[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]



The parish of LONAN (formerly called Loman, from St. Lomanus, a nephew of St. Patrick) extends from Pert Growdale to Slieau Ouyre, a distance of six miles, and from Carnane Bane, on the east of Pen-y-Phot, to the sea, a distance of over four miles ; and contains an area of about 15 square miles. It is an upland district, its western parts being hilly and barren ; but its eastern parts, especially in the deep, sheltered glens, are more productive and moderately well cultivated. It contains no point exceeding 1,100 feet. Its coast line is high and rocky, and broken by several headlands and bays. The great headlands are Laxey Head, and Clay Head ; and the chief openings are Bulgham Bay, Laxey Bay, Garwick, and Port Growdale. The district is pierced from east to west, or rather from NW. to SE. by several deep depressions—Laxey Glen, famous for its romantic beauty, extending from Snaefell to the sea; Glen Gawne, from the Skoryn to the sea at Garwick ; and Growdale, from Slieu Meayle and Slieau Ree to the sea. A number of small streams flow down the hills to the sea, the principal of which are the Laxey river and the Glen Gawne river. The district is partly agricultural and partly mining, the Great Laxey mines, situated in Laxey Glen, the Snaefell mine, at the foot of Snaefell, and the Glenroy mine, in Glenroy, employing a large number of workpeople. The village of Laxey contains about 2,000 inhabitants, and possesses a small port at the mouth of the Laxey river. The population in 1851 was 2,607, and in 1871 it was 3,741 ; the increase being due to the growth of the mining population, chiefly in the village of Laxey. The parish is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is tie Rev. F. Moore. One of the great attractions is the celebrated Victoria Park, a beautiful and popular resort in Laxey Glen.



Bannan, John, miner, Agneish-street
Barron, William, miner, South Cape
Black, James, farm labourer, Ballavarane
Booth, Thomas, miller, Ballagawne
Brew, John, miner, Balldoon Chapel
Brew, William Evans, milkman, and pinner of the pinfold
Bridson, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Ballagawne
Bruce, John, miner and farmer, Ballacraggan


Cain, Jane, widow, Ballacowin
Cain, Thomas, miner, Snaefell mines
Cain, Thomas, shopkeeper and car-proprietor, Church-road
Cain, William, farmer, part of Rhaa
Caley, Ann, widow, Ballaraugh
Caley, Esther, widow, Ballaraugh
Caley, James, miner, Ballaraugh
Caley, Robert, miner, Ballaraugh
Caley, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballamoore
Caley, Thomas, miner, Ballamoore
Callister, Daniel, miner, Baljean
Callister, John, farmer, Cushington
Callister, John, miner, Ballacallister
Callister, John James, miner, Agneish-street
Callister, William, miner, Big Wheel Cottage
Callister, William, farm labourer, Baldromma
Callow, Edward, miner, Pooilvilla
Callow, James, miner, Balldoon-road
Callow, John, miner, Ballaraugh
Callow, Thomas, miner, Ballamoore
Callow, Thomas, miner, Pinfold
Callow, William, jun ., farmer, Ballachrink
Cannan, William, miner, Agneish-street
Cannell, John, farmer, Ballacowin
Cannell, John, labourer, Pinfold
Cannell, Robert, miner, Balldoon-road
Cannell, William, farmer, Cronkmoar
Christian, Edward, miner, Balldoon-road
Christian, Evan, miner, Ballaraugh
Christian, John, washer, Pinfold
Christian, William, sen., washer, Pinfold
Christian, William, jun., washer, Pinfold
Clague, James, farmer, Ballacragga, Agneish
Clague, Norris, farmer, Barroose
Clague, Robert, mason, chapel steward, Agneish-street
Clague, Robert James, farmer, Ballawill, Agneish-road
Clague, Robert James, joiner, Agneish-road
Clague, Thomas, farmer, Ballavarane
Clarke, James, cartman, Balldoon-road
Cleator, John, miner, Ballamoore
Cleator, John, miner, Pinfold
Clucas, Thomas, miner, Ballachrink
Cojeen, John, farmer, Ballig
Cojeen, Robert, miner, Baldrine
Cojeen, William, secretary to the Industrial and Provident Co-operative Society ; res., Baldrine
Corkill, Margaret, widow, Baldrine
Corkill, Robert, miner, Pinfold
Corkill, Thomas, miner, Ballamoore
Corkill, William, miner, Ballabeg
Corlett, Edward, boot and shoemaker, Ballabeg
Corlett, James, roadsman, Old Chapel
Corlett, John, farm steward to Capt. Rowe, Ballabeg
Corlett, John, farm steward to Capt. Rowe, Ballacannell
Corlett, John, labourer, Pinfold
Corlett, John, miner, Ballaraugh
Corlett, John, miner, Old Chapel
Corlett, Robert, farmer, Ballagrawe
Corlett, William, miner, Pinfold
Corrin, Jane, widow, South Cape
Cowell, Robert, miner, Ballaraugh
Cowin, Edward, miner, Ballachrink
Cowin, James, miner, Gretch-voar
Cowin, Mrs. James, widow, shopkeeper, Pinfold
Cowin, John, farmer, Ballacojeen
Cowin, John, labourer, Garwick-road, Ballagawne
Cowin, John, Balldoon-road
Cowin, John James, farmer, Ballacowin
Cowin, Joseph, farmer, Ballayolgane
Cowin, William, fireman, Ballaskerrow
Cowley, Edward, farmer, Ballacollister
Cowley, Elizabeth, widow, Pinfold
Cowley, John, farmer, Cronk-e-thane
Cowley, John, mason, Ballabeg
Cowley, Radcliffe, miner and shopkeeper, Agneish-street
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Riversdale
Cowley, Thomas, joiner, Church-road
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Rabey
Cowley, Wiiliam, farmer, Balj can
Cowley, William, miner, Ballacannell
Cowley, William, tailor, Pooilvilla
Craine, Catherine, widow, Baldrine
Craine, Robert, farmer, Ballig
Craine, Thomas, miner, Balldoon-road
Craine, William, fireman, Pinfold
Craine, William, joiner and miner, Church-road
Crebbin, James, Pinfold
Crellin, John, miner, Agneish-road
Crosby, William, miner and parish clerk, Church-road
Crow, James, miner, Balldoon-road


Dobson, John, farm labourer, Barroose
Dobson, Joseph, farmer, Ballacannell
Dobson, Joseph, farmer, Clay Head
Dobson, Robert, miner, Ballabeg
Dobson, Thomas, farm labourer, Baldrine
Duggan, William, farmer, Cronkmoar


Faragher, John, miner, South Cape
Fara.gher, Joseph, miner, Ballabeg
Faragher, Joseph, miner, Balldoon-road
Faragher, Thomas, miner, Agneish-road
Faragher, Thomas, farmer, Grawe
Faragher, Thomas Edward, farmer, Grawe
Faragher, William, farmer, Balldoon-road
Faragher, William, farmer, Cronk-e-chule
Faragher, William, miner, Balldoon-road•
Fayle, Robert, farm labourer, Barroose
Fell, John, miner, Balldoon Chapel


Garrett, Thomas, joiner, Ballagawne
Gawne, William, washer, Riversdale
Gelling, Edward, farmer, Baldrine
Gelling, Edward, shopkeeper and farmer, Baldrine
Gelling, William, farmer, Glengawne
Glenroy Mines, Richard James, manager
Goldsmith, Daniel farmer, Glenroy
Goldsmith, Thomas Balldoon-road
Gorrey, Jane, widow, Baldrine
Gorrey, Thomas, farmer, Shonest
Great Snaefell Mines, William Kewley, manager


Hampton, James, farmer, Pooilvilla
Hampton, Robert, farmer, Pooilvilla
Henry, Wilham, miner, Balldoon-road
Hudgeon, Evan, sailor, Old Chapel
Hudgeon, William, farmer, North Baldrine


Irving, Ann, farmer, Glenroy


Joughin, William, miner, Baljean


Keig, Miss Sarah, Baldrine
Kelly, James, farmer, Ballachrink
Kelly, James, miner and farmer, Ballayolgane
Kelly, James, farmer, Snaefell-road
Kelly, Jane, widow, Balldoon Chapel
Kelly, J ane, widow, Baldrine
Kelly, John, farmer, Baldrornrna
Kelly, John, farmer, Baldromma-moar
Kelly, John, farm labourer, Baldrine
Kelly, John, miller, Ballacowin
Kelly, John, miner, Ballachrink
Kelly, Joseph, washer, Cronkshewell
Kelly, Margaret, widow, Agneish
Kelly, Robert, farmer, steward Agneish Chapel, Ballawill
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Cronk-e-chule
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Skinseoe
Kelly, Robert, miner, Ballamoore
Kelly, Robert, miner, Ballacallister
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Ballaraugh
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Baldrine
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Ballayolgane
Kelly, Thomas, miner, Church-road
Kelly, Thomas, miner and farmer, Ballacowle
Kermeen, Ann, widow, Ballamoore
Kermeen, James, Ballameanagh
Kermeen, John, miner, Baldrine
Kermeen, Margaret, widow, Baldrine
Kermeen, Robert, farmer, Cronk-e-chule
Kermeen, Robert, miner, Baldrine
Kermeen, William, boot and shoemaker, Ballamanagh
Kermeen, William, miner, Agneish-road
Kermode, Ann, pedler, Lagdough
Kermode, James, mason, Bay-view, Old Chapel
Kermode, John, farmer, Croit-e-quill
Kermode, John, boot and shoemaker, Baldrine
Kermode, John, farmer, Ballagare
Kermode, John, farmer, Lagdough
Kermode, John, farmer, Pinfold
Kermode, John, tailor and farmer, Cone-rhenny
Kermode, John, miner, Balldoon Chapel
Kermode, Joseph, Brundle
Kermode, Thomas, farmer, Brundle
Kermode, Thomas, farmer, Grawe
Kermode, Thomas, mason, Ballagawne
Kermode, Thomas, miner, Balldoon-road
Kermode, William, boot and shoemaker, Old Chapel
Kermode, William, farmer, Ballaglass
Kerruish, Edmund, engineer Great Laxey Mines, Balldoon-rd.
Kerruish, Thomas William, Ballabeg
Kewin, Edward, labourer, Balladoon Chapel
Kewley, Catherine, widow, Balldoon-road
Kewley, Isabella, widow, Agneish-road
Kewley, James, farmer, Gretch-veg
Kewley, James, miner, Balldoon-road
Kewley, James, miner and farmer, Ballaraugh
Kewley, James, farmer, Balldoon
Kewley, John, captain Snaefell Mines
Kewley, John, farmer, Balldoon
Kewley, John, farmer, Ballaraugh
Kewley, John, farm labourer, Ballaskerrow
Kewley, John, joiner and builder, Church-road
Kewley, John, washer, Balldoon Chapel
Kewley, Joseph Robert, farmer, Agneish-road
Kewley, Lee, shopkeeper, &c., Baldrine
Kewley, Robert and James, farmers, Grawe
Kewley, Thomas, miner, South Cape
Kewley, Thomas, miner, Baldrine
Kewley, Thomas, Half-way House to Snaefell
Killey, Ann, boarding-house, Ballagawne
Killey, Elizabeth, dressmaker, Lagdough
Killey, John, farmer, Gretch-veg
Killey, John, farmer, Ballacraggan
Killey, John, overseer of highways, Ballacraggan
Killip, Ann, near the Parish Church
Killip, James, farmer, Ballamoore
Killip, John, sen., farmer, Ballacallister
Killip, John, jun., farmer, Ballacallister
Killip, John, miner, Old Chapel
Killip, Richard, miner, Minorca
Kinnish, James, labourer, Balldoon-road
Kinnish, James, waterman, Ballacowin
Kinnish, John, farmer, Balldoon
Kinrade, James, farmer, Ballacowle
Kinrade, Philip, miner, Gretch-voar
Kneale, Ann, farmer, Ballalennia
Kneale, William, captain of the Parish of Lonan, Rhaa
Kneale, William, farmer, Breckwellaugh
Kneale, William, miner, Garwick Beach
Kneen, Thomas, farmer, Clyclough


Lewin, John, washer, Pinfold
Lewin, Thomas, sen., Ballagawne
Lewin, Thomas, jun., blacksmith, Ballagawne
Looney, Archibald, miner, Balldoon-road


Maddock, Henry, farmer, Balladhoo
Maddrell, Robert, farmer, Ballaquark
Maddrell, Thomas, miner, Ballaraugh
Marshall, William, miner, Ballacowin
Moore, Rev. Frederick, Vicar of Lonan, Vicarage
Moore, John, farmer, Ballabeg
Moore, Thomas, farmer, Ballakilley
Moore, William, farmer, Ballachrink
Moughtin, John, miner, Glenroy
Mylchraine, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ballawill, Agneish
Mylchraine, John, miner, Glendrinke
Mylchraine, Robert, minei, Ballaraugh
Mylchreest, Matthew, farmer, Clybane
Mylchreest, John, farmer, Gretch-voar
Mylchreest, William, farmer, Clybane
Mylchreest, William Thomas, farmer, Ballamanagh
Mylrea, Thomas, Baldrine
Mylrea, William, miner, Pinfold
Mylroi, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Agneish-road
Mylroi, John, shopkeeper, Ballaraugh
Mylroi, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Balldoon-road
Mylroi, Thomas Joseph, farmer, Ballacasney
McCaa, Robert, steward to James Williamson, Gretch-voar .
McKneale, Thomas, farmer, Gretch-voar


Oates, John, washer, Grawe
Olliver, John, miner and overlooker, Agneish waterwheel


Partington, Thomas, miner, Balldoon-road


Quane, Thomas, washer, Pinfold
Quark, William, farm labourer, Clyclough
Quayle, Edward, miner, Agneish-street
Quayle, James, mason and farmer, Baldrine
Quayle, Joseph, farmer, Ballamilighan
Quayle, Thomas, labourer, Pinfold
Quayle, William, miner, Baldromma
Quayle, William, miner, Balldoon-road
Quayle, William, steward, Ballacowin
Quill, James, miner, Ballabeg
Quill, Miss Jane, Ballabeg
Quill, Joseph, miner, Ballagawne
Quilleish, Margaret, widow, Ballaraugh
Quilleish, Thomas, miner, Ballaraugh
Quilleish, William, farmer, Ballaraugh
Quilleish, William, miner, Ballaraugh
Quine, James, miner, Agneish-road
Quine, John, farmer, Connerhenny
Quine, Joseph, miner, Balldoon Chapel
Quine, Martin, miner, Ballachrink
Quine, Thomas, farmer, Brundle


Redpath, John, washer, Pinfold
Richaid, James, mine agent, Riversdale
Richard , William, miner and shopkeeper, Balldoon-road
Ross, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Pooilvilla
Ross, William, miner, Pooilvilla
Rowe, William Henry, agent Great Laxey Mines, Balldoon-rd.
Sayle, John, miner, Pinfold
Scarff, John, miner and shoemaker, Barroose
Scarf, John, miner, Ballaraugh
Sims, William, Ballaglass
Skillicorn, Catherine, widow, Pinfold
Skillicorn, James, cartman, Balldoon-road
Skillicorn, James, farmer, Gretch-vane
Skillicorn, John, miner, Ballagyr
Skillicorn, William James, farmer and joiner, Ballagyr
Stephen, Thomas, career, Cronk-e-chule
Stephenson, William, Balldoon-road
Stowell, John, labourer, Ballacannell
Stowell, Thomas, farmer, Molloughaur


Tate, Miss Eliza, hoarding-house, Ballamanagh
Tate, William, miner, South Cape
Teare, William, farmer, Gretch-voar
Teare, William, farm steward, Ballagawne


Vigurs, John, captain of the washing floors, Laxey Mines, Balldoon-road


Wade, William, miner, Balldoon-road
Wallace, William, schoolmaster, Ballagawne Board School
Walton, William, miner, South Cape
Ward, Maria, Half-way Inn to Laxey
Williamson, Robert, farmer, Ballagawne
Watterson, Robert, Gretch-voar
Woods, George, miner, Pinfold


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