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Hotels, Innkeepers, & Licensed Victuallers.

Adelphi Hotel, Mrs. Harriet Chapman, proprietress, Church street. (See advt. p. 27 7 .)
Albert Hotel, Henry King, propr., Market-place
Alexandra Hotel, John Currie, propr., 28 Duke~street
Antrobus, Thomas, innkeeper, Harris-lane

Black Lion Hotel, William Gearey, North-quay
Bradley, Mrs . Catherine, innkeeper, 9 Heywood-place
Bridge Inn, Thomas Hoult, proprietor, 9 North-quay
British Hotel, James Clarke, propr., Market-place. (See advt., p. 337.)
British Workman Hotel (Temperance) , Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 297.)
Brown, Jane, innkeeper, 2 Marina-road
Butterworth’s Hotel, Prospect-hill

Caledonian Hotel, F. R. Cairns, propr., 16 Castle-street. (See advt. p. 332.)
Castle Mona Hotel, John A. Hinton, manager, Crescent. (See advt. p. 334.)
Cheshire Inn, Charles Holland, propr., 44 North-quay
Christian, Caesar, innkeeper, 27 King-street
Clague, Matthias, innkeeper, 3 Chapel-lane
Clarendon Hotel, James Taylor, propr., 48 North-quay
Commercial Hotel, James Bell, propr., 33 North-quay
Corkish, John, innkeeper, 10 New Bond-street
Cragg, Wm. J., Victoria Tavern, 88 Strand-street
Crescent Hotel, Mrs. A. Brown, propr., Crescent
Cubbon, Mrs. Eliza (Pig & Whistle) , 60 Strand-street
Cumberland House, James Gill, propr., 7 Quayle’s-lane
Cumberland Tavern, Richard Quirk, propr., James-street

Douglas Hotel, Mrs. Mary Ann Kelly, proprietress, Market-place. (See advt. p. 400.)

Elsinore Boarding House, George Matthews, propr., Victoria-road

Fisher, Mrs. Margaret, innkeeper, 8 New Bond-street
Fleetwood Hotel, Patrick McIntyre, propr., 32 North-quay
Foresters’ Arms Hotel, Mrs. Margaret Cowell propr., 17 St. George’s-street. (See advt. p. 345.)
Fort Anne Hotel, Mrs. Alice Hodgson, propr., Douglas Head Road

Granville Hotel, S. H. Marsden, propr., Loch Parade. (See advt. inside lining back cover.)
Greyhound Inn, Edward Bell, propr., 38 North-quay
Grosvenor Hotel, Cornelius Kay, propr., Athol-street. (See advt. p. 399.)

Handley’s Bowling Green Hotel, Thomas Handley, propr., Derby-road. (See advt. on outside front cover and p. 381.)
Head Hotel, Joseph Marsden, propr., Douglas Head
Hodgson, John, innkeeper, 1 Muckles-gate

Imperial Hotel, Red Pier

Kelly’s Temperance Commercial Hotel, E. & S. Kelly, proprietresses, 4 North-quay
King, John, innkeeper, 1 Fairy Ground

Lancashire House, Wm. Jervase Ford, propr., 58 North-quay
Layland, Mrs., innkeeper, Church-street
Lofthouse, Geo. N., innkeeper, 77, Strand-street

Manchester & Liverpool Arms, Robert Cowell, propr., 60 North-quay
Marina Lawn Hotel, Alfred Braddock, propr., Promenade. (See inset opposite p. 290.)
Market Hotel, Mrs. Eliza Christian Creer, Market-place
Masonic Hotel, George Sharp, propr., 61 North-quay
McClellan, James, Old Market Inn, Market-place

New Strand Inn, F. Quinn, 58 Strand-street
Nicholls, William, innkeeper, 15 Lord-street

Oddfellows’ Arms Hotel, Joseph Marsh, propr., 59 North-quay
Old Strand Inn, John Woodruff, propr., 72 Strand-street. (See inset opposite p. 481.)

Pier Inn, Thomas Marsden, propr., 68 North-quay
Peveril Hotel, cor. Promenade & Victoria-pier
Plough Inn, William Wallace, propr., 1 James-street

Queen’s Hotel, T. Swift, propr., Crescent. (See advt. p. 466.)

Railway & Commercial Hotel, T. H. Starkey, propr., near Railway Station. (See inset opposite p. 458.)
Redfern’s Hotel, George Starkey, propr., James-street. (See advt. p. 465.)
Riley, Wm., Broadway Inn, 2 Broadway
Rosemount Hotel, John Livesey, propr., 1 Adelaide-terrace. (See advt. p. 413.)
Royal Hotel, Sam Lomas, propr., cor. North-quay & Parade. (See advt. p. 412.)

Saddle Inn, Mrs. M. A. Cooper, proprietress 2 Queen-street
Shakespeare Hotel, Wm. H. Jones, propr., Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 388.)
Sheffield Hotel, Wm. Ewbank, propr., 13 Parade
Shepherd Inn, James Harding, propr., Great Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 384.)
Star Hotel, John Parkes, propr., 8 Prospect-hill & 20 Great Nelson-street. (See advt. p. 437.)
Sun Hotel, Emily Parkes, Victoria-street. (See advt. p. 436.)

Talbot Hotel, Mrs. Hannah Weston, proprietress, 18 Athol-st.
Terry’s Thistle Hotel, Wm. Terry, propr., 5 Parade
Theatre Royal Hotel, Edward Starkey, propr., 12 Wellington-street
Trafalgar Hotel, John Holden, propr., 39 South-quay

Villiers Hotel, Chas. Udall, manager, cor. Promenade and Victoria-street. (See advt. on outside back cover, also inset opposite p. 477.)
Victoria Hotel, Wm. Welden, manager, 22 Prospect-hill (See advt. p. 484.)

York Hotel, George W. Foxley, propr., Parade.


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