[From Brown's Directory, 1881/2]


Armstrong, Ann, widow, Laxey-hill
Armstrong, George, shopkeeper, New-road
Armstrong, George, washer, Minorca
Arnold, Ann, widow, Glen-road


Backerley, Thomas, blacksmith, Lhergy Grawe
Bateman, John, sen., miner, Old Laxey bridge
Bateman, Mrs., widow, Minorca
Bateman, William, miner, Ramsey Old-road
Bateman, William, miner, Old Laxey-bridge
Beck, James, manager of the Equitable Co-operative Society, Limited, Minorca
Boreland, David, Shore Inn, Old Laxey
Boyce, Thomas, miner, South Cape
Bradbury, Dr. Joseph, New-road
Brearey, Rev. Robert Gawne, B.A., New-road
Brew, James, mason, New-road
Brew, James, miner, Glen-road
Brew, William, miner, King Orry
Brew, William, washer, Glen-road
Bridson, Thomas, butcher, Old Laxey hill
Brown, Mrs. Jane, Glen-road
Burns, John, joiner, Minorca


Cain, James, washer, South Cape
Cain, John, butcher, Lhergy Grawe
Cain, John, sergeant of police, New-road
Cain, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Cain, William, washer, King Orry
Callister, Mrs. Margaret, widow, King Orry
Callister, Miss Margaret, dressmaker, King Orry
Callister, Robert, blacksmith, Agneish-road
Callister, William, miner, Minorca
Callister, William, miner, Big Wheel Cottage
Callow, James, miner, South Cape
Callow, John, bookseller, stationer, clerk at Gt. Laxey mines, agent for The Isle of Man Times, New-road
Callow, John, miner, Glen-road
Callow, John, miner, Lhergy Grawe
Callow, John, washer, Minorca
Callow, Robert, washer, Laxey Mines road
Callow, Robert, miner, King Orry
Callow, Thomas, miner, South Cape
Callow, William, clerk, Laxey Mines road
Callow, William, miner, Big Wheel road
Cannan, Elizabeth, widow, Old Laxey
Cannan, Ellen, dressmaker, Old Laxey
Cannell, John James, miner, Glen-road
Cannell, Joseph, miner, Glen-road
Cannell, Thomas, miner, Rensell
Cannell, Thomas, washer, Tent-road
Christian, Mrs. Ann, widow, South Cape
Christian, Catherine, widow, Glen-road
Christian, William, miner, South Cape
Christian, William, common lodging-house keeper, Laxey Beach
Clague, Charles, washer, Glen-road
Clague, Henry, miner, Laxey-beach
Clague, Jane, widow, Minorca
Clague, Mrs. John, widow, Dumbell’s-row
Clague, John Patrick, miner, South Cape
Clague, Joseph, washer, Rensell
Clague, William, miner, Glen-road
Clague, William, miner, Minorca
Cleator, Jane, widow, King Orry
Cleator, William, butcher, Glen-road
Clucas, John, washer, Glen-road
Clucas, Thomas, tailor, Laxey-beach
Clucas, Mrs. William, baker, Glen-road
Clucas, William, miner, Laxey-beach
Cojeen, Catherine, widow, Glen-road
Cojeen, James, joiner, &c., Lhergy Grawe
Collins, Mary, rag gatherer, Glen-road
Commercial Hotel, Mrs. Ann Smailes, New-road. (See advt. p. 751)
Connnor, Edward, washer, Glen-road
Corkill, Henry, miner, Berdawne
Corkill, John, joiner, Minorca
Corkill, John, miner, Minorea
Corkill, Robert, miner, Glen-road
Corkill, Robert, miner, Laxey Mines-road
Corkill, William, miner, Laxey-beach
Corkill, William, miner, South Cape
Corkill, William, miner, South Cape
Corlett, Caesar, miner, Berdawne
Corlett, Mrs . Jane, shopkeeper, Glen-road
Corlett, Matthias, miner, Lhergy Grawe
Corlett, Robert, miner, King Orry
Corlett, Robert, washer, New-road
Corlett, Thomas, miller, Laxey Glen
Corlett, William, farmer and car proprietor, Minorca
Corlett, William, miner, Minorca
Corrin, Thomas, mason, South Cape
Cottier, Mrs. Jane, widow, tea and coffee house, Dumbell’s-row
Cottier, William, miner, Dumbell’s-row
Cottier, William, miner, Minorca
Cowell, Mrs. John, widow, New-road
Cowell, Mrs. William, widow, New-road
Cowin, James, miner, King Orry
Cowin, John, miner, Old Laxey
Cowin, John, miner, Minorca
Cowin, John James, miner, Lhergy Grawe
Cowin, John Thomas, clerk to the Lonan School Committee, and Registrar of Births and Deaths for the District of Lonan, Minorca
Cowin, Miss Margaret, Tent-road
Cowin, Thomas, miner, Big Wheel-road
Cowin, Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Cowley, John, miner, Old Laxey
Coole, Elizabeth, common lodging-house keeper, New-road
Creer, John, miller, farmer, and manure agent, Ballawill
Creer, Paul, washer, Lhergy Grawe
Crellin, Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Cretney, Robert, washer, Minorca
Cringle, William, cooper and joiner, Lhergy Grawe
Crow, James, miner, Glen-road
Croone, William, shoemaker, Minorca
Cubbin, Miss Catherine, dressmaker, Glen-road
Cubbin, Henry, miner, Glen-road
Cubbin, Robert, miner, Glen
Currey, John, foreman blacksmith, Laxey Mines-road


Daugherty, Robert, joiner, Glen-road
Dickinson, Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Dickinson, Paul, hostler, Glen-road
Duggan, James, miner, Laxey-beach
Duggan, Thomas, pilot, Laxey-beach


Faragher, James, miner, Laxey-beach
Faragher, John, miner, South Cape
Faragher, Robert, miner, Lhergy Grawe
Faragher, Sophia, dressmaker, New-road
Faragher, Thomas, King Orry Hotel, New-road
Faragher, Thomas, miner, Laxey Mines-road
Faragher, William, farmer, Gretch-voar
Foster, James, weaver, Minorca
Fraser, A-. B., Minorca


Garrett, Mrs. Ann, dressmaker, Minorca
Garrett, Mrs. Ann, widow, Laxey-beach
Garrett, James, miner, South Cape
Garrett, John, miner and shoemaker, Minorca
Gawne, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Garrett, William, roadsman, Glen-road
Garrett, William, boot and shoemaker, King Orry
Gelling, James, washer, Glen-road
Gelling, John, shopkeeper, Old Laxey-hill ; steward Primitive Methodist Chapel, Minorca
Gelling, Joseph, miner, Tent-road
Gelling, Thomas, washer, Glen-road
Gill, Amelia, widow, Laxey Mines road
Gill, James, miner, King Orry
Gill, James, jun., tailor, King Orry
Gill, John, washer, Laxey-beach
Gilmour, Joseph, miner, Rensell
Gelling, Richard, miner, Rensell
Goldsmith, Daniel Robert, grocer, tailor, draper, baker, oil dealer, boot and shoe dealer, butcher, provision merchant,
manure agent, paper hangings, and cars for hire, New-road
Great Laxey Mining Company, Limited ; managers, Francis Reddicliffe and William Henry Rowe


Hampton, John, boot and shoemaker, & oil merchant, New-rd.; chapel steward, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Glen
Harrison, John, miner and tea and coffee house, Dumbell’s-row
Harrison, John, Dumbell’s-row
Henry, James,. miner, Laxey-beach
Henry, John, miner, Big Wheel-road
Henry, Robert, joiner, Big Wheel-road
Hogg, Jane, widow, miner, Tent-road
Hogg, James, miner, South Cape
Hogg, John, miner, Minorca
Hogg, John, washer, Minorca
Hogg, Joseph, miner, Old Laxey
Hogg, Thomas, miner, Laxey-beach
Hogg, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Hogg, William, miner, Glen-road
Hoskins, James, miner, King Orry
Hoskins, John, engineer, King Orry
Hudgin, John, washer, Glen-road
Hudgin, John, miner, Minorca


Ireland, John, washer, Glen-road
Irvin, Mrs. Ann, widow, Laxey-beach


Jean, Henry, engine driver, Minorca
Jean, Walter Hooper, engine driver, Glen-road


Kay, Ann, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Kegg, Thomas, washer and shopkeeper, Dumbell’s-row
Kelly, Ann, widow, Minorca
Kelly, Elizabeth, widow, Glen-road
Kelly, Elizabeth, widow, Laxey-beach
Kelly, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Rensell
Kelly, James, miner, Learghey-graw
Kelly, James, washer, Glen-road
Kelly, John, miner, Glen-road
Kelly, John, miner, Minorca
Kelly, John, tailor, New-road
Kelly, John, washer and shoemaker, Glen-road
Kelly, John, miner, Laxey-mine-road
Kelly, Joseph, miner, King Orry
Kelly, Jane, widow, Glen-road
Kelly, Jane, widow, Minorca
Kelly, Miss Margaret, Old Laxey
Kelly, Margaret, retired publican, South Cape
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, Learghey-graw
Kelly, Thomas, miner, New-road
Kelly, Thomas, miner, Ramsey Old-road
Kelly, Thomas, washer, Berdawne
Kelly, William, miner, Berdawne
Kelly, William, miner, Minorca
Kelly, William Stanley, tailor and draper, Laxey Glen
Kermeen, John, miner, Glen-road
Kermeen, Jane, widow, Glen-road
Kermode, Edward, miner, IRensell
Kermode, Eleanor, widow, Old Laxey-hill
Kermode, Jane, widow, Minorca
Kermode, John, joiner and builder, Minorca
Kermode, John, miner, King Orry
Kermode, William, joiner and builder, South Cape
Kewley, James, miner, Glen-road
Kewley, James, miner, Laxey-beach
Kewley, John, boot and shoemaker, Glen-road
Kewley, John, farmer, Glen-road
Kewley, John, late overseer of highways, Minorca
Kewley, Joseph, grocer, provision dealer, paper hanging, oil dealer, boarding-house keeper, and car proprietor, &c., Glen-road
Kewley, Robert, Queen’s Hotel, New-road
Kewley, Thomas, shopkeeper, Glen-road
Kewley, Thomas, miner, Berdawne
Kewley, Thomas, miner, King Orry
Kewley, Thomas, washer, Laxey-beach
Kewley, Thomas, weaver, Ramsey Old-road
Kewley, William, boot and shoemaker, Berdawne
Kewley, William, miner, Glen-road
Kewley, William, miner, Old Laxey-hill
Killip, John, captain of mines, Laxey-mine-road
Killip, John, washer, South Cape
Killip, Margaret, widow, South Cape
Killip, Thomas, blacksmith, manure agent, seed agent, milk. man, and oil dealer, Old Laxey
Killip, William, carter, Rensell
Kiley, Henry, lockman of Lonan
Killey, Henry, saddler, harness maker, clogger, & oil dealer, New-road
Killey, James, blacksmith and manure agent, Glen-road
Killey, James, miner, Minorca
Killey, John, washer, Rensell
Killey, Thomas, miner and shopkeeper, South Cape
King Orry Hotel, Thomas Faragher, New-road
Kinley, Elizabeth, Rensell
Kinnish, John, miner, King Orry
Kinrade, Thomas, shopkeeper, Laxey-mine-road
Kinrade, James, washer, Glen-road
Kneale, Thomas, miner, Rensell
Kneale, John, miner, Ramsey Old-road
Kneale, John, miner, South Cape
Kneen, Henry, miner, shoemaker and tea dealer, Glen-road
Knowles, John, miner, Berdawne


Lawson, James, miner and commercial agent, Glen-road
Lawson, Robert, washer, Laxey-beach
Lawson, Robert, jun., miner, Old Laxey
Lawton, James, miner, Glen-road
Laxey Brass Band, David Sneogles, leader, Laxey-mine-road
Laxey Industrial and Provident Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, drapers, shoemakers, butchers, bakers, provision dealers, & coal and oil dealers, New-road
Lee, Joseph, miner, Old Tent-road
Lewney, Ann, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Lewney, John, refreshment saloon, Laxey-beach
Lewney, John, shopkeeper, New-road
Lord, John, miner, Glen-road
Looney, Matthias, joiner and cartwright, Rensell
Looney, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Looney, Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Looney, William, miner, Minorca


Mar, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Mar, Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, Minorca
Maddrell, Mrs. Ann, widow, Glen-road
Moughton, Eleanor, widow, Glen-road
Moughton, James, miner, Glen-road
Moughton, Thomas, miner, Glen-road
Minto, Mrs. Ann, widow, Dumbell’s-row
Morrison, Horatio, chemist and druggist, New-road
Moore, Mary, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Mylehraine, John, miner, King Orry
Mylrea, William, farmer, Glen
Mylrea, Thomas, farmer, G len-road
Mylroi, Catherine, widow, South Cape
Mylroi, Daniel, retired farmer, Glen-road
Mylroi, Elizabeth, Agneish-road
Mylroi, Emily, dressmaker, South Cape
Mylroi, John, joiner, builder, cabinetmaker, and undertaker, Glen-road
Mylroi, John, miner, South Cape
Mylroi, Thomas, tailor, draper, and outfitter, New-road
Mylroi, Thomas, shopkeeper, South Cape
McAvoy, Thomas, engine driver, New-road
M’Clain, James, miner, Laxey-beach
M’Clain, William, miner, Laxey-beach
McComie, James
McNeil, Sarah, dressmaker, Minorca


Nelson, James, mason, South Cape
Noel, Isaac, labourer, Old Tent-road
Noel, John, miner, Old Laxey


Oates, Thomas, washing overlooker, Glen-road
Old Laxey Equitable Co-operative Society, Limited, drapers, grocers, bakers, provision dealers, butchers, oil dealers, coal dealers, and shoemakers, Old Laxey
Old Laxey Workingmen’s Reading-room, The Beach
Orr, James, miner, Minorca
Osborne, William, New Inn, New-road


Partington, Sophia, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Pierce, Richard, blacksmith and whitesmith, Glen-road


Quaggan, Thomas, washer, Glen-road
Qualtrough, Henry Robert, general draper, Bridge Shop, New-road
Qualtrough, James, overlooker of washings, Minorca
Quirk, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow, New-road
Quirk, Mrs. Isabella, widow, Glen-road
Quayle, Mrs . Ann, widow, Glen-road
Quayle, George, sen., miner, Old Laxey
Quayle, George, jun., miner, Old Laxey
Quayle, George, miner, Ramsey Old-road
Quayle, James, farmer, Crot Nares
Quayle, Mrs. Jane, widow, Ramsey Old-road
Quayle, Mrs. Jane, widow, Glen-road
Quayle, Joseph, miner, Laxey-beach
Quayle, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Quilleash, John, joiner, Glen-road
Quine, John, miner, Glen~road
Quine, John, miner, New-road
Quine, Mrs. John, widow, Glen-road
Quine, Mrs. Margaret, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Quine, Robert, miner, King Orry
Quine, Robert, miner, Minorca
Quine, William, washer, King Orry
Quirk, John, tailor, draper, and outfitter, New-road


Radcliffe, John, miner, South Cape
Radcliffe, John, miner, Dumbell’s-row
Radcliffe, William, washer, Minorca
Reddicliffe, Francis, manager, Great Laxey Mines, New-rd.
Redshaw, John, miner, Laxey-beach
Redshaw, Mary, widow, New-road
Redshaw, Thomas, labourer, Old Laxey-hill
Robinson, John, miner, South Cape
Rowe, William Henry, second agent, Great Laxey Mines
Rydings, Egbert, draper, &c., Learghy-graw ; and woollen factory, Glen-road


Savage, Patrick, miner, Learghy-graw
Say, James, Glen-road
Sayle, John, miner, King Orry
Sayle, Paul, miner, South Cape
Sayle, Robert, miner, Minorca
Scarf, John James, Bridge Inn, New-road
Scarf, Thomas, blacksmith, Laxey~mine-road
Scarff, Thomas, washer, Laxey-mine-road
Scarff, William, overlooker of washings, Laxey~mine-road
Scarff, William, miner
Schofield, M. C., master of the National Schools, New-road
Sneogles, D., blacksmith, tea & coffee house, Laxey-mine-road
Sneogles, Joseph, washer, Glen-road
Sneogles, Joseph, sen., blacksmith, Laxey mine-road
Skillicorn, Ann, shopkeeper, King Orry
Skillicorn, Ann, widow, Laxey-mine-road
Skillicorn, Ann, widow, Laxey-beach
Skillicorn, James, Dumbell’s-row
Skillicorn, James, miner and butcher, Glen-road
Skillicorn, James, pitman, Laxey~mine-road
Skillicorn, Margaret, widow, King Orry
Skillicorn, Robert, overlooker of washings, Dumbell’s-row
Skillicorn, Thomas, butcher and milk man, Old Laxey-hill
Skillicorn, Thomas, sen., labourer, Old Laxey-hill
Skillicorn, Thomas, mason, King Orry
Skillicorn, William, miner, Glen-road
Slevell, William, Ballaleney
Smailes, Mrs. Ann, proprietress Commercial Hotel, New-rd. (See advt. p. 751.)
Starkey, James, miner, Minorca
Starkey, John, washer, Laxey mine-road
Stephen, Mrs. Eleanor, widow, Glen-road
Stephen, Thomas, cartman, Laxey Mines
Stout, John, miner, Old Laxey
Stout, Mrs. Sarah Jane, widow, Glen-road
Stout, Sarah Jane, refreshment rooms at Big Wheel
Stowell, Hugh, chemist and druggist, Glenwood Cottage


Taylor, John James, miner, Glen-road ; steward Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Laxey
Tonkin, Edward, miner, Rensell
Tupper, David, miner, shopkeeper, tea & coffee house, Laxey mine-road
Tupper, William, grocer, provision dealer, coal merchant, oil merchant, car proprietor, temperance hotel & boarding-house, New-road


Victoria Park, Robert Williamson, proprietor. (See inset on opposite page.)


Wade, John, miner, Minorca
Walton, John, miner, Minorca
Walton, Thomas, miner, Minorca
Worthington, Wm. Valentine, school-master, South Cape Board School
Watterson, Edward, cartman, Glen-road
Watterson, Robert, farmer, Laxey-mine-road
Williamson, James, grocer, baker, butcher, provision dealer, wine & spirit merchant, oil dealer, car proprietor, manure and seed agent, coal merchant, &c., Old Laxey
Williamson, Robert, proprietor Victoria-park ; also, fancy bread and biscuit baker, grocer, provision dealer, wine and spirit merchant, ginger beer and soda water manufacturer, agent for The Isle of Man Times, &c., New-road ; farms Ballakerrow and Ballabeg. (See inset on opposite page.)
Woolcock, Benjamin, miner, Glen-road
Workingmen’s Reading-room, New-road


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