[from Brown's Directory, 1882]



Bell, John, fisherman
Bridson, Edward, fisherman


Cain, John, labourer, The Largan
Cain, John, mariner
Cain, John, mariner, The Largan
Cain, William, mariner
Carin, John, mariner
Cannell, Walter, agent, Isle of Man Banking Company, Limited
Carine, Edmund, farmer
Carine, William, farmer
Carran, Thomas, sawyer
Christian, Mrs. Jane, widow
Clague, John, custom house officer •
Clague, Mrs. Margaret, widow
Clague, Thomas, butcher
Clague, William, fisherman, The Largan
Clarke, Thomas, carrier
Clucas, John, sailmaker
Clucas, Thomas, labourer
Clugston, James, ropemaker
Clugston, Mrs. Catherine, widow
Clugston, Mrs. Margaret, widow
Clugston, William, mariner
Coffey, Robert, ropemaker
Collister, John, mariner, Primrose-terrace
Collister, Mrs., widow
Collister, Thomas, mariner
Collister, Thomas, tailor, The Largan
Collister, William, labourer, The Largan
Collister, William, mariner, The Largan
Colquitt, Richard, tailor
Convery, Edward, mariner
Cooil, Thomas, mariner, The Largan
Cooil, William, fisherman
Coole, Thomas, tinsmith and ironmonger
Coole, William, miner, The Largan
Corkill, Mrs., widow
Corlett, William, fisherman
Corrin, Catherine, lodging-house keeper
Corrin, Charles, fisherman
Corrin, John, blacksmith, The Largan
Corrin, Richard, bootmaker
Corris, Edward, labourer
Corris, John, agent Dumbell’s Banking Company
Cowen, Hugh, ropemaker
Cowley, Edward, fisherman
Cowley, Hugh, mariner
Cowley, John, fisherman
Crennell, Thomas, lath splitter
Cubbon, Edward, blacksmith
Cubbon, Edward, sailmaker
Cubbon, James, mariner
Cubbon, Mrs. Jane, widow
Cubbon, Mrs. Elizabeth, Cumberland Inn
Cubbon, John, mariner
Cubbon, William, blacksmith
Cubbon, William, mariner
Curphey, Charles, labourer


Dawson, Thomas, baker
Doran, Mrs. Esther, widow
Dumbell’s Banking Company, John Corris, agent


Elliott, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow
Elliott, Edward, master mariner


Fife, Robert, engineer
Fisherman’s Supply Association Company, Limited, John Maddrell, manager
Flinn, Daniel, fish salesman


Gale, Edward, mariner
Gale, John, joiner
Gale, Thomas, carpenter
Gale, William, mariner
Gale, William, tailor and draper
Gawne, Henry, shoemaker
Gawne, Henry, ropemaker
Gawne, William, grocer and general dealer
Gelling, Robert, joiner and builder
Gelling, Robert, timber merchant and saw mills
Gifford, John, mariner
Graham, Mrs. Eleanor, lodging house keeper


Halsal, Thomas, mariner
Harley, Jane, glass and china dealer
Holmes, Robert, baker
Hudgeon, Henry, mariner
Hudgeon, James, miller, The Largan
Hudgeon, James, joiner
Hudgeon, John, mariner
Hudgeon, John, fisherman
Hudgeon, Thomas, joiner


Isle of Man Banking Company, Walter Cannell, agent


Jones, John Quirk, agent for George Bradshaw, draper
Joyce, Joseph, miller


Kaye, William, mariner
Kelly, Mrs., widow
Kelly, John, fisherman
Kelly, James, fisherman
Kelly, James, boatman to Chicken’s rock
Kelly, William, fisherman
Kelly, William, fisherman
Kermode, John, carrier
Kermode, John, smith
Kermode, William, mariner
Kewin, Mrs. Mary, widow
Kewley, Thomas, mariner Kinley, Thomas, mariner
Kinley, Thomas, mariner
Kneale, James, labourer
Kneen, Edward, millwright and blockmaker
Kneen, Mrs. Mary Ann, widow
Kneen, Thomas, joiner
Kneen, Thomas, joiner, The Largan


Lace, Daniel, grocer
Lester, John, grocer


Maddrell, Mrs. Ann Jane, widow, The Largan
Maddrell, James, fisherman
Maddrell, John, manager Fisherman’s Shipping Company
Maddrell, John, shopkeeper
Miller, Robert, baker
Miller, Thomas, Miller’s Hotel
Moore, Mrs. Eleanor, widow
Moore, Ellen, shopkeeper
Moore, James, mason
Moore, John, joiner
Moore, John, mason, The Largan
Moore, John, mariner
Moore, Richard, mariner
Moore, Richard, labourer
Moore, Thomas, mason
Moore, Thomas, grocer and provision dealer
Moore, Thomas, mariner


Nelson, Mrs., widow


Pollard, Matthew, post master, Primrose-terrace
Prew, Charles, watchmaker and jeweller
Prideaux, Mrs., widow
Primrose, William, retired officer, lighthouse department, Primrose-terrace


Qualtrough, Edward, net manufacturer ; also, grocer and provision dealer
Qualtrough, Henry, bootmaker
Qualtrough, John, joiner, The Largan
Qualtrough, Joseph, shipbuilder
Qualtrough, Richard, agent for Wood Bros., drapers
Qualtrough, Thomas, blacksmith
Qualtrough, Thomas, butcher
Qualtrough, Thomas Henry, harbour master
Qualtrough, William, carpenter
Qualtrough, William Edward, grocer
Quayle, John, farmer
Quayle, Thomas, farmer
Quayle, William, blacksmith
Quirk, Michael, ship chandler


Raisbeck, Mrs. Ann, widow
Raisbeck, William, mariner
Radcliffe, Thomas, mariner


Shimmin, Thomas, police sergeant
Skelly, John, fisherman
Skillicorn, William, baker, agent for The Isle of Man Times
Squires, Cornelius, schoolmaster
Sweetman, Mrs. Margaret, widow


Taubman, William, joiner
Taylor, William, mariner, The Largan
Turnbull, Mrs. Jane, provision dealer
Turnbull, Lewis, mariner
Turnbull, Thomas, Ship Hotel


Walker, James, engineer
Watterson, Charles, fisherman
Watterson, Fayle, fisherman
Watterson, Henry, carpenter
Watterson, James, car proprietor
Watterson, John, fisherman
Watterson, John, mariner, The Largan
Watterson, John, sailmaker
Watterson, Mark, baker
Watterson, Mrs., widow
Watterson, Samuel, baker
Watterson, Thomas, fisherman
Watterson, Thomas, mariner, The Largan
Watterson, William, fisherman
Watterson, William, labourer
Woods, Thomas, mariner
Woods, James, mariner
Woodworth, Samuel, boot and shoemaker


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