[from Brown's Directory, 1882]


The parish of German (from St. Germanus, a disciple of St. Patrick, and appointed by him bishop of Man) extends from the river Neb to Glen Cam along the coast, and from the sea to Greeba and Slieau Ruy. It is a rough hilly district, consisting of the western slopes of the central mountain ridge and the western hills to the sea, with the deep depressions of Glen Mooar and Glen Helen dividing them. It also includes the western portion of the great central valley. It contains the source and upper course of the Dhoo (" The Dark River "), one of the main feeders of the Douglas ; and the entire course of the Neb, or Peel River, from its source on Sartfell to its embouchure at Peel. The greater part of the district is barren mountain land, hut in the sheltered low-lands the soil is good and carefully cultivated. A large part of the valley between Greeba and St. Johns is boggy, and subject to floods, The district is agricultural, and the population partly agricultural and partly fishing. The town of Peel is within the boundary of this parish. St. Johns, a small agricultural village at the foot of Slieau Whallin, contains the Tynwald Hill, from which the Manx laws are promulgated. Near it is St. Johns Chapel, in which, on certain occasions the Manx Legislature holds its sittings. It is also the junction of the Northern and Southern railways. Glen Helen, the upper part of Glen Mooar, is a beautifully wooded glen containing the Falls of the Rhenass. It is much frequented by visitors. The population in 1851 was 2,168 ; and in 1871 it was 1,762. The parish is a vicarage, and the present incumbent. is the Rev. Henry Dening, who resides in Peel.


Alford, John, butcher, German


Barr, Philip, labourer, Poortown
Bell, James, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Bell, John, farmer, Ballawilliam
Bell, Robert, farmer, Ballig
Bell, Thomas, miner, Ballaoats
Berry, Thomas, railway porter, St. Johns
Bethil, Miss Raehael, hotel, Ballacraine
Black, Richard, farm labourer, Lhergydoo
Brew, Philip, farmer, Ballasayle
Bridson, William, farmer and miner, Ballaoats
Bridson, Catherine, farmer, Ballacurry
Bridson, Thomas, Sunny-hill Cottage, St. Johns
Bridson, Thomas, shoemaker, Ballaharra
Bullock, Dr. George H., Belleview


Cain, Hugh, weaver, White Strand
Cain, John, retired farmer, Belleview
Cain, John, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Cain, John, farmer, Lhergydoo
Caine, Daniel, farmer, Kiew
Caine, James, shoemaker, Knocksharry
Caine, John, farmer, Ballagyr
Caine, John, farmer, Ballakaighen
Caine, John, farm labourer, Kiew
Caine, John, weaver, Corvalley
Caine, Norris, weaver, Ballig
Caine, Philip T., farmer, Ballahaune, St. Johns
Caine, Thomas, farmer, Ballachrink
Caine, Thomas, master Board School, St. Johns
Caine, Thomas, shoemaker, Ballakaighen
Caine, Thomas , weaver, Cronk-e-Voddy
Caine, William, farmer, Corvalley
Caine, William, farmer, Skirrisdale-moar
Caine, William, labourer, Rock Mount
Caley, Arthur, farm labourer, Kerrow-ne-glough
Callister, Eliza, farmer, Kenna
Callister, John, labourer, Ballacross
Callister, John, fisherman, Close-e-Geary
Callister, Thomas, farmer, Ballavaish
Callister, William, farmer, Close-e-Geary
Cannan, Eleanor, Cronk-e-Voddy
Cannan, William, farmer, Ballakaighen
Cannan, William, fisherman, Ballakaighen
Cannell, John, farmer, Skirrisdale-veg
Cannell, Philip, farmer, Skirrisdale-veg
Cavendish, James, farmer, Corvalley
Charlton, Henry, Derby Hotel, Ballaquane
Christian, Ann, blacksmith manager, Knocksharry
Christian, Edward, labourer, Kiew
Christian, Eliza, farmer, Northop, Greeba
Christian, Enos, farmer, Brack-a-broom
Christian, Esther A., farmer, Banff-place, Greeba
Christian, Evan, fisherman, Ballaquane
Christian, John, farmer, Ballabrooie
Christian, John, farm labourer, Ballanayre
Christian, John, farm labourer, Poortown
Christian, Robert, farmer, Bivilley-cowle
Christian, William, farmer, Lambfell-beg
Christian, William, farm labourer, Lhergydoo
Christie, James, miner, Ballacraine
Clague, Daniel Norris, Tynwald Inn, St. Johns
Clague, James, miner, Kenna
Clague, John, tailor, Ballig
Clague, Robert, blacksmith, Poortown
Clague, Thomas, labourer, Knocksharry
Clarke, Ann, Ballagarraghyn
Clarke, Miss Eleanor, Ballaquane
Clarke, Thomas, farmer, Koinslieu, Greeba
Clucas, Thomas, Hawthorne Inn, Greeba
Coffee, Samuel, labourer, Congarrey
Comaish, Miss Ann, Ball-ne-hough
Commaish, James, tailor, Ballakaighen
Cooil, William, farmer, Ballavaish
Cook, John, farm labourer, White Strand
Corkill, Edward, farmer, Earykimmon
Corkill, John, butcher, Voney
Corkill, John, fisherman, Kerrow-ne-glough
Corkill, Richard, miner, Ballacraine
Corkill, William, farmer, Rary-chane [sic ?Eary-chane], Greeba
Corkill, William, grocer, Poortown
Corlett, Ann, Ballig
Corlett, Miss Ann, Cronk-e-Voddy
Corlett, John, farmer, Lambfell-moar
Corlett, Rev. John, Government Chaplain, St. Johns
Corlett, Philip, farmer, Ballalough
Corlett, Thomas A., fisherman, Ballalough
Corlett, William, farmer, Voney
Corrin, John, quarrier, Lhergydoo
Corris, James, tailor, Ballig
Corris, Philip, miner, Kenna
Corris, Thomas, farmer, Ballagyr
Corris, Thomas, farmer, Ballakillmurray
Cowell, Lawrence, fisherman, St. Johns
Cowin, Charles J., farmer, Ballaquayle
Cowin, Thomas, farmer, Ballanayre
Cowley, John, farmer, Ballacraine
Cowley, Philip, farmer, Rheast
Cowley, Richard John, farmer, Knockbane
Cowley, Thomas, farmer, Ballagarraghyn
Craine, Catherin e, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Craine, James, farm labourer, Ballacurry, Greeba
Craine, John, shoemaker, Ballacraine
Craine, Thomas, miner, Cronkbreck
Creer, Daniel, Holmeside Cottage, Greeba
Creer, Edward, farmer, Cronkdhoo, Greeba
Creer, John, miner, Cronkdhoo, Greeba
Creer, Paul, farmer, Kerrowgarrow
Creig, William, farm labourer, Ballagyr
Crellin, Caesar, farmer, Cronkbreck
Crellin, Caesar, Cronkbreck Cottage
Crellin, Charles, miller, Greeba Mill
Crellin, Henry, farm labourer, Lhergydoo
Crellin, James, farm labourer, Rockmount
Crellin, James, miner, Cronkdhoo, Greeba
Crellin, John, dyer, Ballacraine
Crellin, John, farmer, Sand-house
Crellin, Joseph, tailor, Northop, Greeba
Crellin, Margaret, grocer, Ballacraine
Crellin, Philip, miner, Ballacurry
Crellin, Richard, fisherman, Cronkdhoo
Crellin, Thomas, farmer, Lhergydoo
Crellin, William, fisherman, Knocksharry
Cretney, William, farmer, Dreemlang
Cringle, Ann, St. Johns
Cringle, John, miner, Cronkdhoo, Greeba
Cryer, James, farmer, Knocksharry
Cubbon, Robert, Fairy Cottage
Cubbon, William, farm labourer, Ballakillmurray
Cubbon, William, labourer, Greeba Castle Lodge


Delany, Thomas, butcher, St. Johns
Duke, John, rural constable, St. Johns


Ennew, John, manager Glen Helen Hotel Co., Limited


Faragher, Philip, farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher, Evan, farmer, Vaish
Fargher, Hugh, farm labourer, Greeba Bridge
Fargher, John, farmer, Ballaspurr
Fargher, Philip, farmer, Eary-moar
Fargher, William, farmer, Ballacurry
Fargher, William, farmer, Cronkbreck
Forster, Christopher, weaver, Ballig
Forster, Joseph, weaver, Ballacraine


Garrett, Charles, farm labourer, Ballakilley
Garrett, James, farm labourer, White Strand
Garrett, John, farm labourer, Poortown
Garrett, John, postmaster, St. Johns
Garrett, Thom as, labourer, Derby-road
Garrett, Thomas, farmer, Kiew
Garrett, William, farmer, Ballakaighen
Gavin, Peter, Ivy Cottage, near Peel
Gawne, Thomas, farmer, Laurel Bank
Gell, Henry, grocer and provision dealer, St. Johns
Gell, John, blacksmith, Kerroochord, Greeba
Gell, Richard, labourer, St. Johns
Gell, William, farmer, Thoulough-quayle
Gell, William, grocer, Ballacraine
Glen Helen Hotel Company, Limited, Rhenass ; manager, John Ennew
Gracy, Catherine, Ballaquane


Halsall, John, farmer, Moaney-moar
Halsall, Walter, farm labourer, Shenarra
Hamilton, John, farm labourer, Lhergydoo
Harrison, Thomas, joiner, Ballacraine
Harrison, William, J.P., farmer, Rockmount
Hinton, Edward R. H., Ballaquane
Hogg, Edward, fisherman, Ballakaighen
Hoyle, John, Greeba Castle
Hughes, John, car proprietor, Ballacraine
Humphreys, Robert, miner, St. Johns


Johnson, John, fisherman, Kiew
Jones, John, farmer, Kenna
Jones, Pierce Wm., farmer, Kerrow-ny-glough


Kaighan, Hugh, farmer, Rhenass
Kaighen, John, farmer, Ballaquine
Kaighen, Philip, farmer, Knocksharry
Kaighen, Thomas, farmer, Lhergydoo
Kaighen, William, dyer, St. Johns
Keig, William, shoemaker, St. Johns
Kelly, Catherine, farmer, Ballacurry, Greeba
Kelly, Hugh, farm labourer, Greeba Mill
Kelly, James, farmer, Lhergydoo
Kelly, James, farm labourer, Cronkdhoo
Kelly, James, mine labourer, Cronkbreck
Kelly, John, farmer, Eary-chane
Kelly, John, farm labourer, Kerroochord, Greeba
Kelly, John, stone breaker, St. Johns
Kelly, Margaret, Ballavar
Kelly, Philip, shoemaker, White Strand
Kelly, Robert, fisherman, Ballig
Kelly, Thomas, farmer, Kerrowglass, Greeba
Kelly, William, farmer, Ballavarkish
Kelly, William, farm labourer, Corvalley
Kelly, William, labourer, Sand-house
Kenna, Thomas, farmer, Ballagyr
Kennaugh, Edward, miner, Ballacraine
Kennaugh, Hugh, farm labourer, Ballagarraghyn
Kennaugh, John, blacksmith, Ballacraine
Kennaugh, Thomas, blacksmith, Ballacraine
Kennaugh, Thomas, miner
Kermeen, John, farm labourer, Atnaugh
Kermeen, Joseph, farm labourer, Ballabooie
Kermode, Henry, miller, Glanfaba Mills
Kermode, John E., farmer, Lynauge
Kermode, William, j oiler, Knocksharry
Kewin, William, farm labourer, Ballawattleworth
Kewley, James, farmer, Eary-chane, Greeba
Kewley, John, fisherman, Poortown
Kewley, John J., miller, Glenmoore
Killey, Charles, farmer, Eary-moar
Killey, Philip, mine labourer, Cronkbreck
Killey, William, Craigwilley’s-hill
Killip, James, farmer, Ballakaighen
Kinley, Edward, farmer, Knocksharry
Kinnish, John, farmer, Stervy
Kinrade, William, weaver, Ballig
Kinrade, William, tailor, near St. Johns
Kinvig, William, farm labourer, Dowse
Kissack, James, farmer, Corvalley
Kneale, James, mason, near Railway Station, St. Johns
Knight, William, butcher, Lambfell-moar


Lace, Enos, farmer, Ballacraine
Lace, John, farmer, Ballakaighen
Lace, John, fisherman, Glen Helen
Leece, John, mine labourer, Kenna
Lewney, Thom as, fisherman, Ballakilley


Magee, Hugh, dyer, Ballig
Marsden, Joseph L., ginger beer manufacturer, Ballaquane
Matthews Arthur, farmer, Ballakilley
Matthews, Arthur, farmer, Glenmoore
Matthews, Emily E., Glenmoore
Miles, Joseph, miner, Cronkbreck
Moore, Eleanor, licensed lodging house, St. Johns
Moore, John S ., Ballaquane
Moore, John, farmer, Knocksharry
Moore, John, Ballig
Moore, Thomas E. S., M.H.K., Lhergydoo
Moore, Thomas, fisherman, Ballalough
Moore, Thomas, fisherman, White Strand
Moore, Thos., woollen manufac., dyer, & cleaner, Tynwald Mills
Moore, William, farmer, Ballavarkish
Moore, William, miner, Ballacurry, Greeba
Morrison, Thomas, steward for Glen Helen Co., Eary-veg
Murrey, Thomas, fisherman, Cronkbreck
Mylchreest, Thomas, farmer, Ballagarraghyn
Mylchreest, Thomas, farm labourer, Cronkdhoo
McCumiskey, James, fisherman, Lhergydoo


Nicholls, Moses, clothier, Derby-road, Peel


Oats, Thomas, farm labourer, Ballachrink
Ormstead, Edward, fisherman, Knocksharry
Orr, John, farm labourer, Ballig


Peter, William, labourer, St. Johns


Quane, John , fisherman, Ballacraine
Quaye, John, farmer, Stockfield
Quayle, John, farmer, Ballaleece
Quayle, William, farm labourer, Ballig
Qujiham, Charles, farmer, Ballacraine
Quilliam, John, fisherman, Ballaquane
Quine, John, joiner, Kerrowglass, Greeba
Quine, John, farmer, Baildine, St Johns
Quirk, Ann, grocer, St. Johns
Quirk, James, farmer, Eary-glass
Quirk, Miss Margt., lodging-house, Turrett House, Derby-rd.
Quirk, Richard, farmer, Lambfell-beg
Quirk, William, fisherman, Scotch Quarters


Radcliffe, Charles, boot and shoemaker
Redpath, Alexander, farmer, Lambfell-moar


Sayle, Eleanor, Ballalough
Sayle, Humphrey, fisherman, Ballalough
Shimmin, Charles, butcher, also propr. Railway Junction Hotel, St. Johns
Shimmin, Edward, farm labourer, Kerrow-ne-glough
Shimmin, John James, farmer, Rhenny
Shimmin, John T., miner, Greeba
Shimmin, Robert, grocer, Greeba
Shimmin, Thomas, fisherman, Cronkdhoo, Greeba
Shimmin, William, farm labourer, Ballakillmurray
Shimmin, William, fisherman, Poortown
Shimmin, William, miner, Greeba
Smith, George, Glenmoore
Smith, George T., farmer, Beary
Stephen, William, labourer, Greeba Bridge


Taggart, Robert, farmer, Kerrowglass, Greeba
Taylor, Frederick H., Laurel Bank
Taubman, James E., joiner, Ballig


Vick, Robert, carder, Pleasant Cottage, Ballig
Vick, William, carder, Ballig


Wade, Catherine, farmer, Lhergydoo
Wade, James, fisherman, Laurel Bank
Wade, Robert, fisherman, Lhergydoo
Watterson, John, school master, Cronk-e-Voddy
Watterson, William, farmer, Ballavarkish, Greeba
Watterson, William, farm labourer, Ballaharra
Watterson, William, farm labourer, Vaish
Wattleworth, Caesar, farmer, Ballawattleworth



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