, iron merchant, South Cape
Bridson Thomas, butcher, Old Laxey Hill
Brown Mrs Jane, Glen-road
Bums John, miner, Minorca

Cain James, lockman, South Cape 40
Cain John, butcher, Lherghey Grawe
Caley Miss, dressmaker, New-road
Callow Emily, lodging-house keeper, New-road
Callow John, clerk, Great Laxey Mines
Callow John, lead washer, Minorca
Callow John, miner, Lherghey Grawe
Callow Robert, washer, Laxey Mines-road
Callow Robert, miner, King Orry
Callow William, miner, Big Wheel-road
Cannell John j., clothier, New-road
Cannell John James, miner, Glen-road
Cannell Joseph, miner, Glen-road
Cannan.Ellen, dressmaker, Old Laxey
Corrooin William, shoemaker, Minorca
Casement Ann, widow, Minorca
Clucas William, baker, Glen-road
Christian William, miner, South Cape
Clague. Robert Jos., painter, New-road
Clague Charles, lead washer, Glen-road
Clague Henry, miner, Laxey Beach
Clague Jane, Minorca
Clague John P., miner, South Cape
Clague William, miner, Minorca
Clarke James, gardener, Mines-road
Cleator Jane, King Orry
Clucas William, miner, Laxey Beach
Corkill Henry, miner, Berdawne
Corkill John, joiner, Minorca
Corkill John, miner, Minorca
Corkill Robert, miner, Laxey Mines-road
Corkill William, miner, South Cape
Cojeen Robert, miner, Rencell
Cojeen William, manager Co-operative Society. Laxey
Collister John, Glen-road
Collister M. A., schoolmaster, New-road
Coole E., New-road, Laxey
Coole Elizabeth, widow, New-road
Coole Thomas, miner, New-road
Corkill Mrs, Fairy Cottage, South Cape
Corlett Caesar, miner, Berdawne
Corlett Matthias, miner, Lherghey Grawe
Corkill Robert, miner, Glen-road
Corlett Robert, miner, King Orry
Corlett Robert, lead washer, New-road
Corlett, Thomas, miller, Laxey Glen
Corlett, Thomas, H.K., miller and corn merchant, Laxey Glen Mills
Corlett William, miner, Rencell
Corlett William, miner, Minorca
Corlett William, farmer and car proprietor, Minorca
Corrin Thomas, mason, South Cape
Cottier John, grocer, New-road
Cottier Thomas, grocer, Park-view, Laxey
Cottier William, miner, Minorca
Cowin James, miner, King Orry
Cowin John, miner, Minorca
Cowley John, miner, Old Laxey
Cowin John Thomas, port master, clerk to Lonan School Committee, and registrar of births and deaths district of Lonan, New-road, Laxey
Craine James, draper, &c., New-road
Creer John, miller, farmer, and manure agent, Ballawill
Crowe James, car proprietor, Glen-road
Cubbon Miss Catherine, dressmaker, Glen-road
Currey John, foreman blacksmith, Laxey Mines-road


Dickinson Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Dickinson W., hostler, New-road
Duggan Thomas, pilot, Laxey beach

Fargher Mrs, Axnfell boarding-house, Laxey
Faragher James, miner, Laxey beach
Faragher Joseph, greengrocer, Mines-road
Faragher Thomas, Dumbell's-row
Faragher Thomas, miner, Laxey Mines-road
Faraker Robert., miner, Lherghy Grawe
Foster John, weaver, Victoria Cottage
Foster James, weaver, Minorca

Garrett Andrew, miner, Rencell
Garrett Mrs Ann, widow, Laxey beach
Garrett James, miner, Minorca
Garrett William, roadman, Minorca
Gawne Thomas, miner, Minorca
Gelling Joseph, miner, Tent-road
Gelling Richard, miner, Rencell
Gelling Thomas, washer, Glen-road
Gill John, secretary of the Co-operative Society, Laxey
Gill James, miner, King Orry
Gill John, lead washer, Laxey Beach
Gilmore Joseph, miner, Rencell
Great Laxey Mining Company, Limited; Francis Reddicliffe, manager

Hall Richard Gregory, Commercial Hotel & Dining Rooms, Ne
Hampton Ellen, Glen View, Laxey
Henry lames, miner, Laxey Beach
Hampton jno. R., parochial surveyor of highway, Glen View, Laxey
Henry Robert, joiner, Big Wheel-road
Henry Thomas, licensed victualler, Queen's Hotel, Laxey
Henry Misses, dressmakers, &c., Alma-terrace, Laxey
Hoskin John, engineer, King Orry
Hogg Jane, widow, Tent-road
Hogg Joseph, miner, Old Laxey
Hogg Thomas, miner, Minorca
Hogg Thomas, miner, Laxey Beach
Hudgin John, miner, Minorca
Hudgin Thomas, Laxey Glen

Ireland John, washer, Glen-road
Irvin Mr,s Arm, Laxey Beach

Jackson n William, chemist, New-road
Jeane Henry, engine driver, Minorca
Jeane Walter, engine driver, Minorca


Kegg Thomas, washer, Dumbell's-row
Kelly Arm, Minorca
Kelly Elizabeth, Glen-road
Kelly James, washer, Glen-road
Kelly John, Glen-road Minorca
Kelly Jane, widow,
Kelly Ann Mrs, widow, Rencell
Kelly John, miner, Glen-road
Kelly John, miner, Minorca
Kelly John, miner, Laxey Glen-road
Kelly John, farmer, Minorca
Kelly Joseph, miner, King Orry
Kelly Robert, miner, Minorca
Kelly Thomas, labourer, Lhergy Grawe
Kelly Thomas, miner, New-road
Kelly Thomas, miner, Ramsey Old-road
Kelly Thomas, washer, Berdawne
Kelly Thomas, miner, South Cape
Kelly William, tailor, Rencell
Kelly William, miner, Minorca
Kermeen John, miner, Glen-road
Kermode Jane, Minorca
Kermode Mrs, widow, King Orry.
Kermode Walter, postman, King Orry
Kermode Wm., joiner and builder,-South Cape
Kerruish E., engineer Laxey Mines, Alma-terrace
Kerruish - miner, Rencell
Kewley Enos, joiner and undertaker, New-road
Kewley James, miner, Glen-road
Kewley James, miner, Laxey beach
Kewley John, bootmaker, Glen-road
Kewley John, grocer, &c., Glen-road
Kewley Thomas, King Orry
Kewley William, miner, Old Laxey-hill
Kewley William, miner, Glen-road
Kewley Robert, auctioneer, Grawe
Killey Henry, saddler, New-road
Killey James, blacksmith and manure agent, New-road
Killey Thomas, miner, South Cape
Killip John, captain of mines, Laxey Mine-road
Killip John, washer, South Cape
Killip Margaret, widow, South Cape
Killip Thomas, blacksmith, manure and seed agent, South Cape
Killip William, carter, Rencell
Kinnish John, miner, King Orry
Kneale John, miner, South Cape
Kneale, Thomas, miner, Rencell
Kinrade John James, miner, Rencell
Kinrade-Thomas, licensed victualler, Bridge Inn, and car proprietor
Kinrade William, bandmaster and hair dresser, New-road
Kinrade William, shop-keeper, Mines-road

Lawton Robert, jun., miner, Old Laxey
Laxey Industrial and Provident Society, New-road
Lee Joseph, Abbey Cottage, Laxey
Looney John, refreshments, Laxey Beach
Looney William, miner, Minorca

McClean James, miner, Laxey Beach
McClean William, miner, Laxey Beach
McNiel Miss, Minorca
McNeil Sarah, dressmaker, Minorca
McKneale Miss, dressmaker, Minorca
Mar Mrs M., shopkeeper, Minorca
Mar Thomas, miner, Minorca
Miller Dr., Alma-terrace, Laxey
Milburn Isaac, New-road, Laxey
Moore Mrs Mary, Laxey Mine-road
Moughtin Eleanor, Glen-road
Moughtin John, grocer, Rencell
Moughtin James, miner, Glen-road,
Moughtin Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Mylechraine John, miner, King Orry
Mylroi Daniel, farmer, Glen-road
Mylroi John, joiner, builder, and cabinetmaker, Glen-road
Mylroi John, miner, South Cape
Mylroi Thomas, shopkeeper, South Cape
Mylroi Thomas, tailor and outfitter, New-road


Nelson James, mason, South Cape


Old Laxey Equitable Co-operative Society, Old Laxey
Old Laxey Working Men's Reading Room, The Beach
Oates Thomas, Glen-road
Osbome William, New Inn, New-road
Orry Sam, Old Laxey

Partington Sophia, Laxey Mines-road
Pierce Richard, blacksmith, Glen-road
Preston George, school master, South Cape


Qualtrough Henry R., general draper, New-road
Quayle Mrs Ann, Glen-road
Quayle George, secretary of the Equitable Co-operative Society Minorca
Quayle George, jun., miner, Old Laxey
Quayle Mrs Jane, Glen-road
Quayle Joseph, miner, Laxey Beach
Quilleish John, joiner, Glen-road
Quilliam William. police sergeant, Police Station, Laxey
Quine John, miner, Glen-road
Quine John, miner, New-road
Quine John, Glen-road
Quine Margaret, Laxey Mine-road
Quine Robert, miner, King Orry
Quine William., washer, King Orry
Quirk Mrs Isabella, Glen-road
Quirk Mrs Elizabeth, New-road
Quine Mrs, Marine Cottage, South Cape


Reddicliffe Francis, mine manager
Radcliffe John, miner, Dumbell's-row
Radcliffe John, miner, South Cape
Robinson John, miner, South Quay
Robinson William, licensed victualler, Shore Inn
Rowe Wm. Henry, mine agent, Laxey Mines
Ryding Egbert, woollen manufacturer, The Firs, Laxey

Savage Patrick, miner, Lherghey Grawe
Sayle Paul, miner, South Quay
Sayle Robert, miner, Mines-road
Scarff Thomas, washer, Laxey Mines-road
Scarff Wm., overlooker of mines, Laxey Mines-road
Senogles David, blacksmith, Laxey Mines-road
Senogles Joseph, washer, Glen-road
Senogles Wm., refreshment rooms, Mines-road
Skillicorn Mrs, refreshment rooms, Mines-road
Skillicorn James, miner and butcher, Glen-road
Skillicorn Robert, lead washer, Dumbell's-row
Skillicorn Thomas, butcher, Old Laxey-hill
Skillicorn William, roadsman, Minorca
Spicer Rev. J. M., Parsonage, Laxey
Starkey William, Mines-road
Stowell Hugh, chemist, Glen Wood Cottage


Taylor John James, miner, Glen-road
Tennant Mrs, boarding school, King Orry House, Laxey
Tomkin Edward, miner, Rencell
Tranmer Rev. J. R., Primitive Methodist minister, Laxey
Typper William, grocer, New-road

Wade William, miner, Minorca
Walton John, miner, Minorca
Walton Thomas, miner, Old Laxey
Watterson George, car proprietor, Mines-road
Watterson Jane, farmer, Mines-road, Laxey
Watterson Edward, carter, Glen-road
Watterson John, car proprietor, Mines-road
Williamson David, Ironmonger and oil merchant, Laxey
Williamson James, grocer, baker, butcher, and car proprietor, Old Laxey
Williamson Robert, H. K., grocer and provision merchant, Laxey Glen Hotel and Pleasure Grounds


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