[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


In the year 1804 the Rev. Samuel Haining visited the Isle of Man, preaching in various places. Application was made to him by some who heard him preach to come among them and form a church on congregational principles. This was done in the year 1808. In 1813 the chapel in Athol-street was opened for public worship. Soon after Mr. Haining’s death the chapel was closed for eighteen months, but was reopened in 1850, when the Rev. W. C. Stallybrass, who had been preaching in a small building at Falcon Cliff, began his ministry. In 1862 a chapel was erected at Union Mills as a memorial to Mr. James Dalrymple. The church in Circular-road was established by Mr. Smith in 1866. The church in Athol-street removed to the new building at Finch hill in 1868, during the pastorate of the Rev. J. Williamson, M.A.


Finch-hill Church : Number of sittings, 600. Sunday-school: Scholars, 312 ; teachers, 24. Minister : Rev. D. Inglis, B. A.

Circular-road Church : Number of sittings, 550. Sunday school : Scholars, 140 ; teachers, 22. Minister : Rev. T. R. Quayle.


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