[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


The parish of MICHAEL stretches from Glen Cam, in the south, to Orrisdale, in the north, a distance of four miles ; and from the sea, in the west, to Druidale, in the east, a distance of about five miles ; and contains an area of about 18 square miles. This district is hilly, and includes the northern portion of the western mountain chain. The highest points are Slieau Farnane, 1,600 feet ; Sartfell, 1,560 feet ; Slieau Curn, 1,153 feet ; and Slieau Dhu, 1,139 feet. The most celebrated height in this district is Cronk Urleigh (" The bill of the eagle "), one mile south of the village of Kirk Michael, " where the Tynwald Courts were held until 1428." The principal glens are—Glen Mooar, Glen Wyllan, and Glen Trunk, which cross the district in a SE. direction and penetrate the hills to the spurs of Sartfell, Slieau Farnane, and Slieau Curn, respectively. The district is well watered. Numerous streams descend from the mountains and find their way to the sea by the various glens. The coast line north of Glen Mooar is composed of successive layers of clay, gravel, and sand, and, from its exposed position and the action of the tides upon its loose materials, it is rapidly wasting away. Nearly every winter masses of the cliffs are washed down, and their debris swept away by the currents, and spread out along the bed of the neigh-bouring sea, forming those numerous shallows and sandbanks which, especially off the Ramsey coast, render navigation so dangerous. The mountainous parts of the parish are chiefly in pasture, or unenclosed; but the western low-lands, to the sea, are more fertile, and are .well cultivated. The population, like that of most of the purely agricultural districts, is decreasing. In 1851, it was 1,416 ; and in 1871, it was 1,231. The village of Kirk Michael is the largest agricultural village in the north. In the parish churchyard are fine runic crosses, and the graves of Bishops Wilson, Hildesley, and Cregeen. One-and-a-half miles north of the village is Bishop’s Court, the residence of the bishop of the Island. This living is a vicarage, the present incumbent being the Rev. E. Savage.


Anderson, Col., Cooley Lodge


Barron, John, farmer, Orrysdale
Barron, John, shoemaker, Ballafageen
Barron, Thomas, mariner, Village
Best, Peter, proprietor Mitre Hotel, Village. (See advt. p. 787)
Black, Jane, Village
Black, William, labourer, Moaney-Mollagh
Boyde, John, farmer, Sartfield
Boyde, Thomas, labourer, Orrysdale Brew, Robert, mariner, Village
Burrow, Charles Clement, Kirk Michael


Cain, Edwd. J., schoolmaster Parochial Board School, Village
Caine, Adam, labourer, Ballig
Caine, Ann, Village
Caine, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Ballafadine
Caine, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Cammel
Caine, Henry, boot and shoemaker, Village
Cain, Mrs. isabella, widow, Eary
Caine, John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Caine, John, farmer, Ballajuckley
Caine, John, farmer, Ballaskyr
Cain, John, farmer, Whitehouse
Cain, John, gardener, Ballafageen
Caine, Thomas, farmer, Cammel
Caine, Thomas, farmer, Rhencullen
Caine, Thomas, joiner and builder, Village
Caine, Thomas, labourer, Glen Wyllan
Caine, William, boot and shoemaker, Orrysdale
Caine, William, farmer, Ballamenagh
Caine, William, farmer, Eary-ne-Gowin
Caley, Elizabeth, laundress, Bishop’s Court
Callan, John, labourer, Cammel
Callister, Daniel, labourer, Village
Callister, Daniel, weaver, Ballacamnane-moar
Callister, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Village
Callister, John, farmer, Ballacoyne
Callister, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Ballafageen
Callow, Daniel, Barregarrow
Callow, Edward, farmer, Cronk-ashen
Cannan, Ann J., dressmaker, Village
Cannan, John, farmer, Cooilshallagh
Cannan, John James, farmer, Cooilshallagh
Cannan, Robert, farmer, Ballaleigh
Cannan, William, carpenter, Ballanea
Cannan, William, butcher, Village
Cannell, Mrs. Ann, widow, Glen Wyllan
Cannell, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Orrysdale
Cannell, Mrs., widow, Village
Cannell, Charles J., mariner, Village
Cannell, Daniel, farmer, Ballarhenny-beg, Orrysdale
Cannell, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Village
Cannell, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Ballacarnane-beg
Cannell, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Orrysdale
Cannell, Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Village
Cannell, Isabella, Village
Cannell, James, clerk of Parochial Church, Village
Cannell, James, labourer, Village
Cannell, Jennetta, dressmaker, Village
Cannell, John, sen., farmer, Ballacamnane-beg
Cannell, John, jun., farmer, Ballacarnane-beg
Cannell, John, farmer, Glen Wyllan
Cannell, John, sen., farmer, Kerrowglass
Cannell, John, farmer, Vicarage
Cannell, John, shoemaker, Village
Cannell, John, tailor, Village
Cannell, Louisa, Glen Wyllan
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, East Berk
Cannell, Mary, Glen Wyllan
Cannell, Mary A., widow, Village
Cannell, M. A., Glen Wyllan
Cannell, Marianne, Glen Wyllan
Cannell, Patrick, farmer, Kiondroghad, Orrysdale
Cannell, Thomas, farmer, Ballarhenny
Cannell, Thomas, joiner, Ballarhenny
Cannell, Thomas, farmer and blacksmith, Rhencullen
Cannell, Thomas, gardener, Ballarhenny
Cannell, Thomas, tailor, Village
Cannell, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, farmer, Lough-ner-mashey
Cannell, William, grocer, Village
Cannell, William, labourer, Village
Cannon, Daniel, labourer, Village
Carstairs, Henry C., Ballaleigh
Christian, Ann, dressmaker, Village
Christian, Edward, farmer, Ballig
Christian, Enos, blacksmith, Village
Christian, Evan, farmer, Barregarrow
Christian, James, blacksmith, Village
Christian, Margaret, Ballamenagh
Clague, William, labourer, Village
Clarke, John, farmer, Ballyre
Clarke, William, farmer, Ballarhenny-beg
Cleator, Charles, labourer, Village
Clinton, William, mariner, Village
Clucas, John, farmer, Little London
Clucas, Mrs. Mary, widow, Ballafageen
Comeish, John, mariner, Kerrowglass
.Comeish, Thomas, labourer, Kerrowglass
Comeish, Thomas, shoemaker, Ballacarnane-moar
Comeish, William, labourer, Ballona
Corjeag, John, farmer, Ballona
Corjeag, William H., miller, Kerroocruin Mills
Corkan, Henry, labourer, Village
Corkill, Elizabeth, milliner, Village
Corkill, Thomas, labourer, Village
Corkish, John, carrier, Bishop’s Court
Corlett, Mrs . Ann, widow, Ballacarnanebeg
Corlett, Mrs. Ann, widow, Shoughiague
Corlett, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Cronkdhoo
Corlett, John, farmer, Ballacorlett
Corlett, John, farmer, Knockdhoo
Corlett, John, labourer, Village
Corlett, John Thomas, joiner and builder, wheelwright, &c., Ballakinnag
Corlett, Margaret, Village
Corlett, Mary, Village
Corlett, Thomas, farmer, Ballacooiley
Corlett, Thomas A., labourer, Village
Coriett, William, joiner, builder, and wheelwright, dealer in agricultural implements, paints, oils, &c. Also, agent for the Dublin & Wicklow Bone & Manure Company, Village, (See adyt. p. 785.)
Corlett, William, labourer, Village
Corris, Catherine, Moaney Mollagh
Cottier, Robert, mason, Village
Cowin, Evan, farmer, Ballacooiley
Cowley, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Ballachrink
Cowley, Thomas, blacksmith, Ballamenagh
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Cowley, William, farmer, Ballacregga
Cowley, William, farmer, Ballakilley-clue
Craine, Mrs. Ann, widow, Glen Wyllan
Craine, Thomas, farmer, Ballig
Creer, Thomas, shepherd, Bishop’s Court
Crellin, Mrs. Eliza, widow, Village
Crellin, John F., J.P., Orrysdale
Croft, William, Cronk Urleigh
Crowe, John, mason, Village
Crowe, William, farmer, Lhergyvreck
Cubbon, Thomas, carrier, Village
Curphey, John, farmer, Ballaleigh
Curphey, John, farmer, Ballakilley-clue
Curphey, John, labourer, Barregarrow


Daugherty, William, farmer, Ballagawne
Ditchfield, Richard, Railway Hotel, Village. (See advt. p. 787.)
Dugdale, John, labourer, Glen Wyllan


Elliott, John, mariner, Village


Faragher, Charles, labourer, Ballacarnane-beg
Faragher, William, shoemaker, Barregarrow
Fargher, Philip, farmer, Orrysdale
Fayle, Thomas, mariner, Village
Fayle, William, farm labourer, Village
Fell, Thomas, farmer, Ballacarnane-moar
Fell, Thomas, labourer, Ballanea


Garrett, John, farmer, Cronk-ne-fessag
Garrett, John, shoemaker, Ballaleigh
Garrett, Mrs. Ann, widow, Kiondroghad, Orrysdale
Gawne, Eleanor, grocer, Barregarrow
Gawne, Elizabeth, grocer, Barregarrow
Gell, Evan, C.P., J.P., farmer, Whitehouse
Gelling, Mary, widow, Lhergyvreck
Green, P. H., Glen Wyllan
Grindley, A. E., school-mistress, Bishop’s Court


Hadden, Catherine, grocer, Village
Hampton, John, labourer, Barregarrow
Hampton, Joseph, labourer, Barregarrow
Hampton, William, labourer, Village
Hannah, James, mariner, Village
Hannah, Mrs. Ann, widow, shopkeeper, Village
Hasting, Robert, miner, Moaney Mollagh
Hasting, William, miner, Cammell
Hopper, Samuel, accountant, Glen Wyllan


Joughin, Charles (retired), Michael Village


Kaighin, Mrs. Eleanor Q., widow, Kerroocruin
Kaighin, James, farmer, Ballacrink
Kaighin, James, farmer, Village
Kaighin, Thomas, mariner, Village
Kaighin, William, farmer, Kerrowglass
Kelly, Daniel, and Son, agricultural implement, reaper and mower manufacturers, joiners & builders, also general drapery & millinery establishment, ironmongery, &c., Village. (See advt. p. 786.)
Kelly, Daniel, boot & shoemaker, Village
Kelly, Eliza, Village
Kelly, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, Glen Wyllan
Kelly, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballagawne
Kelly, John (Daniel Kelly and Son), Village
Kelly, Jonathan, farmer, Ballanea
Kelly, John, farmer, Ballaleigh
Kelly, John, labourer
Kelly, John, labourer, Whitehouse
Kelly, John, mariner, Ballagawne
Kelly, Mrs. John J., widow, Ballaleigh
Kelly, Matthias, labourer, Ballaleigh
Kelly, Patrick, late schoolmaster, Village
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Ballakilley-clue
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Orrysdale
Kelly, Thomas, mariner, Village ‘
Kelly, William, labourer, Whitehouse
Kelly, Robert, labourer, Moaney Mollagh
Kerruish, John, labourer, Whitehouse
Kewley, Henry, labourer, Village
Kewley, Robert, carrier, Village
Killey, John, Glen Wylian
Killip, James, farmer, Ballig
Killip, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Clyeen
Killip, William, farmer, Clyeen
Kinley, John, farmer, Bernagh
Kinvig, Samuel, farmer, Ballamenagh
Kirby, John, platelayer, West Baark Cottage
Kirk Michael Lead and Copper Mining Company, Limited, Captain Rowe, manager
Kissack, Alfred, farmer, Ballafadine
Kissack, Allen J . , farmer, Ballafadine
Kissack, Mrs. Jane, widow, Barregarrow
Kissack, Thomas, miller, Glen Wyllan
Kneale, John, farmer and weaver, Lhergy-vreck
Kneen, James, labourer, Ballagawne
Kneen, John, farmer, Balleira
Knight, Mrs. Mary, widow, Kerroocruin
Knight, Rev. C. P., curate, Post-office, Village


Lace, James, boot and shoemaker, Village


Mitre Hotel, (Peter Best, proprietor), Village. (See advt. page 787.)
Moore, Arthur, labourer, Ballaskyr
Moore, John, labourer, Village
Moore, Thomas, parochial surveyor, Ivy Cottage
Moore, William, farmer, Ballaleigh
Murphy, Patrick, labourer, Village
Murray, William, labourer, Village
Mylrea, John, farmer, Clyeen
McMannes, John, labourer, Moaney Mollagh


Nelson, Jane, Ballarhenny
Nelson, Patrick, farmer, Ballarhenny


Oates, Mrs. Louisa, widow, Village


Parkes, Samuel, butcher, Village


Quayle, Anne, Erin Ville
Quayle, Mrs . Anne, widow, Ballacoyne
Quayle, Catherine, Village
Quayle, Daniel, mariner, Beark
Quayle, Elizabeth, Erin Ville
Quayle, Jane, Glen Wyllan
Quayle, Mrs. Jane G., widow, Village
Quayle, John, blacksmith, Village
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballacoyne
Quayle, John, farmer, Shoughlague
Quayle, John, mariner, Ballagawne
Quayle, John, shepherd, Village
Quayle, John, tailor, Village
Quayle, John T., carrier, Moaney-Mollagh
Quayle, Philip, mariner, Beark
Quayle, Thomas, baker, provision dealer, grocer, &c., Village
Quayle, Thomas, shopkeeper, Ballameanagh
Quayle, William, farmer, Cammel
Quayle, William, farmer, Ballaleigh
Quayle, William, labourer, Beark
Quayle, William, mariner, Ballaleigh
Quiggin, Mrs. Catherine, widow, Shoughlague
Quiggin, Dinah, Beark
Quiggin, Margaret, Ballamenagh
Quirk, James E., mariner, Ballanea
Quirk, James, railway porter
Quirk, Robert, farmer, Sartfield


Railway Hotel, Richard Ditchfield, proprietor, Village. (See advt. p. 787.)
Rodgers, John, farmer, Lhergy-vreck
Rols ton, Alexander, farmer, Balleira House


Savage, Rev. Ernest B., The Vicarage, Village
Sayle, Ann, Ballig
Sayle, John, labourer, Ballaleigh
Sayle, John, postmaster, summoner and registrar, Village
Sayle, Robert, farmer, Glen Wyllan
Starkey, Patrick, Village


Teare, William, farmer, Ballamenagh, Orrysdale
Teare, Thomas, police-constable, Michael
Thomson, Mrs. Heywood, Rhencullen Cottages


Youds, Thomas, Village


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