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THE Parish of Braddan (or Brandon - St. Brandon was an abbot who died in the Isle of Arran in 1066)-includes the southern part of Douglas, and stretches from the centre of the Bay to Port Soderic, and from the Crogga river to Pen-y-Phot and Colden. It contains about 18 square miles. It consists of two nearly detached portions ; the northern one of which lies among the highest mountains of the central ridge, and includes the peaks of Pen-y-Phot, 1,772 feet ; Carraghan, 1,520 feet ; and Colden, 1,599 feet. The southern portion is a hilly district, and consists of the lower slopes of the hilly ridges which branch out from the southern mountains. Its chief depressions are the Baldwin valleys in the north, the eastern portion of the central valley in the middle, and the Middle and the Crogga glens in the south. The chief streams are-the Glas, the main branch of the Douglas, rising on Injebreck Hill, and flowing down the West Baldwin Valley-with its tributary, the Awin-ny-Darragh (the river of oaks), and the lower course of the Dhoo; and, in the south, the Middle river, Awin , which falls into the Crogga river. The uplands are barren, and in great part unenclosed mountain land, but there is a good deal of fertile and well cultivated land in the sheltered lowlands. It is an agricultural district, and is chiefly engaged in supplying the Douglas Markets. The parts adjacent to the town of Douglas are thickly inhabited, and ornamented with numerous elegant villa residences ; but the remoter parts of the parish are very sparsely inhabited, and in the highlands the inhabitants are a very primitive race. The Crogga Glen and Port Soderic are a favourite resort for summer tourists. Baldwin, in the West Baldwin Valley, is a small agricultural village, beautifully situated, Union Mills is a small village, prettily situated on the Dhoo. Tromode, on the Glas, is a rnanufacturing village, the inhabitants of which, to the number of about 200, are employed in the sail-cloth works of Messrs. W. F. Moore & Son, of Cronkbourne.




Allen John, Ballaughton
Askew Thomas, hotelkeeper, Richmond-hill


Barron Edward, farmer, Ballaglonney
Barton Cooper, schoolmaster, Middle
Bell James, farm steward, Ballashamrock
Burns William, gentleman, Ballaughton


Carr Joseph, fellmonger, Tromode
Cain Matthias, farm servant, Ballig
Cain Alfred, retired smith, Mount Rule
Cain Philip, farmer, Ardwhallan
Caldwell Joe Henry, farmer, the Dhoon
Caley Daniel, butcher, Union Mills
Callow Lewis, farmer, Ballabunt
Cannell Edward Quine, farmer, Ballawillan
Cannell Isaac, farmer. Ballawillan
Cannell Robert, farmer, part of Castleward
Cannell Thomas, farmer, Ballawillan
Cannell Thomas Artliur, farnier, Algai.e
Caugherty William, farmer, Ballachrink
Cavanagh Miles, gentleman, Braddan Bridge
Charlesworth John, gentleman, Union Mills
Christian William, coachbuilder, Ballaughton
Clague Edward, farmer, Ballacain
Clague Mrs Jane, Nunnery, Howe Farm
Clague John, farm labourer, Union Mills
Clague Matthew, cloth finisher, Union Mills
Clarke Edward, farmer, Ballayeare
Clarke James Harrison, farmer, Pulrose
Clarke William, dyer, Kewaigue
Collister John, farm labourer, Ballamoda
Collister Robert, farmer, &c., Ardwhallan
Carkill Thomas, retired farmer, West Baldwin
Corlett Henry, farm steward, Crogga
Coriett James, Joiner, &c., Ballacreggan
Connode John, blacksmith. Quine's-hill
Corooin William, blacksmith, Strang
Cowell John, farmer, Ballachrink
Cowell Robert, retired builder, Union Mills
Cowell William, farmer and car proprietor, Union Mills
Cowin Mrs Ann, widow, boarding-house, Union Mills
Cowin James, farmer, Camlork
Cowin John, refreshment-house keeper, Port Soderick
Cowley John, miller, Kewaigue
Cowley Robert, farmer, Ardwhallan
Cowley Thomas, farmer, Eary-Veg
Craine Mrs Ann, widow, Garco-Ashen, Cooil
Craine James, farmer, Ballakinnish
Craine John, farmer, Ballacubbon
Craine Mark, gardener, &c., Union Mills
Craine Robert, retired farmer, Ballacubbon
Craine Robert, farmer, Ballavar
Creer Edward, farmer, Ballapaddag
Creer John, farmer, Colooneys
Creer John, threshing machine proprietor, Pulrose
Creer Jos., retired baker, Ballafletcher
Cretney Robert, farmer, Ballaoates
Cringle William, farm steward, Ballamona
Cubbon Mrs Ann, widow, Union Mills
Cubbon James, farmer, Ballachrink
Cubbon Tkomas W., bank clerk, Union Mills


Dairymple Mrs Letitia, widow, Burnside, Union Mills
Drinkwater Sir W. L., H.M.'s 1st deemster, Kirby House
Drury Miss Mary Ann, Snugborough
Dumbell Aluired, Clerk of the Rolls, Ballaughton House


Eccles Mrs Sarah, widow, Pulrose


Fargher Evan, farmer, Ardwhallan
Fayle Thomas, farmer, Ballig
Fleming Thomas, retired, Harcroft


Gawne Thomas, farmer, &c., Cronkbane
Gawne Thomas, gardener, Cronkbane
Gelling Thomas Henry, farmer, Ballacottier
Gelling Philip, labourer, Ballamillaghyn
Gell Edward, farmer, Ballacreggan
Goldsmith Miss Sarah, Mill Mount
Goldie-Taubman John Senhouse, S.H.K., Nunnery
Goldsmith Thomas, stonemason, Mount Rule
Graham Walter, farmer, Ballacutchal
Green Mrs Catherine, widow, Union Mills
Green Mrs Elizabeth, widow, Union Mills
Green Samuel, provision dealer, Union Mills


Hamilton Patrick, retired farmer, Rose Hill
Hampson Samuel James, farmer, Ballacreggan
Hampton William, farmer, Ballabunt
Harrison Frederick, gentleman, Union Mills
Heyworth Mrs Alice, Ballacutchal
Hogg George, stationmaster, postmaster, &c., Union Mills
Holmes Mrs Ann, widow, Sea View
Hughes Michael, retired, Spring Valley
Howard Miss, teacher of music and drawing, Union Mills


Jones John, farmer, Ballacregga
Jones William, farm servant, Farm Hill
Jowett Mrs Sarah Jane, widow, Farm Hill Cottage


Kaneen Daniel, farmer, Port-e-Chee
Kaneen John, farmel, Castleward
Kaneen Robert, retired farmer, Ballawillian
Kaneen Robert, Jun., farmer, Ballawillian
Kayes John James, blacksmith, &c., Cooil
Kelly Mrs Charlotte, widow, Ballawillan
Kelly John, weaver, &c., Ballawillan
Kelly John Kermode, builder, Union Mills
Kelly John Zacharias, Joiner, Strang
Kelly John, gentleman, Strang
Kelly Robert, farmer, Southampton
Kelly Robert Quayle, farmer, Renscault
Kelly Thomas, farmer, Ballabunt
Kelly Thomas, retired builder, Strang
Kelly Thomas, dyer, &c., Union Mills
Kennedy Matthew, farmer, Pooil-e-Vane
Kermode John Thomas, farmer, Eiry-Ween
Kershaw Herbert, market gardener, Ballaughton
Kewin John, miller, Union Mills
Kewley Benjamin, farmer and car proprietor, Kirby Farm
Kewley William, farmer, Upper Howe
Killip Thomas, farmer, Ballakewish
Kingston Thomas, watchmaker, &c., Union Mills
Kinvig John, farmer, Ballacorooin
Kissack Thomas, farm steward, Leece Lodge
Kissack William Edward, Joiner, &c., Ballafletcher
Kneale James, labourer, Union Mills
Kneen Daniel, mason, &c., Ballamillaghyn


Lawton Albert, hotelkeeper, Mount Murray
Lewthwaite Edward, paper manufacturer, Mount Rule


Marshall Mrs Sarah Arm, widow, Strang
Matheson Mrs, widow, Mount Rule House
Mawson Moses, farmer, Ballacreggan
Moore Frederick J., clerk in holy orders, Braddan Vicarage
Moore Samson, farmer, Ballafletcher
Moore William Fine, J.P., Cronkbourne House
Murphy Joseph, gardener, Pulrose


Nicholis Henry, hotelkeeper, Quarter Bridge


Penketh Richard, H.K., Hampton Court
Ponsonby Henry, gentleman, Union Mills
Proctor John, farmer, Ballacain


Quayle Thomas Philip, schoolmaster, Renscault
Quiggin Robert Cain, farmer, Ballachrink
Quine Edward, farmer, Ballig
Quine Jonathan, Joiner, Strang
Quine Thomas Edmund, farmer, Ballachrink
Quine William, miller, Nunnery Mill
Quirk John, farmer, Ballaquine
Quirk Joseph, schoolmaster, Ballafletcher


Richardson, William, M.D., the Lunatic Asylum, Strang
Rigby Armitage, farmer, Ballamona
Rogers Joseph Drake, accountant, Millmount
Russell John, farmer, Bulrenny


Sheard Mrs, widow, Ballafletcher
Shimmin Robert, farmer, Ballaleany
Shimmin Mrs, widow, Ballastole
Smith Mrs Ann, widow, Union Mills
Speedie Peter, farmer, Kilkenny
Speedie Robert, retired farmer, Middle
Speedie Andrew, farmer, Middle
Staley Mrs Rebecca, Kewaigue
Stephen Robert Swan, J.P., H.K., Spring Valley House


Taggart Henry, blacksmith, Baldwin Village


Vulliamy Lewis Llewellyn, gentleman, Springfield


Waugh Mrs Agnes, widow, Ballaslig
Whiteside Mrs Catherine, widow, Ballaughton
Wilson John, Railway Inn, Union Mills
Wilson Senhouse Heywood, gentleman, Farm Hill House
Woolf John, brewer, Ballaughton
Woolnoth The Misses, school teachers, Union Mills


Young Andrew, gardener, Spring Valley


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