[From Brown's Directory, 1894]



Macauley Mrs Mary, Chester House, Broadway
Machin Samuel, drill instructor, 19, Brisbane-street
Macnarnara James, master mariner, 38 Derby-square
Macallister Mark, 8 St. George's-street
Maden Mrs, lodging-house, 19 Castle-street
Maden John, Mona Marine Baths, 19 Castle-street
Maddison Rev. Chas. John, 6 Osborne-terrace
Maddrell William, mariner, 3 Railway -terrace, Peel-road
Magee William. grocer, spirit dealer, and car proprietor, Bridge-road
Maley Charles, accountant, stock and share broker, secretary to the Regent Hotel Go., Glen Helen Hotel and Estate Co., Douglas at Port Soderick Steam Ship Co. ; agent for the West of England Fire and Life and the London Guarantee and Accident Insurance Co. 31 Athol-street ; residence, 27 Hawarden-avenue
Maley Mrs Eleanor George, 41 Athol-street
Maley Robert, clerk, Grosvenor-road
Mallinson James, agent for the Royal Life Assurance Co., Goldie-terrace Upper Church-street
Mallinson John, 12 Murray's-road
Manx Bank, Limited, James M. Sutherland, manager, 57 Victoria-street
Manx Billposting Company, Wm. Hollaway, manager, Hill-street
Manx Building Co., Limited, Upper Church-street
Manx Tobacco Manufacturing Company, Finch-road
Marrion Wm., Wolverhampton House, Hutchinson-square
Marsh Giles, 10 Demesne-road
Marshall John, 8 Taubman-terrace
Marshall Mrs Saville, 26 Windsor-road
Marsden Arthur Henry, licensed victualler, Douglas Head Hotel
Marsden Joseph, mineral water manufacturer, Kensington-road
Marsden Thomas, mineral water manufacturer, Drumgold-street
Marsden Samuel Horatio, wholesale wine and spirit merchant, Duke-street ; residence, 2 Windsor-terrace
Marsden William, artist, 12 Fort William
Martin Mrs A., boarding-house, 53 North-quay
Mason Mrs, Belgravia House, Kingswood-grove
Mason Robert G., Hambleton and Clifton House, 33 and 34 Loch Promenade
Mason Miss, manageress Peveril Hotel, Victoria Pier
Mates Charles Henry, coal merchant, Bridge-road
Mates William, hairdresser and tobacconist, 32 Buck's-road
Matthews Mrs, 77 Derby-square
Matthews John, 15 Alexander-drive
Matthews Thomas, clerk, 31 Castle Mona-avenue
Matthieson A., Alexander-drive
Mathieson Roderick Murdoch, house surgeon, Noble's Hospital
Maugham Miss Dorothy, 2 Eastfield
Mawdesley Thomas, Brookwood House, Empress-terrace
Mawson Wm., agent for the Prudential Assurance Co., Grosvenor-road
May George, master mariner, 5 Brisbane-street
May Edmund, builder, 19 Farrant-street
Mayne Mrs Ann, 14 Kensington-road
Maypole Dairy Co., Duke-street
Mackenzie Thomas, surgeon, Sydney-mount, Buck's-road
McAdam Wm. Robt. (McAdam & Moore), joiner and builder, 9 Albany-street
McAdam & Moore, builders and contractors, Upper Church-street
McAllister James, lodging-house, 1 Parade-street
McArd John, mason, 17 Castle Mona-avenue
McAlinden Frank, car proprietor, Chester-street
McArdle Miss Jessie, dressmaker, 48 Buck's-road
McEvoy William, fruiterer and greengrocer, 19 Duke-street
McCammon G. A., chief clerk customs, 11 Woodburn-square
McCallister Mrs Margaret, 6 Belgrave-terrace
McCann Henry, 12 Albert-street
McCann Mary, stationer and tobacconist, 63a Strand-street
McClure Albert, grocer and spirit dealer, Murray's-road
McCombe Robert, moulder, 7 Tynwald-street
McCombe Edward, French Laundry, 64 Circular-road
McCombe William, smith, 11 Fort William
McCluskey Henry, Imperial Vaults, 15 Lord-street
McCoroskin Hugh, 3 Demesne-road
McCranney John, shopkeeper, 24 Drumgold- street
McCutcheon John, family grocer and spirit dealer, 29 Strand-street
McDonnell Arthur, grocer and poulterer, 7 Lord-street
McDowell Richard, coachman, 21 Falcon-street
McFarlane, Wm., car proprietor, 17 Windsor-road
McGhie John, Bath-place
McGlashin Mrs, 4 Sydney-street
McGrath Miss Isabella, 33 Derby-road
Mclntyre Maria, lodging-house, 20 Victoria-street
McIver Miss Edith, stationer and newsagent, circulating library,. 47 Strand-street
McKibbin James, dining rooms, 1 Strand-street
McKeown Bros., oyster merchants, Walpole-avenue, North-quay and Douglas Head
McLaren Miss E., Lincluden House, Queen's Promenade
Mclaughlin William, sergeant of police, 17 Allan-street
McLeod James, wax modeller, 42 Murray's-road
McNeil John, musician, 22 Brisbane-street
McNeil George, coalfactor, 37 Hope-street
McQueen Captain Alexander, master mariner, 1 Taubman-terrace
Metcalf Wm. Henry, Queen's Hotel, Queen's Promenade
Metcalf & Co., fancy goods dealers, 60 Duke-street
Metcalf Giles, Laureston-road
Mew Henry, Chatsworth Private Hotel, 3 Loch Promenade
Midland Counties Watch Company, watchmakers and jewellers (John James Davidson, manager), 20 Victoria-street
Milburn & Co., ironmongers, 52 Strand-street
Milburn John Joseph, plumber and gasfitter, 12 Castle-street
Miller James, grocer, 15 Victoria-road
Miller Rev. John, St. Mary's, Buck's-road
Miller William, Larboard Watch Boarding Establishment, 61 Loch Promenade
Milne John, light keeper, Douglas Head
Milne Peter, Waverley and Havelock House, 36 Loch Promenade
Mills L., tailor, 22 Castle-street


Newsome Albert E., hairdresser and tobacconist, Victoria-road
Newson Geoge S., hairdresser and tobacconist, Finch-road and 4. Castle-street
Newton Edward, 17 Derby-square
Newton Robert John, 1 Strathallan -crescent
Newton William Charles, Queen's Promenade
Nield Garside, insurance agent, 27 Castle Mona-avenue
Nicklin Mrs Hannah, 2 Alpine-terrace, Summer-hill
Nichol John, postman, 1 Raphael-road
Nicholls William, grocer and provision dealer. 20 Windsor-road
Nicholson Miss Dina, 17 Derby-road
Nicholson Bros., painters and decorators, Well Road-hill
Nicholson Charles, painter, 4 Princes-street
Nicholson James, painter, 2 Stanley- terrace, Broadwiy
Nicholson John M., painter, 1 Laureston-terrace, Broadway
Nicholson Mrs Sarah, Harewood House, Mona-drive
Nimmo Arthur, compositor, Spring Gardens
Nixon Edward, 11 Osborne-grove
Norman William Henry, 4 Eastfield
Nott Mrs Margaret, 35 Hawarden-avenue
Nowell John F., sawyer, 31 Hope-street
Nuttall Robert, 16 Primrose-avenue


Oakden Mrs Ann, 2 Woodburn-square
Oates Elizabeth, 30 Demesne-road
Oates Mrs Susan, dressmaker, 17 Kensington-road
Oates James, 75 Derby-road
Oates Mrs Mary E., 4 Mount Havelock
O'Connor Philip, porter, 26 Wellington-street
O'Connor Richard, 76 Finch-road
O'Hanlon Mrs Mary, confectioner, 57 North-quay
O'Hanlon Stephen, oyster dealer, 46 Strand-street
O'Hara John, gardener, Woodburn-road
O'Hara Richard, captain of the fire brigade, 8 Queen-street, North-quay
Okell William, brewer, Falcon Brewery; residence, Glen Falcon
Okell & Son, brewers, Falcon Brewery, Victoria-road
Oldale John, Sheffield House, So Circular-road
Oldham Mrs R., ladies' school, 1 Hutchinson-square
Oldroyd James, 30 Murray's-road
Olympia Pleasure Grounds, Crescent-road
O'Malley David, M.D., surgeon and physician, 38 Finch-road
Ormerod, Miss Sarah, Falcon Cliff Cottage, Victoria-road
Orr James, 7 Derby-road
Osborne John F., engineer, 13 Hope-street
Overton Mrs E., 17 Brisbane-street


Page Mrs, 1 Oxford-street
Page George, draper's assistant, 7 Berkeley-street
Palmer Captain George, 5 Salisbury-terrace, Laureston-road
Parfit John, mariner, 17 Princes-street
Park Mrs Margaret, midwife, 56 Finch-road
Parker Mrs and Miss, Belfast House, Grand Buildings, Victoria-street
Parker Mrs Elizabeth, 2 Railway-terrace, Peel-road
Parker William, clerk, 67 Castle Mona-avenue
Pavkes Samuel, family butcher, 49 Buck's-road
Parkes John, Salisbury Hotel, Victoria-street
Parkinson Mark, printer and stationer, 9 Cambridge-terrace
Parkinson Richard E., Walpole Hotel, Walpole-avenue
Parkinson Robert Thomas, Accrington House, Hutchinson-square
Parr Thomas, Lawn House, 5 Castle Mona-avenue
Pascoe Mrs Isabella, 7 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Partington John, 59 Derby-road
Paterson Alexander C,, chemist, 4~5 Victoria-street
Payne Captain William, Amberley House, 8 Raphael-road
Pearce Walter, agent for the Pearl Assurance Co., 13 Demesne-road
Pearson Mrs Jane, 45 Derby-road
Pearson Mrs Elizabeth, Accrington House, 9 Windsor-road
Pedder Richard D., 6 Windsor-road
Pendlebury James, insurance agent, 27, Tynwald-street
Perry Alice, 13 Fort William
Perry Mrs, Hope View, 29 Peel-road
Perry Mrs Mary, 6 Queen's-avenue
Phillips Mrs, lodging-house, 29 Castle-street
Phillips James, coachmaker, 22 Circular-road
Phillips Joseph Ambrose, tailor, 10 Great George's-street
Phillips Joseph, 6 Albert-street
Peveril Hotel Company, Limited, Miss Mason, managress, Victoria Pier
Pickard Albert, family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 64 Buck's-road
Pickard John, grocer, 4 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Pickett William, 3 Hope-street
Pierce Joseph. bricklayer, 5 Spring Gardens
Pimblott Mrs Elizabeth, Euston House, 1 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Pimblott Frederick, baker, 15 Derby-road
Pinder William, 13 Selborne-road
Pine Joseph. auctioneer, 12 Clifton-terrace
Place Alexander, butler, 2 Victoria-place
Plumbley Richard, licensed victualler, Cross Keys Inn, 11 Church-street
Pollard William, nursery, fruit, flower, and vegetable gardens, Alexander drive
Pollard William, fruiterer, 16 Prospect-terrace
'Pollard William Henry, florist, Belmont
Poole William, fish dealer, 117 Castle Mona-avenue
Porter Henry, bricklayer, 10 Oxford-street
Postlethwaite Mark j., grocer, 1 Bigwell-street
Poulter Frederick, professor of music, 38 Woodburn-square
Power William, tanner, 113 Castle Mona-avenue
Prebble Henry, wood carver, 10 Eastfield
Preston George, builder, 17 Tynwald-street
Preston John, 7 Alexander-drive
Pritchard Mrs Christian , 28 Woodburn-square
Pritchard John, Sheffield House, 2 St. George's-street
Pritchard Mrs Mary, Grange House 44 Loch Promenade
Proctor John, cabinetmaker, 54 Derby-square
Proctor Leonard, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 8 Athol-street
Proctor Mrs Maria, 18 Mona-street
Proctor Wm., boot and shoe manufacturer, 37 Castle-street ; residence Quarter-bridge-road
Pryor Mrs Mary, Princes-avenue, Murray's-road
Purvis John, car proprietor, 2 Great Nelson-street
Putman Thomas, engineer, 8 Castletown-road


Quaggan Mrs Ellen, 26 Castletown-road
Quaggan Robert Henry, mariner, 22 Castletown-road
Qualtrough & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Castletown-road
Qualtrough Mrs Eleanor, 4 Kensington-road
Qualtrough Henry, boat builder, 9 Castletown-road
Qualtrough Robert, 2 Raphael-road
Qualtrough Thomas S., chemist, 81 Buck's-road
Qualtrough William George, draper, 17 Strand-street
Quane Caesar Bacon, Dublin House, 54 Loch Promenade
Quay Robert, labourer, 20 Circular-road
Quayle Caesar, car proprietor, 31 Derby-road
Quayle Mrs, and Mrs Kewley, 13 Upper Church-street
Quayle Mrs Captain, 73 Derby-road
Quayle Mrs Ann, grocer, 5 5 Castle Mona-avenue
Quayle Mrs Ann, 63 Circular-road
Quayle Mrs Catherine, 14 Christian-road
Quayle Charles, labourer, 14 St George's-street
Quayle Edwaid, cabinetmaker, 1 Nutford- terrace, Castle Mona-avenue
Quayle Edward, Inspector of Police, 102 Buck's-road
Quayle George, labourer, 12 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Quayle James, Sefton family and commercial hotel, Promenade
Quayle James, Murray's-load
Quayle J., 22 Buck's-road
Quayle John, hosier and tailor, 9 Strand-street
Quayle John Caesar, Customs officer, 11 Hope-street
Quayle John, 55 Derby-square
Quayle John, plumber, 22 Mona-street
Quayle John M., advocate, Sumner-General, St. George's-street
Quayle Joseph, mariner, 95 Castle Mona-avenue
Quayle John E., clerk, 8 Primrose-avenue
Quayle Mrs Margaret, 8 Spring Gardens
Quayle Robert, foreman, 13 Belmont-terrace
Quayle Robert, mason, 44, Princes'-street
Quayle Robert, 4 Tynwald-street
Quayle Robert, tailor and draper, 26 Church-street
Quayle Robert, merchant tailor, Great Nelson-street
Quayle Thomas, mason, 7 St. George's-street
Quayle Thomas, stone mason, 63 Church-road
Quayle William, constable, 10 Rope-street
Quayle William, stone cutter, 20 Circular-road
Quiggin Mrs, 5 Drury-termce, Broadway
Quiggin Edward Todd & Co., timber merchants, The Lake
Quiggin Edward Todd, Duchy Towers, Alexander-drive
Quiggin Edward, boiler maker, 16 St. George's-street
Quiggin James, Snaefell House, 23 Loch Promenade
Quiggin John, joiner, 5 Drury-terrace
Quiggin Charles, joiner, 7 Laureston-terrace
Quiggin William Francis, baker, 19 Drinkwater-street and 45 Circular-road
Quilliam Thomas, 12 Buck's-road
Quilliam Walter, 2 Derby-terrace
Quilleish Philip, blacksmith, 34 Princes-street
Quilleish William, grocer and chandler, 7 Duke-street
Quilleish William, 2 Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road
Quilliam William, confectioner, 18 North-quay
Quinn Frank, licensed victualler, New Strand Inn, 58 Strand-street
Quine John, gardener, 24 Belmont-terrace
Quine Rev. John, M.A., 52 Derby-square
Quine John, coachman, Victoria-road
Quine John, gardener, 24 Belmont-terrace
Quine Joseph, joiner, 45 Murray's-road
Quine Mrs Margaret, 4 Richmond-grove
Quine Miss Mary, Athol House, 23 Belmont-terrace
Quine Peter, joiner, Rosemount,
Quine Richard, baker, 24 Buck's-road
Quine Richard, car proprietor, 6 Richmond-grove
Quine and Shimmin, bootmakers, 54 Strand-street
Quine Mrs Sarah, 63 Derby-square
Quine Thomas, policeman, 16 Belmont-terrace
Quine Thomas, labourer, 21 Tynwald-street
Quine William, shopman, 14 Castle-street
Quine Wm. and Thos. F., millers and corn merchants, Castletown-road
Quinney Henry, master carter, 4 Peel-road
Quinney Matthias and James. grocers, wine and spirit dealers, 56 Strand street
Quinney Matthias, 24 Windsor-road
Quinney Robert, fruiterer and florist, 35 Strand-street
Quinney Thomas. shopinan, 5 Berkeley-street
Quirk Miss Catherine, 16 Brisbane-street
Quirk Charles, carter, 1 Albany-street
Quirk Evan, car proprietor, South-quay
Quirk James, plasterer, 16 Kingswood-grove
Quirk Mrs Jane, Grosvenor-road
Quirk John, master mariner, 17 Douglas Head-road
Quirk J., 7 Railway-terrace, Peel-road
Quirk Richard, miller, 18 Bridge-road
Quirk Thomas, mason, 5 Tynwald-street
Quirk William, 17 Great Nelson-street
Quirk William, baker and confectioner, 38 Strand-street
Quirk William, blacksmith, 1 Drinkwater-street


Radcliffe Alexander, painter and decorator, Finch-road residence 12, Kingswood-grove
Radcliffe Alfred B., compositor, 22 Albert-street
Radcliffe Edward, compositor, 13 Allan-street
Radcliffe James, retired farmer, 26 Hope-street
Radcliffe John, 28 Derby-road
Radcliffe John, baker and confectioner, 12a Strand-street
Radcliffe John C., chemist, 38, Victoria-street
Radcliffe John, painter and decorator, 49 Derby-square
Radcliffe J., caretaker, 13 Prospect-hill
Radcliffe Mrs Margaret E., 2 Mona-terrace
Radcliffe Thomas, 32 Woodburn-square
Radcliffe Thomas Edward, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 12 Victoria-street
Radcliffe William, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 1 Athol-street residence, Greenwood House, 2 Loch Promenade
Radford Mrs Martha Jane, Alexander-roqd
Railway Hotel, manageress Miss O'Neil, Douglas Bridge
Raisbeck Thomas W., mariner, 30 Allan-street
Ray Mrs Margaret, 99 Castle Mona-avenue
Rayner William A., gentleman, 3 Queen's-avenue
Reay David, watchmaker, 19 Douglas Head-road
Reed Mrs, 3 Brunswick-road
Reed Mrs R., 3 Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road
Reeve David, professor of music, 15 Kensington-road
Reid Captain Alexander, Grosvenor-road
Reid Henry, car proprietor, 5 Fort-street
Regent Hotel Company, Limited, William Welden, managing director, 12 Loch Promenade
Remington Rev. Henry, curate of St. Thomas', 19 Woodburn-square
Rennison William J., architect, 14 Victoria-road
Reynolds James, marine stores, 11 Fort-street
Reynolds James, licensed victualler, Cumberland Inn, Market-place
Rhodes Rev. J., Brighton- terrace, Rosemount
Richards Miss, teacher of drawing, 6 Cambridge -terrace
Richards Miss, Derby-terrace
Richardson Henry, telegraph engineer, 12 Summer-hill
Richardson William, land steward, 18 Castletown-road
Ridge John, schoolmaster, Alexander-drive
Ridsdale Charles B., accountant, 9 Derby-road
Reid Robert, pianoforte dealer, 49 Castle Mona-avenue
Rigby John, lodging-house, 20 Belmont-terrace
Rigby Josiah Kendall, chartered accountant (firm of Walker & Co.), Athol-street
Riley Mrs Elizabeth, Earle House boarding establishment 19, Loch Promenade
Riley Miss, dressmaker, 14 Hope-street
Riley John, plasterer, 9 Murray's-road
Riley Mrs Mary Jane, Argyle House, 63a Loch Promenade
Ring George Alfred, advocate, 13, Athol-street ; residence -Willaston
Rippon Rev. Thomas, Wesleyan minister,11 Queen's-avenue
Ritchie Miss, and Miss Crellin, 9 Alexander-drive
Roach Charles Thomas, family grocer, wine and spirit merchant, 3 Windsor-road
Roach Mrs Emma, 23 Murray's-road
Roberts Fredk. Wm., hairdresser and tobacconist, 31 North-quay
Roberts Mrs Nessie, 29 Athol-street
Roberts Roger, Denbigh House, 8 Walpole-avenue
Roberts Thomas Henry, fruiterer, 7 Prospect-hill
Roberts Thomas, master mariner, 2 Victoria-road
Robertson David, Master School of Art, Derby-square
Robertson Mrs Mary Ann, Lilly Bank, Woodburn-road
Robinson Bros., printers, stationers and photographers, official fees stamp office, 19 Athol-street
Robinson Mrs Elizabeth, 13 Derby-road
Robinson Alexander, clerk, 4 Hawarden-avenue
Robinson Mis Elizabeth, 13 Kensington-road
Robinson Mrs Elizabeth, 78 Finch-road
Robinson Mrs Louisa, 3 Strathallan-crescent
Robinson Mrs M. E., 7 Queen's-avenue
Robinson Mrs Sophia, 2 Mount Bradda
Robinson Thomas, greengrocer, Well-road Hill
Robinson Mrs Rebecca, 7 Oxford-street
Robinson Thomas, Manchester House, 77 Circular-road
Rogers Miss, 39 Murray's-road
Rogers Henry, accountant, Finch-road
Rogers Joseph Claude, accountant, Prospect-hill
Rogers Joseph Drake, accountant, Prospect-hill
Roney Richard, grocer and spirit merchant, 14 Duke-street residence, Laureston-road '
Rooth John, butcher, 61 Victoria-street
Rose Dr., oculist and aurist, 16 Finch-road
Roskell Mrs Mary, 6 Taubman-terrace
Ross Mrs, Longsight House, Church-road
Ross Mrs Agnes, Edinburgh House, boarding establishment, 118 Bucks-road
Ross Charles, mariner, 14 Murray's-road
Ross James, engineer, 14 Fort William
Ross James, malster, 10 Mount Havelock
Rothe Erman, waiter, 4 Kingswood-grove
Rothwell Mrs Mary A., 19 Buck's road
Rothwell Mrs Sarah, 10 Stanley-view, Broadway
Roughley William, agent for the Wigan Coal and Iron Company, South-quay ; residence, 12 Primrose-avenue
Rowe The Misses, ladies' school, 16 Kensington-road .
Rowe Frederick, accountant, secretary to the Falcon Cliff Hotel Co., Woolfs Brewery Co., Central Hotel Co., Manx Syndicate, Athol street ; residence, Francis Villa, Laureston-road
Rowland Edwin, Fern Villa, 4 Murray's-road
Rowlands Mrs Catherine, 37 Castle Mona-avenue
Royston Joseph, jun., L. D.S., surgeon dentist, 5 Belmont-terrace
Royston Joseph & Son, masons, 12a Peel-road
Royston Joseph, marble mason, 9 Hawarden-avenue
Royston Norris, mason, 3, Auckland-grove
Ruddy Ca,herine, poultry dealer, 6 Castle-street
Rushworth Harry, Butterworth's Hotel, Prospect-hill
Rushworth Joseph, Black Lion Hotel, 37 North-quay
Russell J., hairdresser, 88 Strand-street
Ruthven Captain William, master mariner, 11 Kensington-road
Ryan John, labourer, 18 Allan-street
Rylance John, Harborne House, Summer-hill
Rymer Mrs, Cariton House, boarding establishment, 7 Loch Promenade


Saqui Mrs Mary, 12 Falcon-street
Sansbury William, Bay View House, Loch Promenade
Sansbury John, painter, 45 Tynwald-street
Sandiford James, shopkeeper, 42 North-quay
Sanderson Mrs Ann, 1 Fort William
Sansbury William, tailor and clothier, 10 Castle-street
Saunderson F., civil engineer, 7 Athol-street ; residence-9 Earle-terrace
Savage Rev. Ernest Bickerstaffe, vicar of St. Thomas', Elsinore,Victoria-road
Savage Henry, labourer, 115 Castle Mona-avenue
Savage John, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, car proprietor, and potato merchant, 15 Church-street
Saville Joseph, foreman, 23 North-quay
Sayle the Misses, 9 Mona-drive
Sayle Mrs Elizabeth, 13 Christian-road
SayIe Henry, plasterer, 8 Victoria-place
Sayle John, family baker, Broadway
Sayle Mrs, Sea-side and Water-Edge boarding-houses, Broadway
Sayle Thomas, 2 Kensington-road
Sayle William, carter, Hanover-street
Scarff John James, car proprietor, 18 Demesne-road
Schofield Mrs Elizabeth, Modena, Broadway
Scott Alexander, greengrocer, 3 Willeston Villas, Castle Mona-avenue
Scott MacKay Hugh Baillie, architect, 23 Athol-street ; residence-3 Alexander-terrace
Searle Mrs Rosabell, 12 Queen's-avenue
Senogles John, cowkeeper, 29 Princes-street
Senogles Joseph, labourer, 49 Allan-street
Senogles Mrs Mary, Rose Mount
Sharp Edward, insurance agent, 100 Buck's-road
Sharp Matthew, ironmonger, plumber, and gasfitter, Prospect-hill
Sharpe Captain James A., Erin Brae, Queen's Promenade
Sharpe Joseph & Co., coal merchants, Fort-street
Sharpe Thomas, licensed victuallar, Masonic Arms, 61 North-quay
Sharrocks Samuel, confectioner and fruiterer. Queen's Promenade
Shaw Mrs Elizabeth, Newnham House School, 13 Windsor-road
Shaw Mrs Emma, 9 Albion-terrace
Shaw George, dealer in glass and china, 5 Walpole-avenue
Shaw James and Emma, Rockliffe House, Church-road
Shaw Rev. John, 7 Woodburn-square
Shepherd Arthur, licensed victualler, Shakespeare Hotel, Victoria-street
Shepherd Jonathan, licensed victualler, Bridge Inn, 9 North-quay
Sherlock Edward, oyster dealer, Prospect-hill
Sherwood & Co., ironmongers, plumbers, gasfitters, tinsmiths, and bellhangers, Duke-street
Shimmin Andrew, Nantwich House, Queen's Promenade
Shimmin Edwaid, labourer, 70 Circular-road
Shimmin Evan, 13 Primrose -avenue
Shimmin Miss Emily, St Elmo, 10 Loch Promenade
Shirnmin Mrs T., Primrose-avenue
Shimmin James, labourer, 8 Dukes-road
Shimmin John, car proprietor, Queen's Promenade
Shimmin Joseph, ironmonger, 1 Castle-street
Shimmin Louisa R., butcher, in Victoria-place
Shimmin Mrs Margaret, 29 Christian-road
Shimmin Moses,joiner, 109 Castle Mona-avenue
Shimmin Philip, baker & confectioner, Windsor-road & 82 Strand-street
Shimmin Robert, joiner, 13 Victoria-place
Shimmin.Thomas, car proprietor, 47 Buck's-road
Shimmin Thomas, car driver, 31 Tynwald-street
Shimmin Walter, Mount Havelock
Shimmin William Henry, car proprietor, 16 Berkeley-street
Shimmin William, labourer, 4 Nutford-place, Castle Mona-avenue
Shimmin William, 5 Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road
Shipsides Thomas, photographer, 36 fort-street
Shippam Samuel, confectioner, 25 Strand-street
Shortland Richard William, fancy bazaar, Villiers Buildings, Victoria-street ; residence, 3 Alpine-terrace
Silcock Thomas, Manchester House, 31 Peel-road
Sim Robert S., joiner, 5 Kensington-road
Simmons Miss A. and J., 2 Mount Havelock
Simpson Mrs, wardrobe dealer, Fort-street
Simpson Joseph , fruiterer, 18 Castle-street
Skillicorn Lewis, builder, 7 Summer-hill
Skillicorn James, confectioner, 89 Strand-street
Skillicorn Mrs Marion, 38 Tynwald-street
Skillicorn Mrs, 7 Albert-street
Skillicorn Elizabeth, Stockport House, 38 Circular-road
Skillicorn John, 4 Alexander-terrace, Woodburn-road
Skillicorn John, warehouseman, 54 Finch-road
Singers' Sewing Machine -Manufacturing Co., 80 Strand-street W. Winfield, manager
Skelly Mrs, Broadway House, Broadway
Skelly The Misses, Sea Bank House, 6 Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Skinner James, blacksmith, Spring Gardens
Skinner John, turner, 29 Hope-street
Skemp Rev. T. R., pastor of the Unitarian Church, Circular-road
Skottowe John, 5 Osborne-terrace
Sloan Mrs Margaret, shopkeeper, 4 Bond-Iane
Smagg Frederick, range setter, Seneschal-lane
Smailes Mrs Ann, Tennis-road
Smart Mrs, Clyde House, Peveril Buildings
Smedley J, dentist, 72 Buck's-road
Smethurst William, schoolmaster, 105 Castle Mona-avenue
Smith Miss and Miss Wilkinson, 2 Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Smith Mrs, pianoforte dealer, 24 Castle-street; residence, 14 Derby-square
Smith Mrs E., 9 Kingswood-grove
Smith Mrs, 13 Hill-street
Smith Mrs Eleanor, 46 Finch-road
Smith Henry, mariner, 12 Castletown-road
Smith John, The Mona, 31 Loch Promenade
Smith Robert, licensed victuailar, 16 Castle-street
Smith Stroud, Kindergarten School, 11 Derby-square
Smith William Henry, Strathallan Park
Smyth Martin, general draper and milliner, 1 Strand-street; residence 44 Buck's-road .
Southwell Mrs Mary Jane, 12 Woodburn-square
Sparrow Miss Elizabeth, 12 West-view
Spence Bros., cabinetmakers, 43 Athol-street
Spence Mrs Emily, Marlborough House, Empress-terrace
Spence John James, cabinetmaker, 5 Grosvenor-road
Spence William, cabinetmaker, Alexander-drive
Spencer and Hannay, printers and stationers, Manx Sun Office, 51 Victoria-street
Spencer F.. W., 3 Osborne-grove
Spittall James, advocate, 24 Athol-street ; residence-Laureston
Sproat Joseph, 2 Laureston -terrace, Broadway
Spurr Mrs Ann Maria, 4 Mona-street
Spyby Frank, 30 Windsor-road
Stafford James, painter, 36 Athol-street
Stafford, John, painter, Finch-road
Stead Mrs Emily, Furness House, 21 Prospect-hill
Steele Mrs Eleanor, iS Albert-street
Stirling Mrs E. S., Granville House, 21 Peel-road
Stevenson Frederick, Cornbrook House, 96 Buck's-road
Steward George, tramdriver, 33 Castle Mona-avenue
Stephen Frank, grocer, Alexander-drive
Stephen Frank & William, grocers and spirit merchants, Lord-street
Stephen Mrs Margaret, 13 West-view
Stephen William, 13 Woodburn-road
Steven John, painter, 6 St. George's terrace
Stephen John, builder, Hawarden-avenue
Stephen William, mason, io Mona-street
Stephen Robert Swan, H.K., J.P., advocate, Athol-street residence, Spring Valley
Stephenson William Thomas, grocer, 7 Marina-road
Stevens John William, coal merchant, 1 Brunswick-road
Stewart Michael, car proprietor, Market-street
Stokes William, Victoria Tower, Strathallan-park
Stokes Mrs, 9 Osborne-grove
Stokes The Misses, 5 Alpine-terrace, Summer-hill
Stone John William, public caterer, dining and refreshment rooms, 14 Victoria-street and Douglas Head
Storey Bridget, 2 Gelling's-court
Storey Herbert, Treasurer Isle of Man, Princes-road
Stott Robcrt, 4 Alpine-terrace, Summer-hill
Stout The Misses, dressmakers, 20 Hope-street
Stout John, tailor, 14 Oxford-street
Stowell James, fishmonger, Market-place
Stowell John, fish dealer, 2 Willaston Villas, Castle Mona avenue
Stowell Patrick, newsagent, tobacconist, and stationer, 18 Strand-street
Stowell Mrs Thomas, Cambridge House, 132 Buck's-road
Strappini Peter, 23 Derby-square
Stringer Mrs, wine and spirit stores,1 Windsor-road
Stubberfield Mrs Rosa, 10 Mona-terrace
Styles James, carter, 1 Allan-street
Sugden Mrs A., Little Switzerland
Sugden Abraham, Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Sutcliffe John A., agent for the Refuge Assurance Co., 72 Buck's-road
Sullivan Miss F., Waitati, Belgrave terrace
Sutherland Alfred D., commission agent and secretary to the Poor Relief Committee, Great Nelson-street ; residence, 22 Berkeley-street
Sutherland James, 14 Bay view
Sutherland James, tobacco manufacturer, Chapel-lane
Sutherland John F., & Co., stock and share brokers, 24 Great Nelson-street
Sutherland Patrick, Beverley Mount, Laureston-road
Sutherland J. M., Clifton
Sweeney John, tailor, 97 Castle Mona-avenue
Sykes Joshua, 7 Raphael-road


Taberner John, tailor, 20 Murray's-road
Taggart Miss Mary, 10 Berkeley street
Taggart A., bookbinder, Cambrian-place
Taggart Edward, master plasterer, 16 Demesne-road
Taggart Mrs Eliza, cow keeper, 24 Douglas Head-road
Taggart James, 60 Finch-road
Taggart Mrs Jane, 24 Hope-stree
Taggart John Joseph, manager, Hawarden. avenue
Taggart Matthew, labourer, 34 Allan-street
Taggart Rev. Thomas A., vicar of St. Matthew;'s, 15 Derby-square
Taggart William, insurance agent, 15 Stanley-terrace
Talbot Rev. Theophilus, 4 Osborne-terrace
Tallan Miss Elizabeth, 3 Rose Mount
Tallan George. Westminster-terrace, Alexander-drive
Tambaci Mrs, 76 Derby-square
Tarbet John, master mariner, 3 Woodburn-road
Tasney John, labourer, 26 Falcon-street
Tate John Godfrey, engineer, 11 Albion-terrace
Taubman E., basket maker, 33 Strand-street
Taylor Edward, 35 Murray's-road
Taylor Mrs Eunice, Birmingham House, 19 Christian-road
Taylor Frederick Henry, Woodville, Victoria-road
Taylor James, Hawarden-avenue
Taylor James, 11 Summer-hill
Taylor John, librarian, 21 Hawarden-avenue
Taylor John James, leather dealer, 21 King-street
Taylor Peter, 42 Peel-road
Taylor Richard, butcher, 5 Albany-street
Taylor Thomas, confectioner, 88a Strand-street
Taylor Mrs A., lodging-house, Broadway
Taylor Thomas, town surveyor, Ballaquayle House, Duke's-road
Taylor Walter, watchmaker, 3 Upper Church. street
Taylor Mics H., 28 Christian-road
Teare Mrs, 19 Oxford-street
Teare Mr.5 Jane, 8 Buck's-road
Teare James L., cabinetmaker, 1 Victoria-place
Teare James, mariner, 49 Allan-street
Teare John, foundry manager, 16 Hope-street
Teare Mrs Margaret, 15 Woodburn-square
Teare Mrs Margaret, 69 Buck's-road
Teare Robert, engineer, 39 Athol street
Teare Robert, 92 Buck's road
Teare William, Lord-street
Teare William, Rockbourne House, 120 Buck's road
Teare William Thomas, builder, 56 Allan-street
Teare William, painter and decorator, 44 Athol-street
'Teare William Henry, iron fitter, 38 Princes-street
Terry John F., Inspector of Weights and Measures, 8 Cambridge terrace
Temple John, Avenue House, 7 Castle Mona-avenue
Tetlow Mrs J. S., boarding establishment, 13 Mona-terrace, Finch-road
Thomas Thomas, tea merchant,11 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Thompson Richard, lithographer, Heywood-place
Thompson and Johnson, oyster merchants, 4 Victoria-pier
Thompson Mrs Annie, 5 Raphael-road
Thompson Mrs, and Mrs Wilson, 6 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Thompson Mrs Jane, 32 Derby-road
Thompson John C., 9 Hawarden,avenue
Thompson Roger Thomas, Adelphi Family and Commercial Hotel, 23 Church street
Thompson William, 3, Salisbury-terrace, Laureston-road
Thomson William, auctioneer, stock and share broker, house and estate agent, Upper Church-street ; residence- - Eastfield
Thorbum Mrs A. S., grocer,1, Berkeley-street
Thornborough Mrs Margaret, fancy repository, 9 Marina.road
Thornley George, 12 Alexander-drive
Thornton Henshaw, engineer, 6 Castletown-road
Thornton John, Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Tizard Charles, 3 Ivy Cottages, Strathallan Park
Tobin James, hairdresser, 57 North-quay
Todd Miss Roda, Ladies' School, " Cleveland," Laureston-road
Todhunter & Elliot, ironmongers, iron merchants, gasfitters, and bellhangers, 20, Duke-street
Tomlinson Thomas Joseph, 27 Christian-road
Tongue Mrs Sarah, 20 Derby-road
Tooms William, letter carrier, 7 Allan-street
Torrance Alexander, tobacconist, cigar merchant and hairdresser, Regent-street; residence-2 Woodburn-square
Torrance Gilbert & Co., wholesale grocers, wine and spirit merchants, ship owners and iron merchants, North-quay Torrance Gavin. North-quay Torrance Gilbert, North-quay
Toulson Nicholas, Studley House, Queen's Promenade
Travis Mrs, The Brassington, Empress-terrace
Travis John, Rock Villa, Strathallan Park
Trewlis Mrs, 13 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Trow William, 29 Hawarden avenue
Turner Mrs Mary A., 24 Princes-street
Turner John William, West Riding House, 6 Mona-drive
Tuton Mrs Richard, 10 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Tweedale Robert, manager, Grand Hotel, Victoria-street
Twist M., gardener, 2 Rosemount
Tyler Josiah, bootmaker, Victoria-street and 2 Strand-street
Tyman Mrs E., Richmond-grove
Tyson William George, clerk, Auckland-grove


Unsworth T., baker and confectioner, Buck's-road and 13 Castle-street


Varley Mrs Elizabeth, Clifton and Kersley House, 23 Peel-road
Veale William, Glasgow House, Church-road
Vicars Rev. Wm., Little Switzerland
Vick Thomas, blacksmith, 28 Hope-street
Villiers Hotel Co., Limited, John Crofts, manager; W. E. Young secretary ; 2 Victoria-street and 1 Loch Promenade
Vincent William, family and dispensing chemist, 34 Strand-street
Vulliamy L., surveyor, 7 Athol-street


Wade Mrs Emma G., 19 Derby-square
Waid William, grocer and tea merchant, 26 Duke-street
Waid William H., coal merchant, Burnside-terrace, Woodburn-road
Waite Mrs, 4 Osborne-grove
Walker Miss, 2 Berkeley-street
Walker Eli, 1 Mount Bradda
Walker James, C.E., Ravenscliff
Walker Thomas, steward, 20 Mona-street
Walker William, accountant (Walker & Co), Athol-street
Walsh Rev. Edmund, St. Mary's, Buck's-road
Walsh Elizabeth, Southport Villa, Demesne-road
Walsh R. A., auctioneer's clerk, 16 Back Peveril-street
Wallace Charles, watchmaker and engraver, 2 Athol-street
Wallace William, licensed victualler, Plough Inn, James-street
Waltho Mrs Nelly, Ashley House, 6 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Walters Alfred, superintendent of the Pearl Insurance Company, 7 Windsor-road
Warburton Richard, 13 Eastfield
Warburton H., tobacconist and cigar merchant, Prospect-hill
Warburton Thomas, 12 Rosemount
Warburton William, photographer, Marina Lawn
Warburton W. H., tobacconist, 2 Brunswick-road
Warhurst Mrs, 71 Derby-road
Warner Mrs, mantle maker, 25 Peel-road
Ward Mrs, wardrobe dealer, 14 Drumgold-street
Ward Henry, grocer, 8 Drumgold-street
Ward Mrs Sarah, 4 Summer Hill
Ward William, car proprietor, Wellington-square
Watson William Thompson, family grocer, 20 Prospect-terrace, Woodburn-road
Waterbouse George, 25 Castle Mona-avenue
Watterson Edward, 9 Laureston-terrace, Broadway
Watterson Mrs Eleanor, 9 Mount Havelock
Watterson Mrs Elizabeth,11 Albert-street
Watterson Henry, tailor, 74 Finch-road
Watterson Mrs Margaret, 15 Bay View
Watterson William, plasterer, 85 Circular-road
Watterson William, Stalybridge House, 21 Circular-road
Watterson William, 32 Christian-road
Watterson & Corlett; painters and decorators, Frederick-street
Watterson William A., carter, Allan-street
Watterson William, car proprietor, 6 Archway, South-quay
Watson Mrs, Workington House, Castle-drive
Watson William, carter, 35 Princes-street
Watson Robert, poulterer, 78 Strand-street
Watts Mrs Christian, 3 Granville-street, Loch Promenade
Watts E. L., 10 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Webb Robert, fancy goods dealer, 7 Cambridge-terrace
Webb Samuel, fancy goods dealer, The. Lounge, 16 & 17, Strand-street
Webster Mrs, 9 Summer-hill
Webster George, wholesale fruiterer, 91 Strand-street
Webster Miss Sarah, 28 Windsor-road
Weigh William Stephen, clerk, 6 Brisbane-street
Weigh William, newsagent, Albert-terrace
Welch Mrs, 18 Lord-street
Welch Mrs Maria, 14 Demesne-road
Welden William, managing director Regent Hotel; residence, 49 Derby-square
Welford Rev. William, Rokeby-terrace, 14 Hawarden-avenue
West George William, salesman, 103 Castle Mona-avenue
Westlake Rev. Francis Thomas B., Christian Home, St. George's House, Queen's Promenade
Weston Thomas, The Talbot Family and Commercial Hotel, Athol-street
Walley Leonard Wilkinson, professor of music, 6 West-view
White Mrs Francis E., greengrocer, 45 Athol-street
White Isaac, 2 Park-road
White Miss Lucy, 1 Swiss Villas, Strathallan Park
White Michael, Bolton Hall, Mona-drive
White William, carver and gilder, 8 Grosvenor-road
Whitehouse George Lowe, chemist and druggist, 53 Victoria-street
Whiteside Robert, commission agent, 23 Athol-street
Whiteside Thos., superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 5 Mount Bradda
Whitham Mrs, Hopwood House, Summer-hill
Whittaker Allen, grocer and spirit dealer, 3 Brunswick-road
Wigan Coal & Iron Co., W. Roughley, agent, 57 North-quay
Wilding George, glass and china dealer, Market-place
Williams Thomas George, piano tuner, 4 Derby-road:
Williamson Robert, grocer and provision merchant, 32 Prospect-hill
Willison Thomas, Cliffside, Strathallan Park
Wilson Miss Alice, glass and china dealer, 41 Strand-street
Wilson Mrs Elizabeth, 9 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Wilson Mrs Elizabeth, r Woodside. terrace
Wilson Frank, 18 Richmond-grove
Wilson Ivinson, chemist, 16 Victoria-street
Wilson James, tailor, 8 Princes-street
Wilson Matthew, 4 Primrose-aveiiue
Wilson Matthew, dining rooms, 17 Victoria-street
Wilson William, Anglesey House, Mona-drive
Willett William, tinsmith, Railway-terrace, Peel-road
Windsor Miss, 32 Peel-road
Windsor, John, butcher, 57 Circular-road
Windsor Frank, stock and share broker, Athol-street
Winfield William, manager, Singer Manufacturing Co., 80 Strand-street
Winstanley Mrs, 6 Strathallan Park
Witherspoon Thomas, sugar boiler, 49 Duke-street, and Strand-street
Woff William, grocer, 25 Church-street
Wood George Henry, Manager of the Isle of Man Railway, Oakley House Derby-road
Woods Thomas Arthur, surgeon and physician, 22 Finch-road
Wood Mrs, 22 Derby-road
Wood Mrs, Elizabeth, 21 North-quay
Wood Harriet, 19 Derby-road
Wood Harry, professor of music, 17 Albert-street
Wood John & Son, flour and yeast merchants, 31 North-quay
Wood Miss Mary, teacher of music, 1 Osborne-terrace
Wood Henry, compositor, Clarke-street
Wood Rowland, gardener, 6 Spring gardens
Wood Mrs Robina, 33 Woodburn-square
Wood Mrs Sabra, 17 Albert-street
Wood Thomas Alexander, M.D., surgeon, 4 Albert-terrace
Woodall Mary, shopkeeper., 9 Drumgold-street
Woodcock Francis, artist and photographer, Douglas Head
Woodcock George, boarding house, 15 Fort William
Woodcock James, Sycamore Cottages, Strathallan Park
Woodgate Henry John, Wesleyan and General Insurance Company's superintendent, Alexander-drive
Woodhead Mrs Elizabeth, Hanningham Villa, Empress-drive
Woods James, smith, 3 Myrtle-street
Woods William, mason, 8 Osborne-grove
Woodward Albert Edward, dentist, 1 Derby-terrace
Woollams Richard, master bricklayer, 8 Albany-street
Woolnoth Mrs and Misses, ladies'school, 1 West-view
Wordsworth George, 5 Hutchinson-square
Worrall Jason, 105 Buck's-road
Worthington William, 17, Castle-street
Wright William, retired builder, 18 Victoria-road
Wrigley Samuel, Woodville Boarding-house, Victoria-road
Wright Miss B., 18 Victoria-road
Wylde James, dentist, 32 Finch-road


Young John, chemist, sub-postoffice, 2 Duke-street
Young Mrs, 9 Esplanade
Young Philip, 5 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Young William Edwin, accountant and shipping agent; secretary to Villiers Hotel Co., and Isle of Man Tramways Ltd., Athol-street
Yoxall William, provision dealer, 4 Duke-street


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