[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of Rushen is one of the most interesting of the Manx ecclesiastical divisions. It includes the south-western extremity of the Island, together with the Islet of the Calf, and contains an area of about 10 square miles It stretches round the coast from Strandhall to the tremendous precipices west of Cronk-ny-Irey-Lhaa, known as the Slacks, or the Slogh, a distance of 16 miles ; and it includes some of the grandest scenery to be found along the entire Manx coast. The principal headlands are Port St. Mary Point, Black Head, Spanish Head (350 feet), and Bradda Head (766 feet) ; and the chief openings are Port St. Mary Bay, Perwick, Stack-a-Bay, Port Erin Bay, and Fleshwick. In physical conformation it consists of a hilly region stretching from Cronk-ny-Irey-Lhaa (1449 feet), along the western coast through Slieau Carnane, the Bradda Hills, and the Mull Hills to the Sound, across which again the ridge is continued through the Calf. Along their western face these hills are precipitously abrupt, sinking down into the sea in huge mountainous cliffs, scarcely paralleled in any part of the British Islands for height and rugged grandeur ; but towards the south-east they descend more gradually into the plain of Castletown, except in the Mull district, west of St. Mary, where the coast is as rugged as along the west. The uplands are barren, and in great part unenclosed, but the lower slopes of the hills are in pasture, and, in a few places, under cultivation. The lowlands along the foot of the hills are generally fertile and well-cultivated. The occupations of the inhabitants are various. The greater part are fishermen, cultivating small patches of land when not at sea ; others are miners, working the Bradda, the Ballacorkish, and other mines ; and others, again, at Port Erin and Port St. Mary, depend mainly upon the summer visitors. The population is thickly spread over the entire district, except the remoter parts of the rugged western hills ; and the principal centres of population are Port St. Mary, an important fishing village, and the head quarters of the southern division of the Manx fishing fleet ; Port Erin, a rising watering place, situated on the beautiful bay of that name, and the southern terminus of the railway ; and Colby, a small mining and agricultural village. The population in 1851 was 3,256, and in 1871 it was 3,660. The district is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. Arthur Allwork.


Allwork, Rev. Arthur, The Vicarage
Anderson, Joseph, farmer, Balnahow


Ball, Joseph, miner, Ballacorkish
Barkell, John, mine agent, Ballacorkish
Beeber, Frederick, joiner, Four-Roads
Bell, Mrs. Esther, widow, Ballagale
Bell, James, carpenter, Four-Roads
Bell, Mrs. Jane, widow, Surby
Bell, John, carpenter, Ballapherson
Bell, John, fisherman, Four-Roads
Bell, John, miner, Little Mill
Bell, Richard, carpenter, Ballapherson
Bell, William, labourer, Kentraugh
Brew, John, labourer, Ballakilpheric
Bridson, Thomas, miner, Four-Roads
Bridson, Thomas, tailor, Ballacreggan
Brown, Rev. Blundell, curate of Rushen


Carran, Henry, labourer, Mount Gawne
Carvel, James, carpenter, Four-roads
Cashen, John, miner, Mount Gawne
Christian, John, fisherman, Ballarenney
Christian, John, mariner, Smelt
Christian, Matthew, miner, Cross-e-Caley
Christian, Robert, fisherman, Surby
Christian, Richard, tailor, Little Mill
Christian, Thomas, fisherman, Fistard
Christian, Thomas, trader, Cross-e-Caley
Christian, William, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Clague, Allen, farmer, Surby
Clague, Charles, farmer, Surby
Clague, Mrs. Esther, widow, Mount Gawne
Clague, Henry, fisherman, Level
Clague, Mrs. Jane, widow, Cross-e-Caley
Clague, Robert, fisherman, Four-Roads
Clague, Samuel, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Clague, Thomas, fisherman, Four-Roads
Clague, Thomas, fisherman, Surby
Clague, William, fisherman, Ballakilpheric
Clague, William, fisherman, Kirkie
Clucas, Henry, railway gateman, Four-Roads
Clugston, Mrs. Jane, widow, Little Mill
Clugston, John, mariner, Mount Gawrie
Collister, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Strugan Snail
Collister, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Howe
Collister, Edward, fisherman, Howe
Collister, John, fisherman, Glenchass
Collister, John, fisherman, Howe
Collister, Joseph, mariner, Four-Roads
Collister, Thomas, fisherman, Four-Roads
Collister, William, farmer, Howe
Collister, William, fisherman, Howe
Collister, William, labourer, Level
Comish, Elizabeth, widow, Level
Comish, Stephen, fisherman, Surby
Conner, George, labourer, Cross-e-Caley
Cooil, Frederick, farmer, Bradda
Cooil, James, farmer, Bradda
Coole, James, fisherman, Ballahane
Corkill, Mrs. Esther, widow, Mount Gawne
Corkill, William, miner, Kentraugh
Corkish, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Ballacreggan
Corkish, John, fisherman, Surby
Corlett, Miss Catherine, Mount Gawne
Corlett, John, miller, Little Mill
Corlett, William, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Corrin, Edward, farmer, Fistard
Corrin, Edward, fisherman, Ballnahow
Corrin, Edward, fisherman, Fistard
Corrin, Edward, fisherman, Surby
Corrin, Henry, fisherman, Cregneish
Corrin, John, fisherman, Ballnahow
Corrin, John, quarrier, Cregneish
Corrin, Thomas, fisherman, Ballutha
Corrin, Thomas, fisherman, Cregneish
Corrin, Thomas, mason, Cregneish
Corrin, William, farmer, Scard.
Corris, Mrs. Ann, widow, Fistard
Corris, John, fisherman, Four-Roads
Corris, William, mariner, Scollaby
Corris, William, farmer, Scollaby
Costain, Edward, fisherman, Four-Roads
Costain, Edward, joiner, Surby
Costain, James, builder and contractor, Kentraugh
Costain, John, miner, Surby
Costain, Richard, blacksmith, Ballagawne
Costain, Richard, Prudential Assurance agent, tailor, and tea dealer, Level
Cowley, William, fisherman, Balinahow
Craine, John, fisherman, Four-Roads
Crebbin, Mrs. Ann, widow, Cregneish
Crebbin, Edward, fisherman, Four-Roads
Crebbin, Henry, gardener, Four-Roads
Crebbin, Mrs. Jane, widow, Four-Roads
Crebbin, John, farmer, Ballacrink
Crebbin, John, fisherman, Four-Roads
Crebbin, John, fisherman, Krkie
Crebbin, John, fisherman, Surby
Crebbin, Patrick, farmer, Glenchass
Crebbin, Thomas, farmer, Ballacrink
Crebbin, Thomas, fisherman, Fistard
Crebbin, William, farmer, Cregneish
Crebbin, William, fisherman, Kirkie
Crebbin, William, mariner, Ballapherson
Crebbin, William, fisherman, Four-Roads
Creer, John, miner, Ballakilpheric
Cregeen, John, fisherman, Darrag
Cregeen, John, fisherman, Four-Roads
Cregeen, Thomas, fisherman, Four-Roads
Crellin, John, shoemaker, Cross-e-Caley
Crellin, William, fisherman, Balinahow
Crosbie, Miss, Ballagawne House
Cubbon, Henry, fisherman, Surby
Cubbin, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballakillowey
Cubbon, James, mariner, Cross-e-Caley
Cubbon, John, gardener, Level
Cubbon, John, miner, Kentraugh
Cubbon, John, seed and manure agent, and gardener, Ballagawne Lodge
Cubbon, William, tanner, Level
Cubbon, Wm., hosier, grocer, and boot and shoe dealer, Level
Cubbon, William, mariner, Level
Curphey, Charles, fisherman, Darrag
Currie, Miss Eliza, Mount Gawne


Davidson, Alexander, blacksmith, Four-Roads
Davidson, Miss Catherine, Four-Roads
Davidson, William, blacksmith, Four-Roads
Dawson, Emerson, Scollaby farm, Scollaby
Dawson, William Clarke, farm steward, Ballacorkish
Duggan, Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, Four-Roads
Duke, Stephen, fisherman, Fistard


Faragher, Thomas, labourer, Ballakillowey
Fargher, Charles, mariner, Mount Gawne
Fargher, Edward, fisherman, Cregneish
Fargher, James, fisherman, Kirkie
Fargher, Miss Jane, Kirkie
Fargher, Richard, Lingague farm, Kirkie
Fargher, Richard, gardener, Kentraugh
Fargher, William, fisherman, Surby
French, Mrs. Ann, widow, Level
Fullerton, William, fisherman, Strugan Snail


Gale, Edward, baker, Ballakilpheric
Gale, Edward, fisherman, Four-Roads
Gale, Edward, tailor, Ballarenney
Gale, Henry, farmer, Ballavear
Gale, James, fisherman, Ballakilpheric
Gale, Mrs. Jane, widow, Smelt
Gale, John, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Gale, John, engineer, Ballahane
Gale, John, farmer, Strand Hall
Gale, John, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Gale, John, fisherman, Cregneish
Gale, John, fisherman, Surby
Gale, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Ballacreggan
Gale, Samuel, fisherman, Four-roads
Gale, Thomas, farmer, Fistard
Gale, Thomas, labourer, Strand Hall
Gale, Thomas, mason, Strugan Snail
Gale, William, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Garrett, James, joiner, Kentraugh
Gawne, Mrs. Emily Maria, Kentraugh
Gawne, James, fisherman, Fistard
Gawne, John, trader, Surby
Gawne, Miss Marion, Ballagawne House
Gawne, Thomas, fisherman, Fistard
Gawne, William, farmer, Glendown
Gill, Miss Annie, Surby
Gill, Mrs. Charlotte, widow, Strugan Snail
Gill, John, fisherman, Surby
Gale, John, fisherman, Surby
Gilmore, James, labourer, Four-Roads
Gilmore, Mrs. Jane, widow, Surby
Gordon, Henry, fisherman, Kirkie
Gordon, Henry, jun., fisherman, Kirkie
Gordon, Thomas, fisherman, Kirkie
Gordon, William, fisherman, Kirkie
Gorry, John, miner, Level
Gorry, Robert, labourer, Cross-e-Caley
Gorry, Thomas, fisherman, Kirkie
Grose, Walter Henry, proprietor Level Inn


Harrison, Samuel, miner, Darrag
Harrison, William, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Higgin, Thomas, labourer, Ballagale
Howland, Mrs. Jane, widow, Four-Roads
Hudgeon, John, fisherman, Fistard
Hudgeon, John, weaver, Fistard
Hudson, Edward, farmer, Ballagale
Hudson, Miss Henrietta, Level
Hudson, Henry, mariner, Level
Hudson, Henry, tailor, Ballapherson
Hudson, John, miner, Level
Hudson, James, smith and boiler maker, Ballapherson
Hudson, John, weaver, Ballapherson
Hudson, John, weaver, Ballapherson
Hudson, William Edward, fisherman, Ballapherson


Karran, Henry, fisherman, Four-Roads
Karran, Richard, fisherman, Four-Roads
Karran, Thomas, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Kay, Robert, fisherman, Four-Roads
Kaye, James, fisherman, Four-Roads
Kegg, Mrs. Ann, widow, Howe
Kegg, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Kirkie
Kegg, Miss Jane, Kirkie
Kegg, John, farmer, Ballacorkish
Kegg, John, labourer, Kirkie
Kegg, Joseph, fisherman, Howe
Kegg, Richard, mariner, Kirkie
Kegg, Thomas, fisherman, Cregneish
Kegg, William, clock and watchmaker, Kirkie
Kegg, William, fisherman, Ballakillowey
Kegg, William, jun., fisherman, Ballakillowey
Kegg, William, boot and shoemaker, Kirkie
Kegg, William, fisherman, Cregneish
Keggeen, John, boot maker, Cregneish
Keggeen, William, farmer, Howe
Keggeen, John, fisherman, Cregneish
Keggeen, Edward, fisherman, Fistard
Keig, James, miner, Cross-e-Caley
Kelly, Miss Catherine, Four-Roads
Kelly, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Cross-e-Caley
Kelly, Miss Ellen, Cross-e-Caley
Kelly, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Strugan Snail
Kelly, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballakilpheric
Kelly, Henry, farmer, Ballaqueeney
Kelly, Henry, fisherman, Cregneish
Kelly, James, fisherman, Howe
Kelly, John, bootmaker, Kirkie
Kelly, John, farmer, Kirkie
Kelly, Robert, fisherman, Balinahow
Kelly, Thomas, fisherman, Cregneish
Kinnish, Thomas, farmer, Mount Gawne
Kinnish, John, farmer, Scard
Kermode, John, farmer, Ballagale
Kermode, John, fisherman, Ballapherson
Kermode, Nicholas, fisherman, Bradda
Kinley, Mrs. Ann, widow, Bradda
Kinley, Mrs. Ann, Surby
Kinley, Edward, fisherman, Surby
Kinley, Edward, fisherman, Surby
Kinley, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Glenchass
Kinley, James, fisherman, Ballapherson
Kinley, John, farmer, Ballakillowey
Kinley, John, miner, Ballakilpheric
Kinley, William, farmer, Kirkie
Kinley, William, fisherman, Surby
Kinvig, John, farmer, Ballarenney
Kneen, Richard, farmer, Cross-e-Caley
Kneen, Thomas, farmer, Level
Kneen, William, farmer, Ballacreggan


Lace, Ambrose, seed and manure dealer, Kentraugh
Lace, Thomas, farmer, Mount Gawne
Leece, Thomas, fisherman, Ballakilpheric
Leece, Thomas, miner, Cross-e-Caley
Level Inn, Walter Henry Grose, proprietor
Looney, Joseph, gardener, Kentraugh
Lowey, Henry, fisherman, Cregneish
Lowey, James, farmer, Kirkie
Lowey, John, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Lowey, John, labourer, Cross-e-Caley
Lowey, William, farmer, The Sound


Maddrell, Edward, fisherman, Glenchass
Maddrell, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Ballahane
Maddrell, Edward, fisherman, Howe
Maddrell, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballacreggan
Maddrell, Mrs. Ellen, widow, Glenchass
Maddrell, Mrs. Esther, widow, Glenchass
Maddrell, Henry, fisherman, Fistard
Maddrell, Henry, fisherman, Glenchass
Maddrell, John, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Maddrell, Joseph, farmer, Ballahane
Maddrell, Thomas, fisherman, Ballakillowey
Maddrell, Thomas, fisherman, Surby
Mellews, Garland, oil merchant, Ballakillowey
Moore, James, fisherman, Ballapherson
Moore, John, farmer, Ballahane
Moore, John, farmer, Yon’s Quarter
Moore, Mrs., Strugan Snail
Moore, Robert, farmer and joiner, Ballapherson
Moore, Thomas, farmer, Howe
Moore, Thomas, labourer, Ballapherson
Moore, Thomas, mariner, Fistard
Moore, Thomas, retired farmer, Ballapherson
Moore, William, farmer, Ballacrink
Moore, William, fisherman, Bradda
Morrison, Daniel, tailor, Mount Gawne
Mylecharane, Edward, blacksmith, Smelt
Mylecharane, Edward, miller, Little Mill
Mylrea, James, master mariner, Port St. Mary
McCard, Joseph, mason, Fistard


Nelson, Miss Ann, Ballakillowey
Nelson, John, tailor, Ballacurry
Nelson, Richard, fisherman, Fistard
Nelson, Thomas, fisherman, Fistard
Nelson, Thomas, fisherman, Glenchass
Nixon, Mrs. Emma, widow, Fistard
Nixon, James, fisherman, Balinahow


Perry, James, fisherman, Glenchass
Preston, Richard, farmer, Ballacurry
Preston, William Richard, farmer, Ballacurry
Pulkenhorn, Benjamin, mason, Cross-e-Caley


Qualtrough, Miss Ann, Cross-e-Caley
Qualtrough, Miss Ann, Level
Qualtrough, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Surby
Qualtrough, Mrs. Edith, widow, Surby
Qualtrough, Edward, farmer, Surby
Qualtrough, Evan, carpenter, Four-Roads
Qualtrough, John, farmer, Howe
Qualtrough, John, fisherman, Surby
Qualtrough, Mrs. Margaret, Shore Hotel, Kentraugh
Qualtrough, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Level
Qualtrough, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Surby
Qualtrough, Paul, mason, Cross-e-Caley
Qualtrough, Miss Sarah, Surby
Qualtrough, Thomas, farmer, Kentraugh
Qualtrough, Thomas, mason, Cross-e-Caley
Qualtrough, William, farmer, Ballagale
Quaine, Mrs. Ellen, widow, Fistard
Quaine, John, fisherman, Fistard
Quayle, Edward, farmer, Kirkie
Quayle, John, miner, Kirkie
Quayle, Richard, coachman, Kentraugh
Quayle, Robert, fisherman, Kirkie
Quayle, William, fisherman, Ballapherson
Quayle, William, fisherman, Four-Roads
Queelin, Alfred, pupil teacher, Four-Roads
Queelin, Miss Ann, Four-Roads
Queelin, John, joiner, Four-Roads
Quine, James, fisherman, Fistard
Quine, John, fisherman, Surby
Quirk, Mrs. Catherine, Strugan Snail
Quirk, James, fisherman, Cregneish
Quirk, James, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Quirk, John, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Quirk, John, fisherman, Surby
Quirk, John, mariner, Kentraugh
Quirk, John James, fisherman, Surby
Quirk, John, weaver, Cross-e-Caley
Quirk, Thomas, fisherman, Surby
Quirk, Thomas, fisherman, Surby
Quirk, Thomas, labourer, Ballagale
Quirk, William, fisherman, Cregneish
Quirk, William, fisherman, Bradda


Radcliffe, Thomas, miner, Bradda
Radcliffe, John, fisherman, Ballakillowey


Sausbury, John, farmer, Ballacrink
Sansbury, John, farmer, Ballagale
Sansbury, John, labourer, Kirkie
Sansbury, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Four-Roads
Sansbury, Thomas, master mariner, Four-Roads
Shimmin, Miss Catherine, Mount Gawne
Shimmin, Thomas, labourer, Ballakillowey
Shimmin, Thomas, police sergeant, Ballacreggan Shore Hotel, Mrs. Marg. Qualtrough, proprietress, Kentraugh
Stephen, Thomas, mason, Cross-e-Caley
Stytch, Thomas, carter, Bradda
Stytch, Thomas, fisherman, Bradda
Swailes, Richard, labourer, Mount Gawne


Taubman, Thomas, farmer, Cregneish
Taubman, William, fisherman, Cregneish
Taubman, William, joiner, Smelt
Taylor, Henry, fisherman, Lingague
Taylor, Henry, labourer, Kirkie
Taylor, James, farmer, Ballakilpheric
Taylor, James, fisherman, Lingague
Taylor, John, labourer, Kirkie
Taylor, Miss Margaret, Lingague
Taylor, William, blacksmith, Four-Roads
Turnbull, Mrs. Eleanor, Cross-e-Caley
Turnbull, Miss Jane, Cross-e-Caley
Turnbull, John, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Turnbull, John, fisherman, Little Mill
Turnbull, Thomas, blacksmith, Four-Roads
Turnbull, Thomas, fisherman, Cross-e-Caley
Turnbull, William, blacksmith, Cross-e-Caley


Watterson, Miss Catherine, Ballapherson
Watterson, Miss Catherine, Smelt
Watterson, John, station master, Port St. Mary
Watterson, Henry, carpenter, Port St. Mary
Watterson, Henry, fisherman, Ballakillowey
Watterson, Henry, fisherman, Cregneish
Watterson, Henry, fisherman, Surby
Watterson, James, fisherman, Cregneish
Watterson, James, fisherman, Howe
Watterson, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballakillowey
Watterson, John, fisherman, Cregneish
Watterson, John, fisherman, Ballahane
Watterson, John, fisherman, Howe
Watterson, John, fisherman, Surby
Watterson, John, mariner, Smelt
Watterson, John, mariner, Surby
Watterson, John, mariner, Smelt
Watterson, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Cregneisli
Watterson, Mark, fisherman, Cregneish
Watterson, Robert, fisherman, Fistard
Watterson, Samuel, fisherman, Ballakillowey
Watterson, Thomas, army pensioner, Howe
Watterson, Thomas, carpenter, Howe
Watterson, Thomas, jun., carpenter, Howe
Watterson, Thomas, carpenter and joiner, Howe
Watterson, Thomas, fisherman, Cregneish
Waterson, Thomas, fisherman, Fistard
Watterson, Thomas, fisherman, Howe
Watterson, Thomas, gardener, Kentraugh
Watterson, Thomas, labourer, Ballakillowey
Watterson, William, farmer, Strand Hall
Watterson, William, farmer, Surby
Watterson, William, fisherman, Ballapherson
Watterson, William, fisherman, Strugan Snail
Watterson, William, fisherman, Surby
Watterson, William, mariner, Howe
Wilson, Miss Jane, Cross-e-Caley
Wood, Richard, mason, Four-Roads
Woodworth, Edward, engine driver, Smelt
Woodworth, Henry, shoemaker, Four-Roads
Woodworth, John, farm steward, Little Mill
Woodworth, Matthew, mariner, Smelt
Woodworth, Thomas, mariner, Smelt
Woodworth, Thomas, mariner, Smelt


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