[from Brown's Directory, 1882]


The parish of Malew (from St. Lupus, the patron Saint of the district) is bounded on the east by the Santon Burn, on the north by the Granite Mountain, and South Barrule on the south, by an irregular line from Barrule to Pooil Vash on the west, and by the Sea on the south. It contains about 15 square miles. The southern half of this extensive parish has for its sub-rock a thick series of carboniferous limestones, and is low and undulating, forming part of the southern plain of Castletown. The northern half is high, the hills which form it rising out of the low plain and swelling into the mountains of the Southern range. The chief river is the Silverburn, the western branch of which rises on Barrule, and the eastern branch on the Granite Mountain. The two streams unite above Ballasalla, and flow in a S.E. direction into the sea at Castletown. The coast line is low, but rocky and dangerous. It contains two great openings — Derbyhaven, a fine natural harbour, protected by a small breakwater ; and Castletown Bay, a deep but exposed and dangerous inlet between Langness and Scarlett. The headlands are Dreswick Point and Langness Point, the two extremities of the long, low peninsula of Langness ; and Scarlett Point, a conical mass of sub-columnar basalt. The north part of the district, along the slopes of the mountains, is barren and in great part unenclosed ; lower, the land is of greater value, and is carefully cultivated. The level district around Castletown is among the richest and best worked parts of the Island. The district is chiefly agricultural, but a considerable number of its inhabitants follow other employments. At Derbyhaven and Castletown they are fishermen ; at Scarlet and at Ballasalla they are employed at the extensive lime quarries and kilns. At Ballasalla also are very large fruit gardens, employing in the summer a large number of women and children. Castletown is in this district. Ballasalla is a large agricultural village. Near it are the ruins of Rushen Abbey, founded in 1098, and dissolved late in the reign of Elizabeth, and an ancient bridge over the Silverburn, called the Crossag, or the Monk’s Bridge, too narrow for vehicles. Derbyhaven is an agricultural and fishing village. St. Mark’s, in the northern division of the parish, is a small agricultural village clustered round a chapel of ease. Near it was a huge granite boulder, and an old Danish fort immortalised by Scott in " Peveril of the Peak." The population in 1851 was 3,260, and in 1871 it was 2,466. The parish is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. H. S. Gill.


Allport, Christopher, grocer, wine and spirit merchant, agent for The Isle of Man Times, Ballasalla


Barr, Robert, wine merchant, Windmill House
Bell, Edward, miner, Ballamoda
Bell, Miss Margaret, publican, Ballasalla
Bell, William, farm labourer, St. Mark’s
Bickerstaffe, Charles Beaumont, school teacher, Ballasalla
Blythe, Mrs. Margaret, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Boyd, Thomas, labourer, Ballasalla
Brew, William, farmer, Kerrowmoar
Bridson, Mrs. Esther, widow, Foxdale
Bridson, James, farmer, Filldraw
Bridson, James, miner, Ballamoda
Bridson, Miss Jane, Ballasalla
Bridson, John, farm labourer, Derbyhaven
Bridson, John, farm steward, Billown
Bridson, John, parochial surveyor, Ballasalla
Bridson, John, steward, Crossack, Ballasalla
Bridson, Paul, labourer, Crossack, Ballasalla
Bridson, Robert, shoemaker and farmer, Ballachrink
Bridson, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Bridson, Thomas, tailor, Ballasalla
Bridson, William, farmer, Ballakewin
Brow, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Foxdale
Burrows, Richard Tyson, farmer, Creggans


Cain, Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Cain, Mrs. John, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Cain, John, miner, Ballamoda
Cain, Mrs. Margaret, Ballasalla
Cain, Richard, labourer, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Cain, Robert, butcher, Homecroft, Ballasalla
Cain, Thomas, engine driver, Foxdale
Cain, William, farmer, Ballacubbon
Caley, James, miller, Ballasalla
Caley, Patrick, farm labourer, Turkey Land
Callow, Hugh, fisherman, Derbyhaven
Callow, William, farm labourer, Church Farm
Callow, William, mariner, Derbyhaven
Cannell, Mrs. Ann, widow, Derbyhaven
Cannell, Mrs. Esther, widow, Derbyhaven
Cannell, James, miner, Ballamoda
Chapple, Frederick, Westview House, Redgap
Christian, John, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Christian, Robert, miner, Foxdale
Christian, William, miner, Ballamoda
Clague, Mrs. Jane, widow, Derbyhaven
Clague, John, factory, Ballasalla
Clague, John, farmer, Crossacks
Clague, John, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Clague, John, shoemaker, Ballamoda
Clague, Robert, harbour master, Derbyhaven
Clague, Robert, miner, Foxdale
Clague, Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Clarke, Henry, engine driver, St. Mark’s
Clarke, Mrs . Margaret, Crossacks-road, Ballasalla
Clarke, William, labourer, Crossacks-road, Ballasalla
Clucas, John, labourer, Ballasalla
Clucas, John, miner, St. Mark’s
Clucas, William, cooper, Ballasalla
Collister, David, shoemaker, Billown
Collister, James, labourer, Grenaby
Collister, John, joiner and farmer, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Collister, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Foxdale
Collister, Robert, farmer, Ballagilbert
Collister, Samuel, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Collister, William, farmer, Ballajirey
Collister, William, farmer, Shenvalley
Collister, William, miner, Foxdale
Cornish, William, farm labourer, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Cooil, Thomas, farmer, Ballabeg
Cooil, Thomas, fisherman, Ballasalla
Cooil, William, farmer, Windmill
Cooke, John, factory, Ballasalla
Corkish, Robert, miner, Foxdale
Corkish, William, miner, Foxdale
Corlett, Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper, Ballasalla
Corlett, James, engine driver and joiner, St. Mark’s
Corlett, John, labourer, Ballasalla
Corlett, John, labourer, St. Mark’s
Corlett, Stephen, miner, Ballamoda
Corrin, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Redgap
Corrin, Mrs. Jane, widow, Redgap
Corrin, Richard, blacksmith, Grenaby
Corrin, Richard, labourer, Ballasalla
Corrin, Richard, miner, Foxdale
Corrin, Thomas, farmer, Raggee
Corris, Mrs. Ellen, widow, Foxdale
Costain, John, farmer, Crossacks
Cowin, John, quarrier, Ballamoda
Cowin, William, quarryman, Ballamoda
Craine, Edward, clerk, Cross-four-ways
Craine, William, Ballahick-gate, Ballasalla
Crawley, Mrs. Ellenor, widow, Ballasalla
Creer, Robert, joiner, Grenaby
Creer, Thomas, fisherman, Redgap
Creer, Thomas, quarrier, Cross-four-ways
Cregan, Thomas, farmer, Redgap
Crellin, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballasalla
Crellin,, James, fisherman, Grenaby
Crellin, John, gardener, Derbyhaven
Crellin, Joseph, labourer, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Crellin, Thomas, miner, Ballamoda
Crellin, Thomas, tailor, Grenaby
Crellin, William, gardener, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Crellin, William, Popery-hill, Ballasalla
Cretney, William, farmer, Tolabey
Crow, Robert, labourer, Ballasalla Lodge
Cubbon, Henry, fisherman, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Cubbon, Henry, labourer, Ballasalla
Cubbon, Mrs. Margaret, Ballasalla
Curphey, John, Crossacks-bridge, Ballasalla
Curphey, John, fisherman, Derbyhaven
Curphey, William, miner and farmer, Ballamoda-beg
Curry, Miss Sarah, dressmaker, Ballasalla
Curry, William, blacksmith, Ballasalla


Davidson, John, labourer, Ballasalla
Davies, James, carter, Silverburn
Davis, Thomas, farm labourer, Church Farm
Derby Arms Inn, James Smailes, proprietor, Derbyhaven
Devlin, James, labourer, Ballasalla
Dodd, Michael, farmer, Ballasalla
Doyle, Mrs . Maria, Ballabridson, Ballasalla


Edwards, James, engine driver, Bigbarn, Ballasalla
Ellis, William, miner, Foxdale
Ennett, William, farm labourer, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven


Faloon, Thomas, miner, Derbyhaven
Fargher, Frederick, farmer, Derbyhaven
Fargher, James, fisherman, Ballamoda
Fargher, John, fisherman, Silverburn
Fargher, John, labourer, Grenaby
Fargher, John, miner, Foxdale
Fargher, Miss Margaret, Foxdale
Fargher, Mrs. Mary, widow, Foxdale
Fargher, Mrs. Mary Ann, baker, Ballasalla
Fargher, Richard, miner, Foxdale
Fargher, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Fargher, Thomas, farmer, Derbyhaven
Fargher, Thomas, engine driver, Foxdale
Fargher, Thomas, mine agent, Foxdale
Fargher, Thomas, Oddfellows’ Inn, St. Mark’s
Fargher, Walter, miner, Foxdale
Fargher, William, farmer, Cooilcam
Fargher, William, farmer, Colcerrear
Fargher, William, miner, Ballamoda
Fargher, Thomas, jun., farmer, Church Farm
Fayle, Thomas, railway platelayer, Redgap
Fayle, William, miner, Ballamoda
Fell, Robert, labourer, Ballasalla
Flynn, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Fowler, Henry Day, M.D., J.P., The Sycamores, Ballasalla


Gale, Edward, mariner, Ballasalla
Gale, John, farmer, Balladuggan
Gale, Peter, farm labourer, Derbyhaven
Gale, Peter, jun., farm labourer, Derbyhaven
Gale, William, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Gaudy, William, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Gargoul, Michael, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Gawne, Miss Ellenor, Cross-four-ways
Gawne, John, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Gawne, Mrs. Margaret, farmer, Donore, Ballasalla
Gawne, William, railway station master at Santon
Gelling, Mrs. Ann, widow, Ballasalla
Gelling, George, joiner, Ballasalla
Gelling, James, joiner, Ballasalla
Gelling, Mrs. Margaret, proprietor Harp inn, Cross-fourways
Gelling, Richard, farmer, Billown
Gelling, Robert, farm labourer, Derbyhaven
Gelling, Robert, labourer, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Gelling, Thomas, fisherman, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Gelling, William, farmer, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Gill, Rev, Hugh Stowell, M.A., surrogate for granting marriage licences, Malew Vicarage
Gill, Rev. Thomas Howard (of Whalley Range, Manchester), summer residence, Derbyhaven
Gilmour, James, farm labourer, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Gilmour, James, Popery Hill, Ballasalla
Graham, John, retired farmer, Ballasalla
Gray, William, Rushen Abbey Gardens, Ballasalla
Green, Alfred, fisherman, Redgap


Haben, James, labourer, Ballasalla
Harp Inn, Margaret Gelling, proprietress, Cross-four-ways
Harrison, Thomas, fisherman, Ballasalla
Hastie, Mrs. Agnes, widow, Foxdale
Hastie, Mauris, miner, Foxdale
Hastie, William, miner, Foxdale
Hastie, William Beckwith, stonecutter, Foxdale
Hudgeon, Edward, labourer, Ballasalla
Hudgeon, Robert, labourer, Ballasalla
Hudson, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Ballasalla
Hudson, James, mason, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Hudson, Philip, joiner, Silverburn
Hudson, Robert, gardener, St. Mark’s
Hudson, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways


Johnson, George, engine driver, Foxdale
Jones, Joseph, labourer, Ballasalla
Joyce, James, farm labourer, Creggans
Joyce, James, gardener, Billown


Kaighen, Mrs. Ann, widow, Grenaby
Kaighen, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballasalla
Kaighen, John, parish clerk, shoemaker, Ballasalla
Kaighen, Thomas, farmer, Ballaworral
Kaighen, Thomas, tailor, Ballasalla
Karran, Edward, dairy keeper and farmer, Hango Hill
Karran, Thomas, confectioner, Hango Hill
Karran, Thomas William, master mariner, Home Croft, Ballasalla
Kaugh, Thomas, miner, Foxdale
Kegg, John, baker, Ballasalla
Kegg, Thomas, fisherman, Ballasalla
Kegg, Robert, mason, Ballamoda
Kegg, William, shopkeeper and fisherman, Ballasalla
Keggin, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballamoda
Keggin, Robert, labourer, Ballamoda
Keggin, William, miner, Foxdale
Keggin, William, shoemaker, Ballamoda
Kelly, Miss Catherine, North Abbey Cottage, Ballasalla
Kelly, Henry, Crossacks-road, Ballasalla
Kelly, Henry, miner, Foxdale
Kelly, James, farmer, Barrule
Kelly, Miss J., provision dealer & lodging house, Derbyhaven
Kelly, John, farmer, Clycur and Kerlee
Kelly, John, farmer, Rheast
Kelly, John, mason, Ballamoda
Kelly, John, miner, Foxdale
Kelly, Robert, farm labourer, Foxdale
Kelly, Robert, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Kelly, Robert, labourer, Grenaby
Kelly, Robert, provision dealer, Derbyhaven
Kelly, Thomas, blacksmith, Cross-four-ways
Kelly, Thomas, farm labourer, Creggans
Kelly, Thomas, grocer, Derbyhaven
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballacharry
Kelly, William, farm labourer, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Kelly, William, labourer, Race-course
Kennaugh, Henry, farmer, Ballatrollog
Kennaugh, Robert, farmer, Moaney-moar
Kennaugh, Robert, farmer, Moaney-moar
Kennaugh, Robert, labourer, Grenaby
Kennaugh, Thomas, shoern aker, Ballasalla
Kennaugh, William, farmer, Ballagilbert
Kermode, Christian, farmer, Ballawallon
Kermode, James, miner, Foxdale
Kermode, John, blacksmith, Foxdale
Kermode, John, farmer, Moaney-moar
Kermode, Thomas, joiner, Crossacks, Ballasalla
Kewin, Henry, blacksmith, Ballamoda
Kewin, James, carter, Foxdale
Kewley, William, labourer, Ballasalla
Killier, Edward, labourer, Cross-four- ways
Killip, Charles, miner, Foxdale
Kinler, John, farmer, Balladoul
Kinley, John, farmer, Plough Inn
Kinnish, James, miner, Ballamoda
Kinnish, John, farmer, Ballacrook
Kinnish, Thomas, farmer, Mullinarogher
Kinnish, William, farm labourer, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Klinrade, John, schoolmaster, Grenaby
Klinrade, Mrs. Margaret, Ballasalla
Kinrade, Thomas, fisherman, Ballasalla
Kinvig, John, farmer, Ballachrink
Kinvig, John, shopkeeper and farmer, Ballasalla
Kinvig, Richard, miner, Foxdale
Kinvig, Thomas, farmer, Balthane
Kinvig, William, farmer, Balthane
Kneale, Robert, labourer, Foxdale
Kneen, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Ballasalla
Kneen, John, farmer, Silverburn
Kuagh, John, miner, Ballamoda


Lace, Daniel, Popery-hill, Ballasalla
Lace, David, farm labourer, Ronaldsway
Lancaster, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Leece, Samuel, farmer, Rheast
Leece, Thomas, miner, Ballamoda
Leece, William, miner, Foxdale
Lewin, Mrs. Ann, widow, Ballasalla
Little, Mrs. Ann, widow, Foxdale
Looney, James, farm labourer, Derbyhaven
Looney, Richard, labourer, Cross-four-ways


Maddrell, George, farmer, Ballachrink and Grenaby
Maddrell, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Black-hill
Maddrell, John, farmer, Grenaby
Maddrell, Thomas, farmer, Ballashimmin
Moore, George, farmer, Great Meadow
Moore, John, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Moore, Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Moore, Thomas, C.P., J.P., lime-burner, Billown
Moore, William, fisherman & farmer, Crossacks-road, Ballasalla
Moore, William, gardener, Great Meadow
Mylchreest, Humphrey, farmer, Ballamoda
Mylchreest, Matthias, Crossacks-bridge, Ballasalla
Mylchreest, Robert, farmer, Billown
Mylehreest, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Mylchreest, William, farmer, Kerrowkiel
Mylrea, Philip, school-master, St. Mark’s
McCarrey, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Cross-four-ways
McGain, Mrs. Isabella, Ballasalla
McHutchin, —, farmer, Cronkrhenney
McKissack, John, Ballasalla-bridge
McKlemem, John, farmer, Balladuggan


Nankivall, Mrs . Margaret, widow, Ballamoda
Nankivall, Robert, miner, Ballamoda


Oates, Mrs. Catherine, sewing mistress, Ballasalla
Oates, Robert, farm labourer, Creggans
Oates, Thomas, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Oates, William, blacksmith, Ballasalla


Penlooner, James, labourer, Ballasalla
Pitts, John, farmer, Ballasalla
Preston, Mrs. Ann, Ballasalla
Preston, John, farmer, Grenaby
Preston, Robert, farmer, Ballasalla
Preston, William, farmer, Redgap


Quayle, Mrs. Ann, widow, Foxdale
Quayle, Mrs. Ann, widow, Grenaby
Quayle, George, farmer, Ballasalla
Quayle, James, farmer, Moaney-moar
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballavale
Quayle, John, farmer, Kerrow-moar
Quayle, John, miner, Ballamoda
Quayle, Thomas, farmer, Wollag
Quayle, Thomas, labourer, Silverburn
Quayle, William, farmer, Gate
Quayle, William, farmer, Kerrow-moar
Quilliam, James, labourer, Ballasalla
Quine, Miss Elizabeth, Limekiln-lane, Ballasalla
Quine, Henry, mason, Cross-four-ways
Quine, William, flour, seed & manure merchant, Cregg Mill
Quine, Robert, farmer, Ballanank
Quinney, John, farm labourer, Church Farm
Quirk, Edward, miner, Ballamoda
Quirk, Thomas, miner, Foxdale


Radcliff, John, miner, Foxdale
Radcliffe, John, shoemaker, St. Marks
Radcliffe, Richard, farmer, Black-hill
Radcliffe, Robert, farmer, Black-hill
Radcliffe, Thomas, farmer, Knoek-e-vriew
Raisbeck, Miss Elizabeth, Cross-four-ways
Robinson, Hugh, Abbey Cottage, Ballasalla
Rodgers, Mrs., Ballasalla
Rork, John, labourer, Cross-four~ways


Sandford, John, common lodging house, Ballasalla
Sansbury, James, gardener, Derbyhaven
Sansbury, John, fisherman, Derbyhaven
Sansbury, Thomas, fisherman, Racecourse, Derbyhaven
Sayle, William, farm labourer, Big Cellar
Sherlock, John, farmer, Crossacks, Ballasafla
Shimmin, Mrs. Arm, widow, Grenaby
Shimmin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Ballamoda
Shimmin, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Ballasalla
Shimmin, Edward, farmer, Ballabeg
Shimmin, John, farmer, Ballagary
Shimmin, Robert, gardener, Ballasalla
Shimmin, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Shimmin, William, farmer, Balnakilley
Shimmin, William, miner, Foxdale
Skelley, Robert, miner, Foxdale
Speedie, Alexander, farm stewart, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Speddy, Robert, farmer, Ballavervane
Starkey, James, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Steele, John, farm labourer, Creggans
Swailes, James, Derby Arms Inn, Derbyhaven


Taggart, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Ballamoda
Taggart, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Ballamoda
Taggart, James, farmer, Corbea
Taggart, James, miner, Ballamoda
Taggart, John, farmer, Ballagilbert
Taggart, John, miner, Ballamoda
Taggart, Matthew, miner, Foxdale
Taggart, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballasalla
Taggart, Thomas, miner, Ballamoda
Taggart, William, farmer, Ballamoda
Taggart, William, labourer, Cross-four-ways
Taubman, Mrs . Catherine, Ballasalla
Thelwall, Eubule Daysh, Lieut-Col. Royal Marine Artillery, Ballasalla House
Thornit, John, labourer, Cross-fourways
Tyson, Mrs. Cecilia, widow, Ballasalla
Tyson, George, thatcher, Ballasalla
Tyson, Thomas, sub-postmaster, .registrar of births & deaths for Malew district, Ballasalla


Vick, Thomas, farmer and miner, Moaney-moar


Wade, John, miner, Foxdale
Walkington, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Walkington, Thomas, shepherd, Ronaldsway, Derbyhaven
Walton, George, agent for Prudential Assurance Company, Cross-four-ways
Watterson, Charles, fisherman, Silverburn
Watterson, Edward, St. Mark’s
Watterson, George, railway station master Port St. Mary, Ballasalla
Watterson, John, farmer, Ballagilbert
Watterson, John, farmer, Ballarobin
Watterson, John, farmer, Ballarobin
Watterson, John, joiner, Grenaby
Watterson, Thomas, farmer, Phildraw
Watterson, Thomas, farmer, Kerrowkell
Watterson, William, fisherman, Redgap
Watterson, William, labourer, Redgap
Welsh, Mrs. Margaret, laundress, Great Meadow
Wilson, John, railway station master, Ballasalla


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