[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


Ramsey, at the mouth of the Sulby, is the chief town of the north of the Island and its only natural outlet. It is a pretty town, beautifully situated in the centre of the magnificent bay, to which it gives its name, and at the foot of a richly wooded mountain range. The streets of the older part of the town are irregularly built and narrow, but the newer parts are clean, well laid out, and contain many fine buildings. South of the harbour a fine promenade, 730 yards in length, has been constructed along the shore, at a cost of about £5,000, from which beautiful views of the neighbouring coast may be obtained. The country in the immediate neighbourhood is very beautiful. To the south and west the mountains rise in bold richly-wooded heights, above which soar the dark peaks of Barrule and Snaefell ; while the range itself is deeply pierced by the romantics glens of Ballure and Auldyn. Upon the summit of one of the most conspicuous of these heights, overlooking the town, stands Albert Tower, a striking object in the picture ; which marks the spot where H.R.H. Prince Albert stood to view Ramsey and the surrounding country on the occasion of the visit of the Queen in September, 1847. In the centre of the town is the Court House, a neat unpretentious building, in which the Deemster of the Northern Division, the Vicar-General, and the High-Bailiff hold their respective courts. Beside the Marketplace, a large open space near the harbour, is St. Paul’s Church, built in 1819 ; and in North Ramsey is St. Olave’s Church, built in 1861. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists, the Presbyterians, and the Roman Catholics have also their several places of worship. The town possesses several good proprietary schools, a grammar school built in 1864, and efficient elementary schools. It also possesses good hotels and comfortable lodging houses. The affairs of the town are under the control of Town Commissioners, and it is steadily growing in prosperity and importance. But its greatest drawbacks hitherto have been the absence of effective communication by land with the southern districts of the Island, and the want of a low water landing pier. The former of these hindrances has been recently removed by the opening of the Northern Railway, and it now appears probable that the town will shortly obtain by Government assistance a substantial low water pier. Ramsey Bay is well sheltered on all sides except the N.E., and affords good anchorage for vessels of considerable size ; and its convenient situation in the track of vessels sailing between the northern ports, and the shelter which it gives from the prevalent westerly gales, cause it to be much frequented by passing traders notwithstanding its dangerous banks and shallows. Ramsey possesses a considerable and increasing trade, especially in agricultural produce and cattle, with Whitehaven and Liverpool, and the Isle of Man Steampacket Company run one of their fine mail steamers regularly between it and Liverpool. It is a favourite resort for summer tourists; its reputation as a pleasant and healthful watering place being second only to that of Douglas Its population is about 4,000.

Residents in Ramsey

Albert Hotel, Mrs. Woods, 1 Queen-street
Aldritt, Thomas, Dale-street
Aldritt Bros., boat-builders, Shore
Allen & Taubman, (Thos. Allen, Jun., & Edw. Moore Taubman) , wholesale & family grocers, tea dealers, wine & spirit merchants, 37 Parliament-street
Allen, Thos.,Jun. (Allen & Taubman), res., 9 Auckland-ter.
Ashby, Mrs., Church-street
Aspinall, Mrs., Summerland
Atkinson, Mrs, Bowring-road
Atkinson, Edwin, 42 Church-street


Barnett, Mrs., 12 Albert-street
Barrow Flour Mills, 33 West-quay
Batty, John E., ironmonger and bell hanger, 10 West-quay. (See advt. p. 651.)
Beaumont, Miss, 28 Bowring-road
Bell, James, King-street
Bennyworth, James, fish dealer, 14 Market-place
Benson, John, 7 Maughold-street
Beswick, John, Bowring-road
Binks, John, 18 Strand-street
Bonded Warehouse, 2 West-quay
Boyde, Bros. (Boyde, W. & J.), cabinetmakers, Parliament-st. (See advt. p. 651.)
Boyde, John, grocer, 8 Church-street
Boyde, John T., Coburg-road
Boyde, William, cabinetmaker, 7 6 Parliament-street
Brailly, Mrs., 3 Ballure-terrace
Brenun, Miss, Mysore Cottage
Brereton, General, Riversdale
Brew, John, butcher, 7 Ballure-road, and Bourne-place
Brew, Miss, 1 Mona-street
Brew, Mrs., 10 Albert-street
Brew, Robert, grocer, West-quay ; res., 7 Ballure-road
Brew, Thomas, 4Corlett’s-court
Bridson and Ball, Misses, ladies’ school, 10 Albion-terrace
Bridson, Mrs. Jane, 8 Albert-street
Bridson, John, auctioneer; office, 4 King-st. ; res., Promenade
Broughton, John, earthenware dealer, 4 Dale-street
Brown, Allan, coal factor, &c., 27 West-quay
Brown, Alexander, plumber, 29 College-street
Brown, Capt. Robert, 3 Auckland-terrace
Brown, Capt. Wm., 6 Albion-terrace
Bryden, Thomas, harbour master, East-quay
Bryden, Thomas, 5, Marsden-street
Burns, John, 4 Water street
Butler, Mrs. Ann, Bowring-road


Cain, C., College-street
Cain, John, 52 College-street
Cain, Mrs., 1 Bark-lane
Cain, Sill., 12 Strand-street
Cain, Thomas, 1 Marsden-street
Caine, John, 13 Shore
Caine, William, refreshment rooms, East-quay
Caley, Thomas, 27 Church-street
Caley, J. James, Shipyard
Caley, William, police constable, 3 Bark-lane
Caley, William, turner & blockmaker, 4 East-quay
Callister, Thomas, confectioner, 22 West-quay
Callow, Daniel C., stonemason, 9 Bowring-road
Callow, James, builder, 14 Church-street ; res., Promenade
Callow, James, watchmaker & jeweller, fancy goods repository, dealer in sewing machines, electro-plated goods, cutlery, lamps, &e., Parliament-street ; res., 55 Waterloo-road. (See advt. p. 652.)
Callow, Jane, Quayle’s-court.
Callow, John, 10 King-street
Callow, Thomas, Shipyard
Callow, Thomas, shoemaker, 4 Ballure-road
Callow, Thomas, shoemaker, 2 College-street
Callow, William, Brookfield
Callow, William, Church-street
Callow, William, stonemason, 9 Bowring-road
Camaish, William, Barrack-lane
Campbell, Niel, 59 Bowring-road
Cannell, John, chief constable, 29 Church-street
Cannell, John E., manufacturer & dealer in hats & caps, 44 Parliament-street ; also, secretary for the Ramsey Gas Light and Waterworks Companies. (See advt. p. 653.)
Cannell, Mrs., 1 Cannell’s-lane
Cannell, Thomas, 1 Ballure-road
Cannell, Thomas, greengrocer, 29 West-quay
Cannell, William, Bowring-road
Cannell, William, coal factor and ship chandler, 11 West-quay
Cannell, William, Shipyard
Cannell, William, shoemaker, West-quay
Cannon, John, baker, 9 King-street
Carr, G., tinsmith, Quay
Carran, Mrs. Jane, bakery, confectionery, and grocery, 58 Parliament-street
Carran, Thomas, Ivy-lane
Carstairs, Mrs ., 1 Waterloo-lane
Cartledge, George, greengrocer, 1 Parliament-street
Casement, John, steam sawyer, 3 West-quay
Cathcart, Rev. W., Presbyterian Minister, Waterloo-road
Christian, Daniel, joiner, Peel-street ; res., 4 College-street
Christian, Daniel S., 29 Bowring-road
Christian, Daniel S., 36 Waterloo-road
Christian, Edward, 3 Market-lane
Christian, Henry E., ‘2 Bowring-road
Christian, Jane, 4 Strand-street
Christian, James, 32 Maughold-street
Christian, John, 35 Maughold-street
Christian, Mrs. John, Windsor-terrace
Christian, John Thomas, 13 Albert-street
Christian, Miss, The Manse, 19 Maughold-street
Christian, Mr., Douglas-lane
Christian, Mrs., Maughold-street
Christian, Robert, 10 Bark-lane
Christian, Samuel, 5 Queen-street
Christian, Thos., grocer & provision dealer, 19 Bowring-road
Christian, William, Auckland-lane
Christian, William, 5 Bark-lane
Christian, William, College-street
Christian, William, Mona-street
Chrystal, John, auctioneer, 32 West-quay
Clague, John, Summerland
Clague, Mrs., 6 West-street
Clague, Norris Joseph, boot & shoemaker, 70 Parliament-street
Clague, Wm., ironmonger, 7 East-quay ; res., Summerland
Clarey, John, master mariner, Queen-street
Clark, John, 3 Court-row
Clark, William, 3 Court-row
Clarke, John, 3 Templar-terrace
Clarke, Capt. -John, 7 Cobnrg-road
Clarke, Capt. John, mariner, 3 Waterloo-road
Clarke, Miss, 50 Waterloo-road
Clarke, Miss, 63 Waterloo-road
Clarke, Thomas, tailor, draper, & outfitter, 36 :Parliament-street. (See advt. p. 653.)
Clarke, Thomas, 1 Teare’s-terrace
Clarke, William, 6 Queen-street
Cleator, Daniel, 44 Maughold-street
Cleator, Hugh, butcher, 20 Church-street
Cleator, Robert, corn and seed merchant, West-quay ; res., Lezayre-terrace
Cleator, Thomas, 32 College-street
Cleator, Thomas, shoemaker, 19 West-quay
Cleator, William, 20 Bowring-road
Cleator, William, 37 Bowring-road
Cleator, William, Corkhill’s-court
Clucas, Edward, Collins-court
Clucas, Leece, sergeant of police, 13 Water-street
Clucas, Mrs., 24 Strand-street
Clucas, Walter D., surgeon, 1 Waterloo-road
Coffey, John, Auckland-lane
Collins, Charles, marine stores, 6 King-street
Collins, Edward, boat builder, Ivy-lane
Collister, Hugh, 61 Bowring-road
Collister, Mrs., 12 Bowring-road
Collister, William, King-street
Colquitt, William, Garrett’s-court
Colvin, Robert, Barrack-lane
Commercial Inn, William Goss, Market-place
Cottier, Thomas, Mona-street
Cottier, William, 4 Marsden-street
Cottle, John, 10 Coburg-road
Cowell, John R., grocer & provision dealer, 15 Mona-street; res., 66 Waterloo-road
Cowen, John, flour dealer, West-quay
Cowle, John, 13 College-street
Cowle, John Robert, shoemaker, 1 Cannon’s-court
Cowle, Kneale, refreshment rooms, 26 Church-street
Cowle, Miss, Bowring-road
Cowle, Mrs., 15 Waterloo-road
Cowle, Wm., Cooper’s-lane
Cowley, John, 26 Bowring-road
Cowley, John, Mona-street
Cowley, Robert, merchant, May-hill
Cowley, Robert, 7 Strand-street
Cowin, Mrs., 23 Maughold-street
Craine, Harry, painter, 3 East-street, Quay
Craine, John, printer, bookseller, and stationer, agent for The Isle of Man Times, Parliament-street ; res., 2 Auckland-terrace. (See advt. p. 655.)
Craine, John, 28 Maughold-street
Craine, Miss, Mysore Cottage
Craine, William, baker, 19 East-street, Quay
Crebbin, Mrs., 4 Old Cross
Creer, Edward, stone cutter, 13 Auckland-terrace
Cregeen, John, Bowring-road
Crellin, Cæsar, 13 King-street
Crellin, Mrs. James, Shore
Crellin, Miss, Lezayre-terrace
Crellin, Mrs., 10 Maughold-street
Crellin, Robert, B owring-road
Crellin, Robert, S Water-street
Crennell, John, 03 Waterloo-road
Crennell, William, grocer, I 5 Parliament-street ; res., Summerland
Cretney, William, Quayle’ s-court
Crinnell, Daniel, Old Cross
Criggal, John, house and sign painter, grainer, and paper-hanger, and dealer in paints, oils, glass, varnishes, &c., 68 Parliament-street ; also lodging-house, 21 Bay-view, Promenade. (See advt. p. 654.)
Crowe, Charles, Collins-court
Crowe, Hugh, 1 Shipyard
Crowe, Miss., confectioner, Old Cross
Crowe, Hugh, 1 Templar-terrace
Crowe, Jane, 1 Corlett’s-court
Crowe, John, coach painter, 2 Chapel-lane
Crowe, Mrs., stage coach proprietress, Water-street
Crowe, Philip, Sayle’s-court
Crowe, William, Ivy-lane
Crown Inn, Thos. McAlea, proprietor, 32 Parliament-street
Cruickshank, James lYE., advocate, notary public, and agent for the Scottish Amicable Life Insurance Company, 4 Auckland-terrace
Cruickshank, Mrs., 10 Auckland-terrace
Crye, Daniel, 54 College-street
Cubbon, Edward, butcher, 12 Church-street
Cubbon, W., tobacconist, Parliament-street
Cubbon, Thomas, Shipyard
Cubbon, Mrs., 57 Waterloo-road
Cummins, Alexander, greengrocer, confectionery, fruits, &c., 2 King-street
Curphey, Alex., 24 Church-street
Curphey, Edward, College-street
Curphey, Joseph Henry, baker & confectioner, 30 Parliament-street & West-quay
Curphey, Miss, 50 Bowring-road
Curphey, William, North Shore-road


Dailey, Joseph, Shipyard
Davis, John, 18 Maughold-street
Davies, John, Strand-street
Davis, William, 1 Coburg-road
Dawson, Edward H., livery stables and car proprietor, 75 Parliament-street ; res . , 7 Auckland-terrace
Dawson, Thomas, 61 Parliament-street. (See advt. p. 660.)
Dawson, W., tinsmith, Parliament-street
Dawson, Wm., linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, hosiery, and millinery, 20 Parlianrent-street. (See advt. p. 656.)
Dawson, Rev. W. G., Wesleyan minister, 4 Albion-terrace
Dinwoody, John, 28 College-street
Dod, Frederick, 36 Bowring-road
Dodgson, F. W. (late Hugh Stowell), family and dispensing chemist, 38 Parliament-street. (See advt. p. 637.)
Dods, J., boat builder, Quay
Doran, Patrick, Shore
Doran, William, College-street
Daugherty, Charles, Church-street
Dumbell, Alured, Northern Deemster, Hill-side
Dumbell’s Banking Co., Limited, 3 Peel-street ; agent, E. C. Kerr


Echlin, Peter, 20 Shore
Edwards, John, chimney sweeper, 3 Maughold-street
Ellison, Fred., Queen-street
Ellison, James, Bowring-road
Ellison, Robert, car proprietor, 2 Water-street
Ellison, Mrs., grocer, 10 Bowring-road
Ennue, Jane, Barrack-lane


Fargher, Edward, joiner, 53 Waterloo-road
Fargher, Elizabeth, 6 Water-street
Fargher, John, College-street
Fargher, Thomas, grocer, 48 Church-street
Fargher, Wm., joiner, 12 Waterloo-road
Fargher, Wm . , Macaulay’ s-court
Fargher, Mrs., 17 Maughold-street
Farringtou , George, Strand-street
Faulkner, Mrs., 9 W indsor-terrace
Fell, Robert, 6 Shipyard
Fergusson, Robert, joiner, Corlctt’ s-rofl
Fisher, Isaac, Auckland-lane
Fisher, Mrs ., 68 Waterloo-road
Fletcher, Mrs., 8 Albion-terrace
Friendship Inn, Quilliam, Ann, 23 West-quay


Gale, John, 56 College-street
Gale, John, Maughold-street
Gale, William, 41 Maugthold-street
Gallagher, Richard, tinplate-worker, 42 College-street. (See advt. p. 658.)
Garrett, Ed ward, Auckland-lane
Garrett, Robert, 46 Church-street
Garrett, Robert, 1 2 College-street
Garrett, Robert, Corlett’s-row
Garrett, William, 7 King-street
Garrett, William, Radcliffe’s-lane
Garrett, Mrs., grocer & merchant, 69 Parliament-street
Garrett, Mrs., King-street
Garrett, Mrs., Mona-street
Gawne, Edward, joiner, 19 Shore
Gawne, Jane, 33 Maughold-street
Gawne, John, Mona-street
Gee, Abraham, 40 Waterloo-road
Gelder, Mrs. F., 4 Coburg-road
Gibb, Mrs. M., The Grove
Gill, Daniel, Boundary-road
Gill, James, Quayle’s-court
Gill, John, Radcliffe’s-court
Gll, John, Shore
Gill, Mrs. M., 10 College-street
Gill, Mrs., Windsor-terrace
Gill, Mrs., Shore
Gill, Patrick, Collins-court
Gill, William, Auckland-lane
Gillow, Rev. Robert, Catholic priest, 50 Waterloo~road
Gilmour, Mrs., 2 Albion-terrace
Goldsmith and Cowley (Henry Goldsmith & Robert Cowley), corn and seed merchants, &c., Parliament-street
Goldsmith, Henry (Goldsmith & Cowley), Belmont-terrace
Goldsmith, James, Auckland-house, Shore
Goldsmith, Miss, Belmont-terrace
Gore, Colonel, Coburg-road
Graham, Robert, 34 College-street
Graves and Kermeen, boatbuilders, Shipyard
Gray, Miss, 18 Waterloo-road
Griffiths, Mrs., Bowring-road


Halsall, James, College-street
Harrison, Miss, 26 Waterloo-road
Harrison, Robert, Collins-court
Harvey, Misses, ladies’ school, 27 Bowring-road
Harvey, John, Sayle’s-court
Hawkins, William, 38 Maughold-street
Heath and Appleby, grocers, Bowring-road
Henderson, C., 48 Waterloo-road
Henderson, Mrs. Margaret, Saddle Inn, 6 Parliament-street
Heron, Philip, 15 King-street
Hierne, Miss, 11 Lezayre-terrace
Holmes, George, Royal Hotel, 10 Market-place
Home for the Aged, Church-street
Howland, C., Douglas-lane
Howland, Charles, 16 Templar-terrace
Howland, Mrs. John, 38 Church-street
Hutchinson, Mrs., May-hill
Hutton, William, 24 Bowring-road


Industrial School, Miss Horley, North Shore-road
Isherwood, John, May-hill
Isle of Man Banking Company, (Thomas Corkill, agent), 17 Parliament-street
Isle of Man Steampacket Company (Robert Teare, agent), 8 East-quay


Jackson, Robert, Bowring-road
Jelly, William, 34 College-street
Jennings, James, 8 West-street
Johns, Captain R., mariner, Shore
Joughin, D. & Son, (Daniel & Chas. J.), plumbers, painters, glaziers, paper hangers, &c., 14 Parliament-street. (See advt p 650 )
Joughin, Daniel (D. Joughin & Son), Ballaquark, Kirk Bride
Joughin, Mrs., Summerland
Joughin, William, 16 Templar-terrace


Kaighin, Miss E., 7 Waterloo-road
Kaighin, Miss, 11 Albert-street
Kaighen, Mrs., milliner, 2 West-quay
Kaighin, Miss, 21 Maughold-street
Kaighin, Mrs ., 10 Qnayle’s-conrt
Kaighin, Thomas, Corlett’s-row
Kaneen, Mrs. Charles, 33 Bowring-road
Kaneen, John, Corlett’s-row
Kaneen, Philip, Corlett’s-row
Kelly, Edward, hairdresser, 7 Market-place
Kelly, Mrs. Isabella, 10 Waterloo-road
Kelly, John, Douglas-lane
Kelly, Miss, dressmaker, 5 Albert-street
Kelly, Mrs., 5 Lezayre-terrace
Kelly, Miss, 47 Waterloo-road
Kelly, Robert J., advocate, 8 Auckland-terrace
Kelso, William, Church-street
Kelso, William, 6 Douglas-lane
Kennedy, John, livery stables, Water-street
Kennedy, John, car proprietor, Water-st. ; res., 28 Waterloo-rd.
Kenney, Isaac, carpenter, 11 Shore
Kennish, James W., 32 College-street
Kennish, William, moulder, 3 Cannon’s-court
Kent, Mrs., 45 Bowring-road
Kenyon, Edward, coal factor, 31 West-quay
Kenyon, William, Shipyard
Kermeen, Edward, Stanley Inn, 14 West-quay
Kermeen, Mrs., 9 Strand-street
Kermode, Edward d, Ballure-road
Kermode, James, refreshment rooms, 8 Market-place
Kermode, John, 42 Maughold-street
Kerm ode, John, 6 Strand-street
Kermode, Miss, fancy goods dealer, 23 Parliament-street
Kermode, P. M. C., advocate, Parliament-street
Kermode, William, Queen-street
Kerr, Edward C., bank agent, 3 Peel-street
Kerr, George, Cannell’s-lane
Kerruisli, A., 20 College-street
Kerruish, Edward, 31 Bowring-road
Kerruish, Mrs. E. P., grocer and merchant, 12 Parliament-.st.
Kerruish, James, Cooper’s-lane
Kerruish, James, grocer, 9 King-street
Kerruish, John R., grocer and baker, 2 Peel-street
Kerruish, M . , Queen-street
Kerruish, Miss, dressmaker, Bowring-road
Kerruish, Miss, 23 Waterloo-road
Kerruish, Mrs. M., 20 College-street
Kerruish, William, 11 Maughold-street
Kerruish, William, 31 Maughold-street
Kewish, Mrs., 46 Waterloo-road
Kewley, John, blacksmith, 20 West-quay
Kewley, Thomas, Ivy-lane
Kewley, William, 9 Bark-lane
Killey, John, Corlett’s-row
Killey, John, 22 Maughold-street
Killey, Mrs., Queen-street
Killey, Mrs., 2 Corlett’s-court
Killey, Mrs., Collin’s-court
Killip, John, carpet maker, 1 Chapel-lane
Killip, Thomas, 1 Loch-villas
Killip, William, Kneale’s-lane
Kinrade, Charles, 3 Shore
Kinrade, Thomas, 3 Shore
Kinnin, William, fishmonger, 8 Mona-street
Kissack, Henry, watchmaker & jeweller, 2 Church-street
Kissack, John, clerk, 2 Church-street
Kissack, William, Kneale’s-lane
Kitson, Rev. W., Primitive Methodist Minister, Chapel-lane
Kneale, Charles, Bowring-road
Kneale, Daniel, 10 Marsden-street
Kneale, Edward, leather dealer, 24 West-quay
Kneale, John, shoemaker, 64 Parliament-street
Kneale, John, 2 Windsor-terrace
Kneale, John, Victoria Inn, 1 Tower-street
Kneale, John R., 14 Albion-terrace
Kneale, Mrs. John, Coburg-road
Kneale, Mrs., 22 Maughold-street
Kneale, Thomas, fancy draper, silk mercer, millinery, costume and mantle warehouse, 35 Parliament-street ; res., 2 Albert-street. (See advt. p. 659.)
Kneale, Thomas, 3 Corlett’s-court
Kneale, William, Auckland-lane
Kneale, Wm. H, general draper, clothier and outfitter, hatter, tailor, &c., 22 Parliament-street, and 7 Quay ; res., Washington Villa. (See advt. p. 653.)
Kneen, Miss Catherine, Bowring-road
Kneen, Thomas, 16 Bowring-road
Kneen, Thomas, Corkill’s-court
Kneen, Thomas, King-street
Kneen, William, joiner, Bowring-road


Lace, Henry, 1 7 Water-street
Lace, Mrs. Henry, 9 Albert-street
Lace, Miss Margaret, Shipyard
Lace, Robert, 5 Teare’s-terrace
LaMothe, John C., High-Bailiff, Summerland
Lambert, James, billiard-room, Promenade
Laughlin, Wm., chemist, 10 Parliament-st.; res., 16 Albion-ter.
Lavery, Robert & Son, painters and plumbers, 5 Market-place ; res., 11 Waterloo-road
Lawson, William, Bowring-road
Lawton, Thomas, clothier and dyer, 7 West-quay
Lanaghan, Patrick, chandler, 16 College-street
Leadbeater, F., 4 Waterloo-road, and refreshment rooms, Railway Station
Leadbeater, William, Maughold-street (Ivy Castle)
Limnr, Patrick, fish dealer, 5 Market-place
Limur, Hugh, Queen-street
Limnr, Patrick, fishmonger, King-street
Lindsay, John, car proprietor, Cannell’s-lane
Lockett, John, draper, 3 Parliament-street
Lockhart, Leslie, collector of customs, 38 Waterloo-road
Loney, Mrs ., confectioner, Parliament-street
Loney, Mrs., milk seller, 36 Parliament-street
Looney, Edward, baker, 9 West-quay
Looney, Edward, boat builder, Maughold-street
Looney, James, shoemaker, 17 Shore
Looney, James, shoemaker, 18 Church-street
Looney, John, builder & stonemason, 28 Waterloo-road
Looney, John, 34 Maughold-street
Looney, Joseph, 40 Maughold-street
Looney, Thomas, 13 Maughold-street
Looney, Thomas, 9 Waterloo-road
Looney, William, 64 Waterloo-road
Lord, James, baker, 5 Dale-street
Lord, John, baker, 46 College-street ; res., Dale-street
Lord, Mrs., 28 Church-street
Lord, Robert, porter, 62 Bowring-road
Loyle, J., 1 Church-street
Lucas, Wm., linen & woollen draper, 50 Parliament.street
Lucas, K., Coburg-road
Lynch, Miss, 3 Mysore Cottage


Maclure, George, King-street
Macgregor, James, printer and bookseller, Parliament-street
Mark, Mrs., 56 Waterloo-road
Marsh, Miss, Windsor-terrace
Marsh, Mrs ., 4 Ballure-terrace
Martin, Allan, painter, 8 King-street
Martin, Edward, Church-street
Martin, John, I 2 Albion.terrace
Martin, Mrs., 33 College-street
Martin, Mrs., 15 Maughold-street
Martin, Rev. Wm., Wesleyan Minister, 6 Waterloo-road
Matthews, Mr., Temperance Hotel, near Railway Station
Matthie, Miss, 12 Windsor-terrace
Mauby, Miss, 11 Windsor-terrace
Maxwell, John, 10 Looney’s-court
Maxwell, Patrick, 11 College-street
Mearns, Samuel, College-street
Merlin, S ., 46 Maughold-street
Midwood, Charles, billiard rooms, 6 Mona-street
Midwood, Thomas, photographer, Shore
Millar, Robert, 8 Bark-lane
Mills, C., 2 7 Maughold-street
Mills, George Frederick, shoemaker, 6 Market-place
Mills, Mrs. Susan, 5 King-street
Mills, Mrs. M., King-street
Mitchell, Wm., dealer in boots and shoes, 42 Parliament. street.
Mitre Hotel, Miss M. A. Mylrea, 16 Parliament-street
Moore, Cæsar, master mariner, 10 Shore
Moore, Frederick, 3 Loch Villas
Moore, James, police constable, 37 Maughold-street
Moore, Misses, 7 Albert-street
Moore, Mrs., 6 Auckland-terrace
Moore, Mrs. Mary, 4 Shore
Moore, Robert, 4 Teare’s-terrace
Moore, William, 3 Coburg-road
Moore, William, 7 Strand-street
Morrison, Mrs., Church-street
Mortimer, Samuel, fancy bread and biscuit baker, grocer and provision dealer, fruiterer, &c., 31 Parliament-street. (See advt. p. 660.)
Murray, James, King-street
Murray, M rs . , 49 Waterloo-road
Musgrave, Richard, gardener, Bowring-road
Mylechreest, Mrs. Isabella, fancy goods, millinery & dress. making, hair-dressing, 34 Parliament-street
Mylechreest, Mrs . , milliner, 4 Parliament-street
Mylechreest, Thomas P., saddler & harness maker, 54 Parkament-street
Mylrea, Miss M. A., Mitre Hotel, 16 Parliament-street
McAlea, Thos., Crown Inn, 32 Parliament-street & 11 Quay
McCormick, Joseph, butcher, 1 6 King-street
McFee, Mrs., 60 Waterloo-road
McKenzie, John, 61 Waterloo-road
McKneale, Thomas, 6 Ballure-road
McNay, James, I 2 Bark-lane
McNeal, Thomas, 5 Strand-street
McWhannell, Llewellyn, ironmonger, 13 Par1iament-street


Nelson, C. B., advocate; office, Dale-street; res., Waterloo-rd.
Nelson, John, leather currier, 7 Bark-lane
Neptune Hotel, Mrs. Commuck, 1 Shore
North Ramsey Town Hall, Bowring-road


Oddfellows Arms, Horatio Nelson Brown, 8 West-quay
Old Cross Hall, Old Cross (Rev. G. Paton, proprietor)
Old Swan Hotel, Miles P. Sawrey, 1 Old Cross


Paisley, Jane, 2 Strand-street
Paisley, Robert, 54 Waterloo-road
Pass, Richard, Lezayre Station
Paterson, Andrew C., Compton House and Glasgow House. (See advt- p. 662.)
Paterson, Mrs. A. C., milliner, Parliament-street
Paterson, Mrs., 2 Mysore Cottages
Paton, Rev. George, Vicarage, Summerland
Patterson, George, photographer, 3 Ballure-road. (See advt. p.660.)
Patterson, Rev. William, 3 Ballure-road
Pears, Robert, fruiterer, Parliament-street
Peckham, Henry, 4 Maughold-street
Perks, Henry, Rheast-Moar
Pilkington, James, Union Hotel, 1 East-quay
Pitts, James, saddler, West-quay
Pitts, Thomas, 43 Maughold-street
Plough Inn, Charles Teare, 46 Parliament-street
Porter, Miss, 30 Waterloo-road
Post-office, Mrs. Hampton, postmistress, 19 Parliament-st.
Preston, George, 32 Church-street
Price, Miss, 8 Coburg-road
Priestland, Walter, 58 Waterloo-road
Pritchard, Thos. M., aerated water manufacturer, 5 West-quay ; res., Bowring-road


Quaggin, Mrs., general dealer, Maughold-street
Quark, John, 5 College-street
Quayle, Charles, baker & confectioner, Bourne-place
Quayle, Edward, grocer, Market-place
Quayle, Geo., tailor, 21 Parliament-st. ; res., Ballure Mount
Quayle, Jane, Church-street
Quayle, John, 26 King-street
Quayle, John, 9 Marsden-street
Quayle, John, 6 Maughold-street
Quayle, John, 7 Queen-street
Quayle, John James, 37 Maughold-street
Quayle, Mrs ., 2 Ballure-terrace
Quayle, Paul, 33 Bowring-road
Quayle, Philip, grocer & baker, Old Cross
Quayle, Thomas, Auckland—lane
Quayle, Thomas, 3 Marsdeii-street
Quayle, Thomas, 30 Maughold-street
Quayle, William, Church-street
Quayle, William, 36 Maughold-street
Quilliam, Ann, Friendship Inn, 23 West-quay
Quilliam, James, Garrett’ s-court
Quine, James, Water-street
Quirk, Miss Catherine, ladies furnishing goods, trimmings, & fancy repository, 28 Parliament-street


Radcliffe, Benjamin, butcher, 17 Bowring-road
Radcliffe, James, family grocer, tea, and provision merchant, 62 Parliament-street. (See advt., p. 661.)
Radcliffe, John, saddler, 1 5 Parliament-st. ; res., 7 Promenade
Radcliffe, Patrick, 3 Dale-street
Radcliffe, Thomas, coachbuilder, 3 Water-street
Radcliffe, Thomas, 22 College-street
Radcliffe, Thomas, shoemaker, 69 Parliament-street
Radcliffe, Thomas, 4 Templar-terrace
Radcliffe, Walter, shoemaker and earthenware dealer, 2 Bourne-place
Radcliffe, William, 1 7 Bowring-road
Radley, William, 4 West-street
Ralph, Mrs., Belmont-terrace
Ramsey Skating Rink, Waterloo-road
Regan, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 3 Church-street
Renton, John, 2 Loch Villas
Reynolds, Thomas, Bowring-road
Rich, William, 21 Bowring-road
Rimmer, William, North Shore-road
Robinson, Lazarus, Looney’s-court
Robinson, Mrs. Sarah, 9 Shore
Rogers, Mrs., College-street
Roiston, Mrs., 1 8 Albion-terrace
Roman Catholic Chapel, Shore
Roose, William Davis, 5 Ballure-road
Ross, Jane, 8 Strand-street
Rothwell, Miss, Windsor-terrace
Rothwell, Thomas, shoemaker, 7 Church-street
Royal Hotel, George Holmes, 10 Market-place
Rudd, Thomas, Myrtle-hill


Saddle Inn, Margaret Henderson, 6 Parliament-street
Saunderson, Frederick, surveyor, 20 Shore
Sawrey, Miles D., Old Swan Hotel, 1 Old Cross
Sayle, Daniel, watchmaker & jeweller, 48 Parliament-street
Sayle, Elizabeth, Looney’s-court
Sayle, John, 8 Shore
Sayle, Philip, 43 Parliament-street
Sayle, Thomas, Shipyard
Seamen’s Bethel, 7 7 Parliament-street
Seamen’s Refuge, Neptune-street
Sharp, Mrs., Church-street
Shimmin, Mrs., 2 Leghenny
Shimmin, Wm., silk mercer & draper, 27 Parliament-street
Sidebotham, James, 2 Coburg-road
Sidebotham, Miss, 46 Bowring-road
Simpson, Robert, Windsor-terrace
Skillicorn Bros., shoemakers, 14 Church-street
Skillicorn & Co. (Wm. H. & John J.), painters, grainers, paper-hangers, decorators, plumbing, &c., 73 Parliament-st.
Skillicorn, Robert, Maughold-street
Skillicorn, Robert, North Shore-road
Skillin, Andrew, 7 College-street
Skinner, John, 13 Queen-street
Smith, John, sailor, Cannell’s-lane
Spanton, John, schoolmaster, May-hill
Sprainger, Edward, 26 College-street
Sprainger, Miss, 14 Waterloo-road
Stanley Inn, Edward Kermeen, 14 West-quay
Starch Works Company, East-quay
Starkey, John, car proprietor, 73 Strand-street
Starkey, Thomas, 19 College-street
Steele, George A., Summerland
Stephen John, Radcliffe-lane
Stephen, Thomas, Shore
Stowell, Edward, Mona-street
Stowell, Mrs., Bark-lane
Stowell, Miss, 2 Church-street
Stowell, Philip, 24 Maughold-street
Stowell, Robert, 2 Old Cross
Strickett, Miss, stationer and tobacconist, agent for Tke Isle of Man Times, 4 Parliament-street
Summers, Mrs., 2 Ballure-road


Taggart, William, 8 Marsden-street
Taubman, Edwd. Moore (Allen & Taubman) , 5 Auckland-ter.
Teare, Charles, proprietor Plough Inn, 46 Parliament-street
Teare, A., 52 Waterloo-road
Teare, Henry, mariner, 18 Bowring-road
Teare, James, Maughold-street
Teare, James (Thomas Teare & Co.), 24 Parliament-street. (See advt. p. 661.)
Teare, Mrs., 9 Auckland-terrace
Teare, Mrs., May-hill
Teare, Mrs. M., Windsor-terrace
Teare, Robert, agent Steampacket Company, 8 East-quay
Teare, Robert, grocer & timber merchant, 8 Bowring-road
Teare, Thomas, Bowring-road
Teare, Thomas & Co. (Thomas & James), general drapers, silk mercers, hosiers, haberdashers, outfitters, carpet and furnishing warehouse, 24 Parliament-st. (See advt. p. 661.)
Teare, Thomas (Thomas Teare & Co.), 8 Waterloo-road. (See advt. p. 661.)
Teare, Mrs. Wm., 34 Bowring-road
Tellet, Fred. S ., surgeon, 9 Lezayre-terrace
Thellusson, Alex. D., Colonel, J.P., Mount Aldyn
Thellusson, Ernest, J.P., Mount Aldyn
Thompson, John, Auckland-lane
Thompson, Mrs., 1 Bay-view
Thompson, Thomas, North Shore-road
Thutall, Mrs., Bowring-road
Towle, Mrs., Summerland
Tulloch, Mrs., 2 Bay-view


Union Hotel, James Pilkington, 1 East-quay


Victoria Inn, William Kneale, 1 Tower-street
Vondy, Daniel, grocer and merchant, Parliament-street


Wade, James H., dispensing & family chemist, and manufacturer of the celebrated Albert Tower Bouquet, 17 Parliament-street ; res., 30 Bowring-road. (See advt. p. 663.)
Wade, John, butcher, 1 Bourne-place ; res., Waterloo-road
Wade, John, 35 Bowring-road
Watkins, James, draper, 3 6 Parliament-street
Watterson, Mrs. , 4 Cannon’s-court
Wattleworth, Robert, joiner, Dale-street
Wattleworth, William, College-street
Waugh, F., Windsor-terrace
White, James, 45 Waterloo-road
White, Samuel, 48 College-street
White, Thomas, Commercial Inn, 9 Market-place
Whittaker, Wm., tailor, draper & outfitter, Parliament-street
Wickart, Charles C. , schoolmaster, 1 Lezayre-road
Widows’ Houses, Water-street
Wild, William Lawton, schoolmaster, 6 Shore
Williams, A., Beachmount
Williamson, William, 2 Teare’s-terrace
Wood, John W., surgeon, 11 Auckland-terrace
Woods, A. C., advocate, Dale-street
Woods, Mrs., Albert Hotel, 1 Queen-street
Woods, Mrs., 16 Church-street


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