[From Brown's Directory, 1894]




Dale William, gardener, 5, Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Dale John Robert, gardener, 14 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Dalgleish John, carter Douglas Head-road
Dalrymple Wm., tobacconist, Villiers Hotel Buildings, Victoria-street and 52 Duke-street
Daly Mrs, 1 Alexander-terrace, Woodburn-road
Daly Mrs, 31 Alexander-terrace
Daly Mrs Jane, 1 Albert-terrace, Windsor-road
Daugherty Fletcher, 7 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Davie Mrs J., Queen's Promenade
Davidson Miss, 34 Peel-road
Davidson Miss Elizabeth, boarding-house, 34 Peel-road
Davies Henry G., butcher, 25 Falcon-street
Davis Mrs Mary, 4 Derby-road
Davies Miss Catherine, milliner and ladies' outfitter, 29 Prospect-hill
Daws C. W. agent, Villiers' Chambers
Dawson Joseph, tinsmith, 5 Drumgold-street
Dawson William, agent, 17 Falcon-street
Day Richard, painter and sign writer, Princes-street
Dean George A., photographer, 4 Finch-road
Dearden John Alfred, surgeon, 18 Finch-road
Delaney Robert G., car proprietor, 27 Bigwell-street
Devereaux, fishmonger, 47 Circular-road
Devine John, labourer, 9 Mona-street
Devlin Bernard, general dealer, 19 Heywood-place
Duesbry the Misses, 7 Earle-terrace
Derby Castle Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Co. Limited- I. P. Callow, manager
Dibb Chas. & Co., grocer, Market-hill and Nelson-street
Dickinson Joseph, hairdresser, t6 Great Nelson-street
Dick Mrs A., Ellerslie, 37 Loch Promenade
Dick Andrew, grocer, 18 Prospect-hill
Dick Mrs Catherine, 10 Richmond-grove
Dickins John.H., Fairfield House, 5 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
Dickinson Mrs Emily, s Alexander-drive
Dickinson and Kneen advocates, 39 Athol-street
Dickinson Henry, draper, 3 Victoria-terrace, Victoria-road
Dickinson W. F., advocate, Ashfield; agent for the Palatine Insurance Co.
Dixon, J. L., Oban House, Loch Promenade
Dixon Captain J. C., master mariner, 7 Brunswick-road
Dixon Rev. Thomas J., St. Andrew's, Finch-road
Dobson John, grocer, 54 Duke-street
Donaldson David, car proprietor, Finch-road
Donaldson Robert James, brewer's agent, 4 Eastfield
Doughty Mrs Betsy, 8 Stanley View, Broadway
Douglas Abattoir Company, Limited, 46 Athol-street, M. Fleming, secretary
Douglas Coffee Palace Company, Mrs H. Curphey, manageress, .51 North Quay
Douglas and Laxey Electric Tramway Company, F. Saunderson, secretary, Athol-street
Douglas Grammar School, Rev. J. Quine, head master, Dalton-street
Douglas Steam Saw Mills Company, timber merchants, Lake-road
Douglas Workmen's Building Company, Limited, Church-street
Douglas & Rylands, ironmongers, 3 Strand-street
Douglas Herbert W., joiner, 6 Brunswick-road
Douglas John, joiner, o Woodburn-square
Douglas Joseph Edward, builder, 9 Woodburn-square
Douglas Robert F., builder, The Elms, Brunswick-road
Douglas Head Marine Drive, 5 Athol-street
Dowling Miss Margaret, select private apartments, 8 Stanley-terrace, Broadway
Downing Fredk., pensioner R.N., 21 Woodburn-square
Dowson William Henry, licensed victualler, Theatre Royal Hotel, Wellington-street
Doyle Daniel, clerk, 10 Myrtle-street
Doyle Mrs Mary Arm, 5 King-street
Drake Wm. V., 4, Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road
Drennan Wm. Robt., coal merchant, 25 Tynwald-street
Drinkwater George, crown receiver, 24, Athol-street
Drum Mrs, 9 Mount Bradda
Duff Mrs Esther, Burleigh, Peel-road
Duff James A., commission agent, North-quay
Duff James, tinsmith, 18 Hope-street
Duff John, car proprietor, 72 South-quay
Dugdale Miss Annie, Keighley House, 59 Loch Promenade
Duffin Charles, Indian Civil Service, 4 Selborne-road
Dumbell's and Isle of Man Banking Company-Alexander Bruce,. general manager ; John Shimmon, manager, Prospect-hill
Dungworth Charles, fancy repository, 42 Strand-street and 4 Howard-street
Dunkir Robert, car proprietor, 16 Market-street
Dunn Mrs Caroline, grocer, 3 Drumgold-street
Dunn George, plumber and gasfitter, Melbourne-street
Dunstan Amos, Circular-road
Dursley Leonard Birchfield, Strathallan -park
Dutton John, coachman, 10 Derby-road
DuVal Miss Lilly, teacher of dancing, Brunswick-road
Dyson John, poulterer, 71 Strand-street
Dyson George Edward, licensed victualler, Oddfellows' Inn, 59, North-quay


Eason Henry, builder, 13 Cambridge-terrace
Eastham Luke, Pemberton House, 5 Empress-drive
Eastham William D., coal merchant, Rosernount and South Quay
Eastwood Thomas, manager of Bowling Green Hotel, Derby-road
Eaton Mrs Pracilla, fancy goods dealer, 14 Alexander-terrace and Grand Buildings, Victoria-street
Edmondson Oswald R., Beverley Mount, Laureston-road
Edwards John, tailor, 9 Harris-terrace
Edwards Thomas, retired surgeon, 11 Strathallan Crescent
Egerton Mrs, 31 Demense-road
Eggleston Mrs, 13 Alexander-drive
Ellan Vannin Club, Masonic Buildings, Loch Promenade
Ellis Mrs and Miss Southward, Norfolk House, 101 Castle Mona Avenue.
Ellis Mrs, Westmorland House, Mona-drive
Ellis Johnson, retired baker, Tennis-road
Elliot Graham, ironmonger, Woodville, Victoria-road
Ellison John, police constable, 29 Tynwald-street
Ellison John, 130 Buck's-road
Elton John, licensed victualler, Grosvenor Hotel, 67 Athol-street
Emmett Edward, hatter and hosier, 23 and 25 Duke-street ; residence, 11, Selbourne-road
Emslie Wm., 24 Oxford-street
Engel & Phillips, glass, china, and fancy goods dealers, 6 Peveril Buildings.
Ennett Robert, 29 Circular-road
Evarard John Sawrey, 6 Salisbury- terrace, Laureston-road
Evarard Joseph, 5 Murray's-road
Evarard Myles P., Westminster- terrace, Alexander-drive
Evans Charles, tobacconist, Roseberry Cottages, Brunswick-road
Evans David, coach builder, 20 Brisbane-street
Evans David, draper, 7 Mount Bradda
Ewbank's Sheffield Hotel, 14 Parade-street


Falcon Cliff Hotel and Pleasure Grounds Co., Limited-F. R. Rowe, secretary, 11 Athol-street
Falkner Frederick, 15 Selbourne-road
Falkner Frederick Wm., general draper and milliner, 26 Victoria-street
Fallis Miss, 16 Osborne-grove
Faragher Miss, 16 Mona-street
Faragher Mrs Catherine, 27 Falcon-street
Faragher Caesar, plasterer, 20 Albert-street
Faragher Edwin, agent, &c., Upper Church-street ; residence-3 Brunswick road
Faragher Miss Elizabeth, Fairfield, 14o Buck's-road
Faragher J., coachman, 63, Derby-road
Faragher John, steward, 9 Derby-road
Faragher John Thomas, auctioneer, seedsman, corn, flour, and implement dealer, 11 North-quay and 2 Quine's-corner
Faragher John James, cabinetmaker, 17 Oxford-street
Faragher Philip, 21 Mona-street
Faragher Thomas, strawberry and nursery garden proprietor, Peel road
Faragher William Henry, joiner, 2 Duke-road
Faragher James, builder, 12 Alexander-terrace, Woodburn-road
Faragher Joseph, builder, 53 Alexander-terrace
Faragher Thomas, butcher, 12 Oxford-street
Faragher William James, builder and contractor, 4 Dalton-street
Faragher William, Boston House, Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Fargher Mrs, 3 Park-road
Fargher Mrs, lodging house, 32 Circular-road
Fargher Mrs George, 40 Murray's-road
Fargher Mrs Julia, 17 Circular-road
Fargher Robert G., publisher (Clucas & Fargher, Athol-street) ; residence 4 Brunswick-road
Fargher Robert, 3 Fort William
Fargher Robert, agent, 8 Hope-street
Fargher Robert Henry, 65 Circular-road
Farrell Richard, LL.D., 20 Victoria-road
Farrington John Thomas, family bootmaker, 22a Duke-street
Fayle Albert Henry, hosier and hatter, 32 Victoria-street
Fayle George, cow keeper, 6 Sydney-street
Fayle Mrs Helen Jane, Queen's Promenade
Fayle James, engineer, 9 Brisbane-street
Fayle Mrs Elizabeth, 12 Derby-square
Fayle James, superintendent of the Isle of Man Gaol, Victoria-road
Fayle William, cow keeper, Peel-road
Fayot Chas. Leon, tobacconist and cigar merchant, 14a Victoria-street and Peveril Buildings
Fell Robert, insurance agent, 11 Sydney-street
Fenelon Thomas, watchmaker and jeweller, 29 Victoria-street
Fidler William, gas stoker, 29 Castle Mona-avenue.
Fielding James R., hairdresser and tobacconist, 38 North-quay
Fielding Mrs Christina, licensed victualler, Old Market Inn, Market-place
Fielding Henry, schoolmaster, 6 Queen's-terrace
Fielding John R., machinist, 2 Grosvenor-road
Fielding William, furniture dealer, 65 Athol-street
Filliter Sydney F., Beverley Mount, Laureston-road
Finch Rev. William Charles Rokeby (Primitive Methodist), 14 Hawarden avenue
Firth Mrs, Holme Valley, 17 Kensington-road
Fisher Mrs Catherine, 7 Victoria-place
Fitton Mrs A., 6 Drury-terrace, Broadway
Fleming Alfred, butcher, 4 Duke-street
Fleming Frederick Brown, advocate, 25 Athol-street
Fleming Mrs Margaret, Belgrave-terrace, Victoria-road
Fleming Matthew, Holyrood House, 51 Loch Promenade
Fletcher Charles A., insurance agent, 3 Alexander-terrace
Fletcher Thomas, 10 Wellington -street
Flinn Daniel, wholesale fish buyer, 4 Alexander-drive
Flint Frederick, Strathallan Park
Forrest Frank, builder, i Salisbury-terace, Laureston-road
Forrester M. & T., restaurant, Victoria-pier and at Port Soderick
Forshaw Robert, Patterdale House, Empress-terrace, New Promenade
Forsyth William J., gardener, 19 Woodburn-road
Fossick Samuel L., 2 Queen's-avenue
Foster James, gardener, 21 Castle Mona-avenue
Fort Anne Hotel Co., Limited-Mrs Adkin, manageress
Foulis John, agent, 12 Duke-street
Fox Charles, Norwood, Summer-bill
Frazer Campbell, chemist and druggist, 4 Prospect-hill
Fraser Robert, 9 Alexander-terrace, Woodburn-road
Franklin Fairfax, Stanley Villa, Derby-road
Freeth Colonel, Ravenscliffe
Friend Frederick William, surgeon, 24 Finch-road
Froden Mrs, registry office for servants, 17 Wellington -street
Frowde John James, chemist and druggist, Windsor-road
Frowde Mrs Margaret, 1 Dalton-street
Fryer Arthur, 2 Mount William, Summer-hill
Fuller Mrs Margaret Arm, 3 Woodside-terrace
Furlong Peter, 6 Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road


Gale & Bridson, family bakers and grocers, 5 Great George-street
Gale Mrs and Miss Fargher, 6 Mona-street
Gale Miss Jane, fancy draper, 96 Strand-street
Gale Miss Margaret, 18 Tynwald-street
Gale Thomas, baker, 9 Hope-street
Gale William, engine driver, 160 Buck's-road
Gallimore Mrs, fancy goods dealer, 24 Strand-street
Garrett Thomas, 3 Richmond-grove
Garrett John, labourer, 7 Auckland-grove
Garrett John, painter, 28 Mona-street
Garrett William Edward, painter, 16 Falcon-street
Garrett Thomas, car proprietor, 25 Demesne-road
Gascoyne Mrs, Queen's Promenade
Gascoyne William, 42 Princess-street
Gawne Mrs Catherine, 20 Nunnery-terrace, Peel-road
Gawne James, corn and provender merchant, 23 King-street; residence 13 Murray's-road
Gawne John, 22 Woodburn-square
Gawne John Lewin, clerk, 9 West-view
Gawne John, 3 Howard-street
Gawne Mrs Sarah, 53 Derby-square
Gawne joseph, car proprietor, 28 Hope-street
Gawne W. J., car proprietcr, 73 Circular-road
Gawne Wm., 14 Derby-road
Gell James, grocer and spirit merchant,Victoria-street and Church-street residence 17 Woodburn-square
Gell John, Cumberland Inn, North-quay
Gell John James, draper and outfitter, 49 Victoria-street
Gell James & Co., grocers, 8 Duke-street
Gell Miss Jane, bookseller and fancy stationer 66 Buck's-road
Gell Captain Philip, Anfield Hey, Victoria-road
Gell Thomas Robert, ironmonger and fancy goods dealer, 53 Strand-street
Gell William, painter, &c., dealer in artists' colours, 5 Athol-street
Gelling and Robertson Misses, ladies' school, 18 Derby-road
Gelling Miss Charlotte, 11 Brisbane-street
Gelling Edward, 36 Woodburn-square
Gelling Mrs Elizabeth, Shell Cottage, Queen's Promenade
Gelling Richard, 1 Windsor-terrace
Gelling Mrs Eleanor, 2 Selbourne-road
Gelling Miss E., dressmaker, 18 Brisbane-street
Gelling Mrs Eleanor A., 4 West-view
Gelling Mrs Eleanor jane, 15 Windsor-road
Gelling Mrs Evlyn, 26 Nunnery-terrace Peel-road
Gelling Henry, builder, 3 Oxford-street
Gelling James, builder, 7 Rosemount
Gelling James, blacksmith, 22, Drumgold-street
Gelling John, 54 Circular-road
Gelling John Alexander, chemist, 30 Victoria-street
Gelling Mrs Margaret, 13 Bay View
Gelling Mrs Martha, 93 Circular-road
Gelling Robert, carter, 1 Tynwald-street
Gelling's Iron Foundry Company-Henry Cowin, sec., South-quay
Gelling Thomas, 9 Empress-drive
Gibson Capt. Andrew, 19 Primrose Avenue
Gick Mrs, 2 Swiss Villas, Strathallan-park
Gick Thomas, 13 Circular-road
Gick Robert, fish curer, 3 Christian-road and South-quay
Gick William, upholsterer, 15 Berkeley-street
Gill William Henry, saddler, 4 Howard-street
Gill Mrs Ann, 9 Upper Church-street
Gill Alexander, builder and contractor, Little Switzerland
Gill J. F., northern deemster, Anfield Hey, Victoria-road
Gill The Misses, St. Kilda, 17 Loch Promenade
Gill Mrs Isabela, Seaborne House, Kingswood-grove
Gill Mrs Mary, Highbury House, 83 Buck's-road
Gill Robert, car proprietor, 5 Castletown-road
Gill Robert, builder. P leasington Villa, Circular-road
Gill William, baker and confectioner, 53 Duke-street
Gill William, baker, 62 Finch-road
Gilmour Edwin Arthur, surveyor for Braddan, 8 Dalton-street
Gilimore George, manager to the National Telephone Co., 10 Athol-street
Gilmour Mrs Esther, Woodburn-square
Girling John, confectioner, Queen's Promenade
Gleaves George How, Wellington House, 4 Loch Promenade
Goldman Mrs Eleanor, 6 Woodburn-square
Goldschmidt, Mrs, restaurant, 67 Strand-street
Goldsmith Edward, gardener, Victoria-road
Goldsmith Geoige, mason, 61 Castle-Mona avenue
Goldsmith John James, H.K., 5 Albert-terrace
Goldsmith Brothers, watchmakers and jewellers, 34 Victoria-Street
Goldsmith John Alien, advocate, 34 Athol-street
Goldsmith josiah Westwood, Alexander-road
Goldsmith Robert, builder and contractor, 2 Waverley- terrace, Broadway
Goldsmith Thomas, watchmaker, 25 Woodburn-road
Goldsmith William, jeweller, 73 Delby-square
Goodman Charles, sawyer, 9 Tynwald-street
Goodwin Michael, hairdresser, 37 Strand-street
Gordon Mrs Isabella, tripe dresser, 66 Strand-street
Gore George, agent for the Liverpool Echo and Daily and Weekly Post, 7 Alexander Drive
Gough Henry, oyster dealer, 2 Parade-street
Gradewell Joseph, 17 Primrose-avenue
Graham Mrs Harriet, Sandon House, 46 Loch Promenade
Graham Richard, licensed victtialler, Lancashire House, 58 North quay
Graham William, car proprietor, 17 Peel-road
Grand Hotel Company, Robert Tweedale manager, 1 Victoria-street
Gray David, pork butcher, 63 Circular-road
Gray John Richard, hosier and hatter, Villiers Buildings, Victoria street
Green Mrs, 5 Queen's-terrace, Alexander-drive
Green The Misses, High School for Girls, 33 Derby-square
Green Mrs Ella F., 67 Derby-square
Green Mrs Isabella, 6 Mount Bradda
Green George, Derby-square
Green Samuel, joiner, Albert House, Woodville-terrace, Victoria-road
Green Westrop, 1 Victoria-mount
Green William, joiner, 44 Finch-road
Greensill & Son, chemists and druggists, Mona Bouquet Manufacturers, 12 Marina-road
Greensill Mrs Emily, 4 Windsor-terrace
Greer Robert, 19 Princes-street
Greer Major John Joseph, Alpine Cottage, Strathallan-park
Greetham Edward, 9 Brunswick-road
Gregson John, builder, The Colonial, Empress-drive
Gresty John, plumber, 4 Willaston Villas, Castle Mona-drive
Grevile Dr., surgeon, 15 Earle-terrace, Woodburn-road
Gribbin Edward, tailor, 90 Strand-street
Gribbin John, tailor, 42 Finch-road
Gribbin James, car proprietor, Arch-lane, Strand-street
Griffiths Henry Thomas, 3 Kensington-road
Griffiths Thomas, Cattle Market Hotel, Heywood-place
Grindley Thomas, Beach House, Empress-terrace
Grier Major, 2 Ivy Cottages, Strathallan-park
Groome John, bespoke and family bootmaker, 17 Duke-street; residence Little Switzerland
Grosvenor Agnes, 5 Athol-terrace Peel-road
Guest Arthur, 7 Kingswood-grove,
Guy Mrs Annie, 12 Stanley-view, Broaduay
Guy William, board and lodging-house, 21 Burnside-terrace, Woodburn road


Hainsworth William, tailor, 26 Demesne-road
Hale Mrs T., licensed victualler, Foresters' Arms, 17 St. George's-street
Hale William, Farrant-street
Hales J. A., commission agent, 5 Athol-street
Hales James, army and navy tailor and draper, 6 Athol-street
Hall John T., schoolmaster, 19 Berkeley-street
Hall John, 10 Fort William
Hall Joseph, 7 Strathallan-crescent
Halliwell John, car proprietor, 7 Murray's-road
Halsall Gilbert, greengrocer, Athol-street
Halsall Mrs jane, 31 Murray's-road
Halsall Robert, tailor and draper, 41 Strand-street
Halsall Thomas J., tailor and outfitter, Victoria-street
Halsall Walter, general draper, 10 Duke-street
Halsall William, tobacco manufacturer, 5 Heywood-place
Halsall William Thomas, mariner, St. Thomas'-walk
Halton & Son, chemist, 6a Duke-street
Halton Miss Annie, 3 Eastfield
Hambleton Herbert, licensed Victualler, Douglas Hotel, 48 North.q
Hamilton William, labourer, 64 Allan-street
Hammond Mrs, Walsall House, 75 Buck's-road
Hampton Mrs, Ashburn House, 8 Sydney-street
Hampton George, moulder, 32 Princes-street
Hampton Mrs Ann, Barrule House, 126 Buck's-road
Hampton John, general smith, Bank-hill, 1 North-quay
Hampton Joseph, smith, 30 Peel-road
Hampton Moses, grocer and postoffice, South-quay
Hampton joseph, postman, 50 Finch-road
Hampton Joseph, ship and general smith, The Tongue
Hampton Ridgeway, butcher, 73 Castle Mona Avenue
Hampton Thomas, blacksmith, 32 Allan-street
Hampton William, retired farmer, 5 Albert-street
Hannah Miss jane, 40 Peel-road
Hannay Louis G., bookseller and stationer, 32 Victoria-street
Harding Brentg oyster dealer, 47 Allan-street
Harding Mrs Elizabeth, 8 Woodburn-square
Harding George, salesman, 4 Bathurst-street
Harding James, bricklayer, 4 Great Nelson-stree
Hardman John, joiner, 19 Murray's-road
Hardy Frederick, tripe dresser, Finch-road
Hardy John, butcher, 46 Buck's-road
Hargreaves Mrs Amelia, Hutchinson-square
Harraghy Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, Wellington-square
Harraghy Michael, jun., grocer and spirit dealer, 49 Athol-street and 23 Peveril-street
Harries Mrs Ellen, 18 Derby-square
Harris Mrs E., 18 Dalton-street
Harris Mrs Hannah, 29 Woodburn-square
Harris Henry, compositor, 9 Woodburn-road
Harris Mrs Louisa, 15 Mona-terrace
Harris Thomas, Strathallan-park
Harris Samuel, J.P., High-Bailiff of Douglas, Marathon, Victoria-road
Harrison Mrs Rachael, 22 Princes-street
Harrison Thomas, joiner, 28 Douglas Head-road
Harrison Mrs W., Victoria House, 7 Walpole-avenue
Harrison William, photographic stores, 7 Walpole-avenue
Harrison Mrs, Laurel Bank, Strathallan Park
Harrison Miss, 7 Brunswick-road
Harrison Philip, Prospect House, boarding establishment, 28 Prospect terrace
Harrison F. G., 7 Woodside-terrace
Harrison John, 15 Murray's-road .
Harrison Livingstone, 36 Christian-road
Hart Mrs, 67 Circular-road
Hart John, Athol House, Broadway
Hartley Edward L., accountant, stock and share broker and commission agent ; agent for the London and Lancashire Fire ; Imperial Life -National Provident Life ; Imperial Union Accident ; and National Provincial Plate Glass ; 11 Athol-street
Hartley Louisa, 5 Falcon-terrace, Victoria-road
Harvey Mrs Caroline, lodging-house, 9 Parade-street
Harvey James, oyster merchant, Villiers Buildings, Victoria-street and Strand-street
Harvey John, grocer and spirit merchant, James-street
Harvey William, family baker and confectioner, 5 Market-hill
Harwood George W., grocer, wine and spirit merchant, Princes-avenue
Hawnt Edmund, manufacturing confectioner, 55 Duke-street and Peveril Buildings
Hayward Mrs C., Edinburgh House, Broadway
Heath Henry Wm., goldsmith, 8 Walpole Avenue
Heaton Mrs Mary, Girlington House, 57 Bucks-road
Heggie Robert, clerk, 15 Brisbane-street
Hemingsley Albert P., chemist, Broadway
Hemensley Mrs Jemima, 6 Christian-road
Hemming Alfred, lessee, Grand Theatre, Grand Buildings, Victoria-street
Henry Emanuel, painter and decorator, 55 Buck's-road
Henry George, bathing van proprietor, 1 Granville-street
Henry Mrs Jane, milliner, 38 Strand-street
Henry John, plasterer, 16 Drumgold, street
Henry Robert, bathing van proprietor, Castle Mona Avenue
Hendry Robert Applegarth, Rothesay House, 15 and 16 Loch Promenade
Heron George Chilwell, wine and spirit merchant, 28 Castle-street
Heslop Frank Laldman, architect and surveyor, 34 Athol-street
Hewitt Edward, gardener, 39 Derby-road
Hewitson Misses, Laureston-road
Hewson Mrs Lena, 25 Buck's-road
Hewson Thomas James, 33 Circular-road
Higginbotham Fred. J., tobacconist, 34 Castle-street; residence, 18 Berkeley street
Higgins Joseph, family grocer, Brunswick-road
Higgins Thomas, fruiterer, Broadway and Windsor-road
Higginson Mrs Mary, 1 Clifton-terrace, Broadway
High-Bailiff's Office-Frank Johnson, clerk, 13 Athol-street
Hill Capt. J., master inariner, 11 Alexander-terrace, Woodburn-road
Hill Joseph, florist and fruiterer, 35 Castle-street
Hill Rowland, 11 Farrant-street
Hill Thomas, boiler maker, 3 Mona-street
Hillditch John, Osbome House, 24 Loch Promenade
Hines Thomas, 14 Osborne-grove
Hinton Joseph, joiner, 18 Brisbane-street
Hinton Joseph, gardener, 4 Victoria-place
Hinton Theodore, market gardener, Brunswick-road
Hirschfeld Mrs Sarah, 2 Albert-terrace .
Hirst Rev. Robt. j., Wesleyan minister, 3 Nutford-place, Castle Mona-avenue
Hobson Rev. William Thomas, Vicar of St. Barnabas', Christian-road
Hockly Rev. F. J, Victoria College, Victoria-road
Hodge Mrs, 8 Castle Mona-avenue
Hodgson Mrs, Trentham House, 38 Demesne-road
Hodgson Isaac Robert, Crown Inn, Duke-lane
Hodgson Mrs Margaret, 13 Queen's-avenue
Hodgson Thomas Augustus, 13 Woodburn-square
Hodson Miss Alice, fancy repository, 3 Marina-road
Hodson William, commercial traveller, 20 Christian-road
Hodson William, Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Hogg F., plumber,. 6 Walpole-avenue
Hogg John, stoker, 15 Tynwald-street
Hogg Mrs Eliza, 24 Hawarden-avenue
Hogg Mrs Elizabeth, 4 Albert-street
Hogg John, cardriver, 14 Dalton-street
Hogg Michael, painter, 9 Victoria-place
Hogg Theophilus, corn, meal, and provender merchant, 9 Lord-street residence, 16 Windsor-road
Holden George, mariner, 2 Hutchinson-square
Holden John, joiner, 21 Allan-street
Holden John, artist, 4 Cambridge-terrace
Holden Joseph, watchmaker, 22 Oxford-street
Holden Mrs Mary Arm, Trafalgar Hotel, South-quay
Holden George, Palace-terrace, Crescent-road
Holland Charles, licensed victualler, Cheshire Inn, 44 North-quay
Holland Charles, Albert Hotel, Market-place
Holland Fredk., commercial traveller, Strathallan Park
Hollett George, plasterer, 1 Albany-street
Holmes Mrs, 4 Swiss Villas, Strathallan Park
Holmes Mrs Annie, tobacco manufacturer, 5 North-quay
Holmes Isaac, baker and confectioner, Fleetwood House, North-quay
Holmes John Briggs, Holme Bank, Mona-drive
Holmes Robert, tailor, Great George's-street
Holmes Philip, fancy goods dealer, 23 Strand-street
Holmes William Henry, collector of customs, Brynteg, Thorny-road, Woodburn-road
Holt Mrs, Oldham Cottage, Summer-hill
Holloway Wm. John, manager Manx Billposting Company, Hill-street
Holroyd James, family grocer and spirit merchant, 1 Brisbane-street
Holroyd Richard, Harold Towers, Douglas Head-road
Hopkins Mrs jane, 16 Selbourne-road
Hopkinson Mrs Arm, 23 Castle Mona-avenue
Hook Mrs Catherine, 86 Buck's-road
Hoops Samuel E. Mostyn, surgeon, Derby-road
Horne George Henry, dentist, 2 Finch-road
Horne George Henry, chemist 97 Strand-street
Horrocks Mrs Annie, 27 Woodburn-square
Horsley Mrs Elizabeth, confectioner, Bridge-road
Horsley Hudson, 10 West-view
Horrocks Mrs Mary Ann, 15 Stanley-view, Broadway
Hortiguela L., hairdresser, Prospect-hill
Hotchkiss Mrs Ellen, Hindley House, Broadway, Douglas
Hotchkiss Richard, Bryn Villa, Victoria-road
Hough Alexander, outfitter, 23 Woodburn-square
Hough James B., Delamere House, Empress-drive
Hough J., 21 Mona-street
Hough Mrs, 33 Demesne-road
Hough Thomas, family grocer, 45 Strand-street
Housley Mrs Emma, 8 Kensington-road -
Howarth Henry, Irwell House, 65 Loch Promenade
Howlands Miss, 11 Athol-terrace, Peel-road
Howland Mrs, 12 Belmont-terrace
Hudson Thomas, 3 Cambridge-terrace
Hudson Alfred, bootmaker, 23 North-quay
Hughes John, car proprietor, 20 Market-street
Hughes Mrs Margaret, 13 Windsor-road
Hughes-Games C., advocate, Athol-street
Hullock, Mrs E., 32 Demesne-road
Hullock, Henry, blacksmith, Kensington-road
Hulme Arthur, artist and photograher, 6 Finch-road
Humphreys Mrs, Sparside House, 53 Derby-road
Hunt Mrs, The Priory, Circular-road
Hunter Alexander H., engineer and surveyor, 75 Derby-square
Hunter John, 2 Alpine-cottages, Strathallan Park
Huntley Thomas, tinsmith, 34 Circular-road
Hussey George, 10 Summer-hill
Hutchinson Mrs, 14 Albion-terrace
Hyde John, builder, Queen's Promenade


Ingham Joseph, sculptor, 27 Brisbane-street
Ingham Christopher, Burnley House, Empress-terrace
Inglis Rev David, Congregational minister, 37 Derby-square
Ingram Miss, 1 Milton-terrace, Brunswick-road
Ingram the Misses, 13 Strathallan-crescent
Iryine Miss Mary, 37 Murray's-road
Irving Pobert, greengrocer, 2 Windsor-road
Isaac & Tighe, wholesale and retail fishmongers and poulterers, 51 Duke street
Isdale William, postmaster, Alexander-drive
Isherwood J, confectioner, 73 Strand-street
Isle of Man Harbour Commissioners, 22 Athol-street


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