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The parish of JURBY extends from the Carlane river to the Lhen Mooar, and is bounded towards the east by the Lhen Mooar trench. It contains an area of about eight square miles. It forms the north-western part of the northern low lands, and its surface is flat and monotonous. It is an exclusively agricultural district, and contains a scattered population of 788 (in 1851, of 985). It is a vicarage, and the present incumbent is the Rev. Joseph Bellamy.



Ball, William Radcliffe, fisherman, Ballaworry
Bannan, Daniel, farmer, Croit-clarke
Bellamy, Rev. Joseph, vicar, Vicarage
Brew, Catherine, grocer, &c., Sandy
Brew, Charlotte, dressmaker, Ballahasney
Brew, Daniel, joiner and farmer, Ballahasney
Brew, Elizabeth, Bretney
Brew, John, farmer, Ballaworrey
Brew, Robert, labourer, Ballameariagh
Brew, William, farmer, Ballacurry


Cain, John, farmer, Ballamoor
Caley, John, farmer, Ballachrink
Caley, Margaret, Ballachrink
Caley, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Callister, Alicia, farmer, Cashal-lough
Callister, John, farmer, Ballaconley
Callister, William, farm labourer, Ballahasney
Cannell, William, farmer, Nappin East
Carran, William, smith, Galane, Sandy-gate
Carter, James, farmer, Summer-hill
Casement, John, fisherman, Ballacurry
Cashin, John, farmer, Close-c-Kelly
Christian, Anne, Ballameanagh
Christian, John, farm servant, Ballaworrey
Christian, John, shopkeeper, Ellan
Christian, Mary, Ballig
Christian, Philip, farmer, Ballacurry
Christian, Thomas, farm servant, Ballatear
Christian, William, shopkeeper, Sandy-gate
Christory, Jane, Rhendhoo, Lhen
Christory, John James, farmer, Ballachristory
Christory, Maria, farmer, Ballachristory West
Clarke, Daniel, farmer, Nappin West
Clarke, Hugh, farm servant, Nappin
Clarke, Jane, farmer, Sartfield
Clarke, John, farmer, Ballagaraghyn
Clarke, William, farmer, Bretney
Clarke, William, Nappin West
Cleator, William, sen., farmer, Sartfield West
Cleator, William, jun., farmer, Sartfield East
Clucas, John, farmer, Ballachrink
Collister, Mary, sempstress, Ballamoor
Collister, William, farmer, Willow Grove
Corkill, Anne, horticulturist, Ellan
Corkill, James, farmer, Ballavarran
Corkill, John, farmer, Ellan
Corlett, Elizabeth, Loughan
Corlett, John, farmer, Barrag
Corlett, John, farm servant, Ballamoor
Corlett, Robert, farmer, Golane
Corlett, Robert, fisherman, Cooildhoo
Corlett, Thomas, farmer, Golane
Corlett, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballacurry
Corlett, William, farmer, Ballachrink
Corlett, William, farmer, Ballig
Corlett, William, farmer, Rhendhoo
Cormode, John, farmer, Ballig
Cottier, Thomas, gardener, Ballamoor
Cowell, John, coachman, Ballameanagh
Cowin, Robert, farm servant, Nappin West
Cowle, Patrick, labourer, Loughan
Cowley, John, farmer, Bretney West
Cowley, Kate, Nappin West
Craine, Anne, Sandy-gate
Craine, Thomas, horseman, Ballamoor
Cretney, John, labourer, Sandy-gate
Crye, William, farmer, Rhendhoo
Curphey, John, labourer, Golane
Curphey, Matthias, farmer, Croit-freer
Curphey, Robert, horseman, Lodge, Ballamoor


Ellison, James, horseman, Ballamoor


Faragher, James, roadsman, Ballaworrey
Faragher, John, Callane Mill, Ballatear
Faragher, John, fisherman and farmer, Cronkbreck-lough
Faragher, Thomas, farmer, Ballaghaie
Faragher, William, fisherman and farmer, Cronkbreck-lough
Farrant, William, M.H.K., Ballamoor
Forsythe, Anne Jane, farmer, Ballasalla


Gale, William, farmer Cronkbreck
Garrett, Elizabeth, school mistress, Sandy-gate
Garrett, John, labourer, Barrag
Gill, Thomas, farm servant, Nappin East
Gillrea, William, labourer, Ballamoor
Goldie, Thomas, farm servant, Ballamoor


Halsall, Anne, Ballacain


Joughin, John Thomas, smith, post-office, Nappin West


Kaighen, Humphrey, farmer, Cashel-lough
Kaighen, Kate, farmer, Ballamoor
Kaighen, Robert, farmer, Thie-vane
Kaighin, William, yeoman, Golane
Kelly, Christian, Ellan
Kelly, Mrs. Jane, farmer, Ballahasney
Kelly, John, M.H.K., farmer, Ballahasney
Kelly, Robert, farmer, Ballameanagh
Kennish, John, bootmaker, Ballachrink
Kewin, John, farmer, Sandy Gate
Kewin, William, farmer, Ballacurry
Kewish, Thomas, horseman, Ballarnoor
Killey, James, farm labourer, Ballig
Killey, Kate, farm servant, Nappin West
Killey, William, farmer, Kerroo~croie
Killip, John, farmer, Ballasalla
Killip, Thomas, farmer, Ballacrye
Kinrade, John, farmer, Ballasalla
Kissack, Daniel, joiner and farmer, Sandy Gate
Kissack, John, bootmaker, Loughan
Kissack, John, farmer, Ballamoor
Kissack, John, farm servant, Ballatear
Kissack, Thomas, farmer, Ballamoor
Kissack, William, labourer, Sandy Gate
Kneale, John, farmer, Loughdhoo
Kneale, John, farm servant, Nappin
Kneale, Robert, fisherman, Loughan
Kneale, Thomas, farmer, Ballasalla
Kneen, Eleanor, farmer, Ballameanagh
Kneen, John, ex-policeman, Sandy Gate
Kneen, John, farmer, Ballagarraghyn
Kneen. John, smith and farmer, Loughan
Kneen, Richard Edward, horse dealer, Ballacrink


Lace, James, farm servant, Cronkmoor
Lawson, James, farmer, Kerroo-croie
Lawson, William, tailor and farmer, Loughan


Moughtin, Anne, labourer, Sandy-gate
Moughtin, John, jun., tailor, Ballacurry
Moughtin, John, tailor, Kerroo-Kneale
Moughton, Thomas, shopkeeper, Ballaworrey
Mylecraine, Mary, farmer, Loughdhoo


Quay, William, farmer, Ballacurry
Quayle, Daniel, fisherman, Ballachrink
Quayle, James, fisherman, Kerroo-croie
Quayle, John, bootmaker, Kerroo-Kneale
Quayle; John Caesar, bootmaker, Sandy Gate
Quayle, William, farmer, Kerroo-Kneale
Quayle, William, tailor, Loughdhoo
Quilliam, William, weaver, Ballacurry
Quayle, William, grocer, &c., Sandy
Quirk, Margaret, Ballacrye


Radcliffe, James, labourer, Ballameanagh


Sayle, Kate, farm servant, Ballanioor
Stephen, Eleanor, farm servant, Ballasalla


Teare, John, farmer and clerk, Ballachrink
Teare, John, farmer, Loughan
Teare, Margaret, farmer, Kerroo-Kneaie
Teare, Thomas, farmer, Loughan
Teare, Wililiam, farmer, Kerroo-croie
Teare, William, farmer, Lachrout


Vondy, William, farmer, Ballafletcher
Vondy, William, farmer, Cooildhoo


Wade, John, farmer, Ballavarran
Wade, John, farm servant, Ballaworrey
Wade, William, labourer, Sandy Gate


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