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The parish of Santon (or St. Ann) lies between Port Soderick and the Santon Burn, and extends inland for about 3½ miles. The area is about seven to eight square miles. The coastline is high and dangerous contains several small inlets, of which Port Greenaugh, Port Soderick, and the mouth of the Santon Burn, are the largest. The principal head land is St. Ann’s Head. The surface consists of several low, hilly fields, sloping to the coast, with intervening depressions, the principal of which are Glen Greenaugh and Santon Burn Glen. The soil in general is poor, and agriculture backward. The population is entirely agricultural, and is sparsely scattered over the district. The population, in 1851, was 714, and in 1871 it was 628. The parish is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. Robert Airey.



Airey, Rev. Robert, the Vicarage


Bacon, Mrs. 3 ., farmer, Seafield
Beard, James, farm labourer, Glentraugh
Blythe, James, farmer, Glentraugh
Brew, Robert, gardener, Seafield
Bridson, Thomas, farmer, Ballaquiggan
Bridson, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballakelly


Cain, James, farm labourer, Sulbrick
Cain, John, farmer, Cronkfry
Caugherty, John, farmer, Keig’s-croft
Christian, Thomas, farmer, B allavear
Clague, John, farm labourer, Glentraugh
Clague, John, overseer, Ballavale
Clague, Margaret, farmer, Ballacuny
Clague, Thomas, farmer, Arragan-moar
Clarke, Edward, farmer, Lhergy
Clucas, Miss E. J., Ballavale
Clucas, Thomas, farmer, Mary-Voar
Collister, John, tailor, Croft House
Corlett, Daniel, farmer, Suibrick
Corlett, Thomas, farm labourer, Seafield Cottage
Costain, Edward, schoolmaster, Ballakissack
Cowell, Thomas, farmer, Ballafurt
Cowell, William, farm labourer, Glen Greenaugh
Cowin, Benjamin, farm labourer, Crogga
Cowin, John, farmer, Balnacregga
Cowley, John, miller, Mullin-e-Quinney
Crageen, John, farm labourer, Ballakissack
Craig, James, farmer, The Court Farm
Craine, John, farmer, Cronk-fry
Craine, Robert, innkeeper, Half-way House, Castletown-road
Crane, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, Ann’s-terrace
Creer, William, farm labourer, Port Greenaugh
Creetch, Mrs., farmer, Ballacorris
Cregeen, Mrs., Port Greenaugh
Crellin, Thomas, farm labourer, Oatlands
Cretney, Thomas, labourer, Balladhoo
Cretney, William, farm labourer, Balnahowin
Curphey, John, farmer, Ballacorris
Curphey, John, labourer, Ballacorris


Davenport, Thomas, Port Greenaugh


Faragher, John, shoemaker, Castletown-road
Faragher, William, shoemaker, Glentraugh
Fargher, John, labourer, Ballavale
Fargher, Thomas, farmer, Ballacostain


Gale, John, farm labourer, Ballavale
Garrett, Robert, farm labourer, Ballacostain
Gelling, Edward, labourer, Great Gate
Gelling, Thomas, farmer, Mary-veg
Gelling, Thomas, labourer, Port Greenaugh
Gelling, Thomas, mason, Castletown .road
Gelling, Thomas, mason, Clanagh
Gick, Thomas, gardener, Ballavale
Gilbertson, John, joiner, great Gate
Goldthorp, Samuel, farmer, Ballakissack


Hogg, Mrs. Jane, farmer, The Park
Hudson, Margaret, Ballacrink


Kelly, Jane, Ballavartin
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballagick
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballavartin
Kelly, John, farmer, Mount View
Kelly, Mrs., farmer, Ballacorris
Kermode, John, shoemaker, Castletown-road
Kermode, Mrs., Newtown
Kewley, Edward, gardener, Ballavale
Killey, Daniel, labourer, Ballacurry
Kitchin, William, Brown Cow, Castletown-road
Kinley, Cleave, farmer, Balnahowin
Kinnish, Fred, mason, Newtown
Kinnish, Robert, farm labourer, Ballahow
Kinvig, William, blacksmith, Ballacurry
Kissack, Richard, farmer, Ballacrink
Kissack, Richard, farmer, Ballavale
Kissack, Thomas, farm labourer, Port Grenaugh
Kissack, William, farmer, Ballavale
Kneale, William, farmer, Ballakelly
Kneen, William, farmer, The Reash


Matthews, Francis, farmer, Oatlands
Michell, James, labourer, Ballalooney
Mickell, John, farmer, Ballakissack
Moore, John, farmer, Ballafurt
Moore, Robert, farmer, Ballacurry
Moore, Robert, farmer, Knockloughin
Moore, Thomas, farm labourer, The Park
Moore, William, farmer, Ballavilley
Moore, William, farm labourer, Glentraugh
Moore, William, joiner, Ballavale
Morrison, William, farmer, Ceale-e-vare
Morrison, William, farm labourer, Oatlands


Perry, Samuel, farm labourer, Cronk House


Quayle .John. H.K. , Crogga House
Quine, Edward, Ann’s-terrace, Newtown
Quinney, Thomas, farmer, Ballahow
Quirk, Thomas, farmer, Ballacorris
Quirk, Thomas, labourer, Balladhoo


Sayle, Patrick, farm labourer, Ballakelly
Shimmin, James, farmer, Ballagick
Shimmin, John, farmer, Great Gate
Shimmin, Thomas, farmer and butcher, Cronkfroy
Shimmin, Thomas, farm labourer, Port Grenaugh


Taggart, Samuel, farmer, Ballacurry
Tasker, William, farm labourer, Port Grenaugh
Tate, John, farmer, Arragan-beg
Taubman, Robert, farmer, Ballacrine


Waide, William, farmer, Ballavartin
Watson, Adam, farm labourer, Oatlands
Watson, Robert, farmer, Mount Murray
Watterson, Henry, farm labourer, Port Grenaugh
Watterson, John, farm labourer, Seafield


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